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Petzl Tikkina Headlamp Review Facts

The Petzl Tikkina Headlamp is a hybrid, LED lamp of 150 lumens with a wide beam and a close range that is offered in several vivid bold colors. It has a run time of 220 hours on low beam and 60 hours on high beam. You can use regular batteries or the rechargeable CORE battery to power this compact and simple lamp that is so easy to use. A full set of batteries comes with the purchase of the headlamp for immediate operation. There are three light settings to choose from using the one button. This makes it superb for kids and older folks to use confidently. Weighing only 3.4 ounces, the Tikkina is ideal for many activities and functions, such as backpacking, running, camping, trekking, fishing, or hunting. Use it to do work in the garage, attic, shop, on a car, or while working at night. This is a revised model of the previous headlamp model with a brighter light, more comfortable headband, and a single operating button that clicks rather than slides. No more will the headlamp accidentally click on in your backpack of gear because the button must be pressed with some force to turn it on. This excellent model can take light rain as it is water-resistant. We discuss these features and qualities of this revised edition of this headlamp in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Single button for on and off function
  • Can be tilted downward for close work
  • Compact and simple standard lighting
  • Has a beam that is wide, a close range, and 150 lumens
  • Includes and functions with one LED light bulb
  • Run time is 60 hours on high and 220 hours on low
  • Hybrid runs on rechargeable or regular batteries
  • Brighter with a better switch than the older model
  • Has a rating for waterproof of IPX4
  • Comes with a set of Energizer batteries
  • Does not have a red light on it for night vision
  • Battery compartment is not sealed against water entering it


This latest version of the Petzl Headlamp has some new comforts added in for the user. According to satisfied buyers, the durable headband is more comfortable than the previous Petzl model and competitor brands. It is easy to adjust the strap for size and a cozy fit. Even people with larger heads claimed that this new model fits them well. The single button for on and off function also selects the lighting mode too. You do not get some of the more advanced features with this product, but for those that want only the basics in a headlamp, this is the perfect item.


This ideal headlamp can be tilted downward for doing work in front of you or reading. Whenever you must do work on small things or equipment up close, this is the lamp you want to have. The lowest light setting is ideal for nighttime to not ruin your own night vision or wake others at camp. This lower light setting is just enough light to perform tasks while camping and still your own night vision. Other models use red light for this purpose, but the Tikkina does not have a red light. Its purpose is to be as basic as a versatile headlamp can be.


The Petzl Tikkina is a compact and simple lamp that anyone can use. Many customers bought more than one of these headlamps to use for everyone while camping. Each person, even children get their own light to wear. This way, in the dark, they can be seen, and they can see exactly where they are going in the early morning hours or at dusk and nighttime. It is terrific for the economical price. Other lamps are on the market that can do more and are more expensive, but this is a fantastic basic all-purpose headlamp for the low cost.


The beam of this product is wide with a close range. Many buyers were shocked at how far and wide this small light could shine and so brightly. Like them, you will probably end up purchasing more than one of these superb headlamps also to place in the home, at work, in the car, and in the garage. The one LED light bulb is a flood light with a run time of 60 hours on high and 220 hours on low. Depending on the frequency of usage, one set of batteries can last for a long time. You will be able to enjoy the use of this light for many years to come because it is a high-quality item from a reputable and well-known company.


You will experience a steady flow of light from this incredible headlamp. The burn time is as much as 220 hours without recharging or changing the batteries with it operating on low. It will stay on all night with this extended timeframe and give you continuous light for a long time. The Tikkina is a simple light minus the advanced settings of more expensive lamps that concentrates on the basic functions of just being a durable and trusted headlamp. Sometimes, it is not always the most expensive products that perform the best or that have the endurance from an item that we desire. This headlamp model is a wonderful example of that. We were very hard pressed to find any negative comments about this awesome little light.


Offered in several solid vivid colors and weighing in at only 3.04 ounces, the Petzl Tikkina Headlamp has 150 lumens and an extended burn time of standard lighting. It is called a hybrid lamp since it can take rechargeable or regular batteries for power. When you just want a basic-functioning headlamp without all of the complicated buttons, modes, and differently colored lights, this is the perfect product for you. Older people and kids love this headlamp because it is so easy to manipulate. You do not need to read the instructions before you use it because there is just one button, three light beams, and one color of light. Sometimes simplicity is just what we need. The economical price makes it ideal for everyone in the family to have one too. You will not know how you ever got along without this item once you have one.


The many places and ways you can use this Petzl Headlamp are incredible and certainly are too many to name. Once you have one, you will find so many uses for it to provide light in places where you just got along without it. it makes everything so much easier and enjoyable. Having a headlamp like this one can also provide you and your family with a measure of safety for emergencies or during outdoor adventures. It is ideal for backpacking, camping, running, trekking, or even household use. This well-made headlamp makes it much easier to do work at night or in the dark indoors. For working on or under a car, in the garage, in the attic, or doing shop work, the Tikkina Headlamp is a valuable piece of gear that you will not want to be without. Some buyers purchased one for every member of their camping trip, so each one had their own light for early morning and evening bathroom runs and chores. Its uses are many and its functions are easy and few.


The Tikkina has three lighting levels whereas the older version only had two. It is also brighter than the previous model, says some of Petzl’s loyal customers. One major noticeable change is the on and off switch. The older version had a sliding switch that could sometime stick or be hard to push. This new model has a button to press or click. The slide button of the older model could frequently come on in backpacks and duffels accidentally when another object hit against it. this was not pleasant for some buyers, as it aggravated them. Having it on in backpacks and not knowing it would run down the batteries. The new headlamp model requires you to push the button down to turn it on with some pressure, thus preventing the light from coming on by itself. It is wonderful that companies such as Petzl not only listen to their customers’ concerns, but they actually make alterations to their products to make them happy permanent fans.


With a rating for waterproofness of IPX4, this incredible headlamp is water-resistant but not waterproof. It can take light rain and mist if you happen to be out in a light shower or misty morning. You will have to protect it during heavy downpours because the housing for the lamp and the battery compartment are not sealed to be waterproof. A few buyers complained about this feature, but it clearly states in the product details that this is a water-resistant item. The company did not mislead about this fact in any way.


The wide beam is uniform and steady on this version of the Tikkina Headlamp, as it is about eight feet in front of you and five feet wide. This is plenty enough visual space for anything you need to do such as work, walking, running, or detecting others near you. For a simple headlamp, the bright light setting is much better than competitor brands, claims buyers online. It is amazing how bright one small LED light can shine on just regular battery power. One nice feature that customers discovered and shared in their feedback is that this excellent lamp starts out on low light when you first turn it on, unlike other models that begin on high. This is excellent for those times that you are with other people or you do not want to blind yourself with a bright light right away. You will not have to cycle through the bright light either to turn it off if you just want the dimmer light. The improvements made to this light are noticed and appreciated by the many happy customers.

Ease of Use

No other headlamp model could be any easier to use than the Petzl Tikkina unless it only had one light brightness selection. With three choices for light brightness and one button, it is quite simple for anyone to operate. Click once for low light and two clicks for bright light. If you remain on low, the next click makes it go off. There is no cycling through the bright light to turn it off. Children and older folks will adore this headlamp because it is not only simple but also fun to use. families should not be without light like these because there is always an event or occurrence where a simple headlamp can make situations much easier to handle. It is a stable source of light in emergencies, in basements and cellars, and for work or play. It is best for camping trips, but as you can see, the possibilities for using one are endless.

Power Source

This hybrid headlamp version takes three regular batteries or the CORE battery that is rechargeable. You can use either one that you are more comfortable with. If you plan to use the headlamp plenty, it may be worth your while to invest in the rechargeable battery. It would certainly be more economical. It comes with three energizer-type batteries for immediate operation with the purchase of the lamp. The batteries are easy to take out and put in, just like any other battery-operated device. The battery housing is not waterproof or sealed, so you must take precautions in heavy rains or from it being submerged in water.

The Bottom Line

You will not find many negative comments or remarks about this remarkable headlamp. In our research, we only found a few, but they were not flaws of the product. It is not waterproof, as the product information claims and it only has one color of light. This is also explained in the description from the maker. Petzl is a reputable well-like company because they make sturdy dependable gear that buyers can trust to work when they need it. The undesirable aspects of the previous model of this headlamp were noticed and altered by the manufacturer to make this excellent version. If you want a simple headlamp that is comfortable, reliable, and easy to operate, then this is the headlamp to buy – plain and simple. For most people, they are like potato chips. You will want more than just one.