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Marmot Sawtooth Sleeping Bag Review Facts

Marmot Sawtooth Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down Surf/Arctic NavyIf you’re hitting the trails this weekend, you better grab the Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag because it is designed for comfort and durability. This sleeping bag will give you the peace of mind that when it’s time to lie down after a long day of hiking you will have a great night of sleep. The Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag is rated for 15 degrees Fahrenheit and is excellent for three-season camping and backpacking. The price of this sleeping bag is hard to beat because it is made with down-insulate and many other features for high performance and comfort.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Synthetic Material
  • Down Defender Treatment
  • Durable Water Repellant Treatment
  • Prevents build-up of moisture
  • No cold spots
  • Stay warm all night long
  • Draft tubs around the collar and hood and along the zipper to reduce cold air from entering
  • Trapezoid designed foot box
  • Includes a stuff sack and storage sack
  • Heavier synthetic sleeping bag
  • Snug fit which is not the best for side sleepers
  • Does not pack as small as some backpackers would like
  • Bulky
  • No pocket for a pillow
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  • As temperatures drop, this sleeping bag will keep you warm. Most reviewers say it has an accurate temperature rating.
  • The quality matches the price point.
  • This sleeping bag is durable and has lasted years for many reviewers.
  • The outer material is soft and comfortable.
  • It's sized well. There is enough wiggle room to sleep comfortably.
  • It is available in long and wide sizes.
  • The hood is comfortable and warm.
  • Many reviewers are satisfied with how well it packs down.
  • It comes with a stuff sack and convenient storage bag.
  • Adjusting the drawstrings on the hood helps you to control the amount of warmth and ventilation.
  • The loft holds up over years of use.
  • It lives up to Marmot standards.
  • The draft tube around the top of the shoulders effectively keeps the cold air out.
  • Even if the zipper snags, the material is durable and won't rip.
  • There are no complaints of the down clumping over time.
  • The small pocket is convenient to keep a flashlight or other night time essentials.
  • Some buyers have been able to pair the zippers with two Sawtooth sleeping bags to make it a double-person sleeping bag.
  • The zipper can get snagged if not careful.
  • This isn't the lightest down sleeping bag on the market.
  • It requires proper care to maintain the loft and performance.
  • The stuff sack doesn't have compression straps.
  • Even packed down, it is a bit too bulky for long distance or minimalist hikes.
  • You have to be careful to avoid moisture and dampness.
  • The hood adjustment cord is on the outside of the hood making it slightly inconvenient once you are tucked in for the night.
  • This sleeping bag is no longer available from some sellers.
  • There are a few complaints that the feathers shed over time.
  • The stuff sacks doesn't get great reviews from buyers.
  • Although rare, there are some remarks that the zipper doesn't completely block cold air from getting in.
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When Marmot designed the Sawtooth sleeping bag, they designed it with a lot of amazing features to ensure the sleeping bag performs. The sleeping bag is designed with baffles sewn throughout it to ensure the insulation in the sleeping bag is distributed evenly throughout which eliminates cold spots. The material has some stretch to it so when it is being stuffed into a stuff sack the material will not rip. Also constructed into it is a ground level zipper along the side of the sleeping bag help reduce the loss of body heat through the zipper. The zipper also moves two ways to allow venting if you become too warm. The hood has a baffled tube around the edge that is adjustable and the hood has an ergonomic design with six baffled sections to ensure maximum insulation. The sleeping bag also features a down filled collar tube which is adjustable using a drawstring to reduce the amount of cold that can enter the bag through the hood.

The Sawtooth also has a designed foot box in the shape of a trapezoid which is a nice design because similar products on the market just have two panels sewn together. The foot box design gives dimension along with insulated baffles so no cold air will leak into the sleeping bag. Another amazing feature on the Sawtooth is in the foot box has a small velcro pocket which is a great to place to put some hand warmers to help keep your feet warm at night. Also at the bottom of the sleeping bag on the outside are to hang tags that came be used for hanging it up to dry or to hang it when it’s not being used.

Another nice design in the Sawtooth is a stash pocket inside of the sleeping bag. This pocket is handy for storing keys, chapstick, phone or other essential items you want to keep close. The sleeping bag also comes with a stuff sack and a storage sack. The stuff sack is to store the sleeping bag for travel or for fitting it into a pack and the storage sack is for storing the sleeping bag for a long period of time. Marmot does not recommend storing any type of down sleeping bag in a compressed state for a long period of time, so when you are storing the sleeping bag at home put it in the storage sack to ensure the sleeping will last a long time.
Key Features

Key Features

-650 down fill power and treated with Down Defender for enhanced water resistance in moist conditions
-Designed foot box, a wraparound structure for warmth
-Zipper garage which helps keep the zipper in place
-Internal pocket for essential items
-Storage and stuff sacks included
-Tricot baffles which are stretchy for durability and increased bag life
-Membrane lamination technology for enhanced breathability and water resistance
-Includes a stuff sack and a storage sack
-Roomy insulated foot box area
-Pocket in the foot box for a hand warmer


The lightweight and warmth synthetic construction of the Sawtooth sleeping bag makes it a top choice for backpackers. It is designed to keep one warm along with the down material makes it remarkably soft and comfortable. It is designed to be roomier with a foot box to ensure you stay warm all night long. The sleeping bag is rated at the lowest temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit which mean this is the lowest temperature the sleeping will perform at. The temperature of 27 degrees Fahrenheit is It is recommended lowest temperature for comfort. It is good to keep this in mind because you may want to wear a heavier thermal layer to ensure comfort and warmth if it will be used in colder temperatures.

With most mummy sleeping bags they are designed for back sleepers due to the construction of the sleeping bag is to be snug around the body to keep you warm. After testing it out and as a side sleeper myself, I found it fairly comfortable to sleep on my side in this sleeping bag when in warmer weather. When in the warmer weather I did not have the hood and collar drawn tight and this made side sleeping easier. So If you are a side sleep this bag might not be as comfortable as you would like it to be but it should not deter you from looking further into the Marmot Sawtooth.


The Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag can be used comfortably in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. The sleeping bag is a mummy design to ensure warmth and comfortability. The material of the bag prevents moisture build up and you stay warm and dry all night long. Due to the temperature rating and comfort of this sleeping bag, it is a perfect choice for backpackers and tenters. It will also compress down to a reasonable size to reduce the amount of space it takes up in a pack.


The materials used in this sleeping bag is 100% nylon ripstop 30 denier with durable water repellant. The Sawtooth is designed with stretch tricot baffles with 650 fill down insulation which eliminates cold air from seeping in on a cold night to ensure a peaceful nights sleep so you are ready for the whatever adventures to come the next day. There is also a zipper guard build in to prevent damaging snags and irritation to the bag.

One weakness of most down insulated sleeping bags is the loss of heat when the bag gets wet but that is not the case with the Sawtooth. Since the sleeping bag is treated with a water repellant, Down Defender it stays dryer longer than other down sleeping bags that are not treated with the Down Defender. If the sleeping bag would become wet, the Down Defender treatment reduces the dry time of the bag.


The Sawtooth is a synthetic mummy sleeping bag. The total length of the sleeping bag is 82 inches. It has a 62 inch shoulder, 56 inch hip, and 48.5 inch circumferences. It also has a full-length zipper which provides ease when getting in and out of the bag.

This sleeping bag weighs 2 pounds 7.5 ounces, making this a lightweight sleeping bag. The majority of the weight of this sleeping bag is from the 650 fill down insulation.


Marmot covers all their products and there is no need to register any products with Marmot after you purchase an item. If you have a Marmot product and there is a manufacturing defect, they will take care of you. Also if you have a Marmot item that you have had over a period of time and the item is worn and needs some repair, Marmot can also help with that too.


Marmot has multiple different sleeping bags and each sleeping bag has its pros and cons. The Sawtooth is very comparable to the Marmont Always Summer bag. Both bags are mummy style with 650 fill down with Down Defender for water resistance ability in wet conditions. Both bags also feature a baffled hood, 2-way zipper with an insulated draft tube to keep cold air from entering. While both sleeping bags have a lot of similarities there are some key differences in the packing size, weight, and cost.

The Marmot Always summer sleeping bag is lightweight and it is best to be used in the warm summer months. The bag is also compact and lightweight and keeps you warm in a tent at night when temperatures drop. But this sleeping bag is only for summertime use only.

Now looking at the Marmot Sawtooth, this bag is a three season bag. This bag may be slightly heavier and larger but that is needed to be able to use it in colder and wetter conditions. The Sawtooth is light and small enough to be carried in a backpack or packed for a biking tour.

The Marmot Sawtooth does come in at a higher price than the Always Summer but it can be used comfortably in three of the four seasons compared to the Always Summer bag which is designed to be used during the summer season.

The price of this sleeping bag is comparable to other bags on the market and you need to look at each bag review the features offered to ensure you are getting everything you need for the price you are paying. The Sawtooth meets a lot of features avid backpackers are looking for. The bag offers warmth, comfort, durability, and water resistant material. The bag also offers versatility in terms of using it during spring, summer, and fall.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Marmot was established in 1974 and from that point forward, Marmot has continued to make advancements in the sleeping bag industry. When looking at the Sawtooth sleeping bag, you can tell by the material and durability of the sleeping bag that it will provide warmth and comfortability. The bottom line the Sawtooth provides warmth, breathability and can be reduced down to a size that can be easily packed into a backpack. Over the past few years, I have tested out multiple different types of sleeping bags to find the perfect sleeping back that I can I use throughout the year. Since I started using the Sawtooth, I had known it would be my go-to sleeping bag going forward.