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Columbia Redmond Mid Boot Review Facts

The Redmond Mid by Columbia is a waterproof hiking boot ideal for any number of uses and activities. You will find outdoor excursions more enjoyable with your mind off your feet and on the path ahead in this lightweight breathable footwear. OmniTech components contribute to the holdfast grip and waterproof protection, a TechLite midsole provides long-lasting comfort while absorbing energy needed to keep you on your feet. This beginner hiking shoe offers increased flexibility in the toe and throughout the shoe so from day one you will be ready without a prolonged break-in time. Columbia puts only the most advanced technology into creating a spectacular product that holds up against the elements and that is very true with this affordable hiking boot. This is sure to become your go-to, all year shoe. We go over all of the special features of the Redmond Mid Waterproof Boot below in an in-depth review and see why this the perfect shoe for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ultra Grip traction
  • Waterproof protection
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Very breathable
  • Made from durable materials
  • Affordable
  • Can run narrow
  • Not true to size


The upper portion of the shoe is made from a weather-resistant blend of suede leather, mesh, and webbing along the top that is good at keeping dirt and debris off your foot. The pliable materials of the Redmond also make it easily moldable to your foot, eliminating the need to break it in while adding comfort. The Omni-Tech membrane and boot construction within the shoe keeps feet dry and wicks away sweat. The shoe has a standard lace-up system which allows for a personalized fit depending on the activity, and the reinforced eyelets at the top help keep strings tight and your foot in place. Most users comment on the overall comfort of this shoe however some with a wider foot did not enjoy the narrowed toe bed that can be an issue with sizing. The Mid-rise provides superior ankle support and you will find this tough boot handy on uneven ground or in the most unfavorable conditions.


Considered one of Columbia’s greatest innovations in footwear, the TechLite EVA midsole provides superior cushioning and absorbs impact with each step. This lightweight material forms a rubber layer above the sole and acts as a buffer, absorbing impact each time your foot hits the ground. You will find exceptional weight distribution throughout the shoe each time you pick up your foot and you will feel the shoe moving with you as a “second foot”. The removable insole and the almost seamless bootie liner means there are minimal irritations inside the shoe plus no added weight. Reviewers claim they felt more energized after a long day of adventuring with the stepping comfort of the Columbia Redmond.


For a more natural and satisfactory feel while your hiking, Columbia constructed an Omni-Grip rubber sole for this boot. It is a solid foundation that can grip a wide range of surfaces because of the blend of materials and tread. Extending about an inch up the front of the boot reinforcing the toe and continues back to support the heel it is optimal for traction on rocky, wet, icy, and even snowy surfaces. Loose rocks and stray branches can sometimes make for a tricky hike but the outsole of this shoe is a non-marking rubber with a crosshatch finished tread pattern for super grip. These multi-directional lugs give the user sure footing and reviewers say they felt safer from accidental tumbles and more confident while out on the trail with the Redmond Mid. The bottom of the shoe receives the most impact from the ground and while this extra protection prolongs the life of the shoe it can also possibly save the wearer from future joint pain


Good or bad weather, you won’t hesitate to jump out into the world with this Columbia shoe keeping your socks dry and feet protected with a combination of supreme suede and leather. Wearing this waterproof footwear you’ll feel confident crossing ankle high streams and submerged in small amounts of water and as long as it can’t pour over the top of your Mid-rise boot you’ll be the one trailblazing in the Redmond. Don’t let winter or wet summer days keep you from exploring the outdoors, this shoe also features air-permeable mesh webbing that allows the inside to breath resulting in footwear that keeps the user dry and comfortable no matter what. For added traction and confidence in each step, a specialized rubber grip on the sole will keep you glued to wet or dry surfaces along any path.


The Redmond Mid boot has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to comfort. If you are a person with wider feet this shoe can fit snug and has been known by some customers to be narrow in the toe box which can cause unwanted pinching. Users with average or thinner feet have remarked that this Columbia shoe met size expectations and was perfect right out of the box. Additionally, the Omni-Tech fabric lining works well at keeping moisture out of the shoe, away from socks, keeping feet dry and happy. Weighing about a pound and a half these exceptionally light shoes are easy to wear for extended periods of time and the flexible materials molding to your feet provide comfort from the very first day on the trail.


Redmonds are designed by Columbia to be styled for everyday wear. Available in various color blends of black, gray, and light brown, these Mid-cut hiking boots feature an upper comprised of soft suede leather, and low profile mesh webbing underlay so you blend in on the trail and in the city. A secure fit bungee lacing system, a padded tongue, and back loop pull will make putting these boots on a breeze and lacing up a cinch when you need to go. A low heel and mid-range arch will suit most foot types with proper sizing. Despite this particular model being created for hiking and handling difficult terrain, it can be used practically anywhere you are when you need an ultra-comfortable rugged boot.


The fit of a hiking boot should be snug to support the ankle but with some wiggle room left in the toes for extended comfort and ample circulation in the foot. Columbia offers a proper size guide and chart on their website that we found to be helpful when deciding which size would be best for you. The Redmond Mids are offered in Men’s sizes 7-16 and some sizing is available in Wide. For those that are looking for that extra room to accommodate a thicker sock or aftermarket insole, we would recommend sizing up or going with a wide size. Luckily, if you are unsure about choosing the right size and may be planning a 3-day hiking trip there are some ways you can test it at home before you hit the trail. Try these boots on with the socks you are planning to wear at the end of the day when feet are known to swell and that will give you an idea of how they will fit. Some also suggest pulling out the removable insole of this shoe and an accurate size would be a thumb’s width of space between the longest toe and the tip of the insole.


The traction features are really what makes this shoe stand out among the rest. The OminiGrip rubber outsole is comprised of cross-hatched multi-directional super lugs that hold onto any surface you may find yourself crossing. The specialized tread allows the user to successfully grip and release the surface below them with very little dirt, rock debris or mud getting lodged into the shoe. Users have commented on feeling remarkably secure while wearing the Redmond no matter what type of terrain even if they were going downhill. Loose stones, uneven rocks, or wet mud that other times may have made you turn back won't stop you if you’re wearing the Redmonds.


The Redmond will keep you protected on a summer day when the temperatures are at an all-time high and you’re looking to keep feet cool and dry. The sweat wick material works to keep socks and feet dry while mesh webbing and light rubber sole will stay light and give you an airy feel. Rain, snow even ice aren't a problem either with ankle-high waterproof support. Customers say they are surprised when still able to walk through streams and wet or muddy environments without getting feet soaked because of the brilliant Omni-Tech capabilities built into this Columbia boot. The rubber coating that extends onto the toe of the boot is an added bonus keeping the foot protected from bumps or scrapes that you may encounter. Moisture and dirt are kept out of the shoe with the padded tongue and tight lace structure, on those long days of walking and standing this boot will stay comfortable.


A feature that stands out among the rest with users and reviewers of this Columbia boot is the light and airy feel you get as soon as you slip the shoe on. The suede leather, mesh upper offers impressive ventilation while the fabric lining works to keep moisture away from the foot. A flaw of such light material is with frequent use of the product it can wear down leaving small tears or snags where nature has intervened. These tears that have occurred on the upper near the toe have been known to compromise the waterproof capabilities and customers have noted water finding its way into the boot. Where it falls short in keeping up strong waterproof properties the Redmond Mid boot makes up for in extreme lightness and breathability that can be hard to find in other hiking boots.

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Multi-terrain and multi-seasonal, the Redmond boot can be used for outdoor activities any time of year and in any condition. Day hiking is the main focus of customers wearing this shoe but it will also support you while backpacking, or camping on the beach. They are great to strap on for fishing or hunting trips when expecting to stand or crouch for long spans of time and needing extra ankle and arch support. Customers left feedback of use in the workplace or on job sites where it’s possible to roll an ankle and extra security is needed. The waterproof features keep you covered during everyday tasks like outdoor chores and running errands in less than ideal weather. You can use them right out of the box and find no sore spots or blisters appearing because its lightweight material flexes to the foot and adds comfort from day one.

Key Features

-Soft materials are very light and breathable
-Comfortable foot forming inside material
-Waterproof, seam-sealed membrane
-Toe and heel have added outsole protection
-Lightweight EVA midsole for long-lasting comfort
-Rubber outsole is non-marking traction rubber
-Removable insole

Bottom Line

For those in search of a comfortable and reliable hiking boot, Columbia has created the Redmond Mid. This hiking boot is an incredible shoe perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or casual hiker in search of a comfortable and waterproof shoe for use on multiple surfaces. It’s an exceptional option for day trips to the mountains or for daily use working in off-road terrain environments. An Omni-Tech seam-sealed membrane is waterproof and keeps you dry while hiking through rain or standing water, while also transporting sweat to the outside of the boot. You won't feel much of the trail underneath with the comfortable foot forming upper and energy efficient outsole offering a maximum level of protection. With only a few issues arising such as improper sizing or a wearing down of the upper, many reviewers have gone onto their second or third pair of the Redmonds after getting solid extended use of the shoe. While hiking in extreme conditions, and you want to be sure that you’re feet are 100% protected from the elements, go with the Redmond Mid Waterproof hiking boot.