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Bose Audio Sunglasses Review Facts
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Are you ready for a cool pair of protective sunglasses combined with the outstanding Bose sound system? The Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses are indeed a reality! They work with Siri, Google Assistant, and pair well with most new devices of Android and iOS using Bluetooth.

These are the first of their kind in the Bose lineup of innovative products. The premium water-resistant lenses are resistant to scratches and shattering, tinted uniformly, and block as much as 99% of UVB and UVA rays. These sunglasses have Miniature Bose speakers built into the sunglasses near the temples for an immersive rich stereo sound in both ears. Others around you will not hear a thing, provided you have the volume within a decent range.

This is the Alto version that has large commanding lenses and an angular classic shape. You can enjoy your favorite tunes with these audio sunglasses as well as take calls from your phone. Be a part of the innovative technology that Bose offers with this unique sunglass product.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Nothing goes in the ears; Alto version


Personal experience of clear audio

Lenses block 99% of UVB and UVA rays

Others nearby do not hear calls or music

Stay alert to what is going on around you

Pairs easily using Bluetooth

Compatible with most Android and iOS devices

Works with Siri and Google Assistant


Many did not like the quality of the glasses

Must be reconnected each time it is turned on

No nose piece – may slide off if small or when sweating

Too big for some people; won’t work with Spotify


Because this is a Bose product, many loyal fans of this company flocked to purchase these glasses. They were expecting the excellent quality of its natural sound systems for these Audio Sunglasses. While most buyers were pleased with their glasses, there were numerous complaints of the poor quality received.

Considering the high price, several people did not even try the music and call component because of the way the product looked to them. They returned them. Bose is one of the best companies for audio systems, so the expectations for this item was high. The 3.9 out of 5-star rating is mostly because of this perceived low quality of the glasses and not the sound component.

Key Features

Sound is stereo - hear in both ears
Hinges are metal; rims are nylon
Miniature speakers hidden near temples
Lenses are tinted and resistant to scratches and shattering
Lenses can be changed for polarized, prescription, or other colors
Large size, commanding lenses, and angular classic shape
Comes with a pouch, a protective case, and a charging cable
Access to the app Bose Connect; Bluetooth connectivity
Integrated microphone for virtual assistant or calls
Range of Bluetooth is 30 feet (9m); charge time of 2 hours
Battery 12 hours for standby; streaming for 3.5 hours


What makes these Audio Sunglasses from Bose so unique besides the quality of the speakers is that nothing goes into the ears to block surrounding sounds as you take calls or listen to tunes.

You can still be very much a part of things happening around you and thrill your ears at the same time with music that no one else can hear. The sound is stereo that you can hear in both ears too.

For people who work outside, these Bose Frames are ideal. They protect their eyes at the same time they are connected for calls and can enjoy music all day too. A few buyers say that the excellent sound is limited if you are doing noisy things such as riding a bike fast or you are walking along on a crowded, noisy street.

Those outside sounds tend to drown out the listening ability of these Audio Sunglasses. Another comfort feature is the simple controls. Right on one of the ear posts of the glasses are the controls for pause and play of the music, off and on for the device, and reject and accept for the phone calls.


Made to last and comfortable to wear, the premium lenses and materials used are scratch and shatter-resistant.The hinges are metal for durability and longevity, and the rims are made of nylon material.

There are customer complaints about the quality of the materials used, which were voiced by enough people to mention it in this review. We briefly touched on this in the Brand section, but it concerns the durability of the product as well.

It is not unreasonable to expect the absolute best quality of glasses for the substantial price that is being asked for this item.

Some did not like the odd shape, large size, and “economical” look of the frames and lenses. Others appreciated having the chance to have protective sunglasses and the Bluetooth connection to their phone and were very pleased with the Bose Frames.


With miniature speakers hidden in the areas of the temples, these audio sunglasses for both men and women provide a personal experience of clear audio. They are terrific for activities and life on the move since the connection is not interrupted or distracted.

Whether you work outdoors or want to enjoy these for general use, you will enjoy the unique experience of having your favorite music and the chance to take calls from your phone using these fantastic sunglasses. A couple of people commented that when these glasses are turned off and then on again, they must be reconnected each time in settings. This was not mentioned in the product description or online anywhere else.

Even with the complaints from buyers about the quality of the materials and the look of the product, you have to marvel at the ingenuity and creativity of the company in making such an item. Even with its faults, these audio sunglasses represent great leaps and bounds in technology to please customers.

Without innovation such as this, we would not get any new products to satisfy our needs of having music on the go.


While you enjoy your type of music and taking your personal phone calls with these terrific glasses, you will also be protecting your eyes. The lenses block as much as 99% of UVB and UVA rays and are tinted uniformly. They can also be changed out for others if you desire some that are polarized or prescription. Bose offers lenses of other colors that work well in these frames too. Those include Blue Gradient, Rose Gold, and Mirrored Silver versions. So, don’t let the fun stop with just this purchase, get some special lenses to make them awesome!


It is unbelievable but true that the people around you cannot hear the music or conversations from calls you get with these audio sunglasses. Incredible, right? Really, what is there to stop them from hearing everything if they are near? Well, it is the way that the speakers are embedded in the frames that makes this possible.

The miniature speakers are carefully positioned near the ear to give you direct sound that others cannot hear.This does have its limitations though. The volume control goes from 1 to 100, and the best setting for your personal hearing is from 30 to 50. Now, if you crank it up to around 100, then, of course, others will hear the music. The happy medium for the volume is loud enough for you to enjoy, low sufficient for others to not listen to it, and at a good enough range that you can still listen to what is going on around you.


We can tell you that some customers felt that this product was too large for their face. Those with a small nose may find that these slide down their nose a lot because the glasses lack a nose piece. If you are participating in a sport, activity, job, task, or errand that involved plenty of sweating, then you may have the same issue or them sliding off the nose. This is not a common problem but a possibility.


When you look at these sunglasses online, you will notice that there are several versions of it. This review is for the Alto version with the black frames. The Alto type is a large size with an angular look.The company calls them commanding lenses and an angular classic shape. Either way, they are the first Bose audio sunglasses created and are water-resistant. This item has a current 3.8 rating with customers who were most dissatisfied with the look and feel of the physical form. Perhaps one of the other versions of this item would have suited them better than the Alto version.


Oh, yes, you get some extra goodies with the purchase of these Bose Frames! We love the nifty extras that help us enjoy our new products to the fullest! These audio sunglasses come with a microfiber pouch, a protective case, and a charging cable that is magnetic.So, you can keep them in a flexible case or a hardcover case, and you get the cable to charge them up after using them. Swell!


To connect this superb set of sunglasses and fix your personal settings, you will need access to the app of Bose Connect. You get future updates there too as well as any other information concerning this item. It is also Bose enabled for Bose AR (augmented reality), but the functionality of this feature and the availability varies. One person mentioned in their online feedback that this product does not work with Spotify. It does work with Siri and Google Assistant though. (More about connectivity in the next section.)

Power Source

The charge time for the polymer lithium battery that is required of this device is two hours. We are assuming that the battery comes with the sunglasses, although it was not specified in the product information. There it just said that this battery was required. You may have to purchase a battery or not when you get the glasses. The noted battery life is twelve hours when on standby and streaming for three and a half hours. This means that if you want to listen to music all day long on the job or out an about town, it will only last for three or so hours. Bose, this needs some improvement, please.


The Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses have wireless Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 30 feet (9m).They are compatible and pair well with most new devices of Android and iOS. There is also an integrated microphone to access the virtual assistant on a phone or for calls.

Several buyers mentioned that while they thought the sound of this device was clear, it is not as good as Bluetooth in the ear. Really, that makes sense and should not be expected of a mechanism that is not even touching your ears. Comparing the two is not a fair assessment of Bose, Bluetooth, or this product. With in-the-ear Bluetooth sound, you cannot hear the surrounding noises and voices nearby. However, with the Bose Frames, you can. Apples and oranges.

Bottom Line

Well, the first products of a new invention are not always the best, but they are not so terrible either. Many people had negative comments about the Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses, but others were delighted with their cool and awesome shades.

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The quality of the materials could use some improvement, as well as the issue of reconnecting and the omission of a nose piece. The large size put some people off along with the not so long battery life. These are just minor kinks that will improve with each new version, but companies must begin somewhere.

With customer feedback, manufacturers can make necessary enhancements. You cannot expect in-the-ear quality from an item that does not go in the ear. That is just unfair.

These Bose Frames have an excellent sound, allow you to hear what is going on with the music on, protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays, permit phone calls to come through, and last for hours of operation.

The advanced Bose technology and idea are what command the high price and not the quality of the frame material. They represent marvelous technology progress, and we love that!