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Wantdo Mountain Ski Jacket Review Facts

The Mountain Ski Jacket is suitable for most sports and leisure activities in the winter, not just skiing. Users find themselves hiking, jogging, fishing, skating, cycling, snowboarding and more while wearing this jacket that offers full protection from extreme weather conditions. They have also commented on the relaxed fit and high-end design. This is all because of the lightweight flexible material, which allows for a range of movement all while remaining warm and cozy. This Wantdo product has a detachable hood, and the inner lining is made of a teddy fleece which is soft to the touch and keeps the body warm in any environment. This component is further enhanced by increased cotton padding which aids in heat retention. On the outer shell, it features as many pockets inside as it does out, allowing for maximum storage while enjoying the outdoors. The Velcro sleeves give you the option to attach gloves or tighten the cuff keeping cold and moisture out. This jacket has a mix of features allowing it to be functional for your winter activities but still look sharp enough to hit the town. We explore those features in detail below!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Multi-functional design
  • Well insulated
  • Waterproof
  • Soft comfortable lining
  • Affordable
  • Heavy for the material 
  • Some seam rips with wear 
  • Sizes fit smaller than expected 


A Brand growing in popularity and becoming the alternative choice to popular brands like North Face and Columbia, Wantdo is the underdog that winter enthusiasts have been choosing to bundle up with during the cold months. Getting their start in 2009, this company is a division of Anzhi Corporation based out of Hong Kong. Wantdo is a self-proclaimed leading outdoor lifestyle company and with the Mountain Ski Jacket in a #1 bestseller position on Amazon, customers seem to agree. They manufacture and sell outdoor clothing and accessories, such as jackets, scarves, beanies, socks, and even underwear all at an affordable price. Shipping to over 190 countries across the world this global company inspires its customers to explore the outdoors in protective comfort. Wantdo's slogan is "If you want to do it, do it now.” and it looks like consumers are listening.


Venturing into cold weather is an exhilarating experience, with the right outer layer. The Wantdo Mountain Ski Jacket possesses the ideal interior fabric for ultimate warmth and comfort. Polyester fibers work within the coat creating tiny holes that trap warm air around your body. A fuzzy fleece lines the inside of the jacket and hood keeping your body and neck warm. This fabric is nice to the touch as well as excellent in retaining warmth. The relaxed fit looks great and makes it easy to layer over sweaters and long sleeve shirts on extra cold days. Wantdo has high customer ratings online for the inside construction of this jacket and the 1200g of cotton padding it packs to sustain maximum body heat levels without feeling uncomfortable. Made for active use, the Mountain Ski jackets padding is evenly distributed so overall movement while in the snow is still very flexible. Superior padding coupled with the quilted tough outer shell ensures cold air won't reach you while spending a day on the slopes or just picking up the newspaper outside.


Doubling as a rain jacket, this superior Wantdo product has waterproof properties acting as a repellent against hard rain or harsh snow. The seam-sealed outer shell is quick drying and a strong layer of protection against freezing temperatures and moisture. The design of the outliers such as hands and neck are sometimes forgotten in a winter coat but here you will find hand gaiters and snap front high collar are securing the openings and keeping water out. The zip closure running up the front on the right side is waterproof and covered with a storm flap. It has a toggle that can be easily gripped with gloves on for easier loosening or removal. Whether you are in snow, sleet, or downpour the lightweight material used in this jacket holds up against dampness keeping you dry and comfortable.

Wind Protection

Even when wearing the right amount of layers suggested by the temperature, if you’re trekking outside during winter the wind has the ability to cut right through a flimsy fabric. To protect against wind an efficiently designed rugged outer layer is needed that supports the lining and keeps body heat intact. Adjustable cuffs on the sleeves tighten around your wrist keeping air out, while a flexible glove can be stretched around hands for extra warmth. An interior windproof snap skirt and drawcord hem at the bottom tightens the coat against the wearer's body. Additionally, an adjustable storm hood that can be detached with ease keeping your head and face protected from low-temperature gusts of wind. For a free range of movement, the Wantdo Ski Jacket will keep out the cold while maintaining a lightweight structure.


Made of 100% durable polyester fibers that are also light enough to keep you moving freely during winter sports, this top layer jacket has had some issues from customers saying seams aren’t holding up. Within an active outdoor environment such as a mountain pass or hiking trail that is under harsh conditions, wear and tear on any sort of fabric is bound to happen. The qualities of the Mountain Ski jacket hold strong for most of the other the online reviewers. Improper sizing causing a snug fit can result in a tear, especially with heightened body movement. Machine-washable but a light hand wash is recommended by the retailer to maintain the integrity of the fabric and delicate lining. This jacket is meant to act as a solid protective layer with rugged hardware keeping mother nature out and body heat in. Many have said they came back to order a second time to expand on their variety of color options.


This Ski Jacket does well to imitate a softshell winter jacket with its overall functionality and performance. However, it’s the padding that sets it apart from the flimsy competition with added weight protecting the body from freezing temperatures. Working as both a weather-resistant and insulating feature, the high double-layer collar has snap button closures keeping out snow and precipitation. Behind it, there is a fleece lined detachable hood that is wide enough to fit over helmets and can be adjusted on both sides with drawstrings. The padded and Polyester lined sleeves end with adjustable cuffs that come attached with hand gaiters that are extremely elastic. These come in handy to shield limbs from biting temperatures. Three zipper closure pockets are on the outside protecting hands and valuables from snow and falls that may toss personal items. Overall the waterproof and windproof properties hold strong and will keep you safe. A number of reviewers are extreme sports athletes that come into contact with snow and hard climates often enough to know what it takes and they say this Wantdo stands tough.


Made of quick-drying material and styled like a windbreaker, this jacket will fit loosely on your body for a laid back stylish look. In many ways, the Mountain Ski Jacket remains the same for men and women's jackets except when it comes to the color options. Available in six different options the men's colors are classic earthy hues such as brown or green that all carry the black lining and black pocket details on the outside. The women’s coat has four vibrant color options such as pink, purple, or red with grey undertones and minimal black featured throughout the design. For ladies, these simple pops of color are easily matched with outfits for everyday use while some winter coat aesthetics are too bold or borderline on tacky. Wantdo logos are embroidered on the outer shell along the breast, hood, left arm as well as inside below fleece lining.


The relaxed fit of this winter jacket usually means it will fit most body types and that makes it easy to overlook proper sizing. While some customers are prone to think if you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all that mentality won't work when dealing with the Wantdo. According to the FAQ on their site, the Ski Jacket is based on Japanese measurement standards so pay close attention when choosing a size to get the correct fit. They offer a comprehensive chart to help you compare at home measurements to their size options. For men’s specs, the jacket should hit just below the waist and sleeves won't go past the wrist.


This style of mountain jacket has a relaxed fit ideal for all genders and body types. The flexible polyester fibers fit loose as the outermost layer in your snow kit and accommodate to multiple layers underneath. The Wantdo is constructed with toggle pulls on the bottom layer and hood for the wearer to easily adjust the way this jacket fits and helps eliminate cold spots within the garment. The core is filled with 1200g of superior cotton, and the sleeves are a lined synthetic filler. One look at the Mountain Ski jacket on and you can tell the flexibility and range of movement possible in this heavy windbreaker. Its responsiveness and versatility in use are what online reviewers have enjoyed most.


Designed with skiing in mind, the uses for the Wantdo Jacket are seemingly endless. Equally suited for action sports, the work commute, or even leisure activities. Many buyers have remarked on how easily they transitioned from the slopes to the city wearing this stylish coat. It is perfect for extreme cold and wet weather because of its water-resistant and wind protection features. The adjustable hood is roomy enough to fit over a helmet or beanie while still providing warmth. The numerous pockets are lined with zip enclosure securing valuables and toggle hardware is easily opened even with gloves. An outside breast pocket is conveniently located while skiing or snowboarding with friends and you want to take your phone out to capture a new trick or during an emergency call for help. The breathability and lightness go a long way with satisfied customers online and many claim this as their everyday jacket during the cold winter months. So if you are living in a cold climate or plan on visiting one for an extended vacation you are sure to get your money's worth from this jacket after just one season.

Key Features

-Relaxed fit for layering
-Classic color options
-Fleece and cotton fabric provide lasting warmth
-Lightweight breathable materials
-Windproof capabilities seal out the elements
-Water-repellant material keeps the user dry
-Multiple zippered pockets for safe storage

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a devoted ski enthusiast who spends a lot of time in the white snowy mountains, or a person just trying to make it down the block in the freezing wind, you need a coat that will protect you from the elements. You can rely on the Wantdo Mountain Ski Jacket for maintaining optimum warmth while joining in outdoor activities. This affordable coat wraps you in soft fleece lining and high-grade cotton padding acts a wearable blanket. A windproof barrier sits between you and fast-moving wind chill on the highest peak or streetside. The waterproofing and water-repellent treatment will keep you dry on the slopes surrounded by snow or on a winter hike if rain shows up. Majority of buyers online are pleased with their purchase of the Mountain Ski, thankful they didn't have to spend a lot of money on a brand name just to get a quality jacket. Available in sizes for the whole family and colors suited for each personality type, Wantdo has created a product that fits in with their credentials as a superior outdoor gear company.

However, the comments from some buyers online should be noted for all potential customers when they are considering this jacket. Some people noticed seams ripping after only a few wears. One way to avoid this issue is by purchasing the correct size for your upper body type but otherwise, the relaxed fit should fit nicely on anyone. Despite these issues, the Mountain Ski Jacket is a well-built weather-proof garment that does well to lock in warmth, versatile in any cold climate and is a premier choice for outdoor wear.