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Kamik NationPlus Boot Review Facts

The Kamik Men’s NationPlus Boot is an excellent boot for cold weather and harsh winter conditions. It is available in four terrific solid color choices and will keep the feet dry, cozy, and warm in temperatures as low as minus forty degrees. They are comfortable to wear for long walks, hikes, sports, activities, chores, tasks, and play in regular snow conditions. The construction is waterproof and seam-sealed, so they are lightweight, waterproof, and snowproof for the wearer. They feature a lining that is moisture-wicking, a footbed that is padded and removable, and a winter outsole of rubber. The toe is round, and the closure is lacing from the foot to the top of the boot. The extensive lacing might cause some people to be concerned about the trouble it might take to get these on and take them off. We discuss this is the Ease of Use section below and give you some tips on how to do this easily. If you desire a good economical boot for this winter for your outdoor tasks and activities in the snow, this may be the boot model you need. We explore in detail the mentioned characteristics and features of this boot model below in our complete review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable to wear during long walks and hikes
  • Padded lining is moisture wicking and removable
  • Construction is waterproof and seam-sealed
  • Has Kamik Snow-tread winter outsole made of rubber
  • Rated -40-degree protection in cold climates
  • Reliably protects in the harshest weather conditions
  • Offered in four great solid color choices
  • Good for all sorts of activities and tasks in the snow
  • Not for people with wide feet as they tend to run narrow
  • Are not completely waterproof on the uppers


The NationPlus Boot will keep feet dry, cozy, and warm in the coldest and most adverse weather conditions. They are comfortable to wear during long walks and hikes, especially if you encounter piles of snow. The lining is moisture wicking, so you do not have to worry about your feet overheating and becoming moist in these great boots. They are the most comfortable boots for winter that some people have ever had according to comments posted online from buyers. Even those who have had other popular brands for years say that this Kamik model kept their feet so comfortable while they were out in the snow. The traction, comfort, warmth, and fit are great and well worth the purchase.


This Kamik product can take a beating, still work well, and look nice said some of the customers who love their purchase of this winter footwear. They are lightweight, waterproof, and snowproof because the construction is seam-sealed for added dependability and durability for the user. The all-rubber sole and leather upper provide great protection from the cold and the snow in this long-lasting boot. It does not wear easily and will still be functional and effective for many years of use. for the low cost, you simply cannot beat such a great product that will protect the feet in adverse weather conditions in the snow, rain, and sleet. The traction is great, and the soles are dependably tough to the ground surfaces that you may encounter.


These NationPlus Boot slide on easily and are very sturdy. They have a speed-lacing closure system that is rustproof, which gives them the flexibility to be a simple boot to put on and take off. Some buyers were at first put off by this lacing system that appears to be quite a chore. This boot has received some negative comments because of the extensive lacing, but this is what gives this Kamik model its great fit on the foot and high comfort level when it is worn. The user does not have to unlace the whole boot to put it on or take it off. With manipulation of the top loops, it can be simply manipulated with ease. It transitions easily from outdoor wear to indoor wear because it is stylish and trendy with its design. Another flexible characteristic of the NationPlus Boot is the Thinsulate liner of foam that is removable. This added cushioning can be washed and reinserted to keep the boot comfortable and warm.


With a complete rubber Kamik Snowtread winter outsole and platform of .75 inches, this incredible boot model has better soles than some other well-known brands and is less expensive. This rubber shell is flexible and waterproof to allow the wearer to walk in fairly deep snow and water and remain dry and warm. The traction on this part of the boot is deeply serrated to provide a terrific grip for smooth or rough surfaces that you may encounter in the snow or water.

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The economical price of this Kamik model is one of the most talked about features online and in reviews. Customers love that they can purchase these incredible boots that are in some cases one-third the price of other similar products. They are just as protective of the feet in the same type of environments, which is pleasing buyers and making them glad that they bought them. Some people claim that they are warmer and have more traction in the snow and on the ice than the costlier models. As we discuss in the Ease of Use section, you will see that this boot model may not be the best for everyone’s needs, making the lower cost not so important when it does not accommodate everyone. For those that need a boot to shovel snow or be out in the snow for a short time, it is perfect for the price.


The Kamik Boot for men reliably protects the feet in the harshest weather conditions. The manufacturer states that they will keep your feet warm and dry in minus forty below temperatures. There are many testimonials of buyers who have used these terrific boots short-term in below-zero temperatures and were never cold. The type of socks that you wear have a great impact on how warm you stay in any boot, but even with light socks, many people were warm in very cold temperatures with this model. The rounded rubber toe will protect the toes from stubs and mishaps that you may encounter while outdoors. They are not steel-toes, but they do offer some protection from debris and objects you may come across.


The manufacturer says that the size for the NationPlus Boot is true to size, and many buyers agree with this, even some online reviewers too. Others claim the sizes are too small, even when they bought the sizes they normally wear. The sizes may tend to run small or narrow, as they do not accommodate people with wide feet. Buying up a size will not help those with wide feet, as they need a larger toe box to have room for the wider foot. The shaft is eleven inches long for this particular model, so it is a good bit taller than an ankle-high boot. The fit is snug without being tight, making it flexible and comfortable to walk in for everyday use.


Offered in four great solid color choices, this high winter boot is made for cold weather and the weather elements of snow and sleet. It has Thinsulate insulation to keep the feet warm and toasty and is much better, in some people’s opinion, than the Land’s End boots that are quite similar. This Kamik model is mostly used as a stylish boot to be outdoors for short periods of time, such as walking the dog, playing with the kids in the snow, doing chores, or shoveling snow. It is designed to be a snug fit with the extensive lacing and form-fitting footbed.


Made of 100% leather, the upper of the NationPlus Boot also has waterproof ballistic nylon and a suede upper built in. There is a gusset tongue that is also waterproof along with a padded collar. The manufacturer says this boot is completely waterproof because of the rubber sole and the leather upper, but some have found that the upper is only water-resistant. It can handle regular snow, but not trudging through several feet of snow. Your feet will probably not remain dry and warm through such conditions. One seasoned buyer experienced that the snow was wicked into the interior of the shoe through the leather upper. It is best to count on these boots as being water- and weather-resistant than to think of them as 100% waterproof according to the online reviews from buyers and users.


Good for all sorts of activities from hiking to chores, this Kamik boot model can be used as hiking boots and handle most outdoor surfaces and weather conditions. The all-rubber sole is completely waterproof and durable, as you will not find any negative comments about the sole. Some people think that the best use for this boots model is if you are moving to keep your feet active and the blood circulating well. If you have to stop or sit for long periods, as hunters do, it might not be the warmest boot you can find. They are best for short periods of activities in the snow, and not really for all day snow trudging. The upper material could be an issue for dampness or heavy snow because of the lack of resistance to water and moisture. They are ideal for snow chores and tasks that do not require you to be in the conditions of snow for hours and hours.

Ease of Use

The lacing system of this Kamik product has caused some concern because it is more extensive than some other models. It might actually keep potential buyers from investing in these boots because they do not want to lace them up and loosen them every time they want to put them on and take them off. Once they are laced, it only takes a few quick moves to loosen and unlace the top loops to get the foot in and out easily. Once you know this trick, they are quite simple to use. even some online reviews say that this model is hard to put on when in reality, it is not. There is also a hold latch in the center of the laces to secure the foot. You only need to lace the top of the boot after that, and the lacing will not be a problem or a chore. The padded footbed is also simple to use because the liner is removable for cleaning and airing out. When you know how to manipulate the laces, these Kamik boots are easy to use.

The Bottom Line

We agree with most of the satisfied customers who are pleased with their purchase and use of the Kamik Men’s NationPlus Boot. Because the upper is not 100% waterproof or weather-proof, it may not be the best choice for a long-term boot to use in several feet of snow and ice. However, it is ideal for short-term activities and chores that you need to perform in the snow while keeping your feet dry, comfortable, and warm. It will protect to the low temperature of forty below zero degrees, even with just regular socks on. For hikes and walks in winter, they are perfect. The drawing card for this model is the economical price. They are just as durable, comfortable, warm, and have the same traction as other popular boot models that are as much as three times their cost. If the price is a concern for you and you only need these for short-term exposure in moderate snow and weather conditions, then these are very much worth your interest. They are durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and protective of the feet with great support and flexibility in their use. The fit is snug and form-fitting for a cozy feel that will make you glad you purchased them. While the sizes do not run wide, they do accommodate a regular-sized foot with sizes that run true. If the NationPlus Boot fits your outdoor needs, then you might want to invest in a pair for this winter.