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RAB Microlight Alpine Jacket Review Facts

If you are looking for a lightweight, water-resistant hoody to take out for your outdoor adventures when the temperatures are at their coldest, then perhaps the RAB Microlight Alpine is the jacket you’ve been waiting for. While this hoody can’t boast that it is completely waterproof, it is one of the best down filled jackets on the market at shedding moisture when you need it. In most cases, down-filled jackets offer the warmth and lightweight feel adventurers are hoping for when choosing a jacket to take on those long climbs or hikes in the colder months, but in most instances, those same jackets leave you vulnerable against the elements. That isn’t the case with the Alpine. This lightweight jacket offers the warmth you need while being at the top of the list when it comes to providing as much weather protection as possible from a down-filled hoody.

In this review, we will discuss both the pros and cons of the RAB Microlight Alpine hoody. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who is in the market for a new lightweight, warm, and water-resistant hoody for your next excursion or new to the outdoor gear world and on the lookout for the best wardrobe additions to help with getting ready for the winter months ahead, you’ll find the criteria covered in this review helpful when it comes to deciding whether this jacket is the one you want to spend your money on.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Warmth
  • Weather-resistant
  • Nice Features
  • Slightly heavier than other lightweight hoodies on the market
  • Drawstrings can cause issues when being released


When you think about a warm jacket, you expect to hear it is packed full of down filling. While the RAB Microlight Alpine uses the lower 750 down filling, it does add the extra down you would expect in all the right places. While testing as warm as jackets with 800 fill down, the RAB Microlight Alpine uses lower lofting down but ensures that enough of the filling is used in the best areas to ensure proper heat retention. This enables those in search of a warm jacket for those cold winter hikes or skiing trips to have the warmth they need while maintaining their comfort and ensuring they are protecting against the wet weather that may threaten them on their trek.


In most cases, hoodies or jackets insulated with down filling weight slightly more than most. In the case of the RAB Microlight Alpine, you’ll find it weighs slightly more than the most lightweight down-filled hoody on the market but not by much. Weighing in at 14.1 ounces, this hoody is still considered to be quite lightweight. The addition of the extra filling that provides the amazing warmth this jacket emits adds in the extra couple of ounces you’ll experience when slipping it on. Don’t fear though. Once you’re out for an adventure, wrapped inside the warmth of this hoody, you’ll barely notice the extra few ounces needed. It is important to keep in mind, however, if weight is an issue for you when being active that there are lighter weighing hoodies available.


This is where you’ll find the RAB Microlight Alpine is different from others like it on the market. This hoody goes above and beyond what is expected of a down-filled jacket to keep the weather at bay. By combining NikWax hydrophobic down, impressive DWR coating, and Pertex Quantum Face Fabric, RAB has pushed the boundaries when it comes to a down filled, water resistant hoody. While the Alpine can’t be considered completely waterproof, the combination of all the measures taken by RAB makes it one of the most weather resistant hoodies on the market today. For those who know they will be facing wetter climates when they are out and about seeking adventure, but also need a lightweight, warm, jacket, the Alpine is one of the top contenders out there.


With the lightweight feel of the RAB Microlight Alpine, you’ll find it quite comfortable once you have it on. This jacket is intended for those who need to be out and about taking on the alpines or hiking in the snow. With its ability to move with you, you’ll find this to be one of the comfiest jackets to enjoy yourself in. Movements aren’t restricted, and heat is retained quite well which means you’ll feel great while wearing this hoody.


When buying a jacket to use for your outdoor activities, durability is a key aspect to keep in mind. Many reviewers have found the RAB Microlight Alpine to be quite durable against wear and tear. This durability comes from RAB’s use of only the best materials available when designing this weather-resistant hoody. If you are in the market for a jacket that may last for years to come, no matter what adventures you go on, then perhaps the Alpine is the one you need.


The RAB Microlight Alpine moves with you while you are out on the go, but it isn’t the loftiest jacket on the market. Yes, the Alpine weighs in at slightly more than other hoodies out there but combined with the features and weather resistance aspects it provides, it can be considered top of the line when choosing a new hoody for your needs. Keep in mind, however, you won’t be overly constricted in this hoody but if ease of movement is one of your most sought-after attributes there are others you should consider before making your final purchase.


By taking measures to ensure the use of as many water-resistant treatments as possible, RAB has ensured those who choose to purchase the Microlight Alpine are protected from the elements as much as possible. By combining their superior design, quality materials, and the DWR possible you’ll find the Alpine offers great protection when out and about. Keep in mind this hoody is water resistant, not waterproof. If you know you’ll be facing downpours, combining this jacket with a protective outer shell may be in your best interest.


In many reviews, customers have made mention of the small fit of the RAB Microlight Alpine. If you are not a fan of a form-fitting jacket, perhaps going up in size would be best. Reviewers have stated that although their normal size fit them, it was quite snug. Those who prefer more room from their hoody may need to consider resizing or stopping by for a fitting. RAB also offers longer fitting hoodies for the taller individuals in need of a better fit.


When it comes to style, the RAB Microlight Alpine is intended for use in the cold weather and by those who need to stay active. While options are available when it comes to colors, it is important to remember this hoody wasn’t designed to wear for dinner parties or black-tie affairs. If you are looking for a jacket to wear around town when the temperatures outside drop, then this is the one you need


When it comes to terrain, the RAB Microlight Alpine is quite versatile. With the way this jacket moves with you, it fits in quite well wherever you need to use it. If you are a fan of skiing, you’ll find yourself staying warm while taking on the slopes. Perhaps backpacking is your passion. If so, the Alpine is great for keeping you warm on those winter expeditions you can’t seem to say no to.


While doing their best to excel in other aspects, RAB didn’t seem to go overboard when it came to features for the Alpine. What they did do however, was ensure the features included were things that would make this hoody more appealing. Below, we will look at these features and go over both the good and bad to show you exactly what the RAB Microlight Alpine has to offer.

Possibly the most notable feature of the Alpine is the included stuff sac that can be used to pack away the hoody when not in use. This stuff sac comes with an oversized clip-in loop that can be hooked to your belt loop or backpack to make carrying the ball-sized compressed hoody easier.

Another feature of the Alpine is the dual drawcords located on the hood. These cords are near the face and can be used to pull the hood snug to keep the face protected against the elements and the cold that the winter brings. One of the downsides of this feature, however, is when loosening the cords, you may find yourself unable to do so with one hand or with gloves on.

Dual hem drawcords are also featured on the RAB Microlight Alpine that can be used to secure you into your hoody better. Pulling these cords snug can help keep out the cold air, while also keeping your jacket from slipping upward during movement. Be careful with these drawcords, however, as they do hang slightly in the way and could easily snag on branches or other obstacles when you are in the wilderness.

RAB also offers a bit of fleece to protect the wearer's chin. This chin guard is a great way of staying warm and being prepared if you lose your footing.


Weighing in at $280 the RAB Microlight Alpine ranks in the same price range as most of its competitors. When taking in the excellent water resistance features offered by this lightweight, down filled, hoody it can be considered a great value for this feature alone. Adding in the comfort and ease of movement provided and you’ll find the Alpine is quite the jacket for the price you’ll pay.

Best Applications

The RAB Microlight Alpine is best when used in the outdoors. This hoody was intended for those who want to stay active, no matter the weather outside. If you aren’t afraid of a little snow, the Alpine will keep you warm and toasty, while allowing you the movement you need to climb those mountains of backpack those trails. Keep in mind, however, that if you are going into terrain where you know you’ll face heavy rains, this jacket is only water resistant, it isn’t waterproof. You may need to keep a protective outer shell handy for your excursions.

The warmth of the Alpine is for colder weather. You won’t find yourself wanting to wear this jacket in mild temperatures. When the cold begins to show itself, pull out your Alpine. When the sun shows itself, pack it away in the included stuff sac and continue on with your day. By hooking the stuff sac to your belt or pack, you’ll find the Alpine is always there when you need it with packing and unpacking being quite simple when the time comes.

Bottom Line

The bottom line, when talking about the RAB Microlight Alpine, is this is a great all around hoody. With the dedication to offering up all the water-resistant attributes possible, while maintaining the warmth and lightweight feel of a down-filled jacket, RAB has provided adventurers with a great hoody for both the cold and wet weather. With their use of 750 down fill and advanced DWR treatment, the Alpine is great for fighting the cold and keeping you protected from the weather. It is important to keep in mind that an outer shell should still be used when facing downpours.

While the RAB Microlight Alpine weighs slightly more than other lightweight hoodies on the market, you’ll find you won’t suffer when it comes to warmth or movement due to this. In fact, RAB has taken precautions to ensure the filling is located in the right places to keep you warm and toasty when needed. If you are worried about value when it comes to this hoody, you’ll find it ranges in price with others of its kind on the market. Where it excels, of course, is the water-resistant factor it provides that many others like it aren’t capable of offering. If you are searching for a great weather resistant hoody that is warm and comfortable, then perhaps the RAB Microlight Alpine is the one you’ve been looking for.