SUUNTO Core ALU Computer Watch

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The SUUNTO Core ALU Watch is an award-winning digital quartz design that is light and comfortable to wear. It is at home no matter where it is worn because it is both fashionable and beneficial. For the outdoorsman, it features a barometer, an altimeter, and a compass with an analog display. In addition, it displays the weekday, date, elevation, and even a storm warning aspect.

Any type of outdoor activity can be enhanced with this trusty watch because it tells you so much about your surroundings. It is made of steel bezel material, composite aluminum for the case, and mineral crystal for the lens. The band and bezel are detachable and can be swapped out for many design options. The band is an elastomer comfort strap, so the Core feels great on the wrist. Not only is it thick and durable, but it is also wide and can accommodate wide wrist widths. It does have large numbers on its face to make viewing easier outdoors and indoors and a big screen too.

It is a flexible watch on how and where you can use it, as it is waterproof to certain depths (such as Casio G-Shock models). Perfect for snorkeling or caving, The Core has a snorkeling depth meter, temperature reading, sunrise/sunset function, and is compatible in four various languages. With a high customer satisfaction rating among buyers, the Core is one of the best watches on the market today that is both highly functional and stylish to suit any wardrobe, job, or activity. Let’s take a more in-depth look at its qualities.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Award-winning design
  • Features a barometer, an altimeter, and a compass
  • Has a storm warning function
  • Shows elevation in segments of three feet
  • Band is wide, thick, and smooth
  • Strap and the bezel can be switched out
  • Has numbers that are easy to see
  • Menu is operable in four languages
  • Display cannot be altered from the black to a better visible gray
  • Face of the watch could be difficult to see in certain light conditions


The Suunto Core is an award-winning design that the majority of buyers love and are happy that they purchased. The Suunto brand is so well-known that customers come to expect a certain superiority from their terrific products. The Core is no exception, as it does not disappoint even those with a negative comment or two about it. The design, versatility, features, and comfort level make it worthy of being a Suunto item. It is made in China but was designed in Finland. This terrific model has a wide range of options for the bezel and the band, so you can customize it just the way you want. The excellence of this great watch speaks for itself and is the one to beat where competitors are concerned. For those who are fans of Suunto’s high-quality, you will want to get the Core model for yourself.


Great comfort was widely mentioned in feedback from buyers online. This is mostly because of the wide smooth band on the watch. It does have an elastomer comfort strap, so it should be one of the most comfortable watches you will ever wear. Even those with very wide wrists will be pleased with the fit of this watch. The excellence of the band is the first aspect of the Core that most everyone noticed when they received theirs. The band superiority puts it miles ahead of the competitor brands in comfort and customer satisfaction. It is lightweight also, so it packs easy for the outdoor function. Packed away in your gear, it will be hardly noticed weight-wise. However, you will notice that it is worth much more than its weight in gold when you begin to use some of its many attributes for which Suunto is so popular.


The strong body of the Core is coated aluminum that will scratch with moderate or heavy use. this was not a big complaint of buyers online because some even commented about how theirs can take much abuse. Some even said their Core watches had been knocked and smashed against rocks while climbing and trekking without any real damage to the watch. It is a good solid watch that can even take much use in the sand too. This remarkable item is waterproof to 100 feet or 30 meters for shallow diving, snorkeling, or caving. The only thing that makes it not for diving deep is the fact that it does not do well under the pressure of the deep water. this is a very durable watch that can take the punches and still look nice.


Flexibility is what this great watch is really all about. It is flexible in its appearance because it has plenty of features, is stylish enough to wear to work, and is very useful to wear while enjoying outdoor activities. You can leave this watch on no matter where you go and not have to change out for a more fashionable one for work. The band is the next flexible part of this watch. If you do not like the band or you want to switch it out often, then there are several to choose from to make it look like a completely different watch. Wherever you choose to go, the Suunto Core can go along happily and not look out of place. It is a fascinating timepiece with so many useful qualities. Its flexibility gives you the freedom you need in not having to coordinate a watch with your many different outfits and activities.

Key Features

-An excellent digital quartz watch
-Has an analog display
-Case is rugged, round, and plastic
-Features an award-winning design
-Has a range of options for stylish band designs
-Includes a barometer, altimeter, and a compass in one
-Displays the weekday and the date at the same time
-Features one dependable alarm
-Includes several weather functions and mountain use
-Made of durable steel bezel material
-Has strong mineral crystal lens material
-Case is rugged composite aluminum


The Suunto Core has many uses, as it can be worn anywhere and not look out of place. It will work underwater, but you must remember that it is not meant to be a diver’s watch. There are pressure limitations to this item that make it unsuitable for deep depths. It can be used for shallow water activities such as snorkeling. The Core includes a snorkeling depth meter, sunrise/sunset function, temperature reading, and a menu available in four languages. The manufacturer really wanted to create an outdoor-friendly watch to give the explorer a great tool on their wrist. It even has a storm warning feature that could come in handy if bad weather is nearby. The great Core is basically a nice watch for work and rugged enough for the outdoors as well.


Lightweight and comfortable is the band on this amazing watch. It is a strap of black rubber that is wide, thick, durable, and smooth. The width is one inch or 2.5 mm that fits a maximum wrist size of 7 ¾ inches. This terrific strap is an elastomer comfort strap. It can be changed for a different look and so can the bezel. The many band options are a high point with buyers because they want to wear this splendid product to work as well as during their outdoor excursions. It is perfect for anywhere because it is rugged enough to take the punishment from the elements, yet stylish enough to go well with work outfits and wardrobes. The terrific band is one of the physical highlights of the Core because it is comfortable than most competitor brands and can fit much larger wrist sizes.

Ease of Use

One noted terrific feature of the Core is that unlike other watches of its kind, it shows elevation in intervals of three feet. Other models show elevation in intervals of ten feet only. This is perfect for those into climbing, caving, backpacking, camping, hunting, and trekking at higher elevations. It is great for use in the mountains and everywhere else too. The Core tracks the time of runs but not the distance, which is only a problem if you are running or doing marathons. The adjustment of the time is manual and not atomic, so if you live where daylight savings time is practiced, then you will have to set this watch manually yourself. It will not automatically update as other devices, such as cellphones do. The Core is an easy-to-use watch that serves many purposes for the outdoor enthusiast.


The face of the Core is large without being uncomfortable or bulky. It has a big screen and numbers that are easy to see. This feature is well appreciated for outdoor activities when you do not need a watch weighing you down. The larger face makes it easier to see underwater too. While snorkeling or caving, it can be seen much better than some other popular brands of watches. One issue that customers do have with the face is that it does not allow inverting the display from black to gray. Because the casing is already black, the black display makes the data harder to see than if it had a gray display. Previous models allowed the change of the display color, but this one does not. Also, the face may be hard to see in low light, which could pose a problem for some outdoor activities. If this will not be a problem for you, then the Suunto Core is the perfect watch to have.

Power Source

The Suunto Core requires one Lithium battery and is included when you purchase the watch. The long battery life is over one year according to the manufacturer, but this is a significant complaint among buyers. It seems as though a good number of people who purchased this watch did not have a long battery life. Some customers commented that this product should be solar-powered or at least have the option for solar power because it is an outdoor item. The majority of users are happy with the battery life, but the negative comments posted were usually concerning the short battery life of the watch for some individuals.

The Bottom Line

We are impressed with the Suunto Core, as are many other individuals who purchased it and are loving it. its many desirable features and qualities outweigh the few issues that it has. Even those buyers who pointed out a few things they did not like about the Core ended their feedback statements on a positive note. Overall, most customers recommended the incredible watch to other and they would purchase it again because they really love having it. It is coated with a heavy-duty aluminum that can take the rugged outdoor elements and even be smashed against rocks without being harmed. For shallow diving, caving, or snorkeling, there is no better watch to have with you. It is waterproof to a depth of 100 feet or 30 meters because it cannot take more pressure from the water than that. It is ideal for mountain use and has several weather functions to help you in adverse conditions. It has only one alarm, while other models often have more. This, however, is not the main function of the Core. It is quite accommodating to wider wrists with the wide comfortable band that is a favored quality among buyers. The excellence of the craftsmanship and the well-known brand name of Suunto is what makes this such an outstanding item. Plenty of details went into the designing of this terrific watch to make it versatile, comfortable, beneficial, and flexible for the outdoor enthusiast. It is one of the best on the market currently that adventurists of all types will love. Check it out for yourself and see if the Suunto Core ALU Watch is right for you.