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SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger Review Facts

The Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger is perfect for the outdoor wilderness traveler who loves activities such as backpacking, hiking, camping, or mountain climbing. It has a simple user face, is pocket-sized, and allows you to emit messages from remote locations that do not have communication towers or cell phone service. You can message almost anyone anywhere on the globe with this miniature dependable device. It permits daily communication with friends and family and will also relay your location to emergency responders with the Help/SOS button. The Gen3 is waterproof and can operate underwater at a maximum depth of 1m for up to thirty minutes. This model sports major improvements to the Gen1 and Gen2 models that are great pieces of equipment in their own right. The manufacturer has made the Gen3 smaller, more portable, and easier to use, besides being waterproof now. Loyal customers of the Spot models do affirm the enhanced qualities of the Gen3 over the previous models and other competitor brands. A yearly subscription is necessary for the operation of the Gen3 to keep you connected in some of the most remote areas on earth. You can explore wherever you want and not have loved ones at home worrying if you are okay. This simple messaging system will keep you in direct contact with them every day you are out and about. We will now take an in-depth look at the features that make the Spot Gen3 such a remarkable messaging device.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Small enough to fit in pockets and backpacks easily
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Simple to operate and use
  • Will keep you in contact with loved ones
  • Keeps you in touch with friends and family
  • Alerts emergency responders to where you are when needed
  • Sends messages to mostly anywhere and to anyone
  • It may be hard to deactivate the service when you need to
  • Has only yearly activation and not monthly for just a few times a year usage


The brand, product, and service of Spot items are well-known and trusted in the field of outdoor satellite communication GPs devices. Even the previous models of the Gen1 and Gen2 outperform competitor brands in portability and ease of use in the outdoors. Several online buyers that have plenty of experience with the Spot equipment were pleased with this latest edition of the company’s GPS messenger technology. They were excited to see the improvements made for better quality, smaller size, and easier operations. When you must carry everything needed for a trip on your person, such a device needs to be as small as can be without adding to the pack load of gear. Because the Gen3 is lighter and has more capabilities than other leading models, it is the one to choose for your outdoor message needs.


If the Gen3 is anything, it is flexible. It is perfect for the wilderness traveler, has a simple user interface, and a small size that carries easily. It is waterproof for a depth of 1m for a maximum of thirty minutes and works like other GPS devices in jacket pockets, backpack pockets, and even indoors and under vehicles. One buyer noted that its signal did not work in a basement, but it did work in the house. While you move in the outdoors, it will still operate and not lose contact when under clothing. However, in heavy-forested areas or places where there is interference from above, the Gen3 may lose its signal temporarily. No other GPS messenger could be any more flexible than this incredible device, especially for the small size. It is a terrific satellite GPS that will allow you to send your messages to almost anyone, anywhere, and anytime.


The basic functions of the Spot Gen3 include a custom message, check-in, help/SPOT assist, track, and SOS. The check-in function lets other know your location and your safety status, while the custom message sends a second and possibly different message that is pre-programmed including the GPS location. With the track feature, the wonderful device logs your location data and permits your contacts to use Google maps to keep up with your progress. The Help/SPOT Assist function uses your GPS location to get non-emergent help from family and friends, while the SOS feature sends an emergency SOS to GEOS getting them to contact an agency to rescue you. This is all quite a lot for such a small device to do, and the span of its GPS function is incredible.


The Sot Gen3 has an average price when compared to others of its class, and it is the least expensive option when compared to competitors. It is the lowest-priced GPS device for costs upfront and sports increased functioning and usage over the previous Spot models. The button functioning of the Gen3 is much better than the Gen2, plus it is now waterproof. Some competitor brands of messaging are twice the size of the Gen3 and only have a portion of its functions. For the price and the small size of the Gen3, it is the best model to purchase for your outdoor activities in remote areas.


When it comes to stability, the Gen3 is hard to beat. It has improved message reliability and outperforms the competition in ease of use and portability. It has a rental option, and you can alter the tracks for different minute intervals. The tracking stops only when you do, plus you do not need to reset the tracks every day. The Gen3 may not have as many features or be as reliable as some competitor brands, but it makes up for this with its durability, compact size, and stability in the field where you need it most.


The Spot Gen3 is a simple way to send messages for emergent and non-emergent situations from the wilderness. It keeps you in touch with friends and family and will alert emergency responders to your location. This wonderful device allows you to send messages to almost anyone in the world and includes enhanced and unlimited tracking services for emergencies. You can send over 1,000 custom or check-in messages with just one group of batteries, but it does not offer two-way communication. The best feature according to buyers is the ability to leave plenty of messages on the device. This is good for emergencies, so rescuers can find you. The important thing to remember is to let it be on while you move and leave a great trail for others to follow. It sends out an alert of emergency with just a simple press of a button, so even if you are badly injured, you do not have to do much to alert help. Several customers commented online that this simple device gives them and their families great peace-of-mind when they go off for camping and hiking trips into unexplored territories.


When compared and contrasted to other Spot models, the Gen3 is much better than the previous models of Gen1 and Gen2. Owners of previous versions are very happy with the Gen3 for the improvements of a smaller size, several attach points and a longer battery life. The life of the battery for this model is improved over the Gen2, as it has twice the power. It does require one more AAA battery than the Gen2 but has the option of using a USB connection or NiMH batteries that are rechargeable as well. The Gen3 is only beaten by a long battery life by the Spot X. the Gen3 is much smaller to fit into pockets and backpacks very easily and almost unnoticed. It can be attached to your clothing or jacket, backpack, or gear with one of its several points of attachment. This version of the Spot Satellite GPS Messenger is more versatile, comfortable, and usable than previous models according to very satisfied buyers that are familiar with Spot products.


You can remain connected anywhere you go with the Gen3, as it is a satellite-based locator beacon and personal communication device made specifically for outdoor rugged use. it is prized for working when and where cell phones do not in the most remote environments on earth. It requires active service from Spot, and activation is only in the USA. The Gen3 does work in almost every place on the globe where regular communication service is not possible. An upgrade is fairly expensive for the new services and subscription fee, which could be seen as an issue that customers might have with the Gen3. It is a dependable device that you can count on for reliable communication to friends, family, and emergency contacts when you want.

Ease of Use

Choose from three various tracking levels of extreme, unlimited, or basic when you activate your service for the SPOT Gen3. It includes an ergonomic design and is compact and lightweight. There is visual feedback in the form of lights when on or off, messaging, or tracking, so even in darker areas, you can still navigate through the various features. The wonderful Gen3 is easier to operate for messaging than other brands, although it does have limited message storage for check-in and track. Because it uses a private satellite for the communication and not a public satellite like some competitor brands, the terrific Gen3 messages can be customized. These great qualities make it so easy to use and manipulate in the field. It even includes protective rubber plugs over the SOS and Help buttons to prevent any accidental pressing of the buttons in non-emergencies.

Power Source

The terrific Gen3 uses the Globestar network for satellite transmission but is not global. it works from the GEOS satellite network which is private and has a feature to save on battery life of doing updates. The wonderful Gen3 has auto-off power to save on the battery and comes with a USB port for power that can be used for trips or car mounting. The included batteries have a long life of 100 constant use hours, which is great for a backpacking trip of up to two weeks. Its view when tracking is important as terrain, vegetation, and electronic interference may affect the transmission of messages.

The Bottom Line

Like the majority of the buyers of the Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger, we like this compact dependable device for messaging in the great outdoors. Even though it does not allow monthly activation for those who do not need it all year long, it is well worth it for those times when it is most useful. Its benefits far outweigh its disadvantages for the person that likes to go to remote locations and still be in contact with those at home. For this reliable communication, the Gen3 is most trusted. It is an improvement to the Gen1 and Gen2 models in the way of being easier to use, smaller, and more portable. It even beats the competition in these areas too. Other models add more weight to your pack of gear and do less than the Gen3. When space and weight are crucial, you must go with the device that does the most for the least amount of weight. The Gen3 is perfect for all your outdoor messaging needs. Not only will it keep you in daily touch with friends and family but will also contact emergency response teams letting them know of your exact location. Just this one aspect of the Gen3 makes it so incredibly worth having. It attaches to backpacks or jackets easily and quickly, making it so versatile in how you carry it. It is at its best at tracking as you move through territories. It monitors your position and can be used very easily by first responders. Many customers were pleased with the peace-of-mind that this small device allows them and their families, as they travel through environments untouched by technology and communication signals.