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CamelBak Chute Review Facts

Plastic is the modern day plague on our planet, with plastic being responsible for several drastic changes over the past 50 years. It is reported that each minute, a million plastic bottles are disposed of, with only 9% of these getting recycled. CamelBak recognizes the need to reduce our eco-footprint and aim to stop users using disposable bottles. Their #DitchDisposable campaign aspired to keep plastic out of landfills and our oceans, and they have eliminated more than 10 million bottles.

Go reusable and do the right thing for the planet with a bottle that provides top durability and excellent ease of use. The CamelBak Chute has been designed with the outdoors in mind; it is secure, durable and ergonomically designed. The Chute is a reliable and versatile bottle, and it is made from 100% BPA- free plastic. Whether you are hiking through the wilderness, looking to hydrate on your mountain biking expedition, or just looking for an excellent bottle for home or work, the CamelBak Chute is a sturdy and robust choice. Featuring a sleek and simple design, it is available in a wide selection of bright and vibrant colors and patterns. Whenever you are choosing something like a water bottle, it is important to think about what features would be best suited to your lifestyle and what points do you consider to be most important. Quench your thirst the CamelBak way with our in-depth review of this super popular drinking vessel.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak-proof
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Secure
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Heavy


Aiming to keep your liquid levels up throughout your adventures, CamelBak is globally recognized as being one of the best brands for hydration on the go. CamelBak is part of Vista Outdoor, a leader in the outdoor sports and activities arena. They are an inspiring company, dedicated to creating positive changes within their field as well as being committed to making a difference further afield through their many philanthropic programs. Promising to keep it simple, CamelBak has revolutionized the water bottle world. Plus, they are so confident in the premium quality products that all of their hydration packs, bottles, and accessories are protected by the Got Your Bak ™ Life Time Guarantee.


This review focuses predominantly on the original Chute. However, Camelbak has made several innovative improvements to their already popular design, and they are now three different types of Chutes to choose from.

Chute: The original Chute is the bottle discussed throughout this review. It has a strap handle, clip in place lid, and an ergonomically designed spout. It is certainly the most popular option and is available in a much wider array of colors and designs than the other options.

Chute Mag: The difference between the Chute and the MAG is the use of a magnetic fastening, with one magnet in the cap and one in the lid to keep everything in place. This helps to ensure a completely leak-proof bottle and makes opening and closing the lid easier. Whilst the magnet inside is a particularly useful feature, it does add weight to the overall finish. However, if you do want to upgrade to the MAG option, without having to purchase an entirely new bottle, you can buy the MAG cap separately from the CamelBak website.

Chute Mag Vacuum Insulated: If you want to enjoy a cup of tea on your hike or looking for a great flask to take morning coffee to work, the insulated Chute is the champion. Made from premium stainless steel and featuring an impact-resistant construction while retaining the temperature of your drink. The insulated version is also ideal for those summer hikes, keeping liquids cool for an impressive 24 hours.


Keeping hydrated on the go is essential, and it is always important to take fresh, clean water if you are planning to be active or if you are exploring the outdoors. Not only is it important to have water to drink, but it can also be used to cook, clean out wounds, and lots more.
Taking the water bottle to the next level, Camelbak has created the Chute to suit the needs of the outdoor adventurer. It is a durable and tough bottle, packed full of features that the hiker, climber, rambler or backpacker is sure to love. You can easily handle the bottle with one hand, which also makes this an excellent choice for drinking on the move. They have even added a carabineer to the Chute so you can easily clip it onto your backpack during your trek. However, the Chute would also be a great option for the home, work or school. Whilst the Chute could be a great choice for you, if you are looking for a water bottle for sport or fitness, you may prefer the Camelbak Eddy. This does not need to be opened and closed and instead relies on suction; offering a fast drinking experience in between reps.

You can remove the lid of the Chute completely, and the wide opening has been praised amongst online reviewers. Several have highlighted that this means that you are able to use the ice dispenser on your refrigerator, rather than having to place the ice in piece-by-piece. This is also a great pick if you like to add fruit to your water, as you will easily be able to fit it inside. Add cucumber, lemon, lime or berries for a fruity twist to your H2O! However, there has also been some suggestion that indicates the due to the size and design, particularly on the larger options, the Chute may not fit into standard water bottle holders.

The smaller bottle easily holds enough for two to three hours of physical activity, with the larger options having an increased capacity. Be that as it may, if you are planning on trekking for much longer or even planning on an overnight expedition, you may prefer to invest in a hydration bladder to keep your fluid levels up. CamelBak has a wide selection of hydration packs available!


The CamelBak Chute is available is a rainbow of different colors and designs. Whether you prefer a bright shade that will stand out or something neutral such as their sleek black option, they are sure to have the Chute to your taste. They even have CamelBak Chutes adorned with your favorite college logos so you can show off your team spirit on your water bottle. However, if you still cannot find the right design for you, make your own with a CamelBak custom print. Add photographs, pictures or text through the CamelBak website for a personalized water bottle with a difference. This would also be an excellent present if you are searching for great gift ideas for the outdoor explorer.


The Camelbak Chute water bottle is simple yet brilliant, featuring a well thought-out design and made from premium quality materials. As a result, durability is the area in which the Chute really shines.

The bottle is made from Tritan plastic, an ultra-tough crack-resistant, and impact-resistant material. Online, several users of the Chute reported that they had dropped their bottle by accident, yet it was still like new, with no scratches or dents. Tritan also ensures vibrant color and clarity, and there is no aroma or taste that is likely to leach into your drink. It is important to wash your water bottle regularly, and due to the use of Tritan plastic, the Camelbak Chute water bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe-making it super easy to keep clean. Plus, you can choose this water bottle with complete confidence and peace of mind, due to Camelbak’s comprehensive lifetime guarantee. They have got your back and promise to replace a bottle if it is damaged due to manufacturing issues.


The Camelbak Chute is expensive when you consider it to the much cheaper bottles that are available on the market. However, whilst this may seem a pretty high price to pay for a water bottle, you are paying for the pure quality and excellent features that this option includes. Not only is it better for the environment, using a reusable bottle is much more cost effective in the long run. Additionally, due to Camelbak’s lifetime guarantee, the Chute is more than likely to pay for itself over its many years of premium service.


Bisphenol A (and S and F) is a hazardous chemical found in plastic, which been linked to various health issues. BPA is an industrial chemical, and many experts advise shopping only BPA-free products. All Camelback products meet FDA Food Safety standards, and they use third-party testing to make sure that their plastic is perfect. As a result, there is no nasty smell or chemical taste when you first receive the bottle.

Ease of Use

Featuring an ergonomic drink interface, the Camelbak Chute is undoubtedly user-friendly. The spout is carefully angled and contoured to allow for ease of drinking, with no sloshing or spilling. The angled cut allows for a higher flow of water while reducing the risk of spilling and ensuring that you can quench your thirst without dampening your clothes. The Chute also features a comfortable two-finger carry handle, which feels natural to hold in your hand. This makes it much easier to open, close and drink from the bottle, even when you are wearing gloves.

The cap on the Chute unscrews and then snaps into the handle, keeping it neat and away from your face when you drink. Although, some have suggested that this system can actually get a little annoying, yet it is easily removed. You can even replace the cap system if you would prefer a different model, with the Camelbak Chute being compatible with Eddy ® and Hot Cap vessels, as well as the new Mag caps.

Of course, it is always important to ensure that the lid is tightened properly. However, there have no reviews online regarding the bottle leaking due to a manufacturing error. Although, it is important to remember that the cap should be screwed on and tightened, and not just pushed into place. However, there have been several reviews that have suggested that it is not always easy to snap the cap into the lid. If you are worried about water leaking from your bottle, the Chute Mag feels much more secure, and due to the handy magnetic fastening, it is much easier to ensure that it is properly sealed.

Overall, the Camelbak Chute is a bottle that is simple and enjoyable to drink from. The tethering system is a handy way to prevent the cap from going missing, and the quarter lock turn helps to avoid spillages.


The weight of a water bottle may not be considered as being important to some. If you are carrying your gear for many miles, even a fraction of a pound can make all the difference. Although slightly heavier than other models, the Camelbak Chute is still relatively lightweight when you consider the quality that you are getting. If you are concerned about weight, I would definitely opt for the Original, as the magnet fastenings do add some weight to the overall total. The capacity, however, is 25 fluid ounces.

Bottom Line

Hitting the mark with the Chute, Camelbak has once again created a top class water bottle that stands apart from the rest. Whatever you are doing, the Chute will make sure that you always have clean cold water on hand. With a smart design and a huge selection of color choices, you are bound to find the right option for you. Many reviews have praised the high levels of durability that the chute has to offer and the wide variety of different styles. The fact that it is dishwasher safe also makes this a great water bottle for intensive use.

If you are searching for a water bottle that offers both functionality and simplicity, the Camelbak Chute has to be amongst the best in the world. There are thousands of positive reviews online for the Camelback Chute, and it is clearly a popular choice. It is ideal for your next adventure into the wild or just to hydrate at home or work, and Camelbak promise to deliver high flow without the mess, with a smooth pour, every time,