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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket Review Facts

The Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ghost Whisperer Jacket is available in almost twenty different solid colors and has a stylish, alpine fit. This makes it great for layering purposes because it is trim and close to the body. It fits superbly under a large coat or over a light shirt. Even when wet, it will keep the wearer dry and warm. The snug fit will not hinder body or arm movements, but it will seal out regular cold and windy weather to protect the body core. It features a full front zipper, inner elastic cuffs, and a nylon material with a tight weave. This fabric gives it the water and wind resistance that makes it protective. The many baffles of the Ghost Whisperer are filled with a fluffy goose down that is treated with a water repellent. The quilt pattern and the down combine to trap heat and provide the user with a great amount of warmth. The most incredible characteristic of this excellent jacket is its ability to compress into one of the pockets. You fold it up, stuff it into a pocket, and zip it up. It takes up very little space for outdoor trips in a backpack or duffel and only weighs eight ounces. It is a remarkable piece of ingenuity that such a warm jacket could compact into such a tiny space. The durable and light nylon material and goose down is what gives the Ghost Whisperer this ability. We explore these characteristics and features fully in this review along with the few concerns from online customers that we found during our research of this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Available in nearly twenty bold solid colors
  • Is water-repellent and wind-proof
  • Features a full-frontal zipper closure
  • Has an alpine fit and is stylish
  • Includes inner cuffs with an elastic binding
  • Fits great under a heavy coat or over a light shirt
  • Will not confine or restrict body movements
  • Is great for layering
  • Weighs only eight ounces
  • Stores compactly into its own pocket
  • Material can stick to the skin if you are sweaty
  • Some people received jackets that were disproportionately filled


You will certainly be able to find a great color that is your favorite or one that matches your outer shell coat with a large assortment of colors that Mountain Hardware offers for this wonderful jacket. There are almost twenty different solid colors that are outstanding, with some of them being a bit shiny. Plenty of buyers received many compliments from others when they wore this jacket for their sports, activities, work, or out for a night out. The puffy design, sleek fit, and offered colors make it a noticeable and eye-catching jacket that will have people talking.


The Ghost Whisperer is a highly flexible and versatile jacket, as the name indicates. Since it uses lightweight, hydrophobic 800-fill goose down for its insulation, this jacket can compress to the small size of a regular softball and pack away in a very small space. It folds and zips into one of its very own pockets, making it almost disappear. You have to see it and wear it to believe how warm this lightweight and flexible jacket can be. The hem can be easily adjusted with the interior toggle also to add to the versatility of this incredible jacket.

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Key Features

-The down substance is treated with a water repellent
-Is windproof, insulated, and stylish with an alpine fit
-Includes inner cuffs of a soft knit with elastic binding
-Has a quilt pattern of low profile and a full-frontal zipper closure
-Is the lightest model of its class with a super-tight weave
-Stores compactly and takes up very little space in a pack or bag
-Is filled with a lightweight goose down that compresses easily
-Has a slim fit that is snug but no binding to movement


The Ghost Whisperer is windproof, water-resistant, and insulated with a lightweight goose down filler. The inner elastic cuffs seal the cold out, as does the top rim around the neck of the garment. The nylon weave that is super-tight gives this wonderful jacket its ability to ward off wind and moisture so well. since the down substance is treated with a water repellent, it increases the insulating performance for the wearer. Even if the exterior of this sturdy jacket becomes wet, you will remain dry and warm on the inside, as it will not penetrate through the material. The goose down fill is held in place well because of the quilting in low-profile of the nylon fabric. The many baffles ensure that the down does not move throughout the jacket making some places filled more than others. for the minimal weight of this great jacket, it offers the user much protection from the regular winter weather elements.


Available in sizes from small to 3X, the Ghost Whisperer will fit many body shapes. It is a slim-fitting jacket that hugs the body closely yet gives you room for movement of the arms and torso. Some customers were surprised at how much they could move inside the jacket without being confined in their motions. It looks like it would be tight, but it really is not. One buyer commented that the armholes may be a bit small for those men with muscular or large arms. Those people may want to order a size larger to accommodate for the extra width and size of bigger arms. This is hip length jacket that will fit snug to the waist.


Made of 100% Whisperer 7D x 10D Ripstop nylon material, this Mountain Hardwear product has an alpine fit. This means that it is ideal for layering under an outer, more durable shell and has a fit that is close to the body and trim. From our research, we could see that most customers used this great jacket over a light shirt or sweater. In colder weather and climates, it was used as a mid-layer over a light base-layer and under a thicker coat. It is durable, lightweight, comfortable, and warm with a full-frontal zipper closure. This makes it easy to vent when it gets warm and simple to put on and take off quickly. The stylish Ghost Whisperer has a neck guard to keep the wind and moisture from entering the top of the jacket, which makes it look all the more trendy.


The purpose of the Ghost Whisperer is to provide the user with a lightweight jacket to use for layering purposes or for use as a stand-alone outer covering in milder weather. It gives much support with the durable weather-resistant nylon material and the goose down fill. A few buyers did have some negative comments about this lightweight and flexible jacket that we want to mention in this review. The material can stick to the skin if you are sweaty. We only see this as a problem if you are wearing a short-sleeved shirt under the jacket. If you are hot enough to sweat in the jacket with skin exposed to the material, it would seem the most comfortable choice to unzip the jacket or take it off to cool down. A comment was made about the two exterior hand pockets being small and the only pockets the jacket has. This is not a widespread view, but is worth mentioning, especially if pocket size and number is important to you. Some people expected the baffles of the Ghost Whisperer to be stuffed with fill and felt that their jackets were not filled enough with down. That is the beauty of goose down as a filler. In order for it to work properly, it must be loose and separated in the baffles. If it were packed in the spaces, it would not be lightweight and would not be airy to give the warmth that it is capable of giving. A few people felt their jackets were disproportionately filled with some places having more down than others. this may be possible when it was created, but during use, the down should not have the freedom to move around in the interior because of the close and well-stitched baffles. Again, these comments were made by just a few customers and not the majority of people who absolutely love this wonderful jacket. It has a high rating overall, which speaks directly of its excellence.


Mountain Hardwear states that this terrific jacket is best used for a multitude of sports, but many people use it for simple casual wear. It fits great under a heavy coat or over a light shirt. Made for layering, it is lightweight and fits close to the body. Even so, it will not confine or restrict body movements, even if it fits tightly. It has a quilt pattern of a low profile to form down channels to trap body heat and will keep the wearer warm and dry even if the jacket is wet on the outside. The uses for the Ghost Whisperer are as many as your imagination can think of because it is highly versatile and flexible to many climates and environments.


Saying that this Mountain Hardwear jacket is lightweight just does not do it justice. One person said after purchasing this incredible jacket that it defies the laws of physics. Any jacket that can be folded and stuffed into its own pocket is certainly one that must be seen to be believed. It is almost unbelievable to feel the weight and then put it on to feel the warmth that it can generate. It is the lightest model of its class as it weighs only eight ounces. The Ghost Whisperer is an astonishing jacket that is a wonder and major accomplishment of the manufacturer. For those who count the ounces in their packs and try to get as much gear as possible for their load, this is the jacket you want to have. it is almost weightless and takes up such a minimal amount of space. One businessman that wears it to work said online that he keeps it zipped up in its pocket in his briefcase because it is so light and compact.

Ease of Use

Hardly any other jacket could be any easier to use than the Ghost Whisperer Jacket. It takes up very little space in a pack or bag and is easily compacted since it folds and zips into one of its own pockets. The stow pocket features a loop for the purpose of clipping a harness to the jacket for those that use it for sports purposes. It includes hand pockets that are zippered to keep the hands warm and zips up in the front with an easy full zipper that goes to the neck. It is easy to use, compress, and store because of its lightweight materials and functional design.

The Bottom Line

Like many online buyers who purchased the Ghost Whisperer Jacket, we are amazed at its capabilities and lightness. For such a durable and warm jacket to be able to compress and pack into tight quarters is just amazing. It was created for use during sports, but for those who enjoy camping, backpacking, hiking, and trail riding, this jacket would be ideal. Space and weight is a major concern when you have to carry a pack, and such a warm jacket that only weighs eight ounces would be a valuable piece of gear. Goose-down jackets and coats are hugely popular right now because they are lightweight and warm. Manufacturers are heeding the desire of their customers to create lightweight products that are highly protective as well. goose-down figures into quite a bit of the more expensive and better quality of these protective garments. We do address the few negative comments we found from buyers online and give you a bit of understanding of those issues. For the versatility, comfort level, build, and style of this outstanding jacket, we feel that it is an excellent value for the cost and a great choice for anyone that desires a lightweight, warm, well-built, and trendy jacket.