Paramo – Halcon Traveller Jacket

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Summary: Paramo's Halcon Traveller is flattering and functional with a multitude of pockets which can be filled to your hearts desire and not leave you looking like a survivalist who carries the world with them. Comfortable and fashionable. We love it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Designed to evenly distribute the weight of everything in the pockets

Cushioned shoulders for comfort when wearing a pack

Side slits allow more comfort from sitting to standing


Though the length is good, the fit is a bit tight


I was impressed with the pictures of this jacket when I was asked if I would like to review it. They showed a serious looking adventurer type of in some foreign clime with his trusty jacket and a camera and I thought that looks good to me.

When I actually received the jacket I was overwhelmed with the multitude of features it had; 12 pockets (count them), two zipped map-size chest pockets, two bellows pockets on chest – internal compartment for pen and glasses, two larger bellows pockets fastened with poppers, two hand warming pockets at hip level, two zipped internal mesh pockets at chest height and two internal hip level drop pockets.

In addition to the pockets it has a fleece lined collar which felt nice and prevented the irritating scratching you sometimes get with other collars, also integrated into the collar was a neat flap that covered the two way zip. The adjustable cuffs were also handy to keep the sleeves snug at the wrists and being tall and long of limb I was impressed with the length of the said sleeves.

I went out on a short(ish) walk and loaded myself up with a local OS Map, Food For Free guide book, Photography guide book, Camera accessory pack, torch, pen, sunglasses, phone, knife, binoculars and small drink bottle but after that I ran out of things to put in all of the pockets. I did also carry a small pack with the rest of my camera gear and other bulkier items.

The Paramo Halcon has additional features such as cushioning on the shoulders and a waist draw cord that is accessed from within the hand warmer pockets, and when the jacket is done up and the cord adjusted this provides extra support for all the weight in the pockets.

The Nikwax Cotton+ fabric is designed for quietness, lightness and rapid drying and I found all of these to be so which, along with the moss green colouring, would make this jacket ideal for a wildlife photographer. For full waterproofing it is however recommended by the manufacturer that you use Nikwax Tech Wash and Nikwax Cotton Proof treatments.

I liked the jacket so much it has become my regular item of outerwear and is equally at home on the high street as it is in the woods. I am planning to take it with me to the USA during the summer so I will see how it fairs in a warmer climate.