KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review Facts

The Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot was created for hiking but has so many other uses that it is impossible to name them all. It is ideal for camping, backpacking, hunting, snowshoeing, trail hiking, and fishing, as well as everyday use in city life. This mid-cut hiking boots provide the wearer with all-day comfort and terrific arch support for a comfortable and long-lasting feel. Made of 100% Nubuck leather, it is waterproof, strong, durable, tough, and light. This excellent footwear features a breathable liner, a heel wrap, padded collar and tongue, strong webbing eyelets, and a wide toe box. The traction is fabulous with the 4mm lugs on the rugged soles. It is aggressive to handle rocks, twigs, and muddy surfaces you may encounter in your adventures. Being waterproof, the Targhee II can take moderate snow and heavy rain in a number of various environments, while your feet remain dry and warm. The midsoles are nicely padded to cradle the foot and its individualized shape for the best comfort and shock absorption. This inner sole is removable and washable for simple care. Whether you like to wear thin socks or thick ones, you will be equally cozy in this ideal boot model. By tightening the durable laces comfortably, the boot will conform to the tightness needed for a terrific fit. We explore these features and characteristics of the Keen Targhee II in greater detail below.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes a padded collar and tongue
  • Gives all-day comfort and arch support
  • Lightweight with a wide tox box
  • Can wear thin or thick socks
  • Lace loops are reflective and durable
  • Has a heel wrap and strong webbing eyelets
  • Inner sole can be removed and washed
  • Dry and warm in deep snow and heavy rain
  • Has a terrific grip on rocks
  • Long-lasting, strong, and tough boot
  • Some parts of the bottom soles may separate after months of use
  • A few people experienced slipping on wet rocks after using for a while


The lining for the Targhee II is a breathable leather. Combined with the Keen.dry outer membrane, it creates a waterproof barrier that is permeable to the damp warm air that can build up in shoes. In this way, the feet dry stay dry while also allowing them to breathe. This is important in a waterproof boot that will be used in snow, rain, and sleet conditions that could be quite harsh.


These Keen boots are some of the most comfortable shoes that you will find with the rugged qualities it has. Most users do not even need time to break them in because they feel good right away. They are lighter than they seem and include a wider toe box than most other boots of this type. The padded collar and tongue provide all-day cushioning for those long hours of walking and standing, plus the arch support is ideal for most foot types. Buyers with both high and regular arches commented online at the perfection of the arch build in this incredible boot.


There are three flexible features of this Keen boot model. One is the toe box that is wide and roomy. The toes have space to move about and flex, especially when they have been supporting the user all day long. toes sometimes tend to get cramped and swollen with high, steady use, so this wider box allows them the flexibility they need to move. Even a warmer packet could be added in this space in colder conditions if necessary. With wear, the footbed molds to your foot comfortably to fit perfectly. It may take some time of use before this happens, but the longer you wear the Targhee II, you will notice the footbed becoming more molded to your foot shape. The lace-up closure of this terrific boot is reflective and versatile to interior thickness. The reflectiveness aids in dark or dim light so the wearer can be seen. This lacing will allow you to wear thin or thick socks by just adjusting them accordingly. Lace them tighter for thin socks and looser for thick ones. Because of the custom fit, your foot will not slide around in the shoe with the thinner socks.


The fit on the heel of the Targhee II is tightened with the sturdy heel strap to prevent the boot from moving on the foot when walking. With each step, the heel remains secure to give you the stability you need for various terrains. There is a handy heel pull for ease in putting the boot on and taking it off. The strong eyelets that secure the lacings work in unison with the heel strap in keeping the foot secure in the boot.


With midsoles that are well-padded, the Targhee II offers continuous comfort and shock absorption for the foot. It accommodates orthotics in the footbed if needed and will cradle the foot’s natural contours so comfortably. The EVA midsole is compression-molded and dual-density. It can be removed and washed for continual comfort and cleanliness. Even those customers with usual shoe problems of the midsole were highly pleased with this model of hiking boot.


Durable, tough, and strong are the qualities of the rugged outsole of this Keen boot. It has a rubber sole that is non-marking with 4mm lugs to aid with traction. Noticeably ready for any type of surface area, the outsole is aggressive to take a bite out of many terrains and environments. Whether you use these incredible boots in the mountains, on the trail, or for simply going to work in the city, they will grip and hold on any ground you encounter. In our research of this great boot, we encountered a few customer comments concerning the separation of the bottom sole pieces. It seems that after a few months of use, the darker parts of the soles separated from the lighter colors of the sole pieces. The majority of customers did not make any mention of this issue, however.


The Targhee II will keep you dry and warm in deep snow, downpours of rain, and in shallow water. as long as the height of the water does not reach the top of the boot, you will be protected. The durable toe cap is fully covered in rubber and flexible to protect the toes against stubs and bangs. It protects the upper and foot from abrasions and impacts. The cuff of mid-height aids in avoiding injuries to the ankles by giving it some needed cushion and support. Moisture and debris are kept out of the shoe with the gusseted padded tongue, as well as making the boot more comfortable for those long days of walking and standing. The protection for the foot in this boot is long-lasting and dependable even with everyday use.


You will notice in the manufacturer’s description of this boot that they recommend buying a size up if your regular foot size is a half size. This is because this footwear tends to run small. To give yourself a comfortable fit as well as allow some room for wearing a thin sock in the colder months, it is advisable to order a size up. It is possible to experience movement in the heel at first, but after breaking them in this will fit better. The footbed needs time to conform to the shape of your particular foot shape. Once it does, you will have a very comfortable boot to wear anywhere.


Available in four various color blends of black, brown, and gray, the men’s Targhee II is stylish enough to wear in the city and on the job. People from all walks of life are enjoying these boots as they wear them to work. Businessmen break them in as they go to the office, and mailmen wear them every day for their long walking trips to deliver the mail. It has a mid-range arch that will suit most foot types with a boot opening od about 12.5 inches around. The strong upper has ghillie lacing for secure fit and comfort and a low profile. Although this model was created for hiking and rough terrain, it can be used almost anywhere you desire a super-comfortable rugged boot.


There are good arch support and a great insole in this Keen boot model. The mid-cut height increases the ankle support, and the mesh lining is hydrophobic. This high-quality footwear is more flexible and lighter than some other popular brands of boots that are on the market currently. There is much positive buyer feedback concerning the outstanding support this ideal boot offers the wearer for the best fit and comfort.


The traction of the Targhee II is maximized with the aggressive lug design that has a terrific grip on rocks and unstable surfaces. It is supportive on uneven terrain with the stability shank. This footwear has great torsional stability with the ESS shank giving you a secure fit. While hiking or camping, you do not want to worry about difficult terrains that you may encounter. This tough waterproof boot can withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at it. a few buyers commented in their remarks of the Targhee II that they had trouble with it slipping on wet rocks. This is hard to imagine when you look at the traction this boot offers of the durable long-lasting rubber outsole. It should be able to handle such adverse surfaces as rocks, pebbles, sand, stones, mud, puddles, twigs, pavement, and streams very easily and continuously.


Best used for hiking, this excellent Keen boot model can be used for other outdoor adventures such as camping, snowshoeing, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and trail riding. As we have seen from customer feedback, they are also heavily used in the daily work of many men in the city for their normal everyday jobs. Pounding the pavement can be just as hard on the feet as any wilderness environments, so they are well-used in walking the city streets too. Even if they are used right away and every day, they will not blister the feet or create aching spots that must be gotten used to in time. For most users, they are perfect right out of the box on the first day without a hitch.


Made of waterproof 100% Nubuck leather, the Targhee II can take moderate snow and heavy rain. You can walk in puddles and streams and remain dry and comfortable, as long as the water does not rise above the top of the boot. This is low-ankle hiking boot that is waterproof with “four-wheel-drive performance” for the feet. You should not lose any traction features because of wet conditions, as the lugs on the soles work on both dry and wet territories. Water will not get in the holes where the lacing is because the laces go through outer loops on the boot. Without this, they would not be as waterproof as they are. Plenty of thought and planning went into this model to give the user the most rugged boot for adverse environments and long life.

The Bottom Line

We agree with the majority of buyers in saying that the Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is an excellent product worth buying and owning. It is a highly-rated item online that many people are satisfied with having. The many features of the versatile midsole, rugged outsole, leather upper, padded tongue, and supportive ankle cuffs aid the foot in being comfortable, dry, and warm in often adverse weather and surface conditions. The best characteristics of this incredible boot are the heavy traction and the waterproof abilities. They are stylish, so they can even be worn in the everyday city environment for those that need such a shoe for comfort and support on pavement each day. They are long-lasting and tough to endure many types of surfaces that could possibly be encountered on the trail, in the mountains, or while trekking on long journeys. The one issue of the soles separating is the only concerning a complaint that we encountered in customer feedback. Although it was mentioned by several buyers, it is not a widespread problem, as far as we could tell. Overall, the Targhee II is a dependable, long-lasting boot that can be trusted to give you comfort and support in your work or adventures.