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KEEN Summit County Winter Boot Review Facts

The Keen Men’s Summit County Waterproof Winter Boot is mostly used for hiking, snowshoeing, deer hunting, work, daily use, backpacking, camping, and fishing. It has dual-climate tread for superb traction on multiple surfaces and terrains and is the ideal winter boot. Waterproof, warm, lightweight, and long-lasting, it is well-insulated with the Keen insulation throughout the fabric parts of the footwear. Even submerged in freezing water or while enduring the frozen arctic tundra, the Summit County Boot will keep your feet dry, comfortable, and warm. This is mostly due to the waterproof breathable membrane on the interior of the boot. The durable upper is made of 100% waterproof nubuck, and the sole is all rubber. The outer sole hardens in the cold to give you a fantastic grip on rocks and hard snow. Available in two solid colors, it is true to size with plenty of toe room. If you have a wide foot, then you will love this great boot. Some say it is too wide and roomy for narrow feet, but they can be adjusted with thick wool socks. The EVA midsole is health-shielded and removable on this boot model that is compression-molded. This winter boot is one of the best on the market to keep the feet warm, comfortable, protected, and dry. We now look at each of these outstanding features and qualities of the Summit County in greater detail for our full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof, long-lasting, lightweight, and warm
  • Easy to put on and take off and not clunky
  • The outer rubber sole hardens in cold weather
  • Rubber outsole is non-marking and dual-climate
  • Perfect for those with wide feet and true to size
  • Has ample room for very thick wool socks
  • Plenty of toe room and well-insulated
  • Will not slip on rocks or in mud on trails
  • Use for hiking, snowshoeing, hunting, and work
  • Works with instep crampons and snowshoes easily
  • Might be too wide for some people
  • A few buyers were still cold with these on their feet
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  • If you are looking for a winter boot that provides warmth without too much bulk, this is a great option.
  • These boots live up to Keen standards of comfort and quality.
  • These work well for urban winters and light countryside and trail activity.
  • The tread provides good grip on trails and snow.
  • These boots keep feet warm and dry in snow and slush.
  • The comfort lasts over long hikes.
  • There is enough room to accommodate winter wool socks and liners if needed.
  • These fit well on people with average to wide feet.
  • The toe box is roomy.
  • The high cut adds warmth and keeps feet protected from deep snow.
  • These have enough room to accommodate inserts for added arch support.
  • The wider sole encourages more stable footing.
  • These are lighter and more comfortable than some competitors' winter boots.
  • These are quick to lace and unlace which is important in cold weather.
  • The insoles are removable to allow them to air out between hikes.
  • Most buyers say these fit and perform well straight out of the box.
  • There is a good amount of ankle support.
  • Buyers have successfully used these for snowshoeing and with crampons.
  • Sizing runs a little short so it may be necessary to go up a half size.
  • Buyers recommend wearing high socks as you break these in to prevent rubbing at the top of the boots.
  • Some buyers warn that feet may get too warm if worn indoors with thick socks.
  • Buyers with narrow feet or ankles say these are too wide.
  • The outsole is not as protective from rugged, rocky trails as some other hiking boots.
  • When inactive for periods of time, some buyers claim the cold will seep in.
  • The top lacing hooks are made of plastic.
  • The insole does not provide a lot of cushion or arch support.
  • Although moisture resistant, there are mixed reviews on how well these hold up in very wet conditions.
  • In negative temperatures, the sole doesn't offer enough protection from the cold.
  • There are some reports of the upper creasing at the ankle and causing a hotspot.
  • These are no longer available from some sellers.
  • There are mixed reviews on how well these perform in extreme temperatures and intense winter activities.
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The great comfort level of the Summit County Winter Boots is due mostly to the supportive footbed and the warmth and waterproof abilities of the membrane and Keen material. They are warm, waterproof, and lightweight with surprising flexibility for such a durable and well-constructed winter boot. You would think they would be awkward and clunky to look at them, but they are not in the least. One reviewer said that he could even dance in them quite well. they most likely will not need to be broken in for you to get used to them on your feet, as they are super comfortable and ready to wear when you get them. This is not often the case with such footwear, as there is usually some part of the boot that bothers the foot at first. This Keen model was built for comfort and that is what you first feel when you put them on.


These terrific boots have been described as the best on the market currently and long-lasting comfortable footwear. Loyal customers of Keen products can attest to the long life of this boot model, as they only purchase more when the previous pair has absolutely worn out after many years of service. It is not uncommon to find buyers that have had this brand and model for eight straight years of continued rugged use. the high-quality, comfort and great design keep them coming back to a product they know, love, and trust. These boots will last for years and years of dependable use in all sorts of environments.


Online customers say these are easy to put on and take off, even with the laces all the way to the top of the boot. These do not have to be loosened all the way to the bottom of the toe each time you want to put them on and remove them. Usually, only the three top loops have to be loosened for dressing the foot. Sometimes people are put off by such well-laced boots, but that is not necessary. The long laces that go from the toe to the boot top are to give you a snug fit that is form-fitting and comfortable. Good laces ensure that you are strapped into the boot well, so it does not come off at a crucial moment when you are wearing them. The Summit Count Boot also has shellback support for the heel to give you the flexible dependability you desire.

Key Features

-Waterproof, warm, and well-insulated
-Has an EVA midsole that is compression molded
-Thermal footbed is heat-shielded and removable
-Toe and upper has Keen insulation
-Leather upper is made of waterproof nubuck
-Rubber outsole is non-marking and dual-climate
-Has dual-climate tread for wonderful traction
-Includes a waterproof breathable membrane


With an EVA midsole that is compression molded, the Summit County is one comfortable winter boot. The thermal footbed is heat-shielded and removable. It is soft on the outside, supportive cushion in the middle, and a thermal barrier on the inside to trap heat in. You will be able to endure many hours of standing and walking outdoors through rough or easy terrain with these on your feet. The support is noticed right away when you realize that you do not have to break these boots in to use them. They are perfectly comfortable right off the bat and ready to use. This is because of the excellent midsole that is so accommodating to the foot that wears this boot.


Protecting your feet from cold, wind, and precipitation, this Keen product is insulated with Keen on the toe and upper. The toe insulation is 450g Keen and the upper is 300g Keen insulation. The leather upper is made of waterproof nubuck. Keen.Dry is a breathable and waterproof membrane that permits vapor out but does not allow water in. Keen.Warm is an insulation that is warm and lightweight. This model of boot uses the Keen insulation to protect the foot all around for a complete barrier to the water and weather elements. Even with these protectors built-in to the boot, there were a few buyers who claim the boots were not the most comfortable and warm on their feet. They were still cold with thick socks on in above freezing temperatures. It is hard to imagine that the feet could still be cold with the protective membrane and the wonderful insulation, but it is possible that not everyone will be completely satisfied with the materials or comfort level of the Summit County Boots.

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The outer rubber sole hardens in cold weather for a terrific grip on hard-packed snow. This enables you to have a secure footing on precariously dangerous surfaces covered with ice. Rocky environments combined with water or ice are also particularly slippery but are not too much for these incredible boots to handle. The rubber outsole is non-marking and dual-climate to be able to handle various surroundings with ease. Although these boots would be uncomfortably warm to wear indoors for long, they will not mark up floors with the rubber soles. The dependable insulation in this boot is something you can really trust. It responds to the cold by keeping your feet the warmest and driest they can be. This is thanks to the Keen material that protects them so well.


The one constant comment online from buyers is the wide size of these boots. Usually, people with wide feet have a very hard time finding specialty shoes and footwear that will fit them properly, so it is unusual to see a regular-sized boot that will fit people with wide feet. There is plenty of room in these for thick wool socks to be worn and lots of room in the toe box for flexing and moving the toes. These do run true to size, although a few people did say they may be on the large size. The downside to having boots that will fit those with wide feet is that buyers with narrow or regular-sized feet will not be satisfied with these Summit County Boots. Their feet will always be moving around in the footwear and possibly causing problems with them gaining a good footing when they walk. Even though they obtain the correct size of a boot, the width will be too wide and can only be corrected with thick socks. This would be okay, but it is not always ideal to wear a thick sock in such already warm boots. The feet would be too hot.


Offered in two great solid colors, this is the ideal winter boot for sports, activities, in town, and for work. Made of 100% leather material for the upper, it is waterproof and warm with a rubber sole that is sturdy. Whatever purpose keeps you outdoors for hours will be enjoyed more and endured better with the use of these boots. They come highly recommended by many online customers who love them for their daily routines, activities, and work duties. They look great, feel terrific, and perform superbly in multiple environments and climates.


You will experience fabulous traction with these durable Keen boots that have dual-climate tread. Walking on rocks, ice, mud, or concrete will not falter the grip of this footwear or cause the user any issues with traction. They are equally at home in wet, soft, rocky, flat, dry, or slippery surfaces that would deter other boots from even trying to navigate through. It is advisable, as one customer warned, to knock off accumulated snow on the boots when the surface changes to a more smooth and solid ground. Slipping could occur because of the different conditions.


Online customers are using these boots for many different things. They are hiking, snowshoeing, deer hunting, hiking, going around town, working on the job, and using basically for everyday tasks. Ideal for use with instep crampons and snowshoes, they are also equally at home aiding you with shoveling snow for many hours in freezing temperatures. One buyer even puts them to daily use in the frozen tundra of the artic. If you have to be indoors with these on for prolonged periods, you will become quite hot and uncomfortable. They generate a great deal of warmth and indoor conditions are just too warm.


Even submerged in freezing cold water, these boots remain dry and warm on the inside. One customer tried them out in a cold stream for a fourth of an hour. They are completely waterproof and well-insulated to protect the feet from any type of precipitation and water surroundings that do not go higher than the top of the boots. This is really outstanding considering that these are not rainboots of solid rubber. It is the Keen insulating material and the waterproof breathable membrane on the inside that gives them this ability. If your job, activities, chores, tasks, or sports have you near or in water, sleet, or snow, then you will benefit greatly from wearing these terrific Summit County Winter Boots.

The Bottom Line

While the Keen Men’s Summit County Waterproof Winter Boot may not keep all feet warm, toasty, and comfortable, they will keep you dry. The protective membrane and the nubuck leather work together to create a durable barrier that is hard for precipitation and standing water to penetrate. The wide format was a concern for some people with narrow or regular-sized feet. The extra space can be taken up with thicker socks, but this is not always an ideal situation. The wider space does allow the use of thick wool socks to be worn comfortably with even a thinner pair of socks combined. It is possible that this was the intention of the manufacturer, so the user could layer their socks for added warmth. This added space only becomes a problem when the foot is loose enough in the shoe to slide around. The many positive features and qualities of the Summit County Boot outweigh the few negative remarks about them for the majority of users. For a waterproof, durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and warm winter boot, look no further than this excellent offering from Keen.