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Salomon Soft Flask Review Facts

The Salomon Soft Flask is a great water bottle and flask for runners who are looking for a less rigid water container. Breaking away from the tradition hard and rigid exterior of water bottles this soft shell allows for the bottle to move and form with your body as well as the water inside, preventing it from sloshing around and feeling unstable in your pocket or clipped to your vest when you are out on a run or hiking the trail. The easy to use cap and cover make it a great choice for runners so that they can stay on the go without having to fumble with their water in order to stay hydrated and it makes the water flask easy to refill and squeeze water directly into your mouth.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Decently Priced
  • Good Water Storage
  • Can get an odd smell
  • Not as durable as metal
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  • The bite valve is comfortable and easy to use.
  • It's lightweight and flexible.
  • As it empties, you can easily roll it up and stash in a pocket.
  • It's quick to wash. It can even be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
  • It's easy to get all of the water out so you aren't wasting weight or space on water you don't want to drink.
  • Many reviewers are surprised with the durability.
  • The design doesn't require you to tilt your head to drink.
  • The soft, flexible body is comfortable to carry in your hand while running.
  • It doesn't allow in extra air so there is no sloshing sound even while partially full.
  • The shape will naturally fit to your grasp as you drink.
  • The material of the body doesn't catch on clothes.
  • Many buyers conveniently store it in their running vest pocket with no trouble.
  • Reviewers like using this for running, hiking, biking, and swimming.
  • You can use hydration powders and gels in this bottle.
  • For climbers, if not completely full, this flask can fit in a small hip pouch.
  • This is also a convenient choice for travel since it packs down well.
  • It won't cause any strain on your wrist to hold or drink from it during activity so you don't have to stop what you are doing to rehydrate.
  • There are some complaints of small holes forming in the body. Whether this was done by damage from a sharp object when it is stored away or a product defect is unclear for some reviewers.
  • The opening is not as large as some other soft flasks on the market.
  • If worn in a running vest it must be pushed down to prevent it from flopping around.
  • It is more expensive than some similarly-sized hard bottles.
  • The bottom seam is stiff and can get uncomfortable if stored tightly against the body.
  • Several reviewers complain of a chemical or unnatural taste.
  • The main cap can be difficult to unscrew especially when wet.
  • Quality control problems from some sellers meant that a few buyers received products without lids or caps.
  • A few reviewers claim it can leak if stored in a ski jacket pocket.
  • The neck is a tad small which makes it more difficult to refill quickly during races.
  • It is not an insulated flask.
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The Salomon brand is one that many runners, hikers, and other outdoors enthusiasts are already familiar with. Having started in 1947 Salomon has been helping to keep outdoors enthusiasts equipped and ready no matter the time of year and no matter the conditions decades, always keeping up without beating out the competition. Though they started with a primary focus on French mountaineer and logging industries wither their products, they’ve adapted to a much more global and diverse market that includes but is not limited to skis, boots, shoes, and water bottles. They’re clearly familiar with the quality of product and work that their consumers expect from them and the nature of which they’ll be using these products. By adhering and exceeding these expectations Salomon has forged a way to keep themselves in a competitive business for over seven decades, providing products that everyone at different skill levels and focuses can use. This water flask is a prime example of the supporting products they provide for the outdoor enthusiast and its unique design is a great take on the traditional water bottles that so many people use on a daily basis. The Salomon Soft Flask is a water flask that a lot of runners, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will be able to purchase and enjoy as well as feel more comfortable with, something that Salomon as clearly aimed for day-in and day-out with their many different products and designs.


The durability of this water bottle is a bit of an in-between situation. The water bottle is a great option for runners that want a water bottle that doesn’t have their water sloshing back and forth the entire time they’re on a run but its soft plastic is not going to be as strong as metal water bottles and flasks or other more rigid plastic water bottles and flasks. The Water bottle, however, is dishwasher safe meaning that it can be used and then washed thoroughly without fear that the heat and water pressure inside your dishwasher will do irreparable damage to the soft flask before you get to use it again. On the other hand, while this soft flask can withstand the heat and water pressure inside of a dishwasher it still can take a lot of direct blunt force the same way a hard plastic or metal water bottle or flask would be able to. This means that drops, especially onto sharply angled surfaces, could puncture the water bottle and effectively ruin it. It is also a better idea to keep this water bottle in an open pocket or clipped to you rather than inside a bag or backpack, this will hopefully help prevent it from being squished or roughly pushed against other items you may be carrying inside you bag on the trail with you.


This soft water flask’s size is one of the best things about it. When filled with water it is able to hold 500ml of water or 17 fluid ounces. This allows for a decent amount of water to be taken on light trails and routes when you decide to go out running or hiking for the day. Roughly the same quantity of most bottles soft drinks and sports beverages this soft flask will also be easier to stow on your person as well as carry back when you’ve finished all the water. Because of the bottle’s soft design as well as lack of rigid hard walls it is very easy for the bottle to be collapsed down when it is empty. After you’ve finished drinking your water you can simply flatten it and the most noticeable part will become the cap, allowing the bottle to take up minimal room as well as weigh less than most other water bottles and flasks you are going to find on the market. In this smaller empty state, the water bottle also weighs a rather unnoticeable one ounce. This about the same as just having a few quarters in your pocket instead of lugging around a heavy metal water bottle for your run or hike.


The price of this soft water flask is a little noticeable simply because of the material that it is made from. There are some other water bottles and flasks that boast similar twenty dollar price tags that often come from companies known for their durable bottles, but no often are they soft water bottles or water flasks. This fact makes the price point kind of questionable for some especially when regarding the possible damage your bottle could experience. At twenty dollars a soft water bottle or water flask can be seen by some as a risky buy and the worries on whether or not I will break arise. Twenty is also a rather high price point for a water bottle as well. For some, there may be cheaper options that they want but those could also then be sacrificing quality for the price. Overall the damage risk for this water bottle may be outweighed by the price point. It’s an understandable compromise and it really comes down to what you as the buyer are looking for. Do you want comfort and lightweight or durable and heavy from your water bottle or soft flask?

Ease of Use

This water flask has been designed with a noticeable wide cap hole that. The diameter allows for users to easily get it filled with water and makes attaching the top a seamless task. Because of its size users are also able to find the top without having to fumble the bottle around allowing them to be on the move when they rehydrate and not have to stop every time they want a drink of water. The wide cap hole also makes it an easier soft water flask to clean. You can fit a sponge inside the cap to help keep the bottle clean after each time you take it out on a hike or run. The flask is also extremely lightweight weighing at just one ounce when not filled with water. This makes the bottle virtually unnoticeable when you stow it away empty. The lightweight doesn’t prevent the bottle form holding a decent amount of water, however. When filled up this soft flask can still hold up to 500ml or 17 fluid ounces of water making it an ideal purchase for someone who wants to take it on light hikes or runs. The bottle itself is also highly collapsible as it is expandable. Since it isn’t manufactured from rigid materials such as metal or hard plastics it is able to be shoved into a pocket and then filled up, or vice versa, with minimal effort. This makes it a great water container for anyone that is looking for a water container that won’t take up too much space and can go unnoticed when they’re done with and just want to head home. Being able to just slide it comfortably in a pocket or clipped to a vest is an invaluable option and beats the clunking of a hard shell bottle.


This soft flask is going to be a great all-around use water container but it shines for people that plan on taking either running or hiking. Because of the lightweight design of the bottle and the soft plastic, its exterior is made of it doesn’t become a cumbersome piece of peripheral equipment to have on your person. It can be easily stowed in a pocket or clipped to your vest so that it is accessible to you while on the trail in motion and the wide cap mouth of the bottle is great for a hydrating while on the trail without stopping. Thought the soft flask is designed as a kind of trail water bottle it can also be used as an all purpose water bottle but comes with some limitations. Users should keep in mind that this soft flask isn’t going to be ideal for overly jagged or rocky terrain because of the inherent risks if you drop it. Because the plastic is soft it can be torn and cut on the sharp corners and edges of rocks like those you might find on a mountainside. While this bottle can still be easily used there it is an aspect to keep in mind. This water flask is not going to be as durable as a harder plastic or metal bottle and using it or treating it as such will ultimately cause you to have wasted your money.

Key Features

This soft water flask is an excellent lightweight option and alternative to the more traditional water bottles that people are used to. Since the water flask is made from soft flexible plastic it is able to fit into not only an array of different pocket sizes but can also be collapsed down to a portion of its filled size to easily carry when you run out of water. This water flask when it isn’t filled is just one ounce in weight meaning that you barely notice when you have to carry it and it is not a cumbersome addition to your workout or running equipment, especially when you’re on the trail out in nature. When filled the bottle holds 17 fluid ounces or 500ml making its liquid capacity just about that of other bottled beverages and water bottles. While this isn’t as comparable to some water packs that fit on your back it is also a flask that is significantly smaller and lighter. For someone that is searching for a change from the regular water bottle, they’ve been using it becomes a great option. The water flask is also dishwasher safe meaning that cleaning it does not have to be a difficult job of trying to get your hand to fit into the cap hole. It is able to reliably withstand the heat and water pressure of dishwashers and be clean and ready for use as soon as it’s done. The ability t wash the bottle like this can also help keep the bottle from holding on to particles that get in when you’re out on the trail and you can hopefully avoid the residue you can see growth in other types of water containers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this soft water flask is going to be a pretty reliable purchase especially if you are looking to move away from hard shell water bottles and flasks. The ability to easily store this water bottle isn’t something to be passed up and being able to not worry if there’s enough room in your pack when this bottle can just be stuck right in your pack is great. The bottles lightweight nature makes it something you don’t have to really consider either when using it on long trails so you won’t be preoccupied with whether or not you’ll be fatigued just because you brought the necessary water you needed for while you were hiking the trail. While the flask could be more durable this is made up for by the fact that it is so light and can be made extremely compact. At its core, it is designed to be used with the extra weight you’ll be shedding with it in mind rather than if it will be able to survive a fall down a ravine without puncturing or tearing.