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Arc’teryx Men’s Alpha Fl Jacket Review Facts

The Arcteryx Men’s Alpha Fl Jacket has been rated as the number one skiing jacket for several years in a row now because of its excellent qualities and characteristics. It weighs only thirteen ounces, gives terrific movement freedom, and has enough room underneath for light layers. Made with a durable, breathable, and tough N40p-X face polyester fabric and three-layer Gore-Tex material, it is packable and compressible for storing and carrying. The Alpha Fl is designed for mountain climbing, skiing, backcountry touring, snowboarding, and city wear. It is waterproof and windproof for almost any environment type and will keep you dry in downpours of rain. Available in seven bold and vivid colors, it is stylish, trendy, and modern in design and qualities. This jacket features Velcro cuff strips, a drop-tail back hem, a chest pocket, taped seams, and a zippered front closure. The StormHood has drawcords for flexibility and is compatible with all kinds of helmets. For versatility of movement, you will enjoy the articulated elbows and gusseted no-lift underarms. It includes a micro-seam allowance to reduce weight and bulk plus a stuff sack for packing it away. We discuss these details fully in our complete review below for aid with your decision-making of purchasing the Alpha Fl Jacket.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has room for light layers underneath
  • Packable, lightweight, breathable, and compressible
  • StormHood is compatible with helmets of all kinds
  • Includes a micro-seam allowance for reduced weight
  • Seams are taped for added protection  
  • Available in seven bold solid colors
  • Stylish and trendy enough for street wear
  • Rated as the number one jacket for skiing
  • Ideal for mountaineering, touring, and climbing
  • Extremely waterproof and windproof
  • Lacks hand pockets because of the light construction
  • Velcro on the cuffs hold snow


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  • The hood is adjustable and fits well with a helmet.
  • This is liked by climbers for the durability and function.
  • Although it is expensive, many buyers say it is worth the price.
  • The velcro cuffs are functional and comfortable.
  • The craftsmanship lives up to expectations for Arc'teryx products.
  • The cut and fabric don't restrict movement.
  • The length and lack of hand pockets makes it great for using with a climbing harness.
  • It packs down small and comes with a stuff sack.
  • For minimalist backpackers, this jacket packs easily into its own hood.
  • It is impressively lightweight.
  • Reviewers like using this jacket for hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and other outdoor adventures.
  • The material is durable.
  • The fit works well over a base layer or a base and thin fleece.
  • It has both an internal and external chest pocket for convenience.
  • Technical climbers say the fit works well for them.
  • The design is simple yet practical.
  • It protects against wind, rain, and light snow.
  • There are no hand pockets or neck collar.
  • The fit hasn't worked for shorter than average men with broad chest and shoulders.
  • It does not have underarm zippers or vents.
  • The front is not as long as some common men's shirts which can leave them exposed to the elements.
  • This jacket is expensive.
  • There are some claims that the sizing is inconsistent with other Arc'teryx clothes.
  • The zipper is small making it difficult to attach while your hands are cold or with gloves on.
  • Snow tends to stick on the cuff velcro.
  • Initially, the material is somewhat crinkly and stiff.
  • There are limited colors and the jacket is no longer available from some sellers.
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The Alpha Jacket weighs only thirteen ounces and has enough room for light layers underneath. This makes it highly compressible and packable for storing and carrying it on trips. The fabric and build of the item are breathable for the user, plus it allows flexible movement freedom for activities and sports. The articulated elbows help with the range of movement too. It does not have hand pockets because they would add weight to the garment and their placement would be problematic for a harness. There is just the one chest pocket that is placed in the best position to not be in the way of any other gear or equipment you will be using. The issue of the one pocket and no more was a major problem for online buyers stated in their feedback. When used for skiing and mountain climbing, it is understandable that additional pockets would be in the way. they also add weight to the garment with the additional fabric. Arcteryx made this garment to be of the lightest weight possible, which means no hand or interior pockets.


Made with a durable and tough N40p-X face polyester fabric, the Alpha Fl Jacket is packable and compressible for storing and carrying. It has articulated elbows and gusseted no-lift underarms to make your movements in it comfortable and flowing. The company stated that when constructing this jacket, they monitored every ounce that went into it. the aim was to build the lightest possible outer-layer jacket with the best protection against water and wind. This is the reason that there is only one chest pocket. The additional material it would take to create pockets would make the jacket weigh more than what is ideal. Created to last for years and years of rugged wear, it is sturdy for many outdoor adventures and also great for city life.


The hood and the versatile back hem are two flexible features of the Alpha Fl Jacket. The StormHood is compatible with helmets of all kinds for skiing and snowboarding, as it will fit over them with ease. The hood has a laminated brim and external drawcords to create a snug fit that is comfortable. The hem adjustments of Custom Cohesive act as HemLocks, so it will not slip when used with a harness. This drop-tail hem has drawcords that are adjustable just like the hood, so you can close the bottom to keep out the wind and precipitation. As we mentioned in another section, this back hem is also longer than in the front to give you added protection from the weather.

Key Features

-Durable and tough N40p-X face polyester fabric
-Articulated elbows and gusseted no-lift underarms
-Hood has a laminated brim and external drawcords
-Drop-tail hem has drawcords that are adjustable
-Micro-seam allowance to reduce weight and bulk
-Pocket in the chest area has a water-resistant, laminated zipper
-Features three-layer Gore-Tex construction
-Hood, zippered front, and Velcro cuffs
-Back hem is longer than the front for better coverage


Responsive to the needs of the wearer, this Arcteryx jacket model has special seams and zippers. It includes a micro-seam allowance to reduce the weight and bulk of the garment. Because each ounce mattered in the creation of this jacket, the maker made sure that even the seams were as trim as possible without taking away from the durable construction. The lightness of the product is important for carrying and storing this garment, especially when traveling on foot with a pack or duffel. The front zipper goes all the way to the chin for great protection around the neck area and is used as the main venting mechanism to let off body heat when overheated. The Alpha Fl Jacket was made for light and fast adventures on the slopes and off, as it is equally as comfortable worn in the city as it is outdoors.


Customers say this garment is true to size, and the majority of them are pleased that it is slim in the waist and has ample room in the chest. You should be able to order the regular size of the jacket or outer garment that you normally wear when purchasing this item. You do not want it to be loose and big on the body because then it will not perform well for you in keeping out the cold, wind, and precipitation as it should. With it too tight, you will not have the freedom in the movement that you require for your tasks, sports, and activities. If you want to layer your clothing, there is plenty of space for a warm sweater or thick base layer underneath. This outer layer is perfect for mild days without a base layer or with one for conditions a bit harsher.


You will appreciate the stability and endurance of this Arcteryx product when you are wearing it. The one single pocket in the chest on the exterior has a water-resistant, laminated zipper to keep the contents dry and safe. This pocket is strategically placed to not be in the way of movement or other gear when skiing, mountain climbing, and snowboarding. Hand pockets would be in the way of such equipment and gear, so they are not included in this exceptional garment. The seams are taped for added protection and product stability with Tiny Gore tape. This ensures that the precipitation, cold, and wind does not penetrate through the seams, which would affect the wearer. It comes with a stuff sack that clips to harnesses with the attached webbing loop. Because this item is so compressible and light, it can be taken anywhere without adding much weight to a pack or bag.


Available in seven bold solid colors, the Alpha Fl Jacket is stylish and trendy enough for streetwear as well as the great outdoors. Online customers say that the posted photos of the various colors are true to what you receive. They are good solid hues that you will love wearing. It was rated as the number one jacket for skiing several years in a row because of its excellent construction, materials, and features. Featuring three-layer Gore-Tex construction, it has a zippered front closure, a durable hood, and one pocket in the chest on the exterior front. The famous Arcteryx logo is on the chest front and the sleeve, and this item can be machine washed and dried for easy care. It is ideal for wearing on the slopes for skiing and snowboarding but is just at home for mountain climbing and use in the city with its modern look and qualities.


Made for fast-moving alpinists who do not want garments of weight to hold them back as they protect their bodies from the winter elements, the Alpha Fl Jacket is perfect and suitable for many sports, activities, and tasks. It is great for mountaineering, backcountry touring, and climbing. Since it is waterproof and windproof, you can wear it for almost anything you need to do outdoors whether you are on the job, performing tasks and chores, or just out on the town. To keep the body core warm and dry, it is one of the best lightweight jackets as an outer shell or for layering purposes.


Extremely waterproof to use even in downpouring rain for long periods, this Arcteryx product is a favorite among buyers online for its protective properties. Some users were in downpours of rain for hours doing their activities and tasks with this jacket on, and they were quite dry through it all. Made of three-layer, breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex laminate, it is also windproof for the best winter weather defense. This superb jacket is best used as the primary outer layer for the most protection against the weather but can also serve as a mid-layer with a heavier jacket or coat over it for added defense. Its waterproof abilities are exceptional and loved by customers.

Ease of Use

Two aspects of the Alpha Fl Jacket make it easier to use than just a regular waterproof jacket. The back hem is hip-length and longer than the front for better coverage in the rear over pants. This makes it easier to sit in wet areas because of the added fabric to sit on. In windy and rainy weather, you will appreciate this quality very much, as your backside will be protected well. Velcro strips on the cuffs make it easy to seal out the cold and the snow and form a snug fit on the wrists. These cuffs can be fastened over gloves or mittens for an even better defense against the cold and wet. It is true that the features of this jacket are not many, but the ones that the manufacturer did put in are highly beneficial and dependable.

Bottom Line

In our searching for complaints and grievances of purchasing the Alpha Fl Jacket of Arcteryx, we found only one common thread. The omission of hand or interior pockets in the garment was a cause for displeasure for some buyers. The product description clearly states that there is only the one exterior chest pocket, so this information is not misleading. By reading further into the manufacturer’s purpose of creating this lightweight jacket in the first place, you will discover that they wanted to make the lightest possible jacket with the best defense to the weather elements. They did this as this garment only weights thirteen ounces. It is perfect for packing into backpacks or having on a light layer that will not bog you down on the slopes, trails, or mountains. If there were more pockets, that would require more fabric. More fabric would add more weight, which is counterproductive to what the maker wanted to create. Additional pockets would also be in the way of harnesses and other gear that you want to wear for sports, activities, and chores outdoors. Thus, there is only the one chest pocket that is strategically placed in the center of the chest with a waterproof zipper. We highly recommend this waterproof, windproof, durable, and flexible jacket for your outdoor needs to keep you dry, warm, and out of the wind. We can easily see why it has been rated as the best skiing jacket for a couple of years with its excellent materials and construction. It is certainly an Arcteryx high-quality item.