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Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Jacket Review Facts

The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket is comprised of a recycled tough ripstop exterior and lining which will not tear or wear easily. Made of 100% polyester, it is a lightweight insulated garment that is perfect for all types of outdoor activities and excursions. It is offered in a multitude of bright vibrant colors with horizontal baffles to keep the PrimaLoft Gold Eco fill in place. The combination of this outstanding insulation and the flexible fabric make this excellent product so highly compressible that is stuff into its own internal chest pocket. Lightweight, warm, durable, and comfortable, the Nano Puff is a revised model with long sleeves and a narrower fit than previous models. A DWR treatment makes it resistant to light precipitation and wind, and the incredible insulation will keep the wearer warm and dry even when it is wet. Exceptional features are two external hand pockets with zippers, a full front zipper with a garage and storm flap, elastic cuffs, and a flexible hem drawcord. For those that must carry their gear, such as backpackers and hikers, this is one jacket to not be without. It is ideal for general use, work, play, sports, chores, and tasks that require lightweight protection from the winter elements. We discuss fully the many qualities and characteristics of this marvelous jacket in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Features two hand pockets that are zippered
  • Has a zipper garage and a storm flap in the chin section
  • Durable fabric is Bluesign approved
  • Has a drawcord in the hem and elasticized cuffs
  • Materials are highly compressible and rugged
  • DWR treatment makes it wind and water-resistant
  • Includes a great ratio of warmth-to-weight
  • Has a narrower fit than previous versions
  • Offered in over ten vivid solid colors
  • Includes an internal pocket and stuff sack
  • Sizing can be an issue because of the sleeker model
  • Could use a few more pockets on the outside and inside


Featuring two hand pockets that are zippered to keep in small necessities you want to take with you, the Patagonia Nano Puff is built for comfort and warmth. Although it could use a few more pockets for greater flexibility and ease of use, the ones it does have are ideal. There is also an interior pocket in the chest that doubles as a stuff sack when the jacket is not needed. This garment has a zipper garage and interior wicking storm flap to protect the chin area and add comfort. This comes in handy when the weather is cold enough to have the front zipped up all the way to the chin. The material in this area is softer with added protection from precipitation and wind. It sports a great fit that is sleeker than previous versions of this same incredible jacket to make it more comfortable and enjoyable.


The recycled tenacious ripstop exterior and lining will not tear easily, making this incredible jacket perfect for all of your outdoor adventures and activities. It will not be damaged by tree limbs if you use it for skiing or snowboarding purposes because of the tough shell of recycled materials. The sturdy fabric is Bluesign-approved for the highest consumer safety level. This means that the materials and methods of the manufacturing minimize and conserve resources for the environment and people. Patagonia is one of the first companies to jump on board the Bluesign revolution for safer products created in a safer way. Even though this jacket is thinner than most and lightweight, don’t mistake these aspects for being weak. This is a tough jacket that can take plenty of rough treatment from your winter excursions.


The flexibility of the Nano Puff is apparent in several excellent features. These include the zipper, drawcord, and compression of the garment. The full-frontal zipper has a garage to protect you from the cold wind and moisture from entering through the metal teeth. You will appreciate this most when you are in weather that could permeate a zipper without this feature. There is a low-profile drawcord in the hem that is fully-adjustable to lock in warmth when needed. You just simply pull this cord tight to seal off the bottom of the jacket to any cold or precipitation that may enter from below. It also seals in your own body heat to keep you extra warm. The materials are highly compressible for this garment. Customers are shocked at how small this entire jacket can be compacted for storing and toting. The microfiber insulation makes this possible and functional. It can be compressed so easily into a suitcase or backpack for use when it is needed.


With a DWR treatment to be repellent to light precipitation and wind, the Nano Puff will resist light rain and snow to keep you dry and warm. For being so lightweight, it is amazing at how warm this jacket really is. Many buyers have commented about how unbelievably comfortable they were in very cold temperatures with just this jacket and a base layer underneath. Some even went as far as to say that it is warmer than substantial wool jackets that they have depended on in the past. This is due to the marvelous fill that is inside the layers of durable fabric. Filled with 60g of PrimaLoft Gold Eco for a great ratio of warmth-to-weight, you can maintain your body warmth even if the fill is moist or damp. This impressive stuffing makes this product so wonderful for those that must be warm without the added weight, such as camping, backpacking, running, and trekking. The elasticized cuffs help seal off the cold wind and moisture from entering the sleeves, just as the drawcord in the hem operates for the same function.


Because the PrimaLoft fill makes the Nano Puff so special, it is important to understand how this material functions to make it so vital to the working of this garment and the many others it is used in. This superb insulation uses a microfiber patented structure to aid the body with body warmth retention and conservation of energy. The ultra-fine soft fibers merge to create air pockets in tight groups that secure body heat and provide a barrier to the cold. This means it has an excellent ratio of warmth-to-weight. These fiber s are designed to be resistant to water, so it works well even when it becomes wet. Being responsive to the needs of their customers, Patagonia utilizes such fibers to give you the least amount of weight, the thinnest layer of insulation, and the warmth that you desire from a jacket such as the Nano Puff. It is the technology and the newest materials that are at the forefront of the remarkable innovations of today.


Some loyal Patagonia fans say that this garment has a narrower fit than previous versions and even longer arms. This has been a problem in the past for some women as the sleeves and length of the jacket were not long enough for them. Patagonia heard and made some changes. However, because the new model is narrow and sleek, it will not be suitable for all body types. We did notice a few complaints about this, but it is to be expected. Clothing items are not going to fit every body type and size. the majority of women will be quite pleased with the fit of this newer model, but not all. Some women order a larger than size than they normally would be able to layer underneath when the weather became colder. This is a good idea, but you must keep in mind that with an increase in size comes longer sleeves and torso and most likely wider shoulders. Sweaters or fleece clothing can easily fit underneath this jacket for additional warmth.


The horizontal baffles keep the warm and light fill in place, so it does not move around in the layers of the garment. In the sides, there is a brick-quilting design where the baffles are narrower to stabilize the insulation. This is because it is the sides and the shoulders that receive the most movement from the upper torso. Because these areas are so busy, the fill inside would migrate to lower portions of the jacket if it were not for the horizontal baffles. A highly durable thread is used for the stitching to make the garment resistant to abrasions and keep the baffles sealed well. you should not experience any empty spaces in this garment where there is no insulation. It will remain filled and warm because of the unique design and construction.


Made of 100%polyester, the Nano Puff is a synthetic, lightweight, insulated jacket ideal for all types of outdoor activities. Because of its incredible durability, it is appropriate for many outdoor adventures that similar garments are not. Offered in the vivid solid colors of black, feather gray, tomato, birch white, classic navy, strait blue, ikat purple, pesto, peach sherbet, smokey violet, arrow red, Vjsoa green, and lapiz blue, it is a stunning jacket that will certainly turn heads. Everyone will ask where you bought it, so they can get one too. It is a well-made product that you will be glad you purchased because it is flexible, durable, warm, comfortable, and resistant to light wind and rain.


Use the Nano Puff for all of your outdoor activities and adventures, work or play, casual or general wear. Plenty of people bought these for work because they are so stylish and trendy. Just to go shopping, go out for chores or duties, or go to school, this item is great. Because it is so compressible and lightweight, it is perfect for running, trekking, backpacking, camping, and hiking. You will not notice its weight in a backpack or duffel at all because it is so light. When you do not want to wear a bulky jacket or coat, this is the most ideal garment to wear for almost anywhere you go.


The little weight of the Nano Puff from Patagonia might have to be felt to be believed. You would not think that a jacket could be so thin and light yet be so warm and comfortable. To add to it being lightweight, it is also highly compressible, which is not the same thing. Clothing can be light but not compressible, but this product is both. It is so compressible that it will fit into one of its own pockets. This is remarkable technology, especially for those that must travel with gear on foot, such as backpackers and hikers. You just fold the entire jacket into the internal pocket that acts as a stuff sack for it. This will certainly not take up much room or weight in a pack or luggage compartment.

Ease of Use

What makes this excellent jacket so easy to use is the front full zipper, the simple zippered pockets, the drawcord hem, the elastic cuffs, and the stuff sack pocket for compressing. All of these important characteristics make the Nano Puff one incredible jacket that has plenty of people talking and recommending it to others. The stuff sack pocket includes a clip-in carabiner loop that is reinforced to make this an easier task when compressed. Besides these features, the flexibility in layering this garment with other base layers or outer shell coats and jackets is superb. Depending on the weather conditions, the Nano Puff can be the outer layer or a mid-layer for body heat retention when wearing a waterproof outer shell.

The Bottom Line

As we research the products for our single reviews, we dig deep into the good and bad comments that recent buyers post for others to see and heed. The Patagonia Nano Puff has excellent reviews from highly-satisfied customers that truly enjoy this garment. Sizing was a problem for some women, as we mentioned in that section of this review. This is unavoidable with clothing items. This terrific jacket is warm, lightweight, durable, and compressible. It is fashionable and modern, so it can be worn in the city as well as in the great outdoors. The revised design has made it very appealing to some buyers who love it and wear it quite often. Patagonia is a company that listens to its loyal fans and makes the changes they want to experience. The Nano Puff is solid proof of this. We recommend it highly for those that desire such an excellent jacket.