Under Armour Bandit 2 Running Shoe

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Under Armour Bandit 2 Running Shoe Review Facts
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The Under Armour Bandit 2 Running Shoe is a neutral running shoe with a high drop from heel-to-toe. It is best for running and walking on trails. However, you can use this model for exercise, workouts, or even general use. This excellent footwear features a Charged Cushioning two-piece midsole, a Micro Gfootbed, and an internal cup for the heel that is seamless. It gives the wearer a comfortable fit for the entire foot with a solid back. If you are interested in checking other options from the same brand name, make sure you read our guide on the best running shoes.

The drop heel-to-toe is 10mm, and the shaft from the arch is low-top. Incredible support comes from the welded, ultrasonic seaming that includes Bemis tape and the breathable upper that is light and stretchy. Don’t forget the terrific traction of the all-rubber outsole that gives you stability on both dry and wet surfaces. The flex grooves have full contact with the ground with every step. Satisfied customers are already enjoying this footwear model that has a 4 out of 5-star rating online. Let’s look at the Under Armour Bandit 2 more in-depth, and check its pros, cons, and most prominent features.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable with a solid back

Good traction on dry and wet surfaces

Breathable, heathered, light, and very stretchable

Good for flat arches and low arches

Cushioning aids with impact on the knees

Used for exercise, running, walking, and workouts


Can quickly show signs of wear in the heel

May need to size up ½ of a size

Get wet easily

Key Features

-Welded, smooth, ultrasonic seaming with Bemis tape
-Internal cup for the heel is seamless
-A heel counter that is extra firm
-The shaft from the arch is low-top
-Drop in the heel to toe is 10mm
-Neutral shoe with a 4-cushion level
-Flex grooves are deep in the rubber outsole
-Micro Gfootbed will mold to the foot shape
-Charged Cushioning two-piece midsole is soft and firm
-Upper stays in place in connection to the tongue


There is a good selection of colors to choose from for the Under Armor Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoe for men. Most of the color selections are one color for the upper and another for the heel such as the ultra-blue/midnight navy/ultra-blue model. This model is ultra-blue on the upper and midnight navy for the heel and tongue.

Other combinations included are red and black, hyper green and black, two shades of gray together, and even black and white only. The one that has the bolt orange, navy, and peacock together would be one that is visible at night because of the bright orange color. If you run at night or early in the morning, you may want to consider this bright three-color option.


You get close to the skin comfort and support with the welded, smooth, ultrasonic seaming that has Bemis tape for this running shoe model. Functional and fashionable at the same time, the Under Armour Bandit 2 gets lots of compliments when worn. It is described as airy and light to wear even in warmer climates, so you know it is very breathable too.

It is important that a running shoe be well-aerated because of the area of the body that it covers. The foot tends to sweat as the rest of the body does but needs ventilation to prevent fungus, bacteria, and germ build-up in the shoes and on your feet. Moisture creates these problems, so the better the breathability of the shoe, the better your feet will feel and be free of problems.


Durable and long-lasting in the areas of high wear with the rubber of high abrasion, the Charged Bandit 2 from Under Armor has a satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars online from mostly satisfied buyers. From our research of customer feedback and comments, we can tell you that it is the superb build of this shoe and its comfort level that has pleased buyers. People claim they can run farther in this model than others because of the extra comfort. Under Armor is a well-known brand for excellent products, and the Under Armour Bandit 2 with the company’s logo on the side is an excellent example of their incredible work.


You may notice from the online photos just as we did that the laces and the loops for tying this running shoe are different than most other models. The laces are reliable with great hold through the fabric loops and can be tightened more with this lacing on foot. There are also two choices for end holes close to the ankle part of the shoe where the loops are threaded through for a tighter fit.

Running shoes usually have eyelets which the laces are threaded through thus providing little versatility in the tightness the user can achieve. With the lace grips being fabric and placed as they are on this Under Armor shoe, you have many choices in how tight you want to wear this product. Some people like to wear tight running shoes, whereas others prefer a looser fit. Both can be accommodated easily with such a lacing format as this one.


Very comfortable with a solid back, according to users, the Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 has an internal cup for the heel that is seamless to lock in the foot with an anatomical fit. The result is that the foot stays in place in the back of the shoe with the additional support provided by the heel counter that is firm. What all this means is that in the making of the shoe, the company made sure that there were no seams in the heel to discomfort the wearer.

In doing this, the heel of the shoe fits the foot with a better grip like a glove almost to help stabilize it. We noticed a couple of remarks from buyers saying that they had a hard time putting this footwear on. However, once it was on, they were thrilled with the level of comfort they had from the way it fit. On the negative side, the heel is the section that showed some of the first signs of wear for a few people and within just a few weeks of wear.

Heel-to-toe Drop

The Under Armour Bandit 2 is a neutral shoe with a 4-cushion level. It has a drop in the heel to toe of 10mm, and the shaft from the arch is low-top.Okay, this sounds great, but what does it all mean exactly?

Well, a neutral running shoe is good for all-around cushioning of the foot and is best for high arches. It will allow the foot to react to the shoe in a natural way as each step is comforted and protected with the cushioning. This is a contrast with stability running shoes that are best for arches of medium height with a good mix of support and cushioning.

The drop of the heel to toe represents the height from the toe to the heel. It determines how the foot will hit the ground as you land each step. The 10mm drop indicates a shoe with a high drop, which will promote the heel to strike. Thus, most of the body weight will be supported by the heel area.


The flex grooves are deep in the rubber outsole of this Under Armor running shoe to provide full contact with the ground for the most flexibility. Whether you run on trails, pavement, sidewalks, or on the road, you will have the traction you need for sound footing. The sole is made of all rubber and includes a toe end protector of added rubber to guard the toes when stubbed.

Customers have noted that the traction is fabulous for this footwear on both dry and wet surface areas. If you are on a look for shoes for water environments, check this guide. This is not always the case with running shoes, but you will be safe whether there is water or not where you must walk or run. You can see in the online photos the superb grooves along the sides of the shoe and on the bottom.


The general consensus about the size of this footwear model is that when ordering, you will need to pick the next ½ larger size for the best fit and comfort. There are enough comments and guidance from online buyers to be able to tell future customers this in good faith. There are plenty of people who have had to return their shoes because they were just a bit too small.

It is not even enough to go up a whole size, but just a half of a size for a wonderful fit. For those that have wide feet, you will be glad to know that several people with wide feet were able to be quite comfortable in this shoe with a wider toe box than normal. There are wide sizes available for you to suit your needs.


A good fit and terrific cushioning come from the Micro Gfootbed that is molded to conform to the foot shape easily. The Charged Cushioning two-piece midsole is soft under the forefoot and firm under the heel. This gives you the comfort and support needed for amazing running and walking performance.

It is from this footbed or insole that the neutral selection of support is determined and the level of comfort. The feeling of wearing this product is great, considering the many comments from users about how they love this shoe and how it feels on them.


A point of distinction on the Under Armour Bandit 2 Running Shoe is the exclusive upper. It is breathable, heathered, light, and very stretchable, which is marvelous, but it is the tongue that has people talking. It seems as though the tongue is longer than most running shoe tongues to the point that it first bothered some customers. One person did not like the shoe at first for the very reason that the tongue felt weird touching his ankle.

After wearing it a few times, he came to appreciate the tongue build and even began to like how it helped to stabilize his foot. The fit is enhanced, and the upper stays in place because of the superb connection of the unique construction of the tongue. That is the reason it is long. The upper did not please everyone though because some customers said that it was not long before they had holes in the hems rather quickly and the shoe does get wet easily. It is not waterproof or even water-resistant, so you will have to be careful in the wet areas.


Best for running and walking along trails, the Charged Bandit 2 can be used for other activities and sports as well. Several buyers said this footwear is good for exercise and workouts as the included cushioning aids with the impact on the knees. Questions concerning the comfort for those with low or flat arches are asked online from potential buyers. We have already told you above that this model is good for these arch conditions.

To hear it from a satisfied customer is even better. Answers to those concerns was a positive “yes” that the Under Armour Bandit 2 is good for flat and low arches in their opinion and experience. A few people did not feel that this product was ideal for long distances of running or walking because they did not think that it had enoughcushioned support.

The type of arch they had was not given in the information. Therefore, it is hard to really make a good guess as to why they felt the Under Armour Bandit 2 was not good for prolonged workouts.

Bottom Line

You will possibly first see signs of wear with the Under Armour Bandit 2 from Under Armor in the heel section, according to buyers. The sizes run a tad small. If you order this product, be sure to size up ½ to be the most comfortable.

The stretchy upper, more extended tongue, terrific traction, and well-cushioned midsole all combine to give the wearer a marvelous neutral running shoe with a high drop and a low top from shaft to arch. Flat arches and low arches will love this model as will anyone else who desires excellent essential cushioning in their running footwear. There is a reason Under Armour products are esteemed in the fitness world and you can combine this product with Under Armour Compression Shirt.