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Scrubba Wash Bag Review Facts
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The Scrubba Wash Bag is the most compact, portable laundry system that can be used for many instances such as business trips, emergencies, and power outages. It is also terrific for backpacking, hiking, camping, small apartments, cruises, and boats. With just six simple steps in the bag, your dirty clothes can become clean in just three minutes.

This modern version of the washboard has many efficient Scrubba nodules inside the bag to do the scrubbing, a clear window for viewing the water and soap consistency, and exterior gripping circles on the outside to keep the bag from sliding on surfaces.

You get machine quality cleanliness whenever you want and wherever you go because it only needs water and a little soap. The Scrubba is so small that it folds down to the size of a pocket and when open, it can be used as a dry bag. It certainly makes washing clothes fast, effective, and free when other means are not possible. Most customers love this product and would recommend it to others.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Most compact device for washing clothes
  • Folds down to the size of a pocket
  • Outperforms hand washing and is free to use
  • Works fast and effectively
  • Perfect for travel, backpacking, boats, hiking, and camping
  • Use as a bag for dry clothes or dry bag
  • Ideal for small apartments, power outages, and business trips
  • Saves time and money with clothes washing
  • Machine quality wherever and whenever
  • Many people experienced leaks at the valve
  • Easier to wash in the bathtub by hand for some buyers


Made of hydrolysis-resistant and durable microbial polyether TPU material, the Scrubba Wash Bag has exterior gripping circles to keep it from sliding when using. It will not slide on the surface where the washing is occurring. This product has a long life because of the sturdy material used for construction. You would not think that a plastic bag, even a thick one such as this laundry system, could last for very long considering the rough treatment it receives from washing clothes.

There is just one main complaint about the Scrubba online from users, and that topic falls into the durability category. There is a valve that lets the air in the bag out right before you start rubbing the clothes inside. The valve is a squeeze-type mechanism and with this being the first of the two products the company makes for such a purpose, it has its problems. This one has the issue of leaking. Right when the person goes to do the most vigorous part of the washing process, the bag begins to leak.

This leads to abandonment of the product or resorting to using it in the bathtub to catch the water. There is a more recent version of the Scrubba that fixes this problem which we mention in the Version section below.


This portable laundry system is the most compact device for washing clothes offered anywhere. It folds down to the size of a pocket and weighs only five ounces, making it the smallest and lightest washing machine ever. The overall dimensions are 21.3 x 0.2 x 12.6 inches.

The best volume for washing is one gallon, but the total volume is three gallons for the entire bag. The one-gallon measurement is for the water and the clothes limit when washing. It cannot be filled completely because the rest of the space is needed for the movement of the clothes and the water during the scrubbing or rubbing process. Even with its small size, there are those that have purchased it and said that it was too big and bulky for them to use and bring along when traveling.

It would be quite hard for such an item to be any smaller and be equally effective. Most people who bought this product were thrilled to have it because of its simplicity and the cost savings that it affords the traveler.


With over 400 mostly positive reviews online from buyers and a good rating, the Scrubba Wash Bag is doubly effective and certainly much easier than washing clothes by hand. It works fast and well to get your clothes clean and washes them for free. You, therefore, save much time and money with laundry when you are away from home or in situations where machine washing is not possible.

You cannot always depend on having a reliable place to wash clothes when you travel or are in a varied environment. The Scrubba is dependable for getting your clothes clean quickly and easily. It is a common practice for people who travel frequently to use the sink or bathtub in the places where they stay. As, we saw in our research on customer feedback, these places are not always the best kept and can often times be not suitable. With the Scrubba product, you will no longer have to put your clothes in wash places that you do not trust.


Taking just six simple steps to get clean clothes quickly, this laundry system is perfect for any type of on-the-go or emergency situation. It is a modern version of the old washboard that people used years ago. Scrubbing clothes was good enough then and are still a great way to get clothes clean today. When a washing machine is not a possibility for clean clothes, this portable system is ideal for making the process easier, quicker, and more effective than hand washing.

The beauty of this item is that you can wash your clothes with machine quality wherever and whenever you need it. all you need is water and some soap. Clothes become clean in just minutes with the many efficient Scrubba nodules on the inside of the bag. This ingenious system is the answer to washing clothes for the traveler and those without access to a washing machine in these modern times.

This smart little system has been advertised on press and media in numerous familiar places such as CBS, Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur, GizMag, NBC, Lonely Planet, and Forbes among others.


You may think that it would be hard to use this laundry bag because it seems to be very labor intensive and difficult to judge the effectiveness in the process. However, there are helpers installed in the product to guide you along the way. The simple instructions are printed right on the bag, so you can never forget the steps of washing the clothes with the Scrubba.

It also has markings and indications on the exterior of the bag to show where the water fill line is for proper washing to prevent overfilling it. There is a transparent window to make seeing the water and washing levels easy. This is also good for judging how much soap to put in and to determine if clothes are rinsed well enough during the rinsing process. Just like there is a window on most washing machines we use today, even this tiny washing machine you use in your hands (or feet) has a window for viewing the washing progress.

Now, the manufacturer never mentions using your feet to do the vigorous scrubbing or rubbing part of washing clothes with this system, but many customers did. The bag is durable enough to handle this alternative method, so use it if you must. This method is an adequate way that those suffering from arthritis or other muscle or joint problems can still use the Scrubba Wash Bag. If you travel a lot and do your own laundry often during these trips, then you may want to invest in an elastic clothesline too.


Now we address the big controversy about the two versions of the Scrubba Wash Bag. When you order this product online, you will have the choice of two types. The products are exactly the same except for the air release valve on each.

The older one, which is this product we are reviewing, has a squeeze-type valve and the more recent version (probably created because of the numerous leaking complaints from buyers) has a twist-style valve. This wash bag with the squeezable valve has many leaking issues. It is still available for sale, as the customer has a choice between the two when ordering.

Both products are equally effective in washing clothes and just as durable, so the only difference is the valve and the leaking problem. Many buyers say that the newer screw-cap version for releasing the air is much better than the other. It is possibly easier to use also. So, just to let you know, there is an important choice to make when you have decided to get one (or two, as some couples, have done) for yourself.


There are so many times in our lives whether for travel, away from home, or emergency when a portable washing machine would be such a convenient thing to have. Look no more because such an item exists with the Scrubba Wash Bag.

Yes, it is small and can only handle a few clothes items at a time, but it does give you clothes just as clean as a washing machine would and in just a few minutes. We cannot possibly list all of the instances when such a product would be great to have, but we will name a few. There are quite possibly many that you would think of until you would need it.

This portable system for washing clothes is perfect for travel, backpacking, cruises, holidays, hiking, and camping. Many customers used it when they had power outages due to emergencies (such as hurricanes or storms). It is also equally useful for small apartments, boats, outdoor adventures, business trips, road trips, and in an RV. It certainly will save you a lot of money for using a washing machine when traveling, that is, if you can find one to use. Another tip for potential buyers is that this handy bag can be used as a dry bag for dirty clothes as you collect them when the bag is not being used for washing. How cool is that?

Ease of Use

The process of washing clothes in this nifty device is so simple that we even have room in our review to fully describe it in full. There are six steps for your clothes to go from dirty to clean with regular washing machine results in just three minutes.

All you have to do is Fill, Roll and Clip, Deflate, Rub, Rinse, and Dry. Simple, right? Now, to be more descriptive – put in the clothes you want to clean plus the water and the soap, roll and close the bag, let the air out with the valve, rub the clothes clean, rinse them, and then take them out to air dry. Be sure not to overuse the detergent since you really do not need that much.

Use the clear window to judge the soapsuds as you go and only add a little at a time. Most people use the travel size detergent in the powder or liquid form, so they are not left with a half box or container to keep up with during travel. Washing clothes when away from home or during an emergency will never be the same!

Bottom Line

After using the Scrubba Wash Bag some buyers prefer to wash their clothes the hard way in a sink or bathtub since they think it is too much trouble. This version with the squeeze valve has known issues of leaking when filled with water for washing. Since the company has become aware of the leaking problem, they have a more recent model with a screw valve.

It is the same product but with a sturdier valve for releasing the air before scrubbing. If you have the need for quick clean clothes for any type of travel, living, or an emergency situation, the Scrubba Wash Bag is a necessity that you will want to own. It beats hand washing hands down (no pun intended) and provides machine washing results.

Since this squeeze-valve model has leaking issues, we highly recommend that future potential customers try the more recent screw-type valve for the best experience and durability. The innovation of this valued product is amazing!