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Casio Pro Trek Review Facts

The Casio Pro Trek is a solar-powered, rugged, waterproof watch that is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and world travelers. Made of stainless steel with a resin watch band and a metal bezel, this excellent timepiece is perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, mountaineering, and backpacking just to name a few. It is water-resistant to 200 meters and you never have to replace the battery. The average life of the battery is five months, which only needs a little light to recharge for long periods of up to 23 months. Working much like a GPS, it always has accurate time because it is synchronized to the atomic clock. Know the time anywhere in the world and even the upcoming weather and atmospheric pressure of where you are. The new functions of this model are tide indicator, atomic synchronization, moon phases, and barometer trend. It has the same features as older models of altimeter, compass, barometer, stopwatch, backlight, alarms, and timer that you love and depend on too. If you just want to purchase one more watch in your lifetime, the Pro Trek is the one. We discuss the details of this exceptional product is our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Used by both men and women
  • Altimeter, compass, barometer, stopwatch, alarms, and timer
  • New aspects of tide indicator, moon phases, barometer trend
  • Includes atomic synchronization
  • Has a backlight for night reading
  • For snorkeling, backpacking, mountaineering, and scuba diving
  • Water resistant to 200 meters
  • Never have to replace the batteries
  • Average life of the battery is five months
  • Requires little light to recharge the battery
  • The light does not stay on long and must be pressed multiple times for tasks
  • Instruction manual could be improved



Created in the spirit of the Casio engineer who wanted to make a “watch that never breaks” that was more than 30 years ago, the Pro Trek is an outstanding watch that is tough and rugged. He created a watch resistant to impact and centrifugal forces and high pressure from water. Such innovation led to G-SHOCK devices, which is a byword meaning pushing limits and independence. G-SHOCK watches now are the industry’s most durable analog-digital and digital watches that are relied upon by law enforcement, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and surfers globally. These products are also famously used and worn by popular icons in sports, hip-hop, and design. In the product description of this product, Casio describes the Pro Trek as a G-SHOCK item but never calls it that in the itemized listing of its features and aspects. If this is not technically a G-SHOCK watch, then it is defintely close.


Even though this is supposed to be a man’s watch, both men and women wear and love this device. Customers say that it is a big watch that is not heavy with a band that is comfortable and soft. It is stylish and sophisticated in its look and functions, as it can do plenty of things for the outdoor person. Some buyers even though of this watch as a friend because it does so much for them when they are away from home of keeping them informed of the area around them. Once you get used to such an incredible device, it would be hard if not impossible to ever appreciate regular timepieces ever again.


The Pro Tek from Casio has been proven by customers to work well and keep functioning when swimming, rock and mountain climbing, at extremely high and low temperatures, in dusty conditions, and within rugged environments. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and fans who love activities, exercise, and adventures close to Mother Nature. This is one of the most rugged and tough watches that you will ever own. We discovered in our research of the feedback from buyers that it is usually the person that is unsatisfied with the many inferior watch products on the market today that purchases this device. They do not want to change watch batteries anymore, charge batteries any longer, or rely on items that break or stop working. It is safe to say that the Casio Pro Trek will put an end for your need or desire for another watch ever. Many people have had these for many years, and they are still very satisfied if not more so today. It is not uncommon for these to last twenty years because they are so durable and long-lasting.


Two of the most flexible features of the Pro Trek are the new bezel and the atomic timekeeping. Simply look up the location abbreviation of where you are going or interested in knowing the time and you will see it on the watch. Anywhere in the world, you can know the exact time because it is synchronized atomically. The bezel for the Pro Trek has been upgraded to metal and is not plastic anymore. Some customers said that the plastic one was hard to turn and use, so this new one is fantastic and welcomed. It is much easier to handle and manipulate, plus the metal makes it more durable now.


The main features of the Pro Trek are responsive to your needs in the great outdoors. They will help guide you along your way and aid in keeping your bearings on land and sea. In knowing how to use this instrument properly, you will always be aware of the weather, time, terrain, pressure, location, and altitude among other things. The altimeter is pressure-based, and it works with the compass to tell you the terrain feature of your location. It monitors gain and loss in elevation, keeps records of low and high altitude, plus saves time and date of descents and ascents for you. The digital compass is excellent according to buyers, and it shows bearings in increments of one degree with incredible precision. There is a thermometer that must be used off the wrist for accurate readings of environment temperature. Some buyers claimed that this reading was not accurate, but they failed to remove the device from their wrist. The reading they received unknowingly was of their own body temperature and not the surroundings. The atmospheric pressure is tracked with the barometer. It helps predict weather changes and pressure systems near you. A couple of people claimed that the barometer does not have good instructions in the booklet, but you can easily look on the Internet to see how it functions if you do not know. One of the best aspects of this exceptional device is the tide and moon phase characteristic. It shows the illumination of the night moon and gives data for fishing and sea kayaking. By land or by sea, you will never be lost again with the Pro Trek.


Made of stainless steel with a resin watch band, the Pro Trek has a face diameter of 1.5 inches with a chronograph LC duplex display and loads of beneficial features. It is solar power tough atomic 6 multi-band timekeeping at its best. This superb product works much like a GPS and can even substitute for one in a pinch. This digital watch is always accurate with the time because it is synchronized to the atomic clock. Buyers even after years of use of this outstanding product love it and wear it every day. They are very pleased with its performance, which is quite evident by the very high approval rating from hundreds of customers online. You get the same features as older models of tracking watches such as an altimeter, compass, date display, barometer, stopwatch, backlight, alarms, and a timer. The new exciting functions with this model are a tide indicator, numerous time zones, atomic synchronization, moon phases, and barometer trend. If you travel plenty or love to adventure into the outdoors a lot, then this is the watch for you.


Supportive of your needs, the LCD duplex layout shows a two-layer display for a better view of all this device can do for you and a backlight for night reading and tasks. For those of you who travel in and out of the United States, your most favored function of this watch will be the atomic synchronization. No matter where you are in the world, you can know the accurate time of where you are and where you are going. The device automatically receives time calibration signals from the atomic clock in England, the U.S., Japan, and Germany for accurate timekeeping. It is a convenient feature to have, especially when moving through time zones and all around the world. Of the many aspects of the Pro Trek, this just may be the most appreciated by buyers of all this terrific watch can do.


There is no particularly great place to use this watch because it is well-suited to any place on earth. On land or water, it will help you know where you are, what the weather is going to be like soon, and what time it is. It includes a tide feature for those around the water, making it an excellent option for snorkeling, scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing. On land, it is ideally used for backpacking and mountaineering among other adventures. The Pro Trek just may be the only device you ever need to find your way and know what lies ahead for the weather and the terrain you may face. So many people are thrilled with this watch because of its numerous qualities.


This is one of the most durable and tough watches when it comes to water-resistance. It is not understood why Casio does not call this item waterproof because, at these water depths, it has to be waterproof. It is water-resistant to 200 meters, making it perfect for swimming, rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, deep-sea fishing, and any other water activity you can think of doing. The strong resistance to water is one of the main reasons that people purchase this watch because they can trust that it will not stop working when they need it most.

Ease of Use

The buttons are easy to use on this excellent product, and the batteries never have to be replaced. This is another huge drawing point of this device because many users are tired of changing and charging batteries for their watches. Another aspect that makes this incredible item simple to use is the instructions are downloadable from the Casio site. Some people complained that the printed included instructions with the watch are small and hard to read. If you find that this is the case for you, then you can view and print them bigger from the site.

Power Source

This is the most incredible part of the Pro Trek – solar power. You never have to change or electrically recharge the included battery. There is a battery inside the device, so it is not without one, but it is rejuvenated with solar energy or any type of light source alone. Just a little light is required to recharge the battery, which has an average life of five months without any light at all. Yes, that is right, once charged from a light source, the battery does not need any further charging for at least five months. Of course, the time of recharging will depend on the strength of the light source as these can vary. The battery recharges via a solar panel that is in the watch face. Casio states that the Pro Trek can function even as long as 23 months when fully charged without light exposure. This is certainly the “camel in the desert” of all watches when it comes to battery power.

Bottom Line

It was a pleasure to research and learn about the Casio Pro Trek device for composing this product review. It is a great device that can outperform most any other watch on the market. It is not only spot-on accurate with all of its interesting data, but is also solar-powered, atomically synchronized, waterproof, and loaded with exceptional features for the traveler and outdoor person. The Pro Trek is the watch that you buy when you are tired of keeping up with batteries and electronically charging batteries for your watch. Because it can still function beautifully after twenty years of continued service, it may be the last watch you purchase in your lifetime. Many satisfied customers love it, we love it, and you will love it too.