Exped MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad

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Exped MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad Review Facts

The Exped MegaMat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad is perfect for car camping, rafting, regular camping, and basecamp purposes. Self-inflating, hydrolysis-resistant, and laminated, it is free of toxic chemicals, long-lasting, comfortable, and durable. For outdoor and indoor enjoyment, it can be used year-round since it has insulating properties that are Bluesign-certified. With welded high-frequency seams and a non-slip finish, users will experience airtight construction and a tricot stretch surface and loft of 3.9 inches thick. Included with the pad is the mini pump for inflating, instruction manuals, and a repair kit for maintenance. Everything fits in the large stuff sack that can be attached to backpacks or carried separately when walking. Users can adjust the firmness of this sleeping pad easily with the mini pump and inflation valve. There are separate valves for inflating and deflating with the larger one for deflating quickly to break camp fast. Ideal for side sleepers because of the high left and firmness of the mattress, there are no pressure points from the hips or shoulders during sleeping. this model is offered in a regular-wide and a long extra-wide version for a choice in size. A detailed discussion of this highly-rated sleeping pad is below in this full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • For year-round comfort outdoors or indoors
  • Efficient in temperatures to -54 degrees F
  • Offered in long extra-wide and regular wide sizes
  • Deflation valve is extra-large for quickness
  • Deflated, rolls, and packs in just minutes
  • Eliminates pressure points from shoulders and hips
  • Airtight build with welded high-frequency seams
  • Edge-to-edge 3D level surface for sleeping
  • Good for rafting, car camping, basecamp, and camping
  • Separate valves for deflating and inflating
  • Comes with roll-top carry sack and repair kit
  • Problems with inflating and leaking valves for a few buyers
  • Some people not comfortable and deflating during the night


Almost every positive review for the Exped MegaMat recommends this pad for sleeping outdoors on comfort level alone. Most say that it is just as comfortable or more so than their regular mattress at home, but there are some that disagree. It has been proven in the field for comfort and effectiveness to give the user a wonderful rest for the tasks and explorations of the next day. If you are tossing and turning all night because of a bad sleeping experience, then you will not be happy or productive the next day. The majority of buyers say that the MegaMat 10 is much cozier than a foam mat or plastic bubble mat, which they have tried before and hated. The tricot top gives maximum comfort as it stretches, plus the added features keep the user warm and toasty on particularly cold nights. This is the reason that it can be used for all four seasons for year-round enjoyment, unlike most other sleeping mattresses that are not suitable for winter.


With a build of high quality and a top that is honeycomb-embossed, this self-inflating pad is long-lasting and durable. Made of certified Oeko-Tex 100 materials that are void of harmful and toxic chemicals, it comes with a warranty of five years. The polyester bottom and top are hydrolysis-resistant and laminated with TPU to be airtight, durable, and resistant to humidity. Even though some people did experience leaking valves or deflating in the night with this product, no one remarked about the material being less than tough and sturdy for much rugged and continuous use outdoors. It is strong to withstand even kids jumping on it, according to a couple of people online. With proper care in storing and using, you should be able to enjoy the use of this marvelous sleeping pad for many years to come.


Great for year-round comfort outdoors or indoors, you have the flexibility to use this incredible pad for sleeping anytime you want. Even in the coldest months, it will do its best to keep you warm with its modern high interior loft and high R-value of 9.5. compared to other sleeping mattresses that are on the market, this is a high value, as others usually range around 3 or 4 for R-value. This value tells you how insulating the item will be for you. The higher the number, the warmer it will be. There is a non-slip finish on the pad to keep the user on it during the night. you will have no worries of slipping off in your sleeping bag to awake on the cold damp ground with this pad model. We like to pass on great ideas for using products in our reviews that we find from other buyers. The Exped MegaMat is comfortably used by camping couples by putting two of these sleeping pads side-by-side in a vehicle for car camping or in a tent to create a queen-sized bed. With a fitted sheet over the two, the pads will remain together and not separate, even if one person sleeps mainly in the middle. What a perfect way to enjoy a starry night outdoors with your loved one!


You would not think of a sleeping mattress as being protective, but this model certainly is when the temperature drops into the coldest regions. It will maintain warmth for the user on it with its special insulating properties. The Exped MegaMat has insulation for warmth that is Bluesign-certified and an R-value of 9.5. It is efficient in temperatures to -54 degrees F to ensure you stay warm and comfy while you sleep. The foam material is air-core-channeled to decrease the bulk and weight and insulate to low temperatures. This is what makes it so different from regular plastic air mattress pads that are so common. You might be thinking that this is great if you want to use it only in the winter and cold weather, but what about the summer and humid environments? Won’t you be hot and uncomfortable on such a pad? You would think so, but we did not find any negative comments about customers being hot or uncomfortable because of the insulation of the Exped MegaMat. People were just as happy in the summer as they were in the winter using this self-inflating mattress.


The MiniPump is the company’s signature model of pump and it comes with this terrific product. This item is self-inflating with a firmness adjustment, so you can choose the perfect firmness of the pad for yourself. For the best use and firmness, it is ideal to inflate the pad about an hour before you go to sleep letting it adjust. Then, right before you go to bed, inflate or deflate it a little as you wish. It is stiff when inflated fully for a very firm mattress and soft when not inflated all the way for a cushiony sleeping pad. This is an individual preference according to what each person likes best. We want to pass on a tip from one of the online customers who love this pad and uses it quite often. A trick to getting the pad into a tight bundle after using it for carrying and storing is to open the deflate valve and roll it up. Then, unroll and roll up again for a tight bundle. Some people store them at home under the bed unrolled for increased durability and longevity of the product. Good advice.


If you do decide to purchase this superb self-inflating mattress, you will have a choice of two different sizes. It is offered in a long extra-wide model and a regular-wide size. both are the same thickness of 3.9 inches of tricot stretch surface and loft. When inflated, the regular pad is 77.6 x 25.6 inches in diameter with a packed size of 31.1 x 9.8 inches in diameter. The packed weight of the regular wide is 3 lbs. 12 oz. and the long extra-wide is 5 lbs. 9.6 oz. the only difference in the size of the two models is that the extra-wide pad is roughly 5 inches longer and 5 inches wider than the regular version. It may not seem like much more space for sleeping, but this size difference could mean the difference between it fitting in your tent or car all the way or not. It is best to check first before ordering. If you are interested in how much the pump weighs for the sake of carrying weight for backpacks and toting purposes, it is 1.6 ounces by itself. This is not in any way one of the smallest sleeping pads or mattresses that are on the market, but it is certainly one of the most comfortable, especially for side sleepers.


With separate valves for deflating and inflating on the same end, deflating this unit is hassle-free. If the valves are positioned at the user’s head, then they can be manipulated easily during the night for inflating a bit or deflating to get the perfect comfort level. The entire item can be deflated, rolled, and packed in just a few minutes. The deflation vale is extra-large to act quickly when you break camp and are ready to move on to your adventures for the day. We want to mention that a few buyers did experience leaking valves during the night when they used the MegaMat, but it seems to be just isolated incidents. This was not mentioned by a lot of people.


Good for side sleeping as it eliminates pressure points from shoulders and hips, the Exped MegaMat has a sturdy construction that is 3D for a level sleeping surface that is edge-to-edge. The strong build is airtight because of the welded high-frequency seams which make this pad model so durable and long-lasting for years of use. you have the versatility with this product to make the mattress as firm or as soft as you want. It is so easy and quick to add and take away air, even while you are on it. we did find some unhappy customers online that were not comfortable on this pad, as they were not able to find a good position no matter where they put the mattress. Some experienced it deflating during the night to find that they had no air left in the pad at all. These may be isolated occurrences, as there were not many comments about this.


Most of the buyers online use this sleeping pad for camping in their car or vehicle. It is ideal for long road trips when you do not want to stay at motels or in a tent overnight. Anytime and anyplace you have a flat surface and need to sleep is the proper place to use this incredible mattress. It is ideal for rafting, basecamp, and regular camping in a tent. Described as a basecamp pad that is more similar to a bed than a regular sleeping pad, the majority of users are pleasantly pleased with its performance. It can be utilized indoors too if you are in need of some emergency sleeping arrangements for unexpected company or relatives staying with you. The situations to use the MegaMat are endless.

Ease of Use

It comes with an easy to operate carry sack that has a carrying strap and is height adjustable with a roll top for simple use. Large and quick to pack, the sack will hold everything that is included with the sleeping pad and pump, which is the manuals and repair kit. Once all parts are packed away in the sack, you can tote it easily slung over a shoulder or attached to a backpack. It is one of the easiest and trouble-free mattress pads with this terrific comfort level.

Bottom Line

With any type of inflatable item, you will find customers that experience unexpected leaking and deflating of the product. This is going to happen and can be taken care of right away if caught within the return window for a refund or another item. There are not many complaints of this nature online from buyers of the Exped MegaMat, so it is safe to say that these are isolated incidents. Most folks agree that it is a highly comfortable, well-insulated, durable, long-lasting, reliable, easy to use, flexible, and supportive sleeping mat that they love and are glad they purchased. We think it will definitely make any camping trip much more enjoyable and memorable. It may even encourage you and your family to take more trips because you no longer have to rough it on the hard, cold ground in a tent or propped up on blankets and padding in a vehicle. It is certainly worth a try for the promised comfort. We gladly recommend it highly to you.