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Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy Review Facts

The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy is just like a one-person tent that you use lying down. At first glance, it looks just like a regular mummy-type sleeping bag, but it is so much more than that. Since it is made of durable and breathable Gore-Tex fabric and mesh material, this excellent bivy will protect the outdoor adventurer in harsh unfavorable weather conditions. Whether you encounter snow, sleet, or torrential rain, the Alpine Bivy will keep you snug, dry, and warm. It has a simple pole system that keeps the fabric and netting away from the head when the item is zipped up all the way. Internal condensation is decreased by either unzipping the bivy a few inches or unzipping the bottom zipper vent in the foot area. The fabric is breathable itself to allow warm moist air out but not any of the external air inside. This lightweight compact bivy gives the largest space for sleeping pads that are thicker and bags that are loftier. Because of this accommodation, it is larger than some other popular brands.

The ideal protection, durability, stability, and flexibility of this outstanding product dwarf the drawback of its extra weight. The setup and break down of this amazing bivy is quick and easy, plus it comes with its own stuff sack for carrying and storing. The manufacturer even thought to incorporate neon tape along the zippers to make getting in and out in the dark much easier if the circumstances occurred. Added features are an internal mesh pocket for small personal items and straps for the sleeping pad to keep it secure when you turn over in the night. there are so many positive qualities of the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy that has the majority of online customers excited to own one for themselves. We will now take a closer look at these terrific features that make this such a special piece of equipment for outdoor sleeping.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has an internal mesh pocket for small items
  • Includes straps to keep the sleeping pad secure
  • Made of strong and breathable Gore-Tex material
  • Has a mesh lining at the head for breathability
  • Comes with a pole system and a stuff sack
  • Will protect the user in adverse weather environments
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sets up and breaks down quick and easy
  • More expensive than most other brands
  • Some other competitor models are lighter than this one


One issue that you will have to contend with when using the OR Alpine Bivy, especially in the colder weather is that you could build up condensation inside from your warm breath. This seems like a wonderful problem to have because it would mean that you are so toasty warm inside that you are fogging it up. There is no need to worry because the manufacturer anticipated this and has made several accommodations for this occurrence. This excellent bivy is constructed of Gore-Tex fabric that is respiration positive. This means that it is a breathable fabric that will allow moist warm air to pass through while it blocks the outdoor weather elements from getting in. you can always open the zipper a few inches to make an escape for some of the warm air at the head end. There is a vent at the bottom that is zippered to increase the airflow on warm nights too. The Alpine Bivy is more breathable and comfortable than current leading competitor brands and is also the company’s biggest bivy sack. The unique pole system of this amazing item allows you to be inside and not have the fabric or netting touching your face as you try to sleep. it is just like being in a tent made just for the body of one person.


The durable fabric of this remarkable product is highly-breathable, durable, waterproof, seam-taped all around, and has a mesh that is no-see-um. It is waterproof, made in the USA, and has a floor with a hydro seal and a coating of anti-fungal substance. This bivy includes five durable stake loops and three strong guy-line loops to give you plenty of options for pole placement. One advanced outdoorsman who has now used this bivy for many trips claims it is excellent and still going strong. He did not experience any tears or punctures, the zippers still work great, and the mesh has no holes. He said he paired it with a waterproof sleeping bag, and he was warm and dry in terribly adverse weather always. So, not only will the OR Alpine Bivy protect you well in any weather environment, but it will also stand up to much abuse and wear for many trips in the rugged outdoors.


The flexibility of the OR Alpine Bivy is second in importance to the protection level this item can provide. It gives you the choice of being sheltered just as well, if not better, than a one-man tent. The tent is more cumbersome and time-consuming to erect and take down, plus as several buyers of the Alpine Bivy have pointed out in their feedback online, this wonderful bivy can even outperform those small tents. As their buddies on camping trips used the one or two-man tents and were cold and wet, the happy bivy customers were dry and warm in their snug cocoons. The friends could not wait to get this light and compact bivy for themselves for future trips. It has a dual-pole mechanism to enhance interior space and ventilation, which can be used or not used depending on the choice of the user. The second pole does not have to be brought along for the trip where weight is a concern, as the bivy will do fine with just the one pole for space and ventilation purposes. This is one of the easiest bivies to put up and take down with a quick and easy pole operation too. Another point of flexibility is that it includes a vent at the bottom that is zippered to increase airflow on warm nights. Being too warm is a concern because of the condensation that can build up inside from your warm breath. That is why there are several ways to ventilate this highly versatile and flexible bivy in the field. It can even be configured in the dark because it has green neon ribbing and reflective tape along the zippers, so you can see how to set it up, unzip, and get in the warm and comforting OR Alpine Bivy.

Key Features

-Made in the USA
-Has an internal mesh pocket for small items
-Includes straps to keep the sleeping pad secure
-Comes with poles to support the fabric and netting away from the head
-Has low condensation build-up
-Features a toe-end that is high-volume
-Set up and breaks down easily and quickly
-Made of tough and breathable Gore-Tex fabric
-Lightweight and compact
-Comes with its own stuff sack for storage and carry
-Has neon tape along the zippers to make it easy to erect in the dark
-Will keep the user dry in heavy snow, sleet, or rain


Great protection in any weather condition is the whole point of having this incredible bivy. It keeps you warm and dry even in heavy rain and snow conditions. You will be well covered even in temperatures -5 degrees with this perfect temporary shelter for outdoor environments. Even though it is a bit larger than some other popular models, its protection level and versatility make it the best choice to buy. The OR Alpine Bivy has a fast and easy setup that can be done quickly in all weather conditions in about one minute. This short setup time will come in handy if you are trying to get shelter quickly in a downpour of rain or a sudden snowstorm. It is then that you will truly appreciate the simplicity of putting the Alpine Bivy together. Its amazing protection benefits are unmatched by current competitor models on the market.


For some people, it may take some time to get used to using a bivy. Is just like a really small tent for one that only needs a small patch of ground to put it up. Even though it may seem small, the OR Alpine Bivy includes plenty of room for a person to turn over while inside with plenty of headroom. This terrific bivy is very roomy as it is seven feet long and two feet wide. It is bigger in length and width than similar military bivy surplus bags and takes up hardly any space in a backpack. One satisfied buyer was able to put his clothing, shoes, and food inside with him when using it, so there is certainly plenty of room inside. It folds into a compact package and fits well back into the included bag for storage and carrying. Plenty of happy customers were pleased with this ideal product mainly because of the small size.

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Beats the competition in condensation and weather -resistance
The Gore-Tex body of the Alpine Bivy is comprised of three durable layers, and the sturdy floor is coated with Hydroseal to make it the most waterproof. Mold and mildew will not build up in this terrific bivy because of the anti-fungal treated floor, it is completely waterproof to protect you in the snow, sleet, rain, and mist. Several online customers commented on how well this excellent bivy protected them in extreme weather conditions. It clearly beats the competition in condensation and weather-resistance, plus has straps to keep the sleeping pad still as you move about. Buyers have used this dependable product for many consecutive nights while outdoors with no complaints of its stability and durability. It gives perfect shelter every time and is a trusted piece of equipment to carry with you at all times.

Ease of Use

The OR Alpine Bivy is one of the simplest pieces of shelter equipment that you will ever see or use. It is a single-pole Delrin system that has circumferential and overhead poles. The no-see-um netting is in the head of the bivy is removable and covers the opening well. There is a zipper at the toe end with a storm flap that is wide for extra ventilation. It is sized to accommodate thicker sleeping mats and has a zipper entry for quick access. This incredible bivy weighs just over one pound as stores easily in backpacks with or without the stuff sack. Some buyers claimed they did not use the stuff sack that the bivy comes with to make it easier to use and lighter. There is even a mesh pocket on the inside that is perfect for storing sunglasses or a headlamp while you are inside. Being much easier to put up, use, and take down than an two-man tent, the OR Alpine Bivy is a simple way to protect yourself from the weather elements.

The Bottom Line

We think that the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy is an excellent way to spend your nights outdoors when you are in the field. It will protect the user from all sorts of weather elements including snow, sleet, and rain and is lightweight and compact. This terrific product can be used and put up in the dark because of the neon tape along the zippers. The tough breathable Gore-Tex material allows the humid air to escape as it prevents the external air from seeping inside. When using the pole system that is included, the head can be completed enclosed in the bivy without it actually touching the face or the head. This pole feature is easy to erect and can be used in part to limit the weight of the product to be carried on trips. The internal mesh pocket for small items, such as sunglasses or a headlamp is a welcome touch. This incredible bivy has straps to hold the sleeping pad secure because there is plenty of room to turn over as you sleep. Even though the possibility of condensation build-up is great because of the extraordinary protection of this wonderful bivy, there are several aspects of this product to prevent that from happening. Leaving a few inches of the fabric unzipped in the head or the toe end of the bivy will allow the escape of much warm air. The breathable material itself is quite effective in preventing condensation build-up. When compared to other leading brands of bivies, the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy comes out on top in flexibility, protection, stability, durability, and ease of use. if you love sleeping outdoors on trips and want a simpler set-up than a tent, then give this excellent bivy a try.