ASICS Gel Kayano 25

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ASICS Gel Kayano 25 Review Facts

The ASICS Gel Kayano 25 is a well designed and manufactured pair of athletic sneakers. Designed to be lightweight the company has made a conscious effort to not only reduce the number of materials that go into the shoe's production but reduce its weight and deliver a top-quality sneaker. Boasting a remarkable lightweight cushioning that is 55 percent lighter than what is the industry standard the shoe has taken this lightweight design to heart in every aspect. All the same, this pair of athletic sneakers are still able to deliver in the comfort department while boasting a lifespan of 400 miles. This makes this shoe a great performance shoe that you know is going to last you day in and day out.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Strong Design
Affordable price


Not Waterproof
Transitions could be smoother


This shoe is equipped with a few different features that are designed to make your life as the wearer a bit more comfortable and enjoyable. First, the shoes come equipped with lightweight cushioning. This cushioning is designed to deliver an ample amount of bounce back on the wearer's feet while also providing a complete cushioning experience all while being almost 60% lighter than what is considered the industry standard. This is a feature that is going to be great for all wearers but the most notable for those individuals that are looking to improve some of their time and are attentive to the weight of their gear. While it isn't something weight wise you might notice as much if you're more of an amateur or are simply using your cardio routine as a good form of exercise you can still find a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from the complete cushioning.


The lightweight cushioning is going to help you reduce the shock and pressure that you might feel on your joints and legs. By absorbing the incoming shock from your feet connecting with the ground the cushioning helps the shoe deliver a cardio and running experience that benefits you in many different ways, keeping you happy and healthy without having to put any unnecessary strain on your body.

The shoe is also designed with a flexible fit. This fit plays a major role in a couple of different ways. By using no-sew underlays the company has been able to provide a fit that is not only flexible and compliments your feet and stride but one that also is able to continue the shoe's trend of weight reduction. Using the no-sew design reduces the overall amount of material that is necessary for the manufacturing of these shoes and allows them to weigh less than some of their industry counterparts.

The flexible fit also uses the mesh upper as a way to stay in harmony with your fit. By stretching and adapting to the shape of your foot and how it flows as you run the shoe delivers a more rewarding and comfortable fit experience that doesn't rely on rigidity as a means of support and fit for the shoe.


The support is accomplished by the stretchiness of the mesh upper which allows you to flex and move as you run or go through your cardio routine with as much comfort as possible. The shoe also uses a structural support model that runs across the bottom of the shoe to provide enhanced efficiency with your gait while also delivering greater structural integrity to your midfoot.

This is great for the light trail style that it can be used for and is part of what helps to deliver an extended life expectancy for the shoe. You'll be able to clearly notice this feature on the bottom of the shoe as it stretches across providing a clear bridge-like structure to the middle of your foot and the shoe. This delivers the extra bit of structural support necessary and provides a stronger way to keep the middle of your shoe and foot supported and safe in these conditions. The shoe also uses two different foams for the midsole.

This design feature delivers a much more responsive ride that runners have praised for its sense of fluidity. No one wants to be on the trail moving like a robot in a sci-fi movie but no one wants to sacrifice the support in their shoes either. This dual foam midsole is able to bring together the best of both worlds by offering an ample amount of cushioning without sacrificing the support you want and need as a runner or cardio enthusiast.


This pair of shoes are specifically designed to be used in more traditional terrain settings. These settings include road running situations such as personal training where you're running ad training on paved surfaces, gym treadmills, and light trail settings. The terrain recommendations for these shoes doesn't mean that they need to be solely used in contained or sterile conditions. The shoes have strong outsole support that has been designed to be more resilient and tough than the company's previous models. This means that taking them on light trail terrains is now a reality. By improving the durability of the shoe you can expect to not only be able to use them in these light trail situations but they will also last you a longer amount of times.

Runner's have noted that they are able to run in their shoes in the recommended terrain for 400 hours or more giving them a notable life cycle. The shoes also boast a notable tread that is ideal for traction in these environments to give your feet an extra grip and keep you safe. This is ideal for all runners and noticeable for anyone that has found that some of their performance running sneakers may have slipped on less than ideal surfaces in the past. While the shoes may not excel off at off road running or hiking they are designed to be able to perform great in the diverse environments listed above and any runner or cardio enthusiast that is looking to get and stay fit in these settings should consider using them so.


These running shoes are designed to have multiple different uses for the avid runner. Built with a durable outsole and tread they are capable of running on pavement, on gym treadmills, or being put to the test with some light trail work. This makes the shoe ideal for runners in urban areas that want to find themselves experiencing a little bit more of the green aspect of their city. A flexible upper mesh and solid outsole allow for you to keep your pace along the city streets while easily being able to transition into the light debris terrain you may find along your local river walk or park trail. The shoes athletic design also makes them great options for other pavement running such as track running as well as an ideal choice for cardio training on treadmills.

By using a specially designed mesh upper the shoes follow what your feet to conform to your twists, turns, and pressure deliver while also still being able to perform thanks to the outsole. This gives them a diverse amount of uses for their up to 400 miles of use so that you never have to feel limited in your workout based on what your shoe is capable of doing. While they are designed to have diverse uses across a long lifespan they will most benefit you in a marathon and well-paced running forms. This makes them great for hitting your high mileage markers on the track but they won't be ideal for the sprinter that's hoping to set the next Olympic record.

Their build is ideal for their intended conditions and will also compliment you thoroughly if you have lower arch feet. Everyone's going to have a different foot and cardio experience so using these shoes with lower arch feet while setting distance goals for yourself and striving to make them better and better will definitely give you a satisfying and rewarding experience with this shoe. This doesn't mean you can't run in this pair of shoes but most enthusiasts have noted that they're better suited for endurance than for sprinting.


Asics Gel Kayano is at the higher end of the mid-range price and this specific sneaker can be somewhat of a challenge for some people to consider buying. The structural support that these shoes deliver means that they'll be able to take on some of the more difficult trails that their competitors might stumble on or perform for the worse. The lightweight cushioning not only provides an ample amount of shock absorption and comfortability but also is able to cut down on the shoe's overall weight. These facts alone make the shoe worth checking out for the price but it continues to deliver by providing an upper that is designed to adapt to the wearer's feet. And because this upper is made to be reliable and comfortable but with as few materials as necessary, it too plays into the shoe's overall lightweight design. All of this combined makes the shoe well worth its price tag and the sleek profile that it sports make it wear that won't hurt your eyes or any bystanders when you lace them up for a solid run. You might not think of this shoe automatically as fashionable but numerous colorways make it a practical option and design features meant to benefit you as a runner mean that you'll be comfortable in them for performance reasons as well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is going to be that these shoes are expertly made and designed to not only be comfortable but practical and competitive. The shoes are designed to be lightweight, expertly cutting down on material where ever it is possible to do so and upgrading on basic design features with special materials that meet the buyer's expectations and aim to beat industry standards. The lightweight cushioning clocks in at almost 60 percent lighter than other cushioning used by the company's competitors and what is accepted as the industry standard.

Even with this lighter cushioning the shoe still achieves and a notable amount of bounce back to help athletes with their performance and provides an all-around cushioning experience that feels fantastic. This cushioning continues to be able to absorb the shock and pressure from your feet making contact with the ground, helping to reduce the strain that you're placing on your joints when you train and overall generating a better experience for you while working to keep you healthy. The stretchy mesh upper that the shoe use is great for your feet and compliments the shoe as a whole. Designed with a no-sew approach the mesh upper conforms and adapts to your feet stretching with them as they move across the ground.

This ability to match your body's movements and help you on the trail or track is invaluable and promotes a cardio experience that is hard to match. By creating a comfortable design meant to benefit the runner and their feet the shoe delivers an experience that not many others can. The structural support that has been implemented into the bottom of the shoe is also extremely important for this. This support is able to still move with the shoe but offers another layer of support and reinforcement for the middle of your shoe and foot. This helps to keep you safe while also acting as a way to extend the lifespan of the shoe. This increased support and design are meant to improve the shoes ruggedness enables the shoe to not only last longer but also allows the shoe to take on courses that its competitors might not be able. As a result, this shoe is rated to not only run on treadmills, paved tracks, and in urban environments but it can also perform in the more demanding areas of light trails.