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Balega Hidden Comfort Socks Review Facts

This pair of Balega Hidden Comfort socks are well-reviewed, lightweight socks currently on the market. They are priced affordable, and they're ideal for athletes and runners who constantly find they're wearing down socks on a consistent basis. Due to the plush padded soles and polyester material, these socks can stretch and conform to your feet, making them a great purchase for young athletes who are still growing, allowing continuous use of the socks, even if you have to change shoe sizes. They are also extremely comfortable, making them virtually unnoticeable when you put them on. This lightweight make-up creates a free feeling when training or performing in them, allowing you to train and perform confidently and comfortably. Let's get into the details of these Hidden Comfort Socks.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Conforms to Larger Foot Sizes
  • Affordable
  • Plush Sole
  • Slip if shoes aren't tightened enough
  • Padding isn't targeted


This pair of running socks is one of the most comfortable pair of running socks and socks in general that is currently available on the market. The ultra comfortable and soft polyester fabric that was used in this socks design allows for it to comfortably press against your skin when the sock is put on. The sock is comfortable to the extent that when used as a running sock most people are unable to or do not notice that the sock is on allowing for a comfortable and seamless run. The smooth sensation it has against the skin is going to be great for runners that have found soreness from the friction they may or may not experience with other socks and will alleviate those uncomfortable and painful sensations that can come from it.

The ability of the sock to fit some comfortably and feel so soft shouldn't be looked over. There are many socks both running and traditional that may user thicker fabrics to get the soft-cloud feeling that this Balega Hidden Comfort Socks achieve from its plush-like materials. This is important to take into consideration especially if chaffing is something you're looking to reduce in your socks. Many runners and athletes know the raw feeling you can get from materials and equipment chaffing and this socks ability to fit the way it does so comfortably without chaffing makes it a great purchase for any almost any runner.


This pair of running socks come in several size ranges designed to make them compatible with a wider range of feet. Though Balega Hidden Comfort socks do run slightly smaller than some runners expect runners with bigger feet will notice that the socks easily stretch and begin to conform some to larger feet. This is great for runners who are still growing such as high school athletes that aren't quite ready to fully commit to a single sized sock but also advantageous for keeping costs low and size ranges larger so that you will still have the ability to find a sock size that fits you.

A couple of things should be noted however due to the design and size range of these socks. As a result of not using precisely targeted sizes, these socks have a tendency to sometimes not hug your feet as much as some runners may like. This doesn't mean that you'll experience any sudden discomfort or excessive chaffing from them moving inside the shoe, but it does mean that they may not compress and conform to the shape of your feet as much as you might like. As a result of this, some runners have commented that these socks could definitely benefit from focusing on more targeted sizes. The comfort that runners experience is still there and readily available but none the less some runners have expressed an interest in getting a pair of these socks in a more targeted size if at possible. It should also be noticed that while runners didn't experience chaffing from the size range the stretchiness of the sock did allow for the sock to slip down past the heel in some instances. Most everyone does agree though that by tightening their shoes some they alleviated the problem and were still able to enjoy their runs afterward without having to trash the socks and invest in a new pair.


This sock has a couple of features that make it an ideal choice for many runners. First is the plushly padded sole that the company has used in the design of the socks. Extending across the entire bottom of the sock it will benefit your whole foot and add that extra bit of cushioning for on your runs. This is great for maintaining comfort and keeps runs from feeling too harsh. For anyone that has felt the soreness and pain you can get in your feet from running being able to have a way to continue to run without putting as much strain on your body is a fantastic comfort and something, you would probably rather not go without. Second the sock as a rather adaptive fit that allows for it to stretch and conform to larger foot sizes.

By using stretchy polyester and focusing a size ranges the company has deliberately created a sock that's intended to be used by many different kinds of people and this means being able to have their sock fit comfortably. This stretching to each foot's size is greatly appreciated amongst runners with larger feet and many have said that because of knowing they can get a reliable sock that fits they will switching up their brands simply to be able to get their socks consistently and reliably without having to worry about them being too small.

The socks also use the company's Drynamics moisture wicking system. This feature is designed to pull moisture away from your feet and to the outside of the sock so that the socks dry quicker from sweat and other moisture components that they may come in contact with while on a run. The ability for running socks to do this is invaluable and something that a lot of runners and athletes look for in a sock. No one wants to be in the middle of practice with swamped feet because their socks are pooling sweat. This Drynamics technology helps to reduce the probability of that happening and helps to keep your foot environment dryer so that you can remain as comfortable as possible.


This pair of running socks is very reasonably priced for the quality and durability. When a lot of running and athletic gear these days can get exuberantly overpriced, some running socks can break the bank. It's nice to still be able to have an affordable and comfortable pair of running socks you can buy. The comfortability of these socks are going to be their main selling point simply because of how soft they feel and much they go unnoticed on your feet when you're running. Paired with a pair of low cut running shoes and you should be getting the absolute most out of these socks. Their design makes them almost invisible while they're on your feet and their design still keeps them able to separate your raw skin from the friction and chaffing that can be experienced with running shoes.

Somethings are lost because of the affordability such as targeted sock sizes and a more secure and snug fit, but most runners have found this easily fixed. Pretty much everyone that has used these socks that for the price and comfort they're worth it and by simply tightening your shoes you shouldn't experience a slipping of the socks. If you're someone who finds themselves going through socks constantly and finding holes in them just because they get used that much then this pair of running socks is going to be a great alternative for you. In a world where everything seems to be getting more and more expensive, it seems reasonable to try and cut costs where you can.


This sock is going to be a great option for a lot of people but will be the premier choice for any runners or athletes that are in the market for an affordable, but also comfortable, pair of running socks. For this price, you won't have to spend a lot of money on this pair of socks making them great for any runner or athlete that experiences wear and tear on their socks rather frequently. This isn't to say that suddenly and magically this pair of socks will fix the issue of wear that happens when you train hard and perform harder. However, it will help to reduce the overall cost you have to pay when buying and replacing socks that have been used to their absolute limit. The socks themselves are also very comfortable. The majority polyester material that has been used in their design keeps them not only soft but also allows them to stretch so they can conform to the greater size of larger feet. This is great for younger athletes that aren't done growing or developing yet as it will allow them to use the same pair of socks all season even if they do end up having to buy a larger pair of shoes. Overall the soft comfortable nature of the socks is going to be greatly appreciated making them an ideal sock for the avid runner or just comfortable pair you may be looking to purchase to enjoy walking around. The greatest use and value of these socks thought comes from pairing them with a set of lowcut shoes. The comfortable nature of the socks makes them almost invisible to the wearer and their lowcut profile allows them to disappear without clashing, looking tacky, or just overall snagging with the shoes' lowcut style.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that these socks are going to be a great purchase for pretty much any and every runner or athlete that is looking for a lowcut running sock. Designed to be super comfortable a mix of plushly padded soles and polyester fabric material allows for the socks to be able to stretch to larger individuals' feet but to also continue to feel almost invisible and nonexistent while you're wearing them. This creates a comfortable fit around the feet that doesn't add a lot of weight but continues to provide some necessary separation between your barefoot and your shoe's inner materials. This style and fit also help to prevent the chafing and sliding of the sock so that as long as your shoes are properly tightened you'll be able to experience a top quality run and train in comfort.

The Drynamic technology this company has implemented also means that your feet will stay relatively dry and won't pool in sweat from using them in hot and arid conditions. This is great for most if not all athletes and helps to deliver a more comfortable and enjoyable experience when training or working out in these socks. The socks themselves accomplish this by whisking away moisture and keeping your foot environment as moisture free as possible. This moisture whisking helps the socks dry faster and stay dry so the water and sweat aren't seeping to the inside of your sock and pooling around your feet. These socks are also rather affordable, something that a lot of athletes and runners may be looking for depending on how quickly they're seeing wear and tear in their other pairs of socks. You won't find yourself feeling as guilty or strapped for cash as you would with other brands. This is fantastic especially as the market continues to see products only get more and more expensive these days.