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BioLite HeadLamp 330 Review Facts
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The BioLite HeadLamp 330 has several innovative features that are not available on other models of headlamps and that make the item so much more enjoyable to use. It has a lithium battery that is rechargeable instead of the usual alkaline batteries that are so heavy on the head. You get the USB cable to charge it with the purchase that allows powering up by solar panels, power banks, and other methods of recharging with a USB cable. Since this battery is so light, there is no slip or bounce when worn for such activities as jogging or running.

The housing is 3D molded and ultrathin to be flat on the forehead to have a seamless fit and a weightless feel. The front panel is adjustable for far away or up close, so you can see down in front of you for small tasks or reading. With a maximum distance of a 75-meter light beam, the included modes of the BioLite are strobe, night vision red, spot and flood, flood, spot, and dimmable spot. You can also hang this light in a common area or a tent, plus use it for backpacking, camping, running, jogging, and reading in bed just to name a few activities. The moisture-wicking fabric will allow you to stay dry and cool for all of your tasks and duties.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No slip and no bounce when worn
  • Has a weightless feel
  • Very comfortable and bright
  • Can be a hanging light for a common area or tent
  • Great for running, backpacking, and jogging
  • Can be used for reading while in bed
  • Fabric is moisture-wicking
  • Front panel is adjustable
  • Recharges with a USB cord
  • External wires in one side bothered a couple of buyers
  • The buttons can be confusing at first to use

Key Features

-Housing is 3D molded and ultrathin
-Is flat on the forehead
-Made to have a seamless fit
-All lighting is in the thin maximum
- A Maximum distance of the light beam is 75 meters
-Minimum light beam is 16 meters on low
-Battery will last 40 hours of low and 3.5 hours on high
-Comes with a cable for charging


The 330 Lumen HeadLamp has housing that is 3D molded and ultrathin to be flat on the forehead. There is no slip and no bounce when worn, plus it is made to have a seamless fit as all the lighting is in the thin facing. Sizing the band is simple and quick with the easy to adjust clips. It is s flush on the forehead and has a weightless feel to the extent that you will likely forget that it is even on your head.

Void of any abrasion points, customers happily report that this headlamp is very comfortable and bright. With so many headlights to choose from that are on the market today, it takes quite a bit or research to find the exact one you need and desire. If comfort and lightness are one of your main focus points, then this may be the one for you.


The versatility of the BioLite Rechargeable Head Light comes in the choices of how you want the light to shine and in which mode. These are several of these modes, so you can have the most ideal lighting for any task, activity, or duty that you want to do. Pick from Strobe, Night Vision Red, Spot and Flood, Flood, Spot, and Dimmable Spot modes with just the press of a button. Use only the needed number of lumens since there are three levels of brightness.

The Flood and Spot settings allow for various areas and distances, and the red light is best used at night. It is best to use the red light in darker conditions to prevent hurting your eyes and the eyes of others nearby. It is not a light that can dim, but the other white lights are. You will probably have to experiment with the different light functions and modes to find the ones that are ideal for your particular need and lighting conditions.


Headlamps in generally are perfect when you need a light and must keep your hands free at the same time. This is why they are used so often for camping and backpacking. The many chores and tasks that must be performed at a campsite right before bedding down for the night often go into dusk and begin again before dawn. The use of such a light on the head as the BioLite HeadLamp with 330 lumens is excellent for this purpose.

Being fairly new on the market, it does not have many online reviews yet, but for those that did provide a rating and comments, the results are outstanding. This item has a 4.9 rating, so it is highly prized by users who are thrilled to have such a comfortable and well-fitting headlamp. It is offered in five different solid colors and has a weight of 2.43 ounces (69g). rechargeable with an LED light, the 330 Lumen has a profile that is just 9mm and features the 3D SlimFit Construction.

The included bulbs are two red and five white that have a maximum distance of 75 meters on high and a minimum of 16 meters on low for the light beam. The technology for these products is advancing quickly to give buyers many choices in designs, features, and comfort levels.


Almost any instance that you need a light in a poorly lit or dark area, the BioLite Head Light is perfect to use. It allows your hands to remain free unlike carrying a lantern or flashlight, so you can multitask, read, or work. We found customers using it for many different things, but the most frequent is for backpacking, camping, and running. It is because these activities are largely at night or in the early morning that light on the head is required. For running and jogging, the hands need to be free for keeping balance and possibly carrying a water bottle.

You also want others in the area, such as drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, to be able to see you in the dark. This terrific light will certainly help with that in either the white or red light modes. Since it does not bounce when you run or jog, the BioLite is ideal for these activities.

Reading in bed can be enjoyed too with this product. For power outages at home or work, you will certainly need such a light that is constant and adjustable. It can be made into a lantern using the Light Diffusing Stuffsack that is bought separately. In this way, the headlamp can be a hanging light for a common area or tent.


Manufacturers of such products try to make operations easy for the user by having only one or two buttons for all of the modes or functions. Unfortunately, for some people, this only makes matters worse. By having just one button that does everything, they have trouble in getting the item to do what they want. This is true of a few buyers of this 330 Lumen HeadLamp.

The tilt function and the button for controls can be mixed up and confusing while getting used to this light. The mode selector and the on/off switch is the same button. Some would prefer this to be separate. Makers cannot please everyone with the control buttons because some want just one to do everything, while others prefer various buttons that each have a function.

The good thing that is agreeable concerning the lighting of the BioLite is that it only needs the direction of tilt with one hand to get articulated lighting. We mention the tilt and adjustability of the panel in another section, as this is a superb quality unique to this headlight model.


You can tell that plenty of planning and designing went into the making of this item because it is crafted so different than other competing products. Those that have owned many headlamps before claim that this one is the best yet for comfort, fit, and being light. You can stay dry and cool for your activities with the fabric that is moisture-wicking. Even if you sweat a lot, the band will absorb most of the perspiration and not be harmed by the wetness.

We found a comment in the online feedback concerning the sizing of this item. Although the manufacturer states that all the lighting is in the covered band, it seems that there are some external wires that are exposed and unseen in the product photos online. For those with larger than normal heads, these wires could cause a tightness on one side to be uncomfortable.

Even when pulled to the largest expansion, it could still be tight for larger heads. This was just a comment from a buyer, but it could be important to a future customer that has sizing issues. We want to be thorough in our information for our readers and give you all the data you need for wise shopping decisions.

Ease of Use

As headlamps go, they are all fairly straightforward and quite simple to use, but they do not all offer the options for adjustability that this BioLite 330 Lumens Head Light does. The front panel is adjustable, which is a breakthrough characteristic for headlamps. Just this one aspect makes this product worth purchasing.

The LED panel can be moved to a downward position for light down in front of you, such as for reading or working on small tasks in front of you. This is not an option on other headlamps. If you try to adjust them in this way, they will roll down with the weight of the light. The BioLite keeps its balance well when doing this. The panel will even make clicking noises with the adjustment of the angle, so you know when it is being altered. It cannot change by accident in this way.

Some negative reviews claim this light is not adjustable to see in front of you for tasks, such as seeing the ground as you walk or run. However, that is not true since it does have an adjustable panel exactly for this. You can see this panel in the photos online and in various positions.

Power Source

It is hard to say which of the new innovative qualities of this headlight are the best since everyone will have their preference and importance of need, but the omission of regular alkaline batteries is a huge step toward being perfect. We will say it again just to be clear – there is no need for alkaline batteries for this product as this battery is rechargeable. Included is one lithium battery for operation and a USB charging cable.

The battery pack is small and not really noticeable when wearing it, but better yet, it is hardly even felt by the wearer either. You can now power up the headlamp using solar panels, power banks, and other micro-USB items. The battery will last 40 hours on low and 3.5 hours with the high setting. Changing the battery to a rechargeable lithium one affords the buyer so much more freedom and versatility in using the product. It also makes you much happier too!

Bottom Line

Being fairly new on the market, the BioLite HeadLamp with 330 lumens has not collected many customers yet, but when they discover the many benefits of this excellent headlight, there will be hundreds. For the ones that have tried it so far, the reviews and feedback are exceptional. This product has a 4.9 overall rating out of 5.0, which would be perfect if it were not for a few negative comments and loss of points.

It is possible that there are some externally exposed wires inside the band that would make fitting for a larger head problematic. The lack of more than one button can be confusing for those just trying to use the light for the first time and would prefer multiple buttons for the various functions. As these are not flaws or defects of the product and the customer rating is so great, we highly recommend the 330 BioLite HeadLamp to potential buyers because of its wonderful features and excellent flexibility of use for many different situations.