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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Review Facts

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoe is best for running purposes but is also ideal for walking, casual use, work, sports, chores, activities, and tasks. Read our guide on the best shoes for walking to check other models. It is an improved model that expands on the technology present in previous versions. The Pegasus 35 is lighter, faster, and sleeker for the wearer. It has a fly mesh upper for breathability and seamless support and a Zoom Air midsole that is full length.

The Achilles fit now is with tapered design in the heel collar. The heel is beveled. The midsole also is with upgraded features with the Fitsole Sockliner that acts like memory foam and the Cushion ST premium foam. This is a type of shoe that is best for neutral pronation and a normal arch. It comes in an assortment of sizes, including wide widths to fit everyone. The quality that will blow you away is the wide variety of available color combinations. Choose your favorite and start enjoying the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35.

The review will provide an in-depth insight into all the features. This will ultimately help you make a knowledgable decision when choosing the right running shoes that will suit you the best.


Editor's Pros & Cons

As many as 60 color combinations

Lighter, sleeker, and faster with smoother transitions

Wide widths available

Sizes are true to regular fit

Is a neutral shoe type

Best for neutral pronation and normal arch

Great ventilation and seamless support

Good for road and multiple surfaces

Usable for plantar fasciitis, running, work, and casual


Soles wore away quickly for some buyers

Not a good fit for those with narrow feet – too wide

Key Features

Partial wrap of the bootie construction
Reflective features on the heel
Achilles fit has a tapered design; the heel is beveled
Heel to toe offset of 10mm; neutral shoe type
Fitsole Sockliner; Flywire cables for support
Cushion ST premium foam
Zoom Air midsole is full-length
Crash rail of rubber for cushioning transitions
Good traction from waffle lugs and pistons
Flymesh material upper


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 comes in a multitude of color combinations such as black/white/Gunsmoke/oil grey, Geode teal/bright mango/clear emerald, colorful crimson/ice blue/sail, and Gridiron/laser orange/black/pink blast just to name several of them that we found particularly interesting.

These color mixtures are not only fun to say out loud, but they have a superb appearance and will get you many compliments from other people. There are nearly 60 color combinations. We just had to count them all! We looked at each one of them too just for fun and admiration.

Honestly, we could not just settle on one of these gorgeous assortments of shades. We did find a couple of people who had ordered the stable black shoe but instead received a black shoe with a white bottom edge. They were unhappy, of course, so double-check that what you tick off on order is what you want. You can return the product if not satisfied.


The main reason that Nike created this version of the Pegasus was to make it lighter, more breathable, faster, and sleeker in the design and feel of the footwear. It gives the wearer the flexibility needed for performance, whether running, walking, or working with this shoe on foot.

The incorporated cable in the build enhances flexibility and gives lockdown support. The mesh upper is supposed to give the foot the ventilation needed to prevent moisture build-up in the shoe. Hardly anyone online said anything concerning the ventilation, but a few buyers did. They said that their foot was soggy in this shoe so much that is was very uncomfortable.

Not knowing all of the details, it is hard to judge the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus with just this information. For instance, did they have on any socks and if so, were they thick or thin? If you are looking for socks, make sure you read this guide.

The temperature might have also been soaring, which would make conditions very ripe for perspiration. Understandable. The overall rating suggests that in general users are very satisfied with this improved and upgraded Nike model of the Pegasus running shoe.

Ground Feel

How a running shoe feel when your foot hits the ground with it on is probably the essential feature of this type of footwear. Being a neutral shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 will allow the foot plenty of room to spread out when it is in contact with the ground.

This is vital for good pronation and proper alignment of the body. Many people say that this shoe model is supportive and comfortable right away straight from the package. Some feel that it made them run easier and faster than their normal running shoes. You can enjoy snug comfort with the partial wrap of the bootie construction that is implemented for added support.

There are also Flywire cables for support of the foot too. Those that must walk miles on their jobs each day appreciate this product the most. Occupations such as teachers of large campuses, nurses, doctors, delivery package workers, and postal carriers all use this footwear to be kind to their feet in comfort and support.


New to this version of the Pegasus line is a heel that is beveled for experiences of smoother transitions. The Achilles fit is also improved with the tapered design in the heel collar. Truthfully, not everyone cared for this change in the heel. Most people do appreciate the difference they feel in the heel when it hits the ground, but some did not. Making the heel collar sleeker helps with the overall weight of the shoe for longevity. Also concerning the heel are reflective features that are on the exterior for safety and visibility. This is needed when runners or walkers are out on the road or trails at night or in the early morning before sunrise. Other people can see you clearly and are aware of your presence. Our guide on the best reflective jackets can also help you out with this.

Heel to toe drop

This is a high-drop running shoe of 10mmwhich means that when the foot lands in walking or running, it is the heel that will strike first on the ground. A drop of 10 to 12 is considered a high-drop shoe. This number indicates the variance in the height of the toe and the heel. Zero to 8mm means a shoe with a strike of the midfoot or forefoot. This figure is also known as the heel to toe offset.


A lot is going on in the midsole of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35. This is where the magic happens for the comfort and support of the foot the most. A couple of new technologies are present in this model in this area. The Zoom Air midsole is full-length, and the Fitsole Sockliner will take on your foot shape much like memory foam.

This midsole cushioning offers good shock absorption support. Also included is a Cushion ST premium foam that adapts to the foot, well and is quite cushioned too. Cushioned shoes prevent a lot of motion when walking or running since the added material helps in stabilizing the foot inside. Those with flat feet, in particular, find it comfortable with support insoles added to the interior. Many people said that this shoe is worth the extra cost to have comfort when running and walking for long periods.


Usually the first place a running shoe will show wear is in the outsole because of the heavy use. This is another area of improvement for this model of footwear. The durability is improved in the heel with the rubber that is abrasion-resistant.We did find in our research several buyers who had this product deteriorate within a month on the outsole to an unsatisfactory level.

They think it is because the rubber is thinner than normal in this area. If the durability is one of the upgrades, then it is hard to understand why the company would make this section thinner. The sole is softer than most other running shoes and it has a crash rail of rubber for cushioning transitions. This is also the section that gives the foot the traction it needs, and the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 has great traction for most surfaces. You get a good grip with the waffle lugs and pistons that are seen in the photos.


With a new speedy feel and look, the synthetic upper construction of fly mesh material gives excellent ventilation and seamless support. This mesh fabric makes the shoe feel lighter and sleeker to the user. Because sweat can build up inside a shoe just like in clothing, running shoes need to have such a breathable upper section for comfort and continued dryness. On the top are secure loops for the laces to attach for stability. These have more give in them than regular loops or eyelets so that the shoe can be tied on snug and form-fitted.


Buyers are always thrilled when they find footwear that comes in wide widths. This is because so many people have wide feet, feet with medical problems, and feet that need a full spread upon impact with the ground. This product has many large sizes and full sizes to accommodate anyone. They are also right to regular fit according to the majority of customers. If you desire extra room, then pick a ½ larger than what you usually wear. The interior is so roomy that those with narrow feet do not find this model comfortable. The small foot experiences plenty of movement inside this shoe when walking or running. Previous Pegasus footwear fit the narrow foot just fine, but this one does not.


You already know that this Nike running shoe is a neutral type of shoe. This means that the footwear provides upright alignment for the ankle and the foot. The wear of the shoe will be even on the bottom. Neutral shoes will wear evenly in the area of the ball (just below the toes) and the heel section. Such footwear is best for those with neutral pronation with a normal arch. It is also beneficial for those with under-pronation where the ankle leans toward the outside. When people who do not have this foot type put on this shoe, they will, of course, not be very comfortable. This is one of the reasons for the negative reviews that concern the discomfort of the model. For those with over-pronation, we made a great list that you can view here.


We have already mentioned a few places that buyers are using the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 model of running shoe. You would think that a running shoe would be just for running, but it is not. When customers read about the qualities that this footwear possesses, and they see friends and co-workers wearing them for comfort, then the ball gets rolling to purchase them for others uses.

So many people work in occupations that demand they be on their feet all day every day. This takes a heavy toll on the feet in the way of comfort, stability, and support. Without proper shoes, the feet will feel like they are walking painfully barefoot on concrete.

Running shoes, like this one, are ideal for these occupations. (We list them above, so no need to repeat here.) This running model does well on-road and trail surfaces for runners and walkers. Use it for casual use or if you have any medical foot problems such as plantar fasciitis that need this kind of support and cushioning.

Finding the right footwear can sometimes make you feel like Cinderella at the ball with a glass slipper, but when you have found the perfect one for you, oh, the splendid comfort and joy!

Bottom Line

Those with narrow feet might not be the best candidates for this Nike footwear that caters to the wide-foot and flat-foot population. The shoe on a narrow foot does not provide a snug fit that is needed for good stability and support. Some people experienced the outsole coming apart within a month or so, and they were not happy with this product. Other than those few complaints, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is going strong in ratings and positive comments. Use it for running, walking, working, or casual use for medium support of the arch with the build for regular pronation. For those that like a large selection of colors to choose from, this is one design that is perfect for you!