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Anker Soundcore Speaker Review Facts

The Anker Soundcore speaker is one of the most affordable higher quality speakers you’re going to be able to find on the market right now. With Bluetooth 4.0 technology this speaker is going to be a wonderful option for people who enjoy using it in relaxing home settings or are looking to have lively summer nights where they listen to music on the beach. The speaker's drivers and processor help deliver fantastic sound quality while the 24-hour battery life lets it be used for hours on end without interruption. Since the speaker has such a great range as well, you can plan on enjoying your favorite songs and playlists without having to feel tied down to one spot or carrying the speaker around with you all day.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 24 hour Battery
  • Long Range Bluetooth
  • Connects with Alexa Enabled Devices
  • Inexpensive
  • Not Waterproof
  • Material Holds Fingerprints
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  • For the size, convenience, and price, the majority of reviewers are pleased with their Soundcore speakers.
  • The sound quality is clear and impressive for the size.
  • Reviewers say the bass is decent and well-balanced.
  • The size makes this convenient for the office, in the bathroom, camping, etc.
  • The battery life is impressive.
  • The non-slip coating adds style and a bit of protection.
  • Many reviewers like this for listening to audiobooks.
  • This speaker is very user-friendly even for people new to bluetooth speakers.
  • Buyers say they have had good experiences with Anker customer service concerning this device.
  • The price is reasonable for the quality and functionality.
  • It can handle a wide variety of music genres.
  • Anker stands by their products and has replaced defective speakers that some reviewers received.
  • It pairs easily and quickly.
  • You can check the battery charge on a paired device.
  • The buttons are intuitive.
  • It can be used for phone calls.
  • Reviewers say it is a reliable choice for a portable speaker.
  • You can still use it while it's charging.
  • One reviewer claims it was easy to spray paint the front grill to customize it.
  • The case and AUX cable are sold separately.
  • Buyers have received defective devices which failed to turn on or charge from some sellers.
  • There are complaints of some devices failing to work within the first six months of use. Anker customer service has contacted many of those customers.
  • In some lighting, the control buttons are more difficult to see.
  • You have to press firmly to activate the controls.
  • Several buyers have had issues pairing with some devices.
  • The microphone is not very powerful and must be aimed directly at the person speaking in order to clearly work.
  • The manual is not very helpful.
  • There are some complaints that the charging port can fail or be finicky to connect.
  • Fingerprints and smudges easily show on the top and sides.
  • Audiophiles may be disappointed by the sound quality.
  • Pairing with an Echo Dot can cause a couple of seconds of delay in sound.
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Anker is a fledgling international brand that has quickly and noticeably made a name for itself and its development of reliable products. With a name inspired by the German word for anchor their goal for creating anchoring peripherals for pretty much any smart device has been quickly realized. At just seven years old their products are sold worldwide to a consumer market that looks for the best when it comes to enjoyable audio and smart device experiences. Having been started by a former Google engineer the company is made by and for tech-savvy individuals who expect their smart devices’ peripherals to deliver quality performances time and time again. Specializing in virtually anything you could consider a mobile electronic the Anker brand is already experienced in this field and the Soundcore speaker, like all of their products, doesn’t waver from the company’s satisfaction guarantee.

Providing an 18 -month warranty, they’re sure their product will not only be enjoyed by customers but will stay in working condition long after you purchase it. Anker may be relatively new to the game but they’re already putting bigger companies and manufacturers to the test as they continue to deliver quality products at affordable prices for all different kinds of uses and occasions.


This Bluetooth speaker boasts some incredible connection capabilities both in its ability to connect to smartphones as well as other devices. With premier Bluetooth 4.0 technology you’ll benefit from the experience of strong and reliable Bluetooth connection without having to worry about song skips and your device or devices disconnecting from the speaker while you’re using it. This Bluetooth 4.0 technology also enables it to stay connected at greater distances more reliably than in the past. At a range of sixty-six feet, users can enjoy using the speaker both indoors for parties or outdoors for a good time with friends and family. This range combined with the speaker's great acoustic qualities helps deliver louder clearer sound at greater distances so you can amplify your good times with ease.

The speaker also has the capability to connect with Amazon Alexa devices. This feature helps create more immersive sound experiences as you get to enjoy music through both devices. This also allows for you to be able to use your Alexa as it is connected to your speaker. Thanks to this speaker built in microphone you can still give voice commands and enjoy the full range of Alexa features you would otherwise be missing when you use an alternative speaker or audio device. This allows you to stay connected to your Alexa app and continue to enjoy the playlists, news, routines, and other capabilities you’re used to using.


This Bluetooth speaker has a rather impressive list of assorted features that will benefit anyone looking for a more reliable and flexible Bluetooth speaker compared to what they're used to. With 24-hour battery life, you can have a reliable audio source and listen to music during those all day summer parties on the beach, or not have to worry about plugging it back in to charge every time you want to listen to your favorite playlist while at home. The new Bluetooth 4.0 technology also lets you enjoy the speaker at greater distances outside or while you’re walking around and moving during indoor kickbacks. With the stronger and more reliable Bluetooth signal, you’ll be able to stay connected even better while playing music from a range of 66 feet, enjoying your favorite tracks from all around your house or anywhere on the beach. The fantastic range makes it a premier opportunity if you’re looking to upgrade from having to be the resident DJ from your phone, to be able to enjoy the party your self and embracing the festivities to the fullest.

This speaker also has an extremely lightweight design, at just over twelve and a half ounces the speaker weighs in a just under a pound, making it highly portable and easy to carry, place, and then pick up again as you go about your day. The lightweight design also makes it easy to transport in luggage and on road trips helping you to enjoy music whether you’re out camping or looking for music to dance to while in your hotel room. The ability to pair with Amazon Alexa devices also make it is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your audio range from the Amazon device you’re already used to. And because this speaker has a built-in microphone you’ll still be able to deliver usual Alexa commands. This is great for staying connected with all the Alexa features you’re already used to as well as allowing you to experience more sound at a better quality without having to invest in a more expensive Alexa product.


Considering the diverse and useful features that Anker has manufactured it with, you’ll be getting the most possible for a price tag that most other companies would hike-up. Compared to its competitors you won’t have to break your wallet in order to have the ability to keep your speaker connected to your Alexa device and be able to enjoy your playlists and music in fuller more satisfying experiences. The speaker also has a noticeably strong battery for a relatively small amount of money. At 24 hours long, the battery life of this speaker will most likely not just outlast your smartphone but other speakers you may have purchased in the past at higher price points. This makes this speaker one of the most competitive that you can buy at this price point, outlasting even some bulkier and more expensive speakers and personal PAs that you can purchase from other manufacturers. The speakers wonderful range also make it hard to compete with as other devices may require physical setup for you to be able to travel away over sixty feet or all together will lose your smart device’s signal, interrupting your music and forcing you to pair your devices again as you try to shorten the gap between the two devices. It is not a hefty price tag for any piece of audio equipment but when considering what you get out of this speaker for its affordable price it would be hard to justify passing it up.


This speaker is going to be a relatively all-around useful speaker for any buyer. Its loud profile and ability to fill a room with music makes it a premier option for anyone that enjoys throwing house parties, get-togethers, or even backyard summer barbeques. The intricate and well thought out sound design of the speaker allows it to benefit from the audio drivers and signal processor that it has been equipped with. By taking advantage of these features the speaker delivers lows and highs that go virtually unmatched and maintain their fidelity at even loud volumes. This means that you’ll no longer have to deal with the rattling tin experience you get from cheaper and poorer made speakers, allowing you to enjoy your music in the heat of the moment whether you’re playing a soothing jazz station for a dinner for two or blasting the beats for a house full of people looking to have a good time. You won’t have to worry about charging it again until the next morning. This feature makes it great for those times when you know people will be showing up early but others won’t leave until late, making your party the talk of friends as everyone remembers what a good time they had and how great the music was the next time you see them. The type of range being delivered, both physically and in sound quality, is hard to pass up and makes it a great option for someone who expects to be using this speaker to play music for all different kinds of occasions.

Key Features

The key features that are going to benefit you the most with this speaker are integral to what the company seems to be aiming for with their Bluetooth audio devices. The 24-hour battery life is wonderful for long and all day listening sessions no matter the environment. This speaker can match your mood of calm instrumentals and self-oriented days inside, or bump it up for loud and boisterous parties on the beach or in your backyard. With the battery life, you won’t have to worry about either situation and you’ll be able to enjoy your music all the while thanks to its sixty plus feet of range, keeping you connected whether your downstairs, upstairs or elsewhere. The speaker's ability to connect to Amazon Alexa devices also makes it a great option for someone who either wants to or has gotten used to playing their music from anywhere in their house and being able to enjoy it. All the enjoyment you already get out of your Alexa devices easily transfers into owning this speaker which can even allow you to conduct Alexa voice commands. With the built-in microphone, you can still ask and have Alexa play the news, podcasts, and playlists you love hearing on your Alexa devices but now through a more dedicated speaker than before. This encapsulates the range of the sound quality your speaker has as well. Thanks to the drivers and processor this speaker uses your favorite artists, newscasters and podcast host will sound better than ever. The highs and lows of the speaker make bass feel fuller without rattling the speaker or shaking your table and the highs come out without pitch distortion or the sense that they’re being played through the opening on a tin can.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this speaker is going to be one of the better made Bluetooth speakers you can get for under fifty dollars. Its amazing range makes it ideal for almost any type of occasion and its ability to connect won’t leave you disappointed. You’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic sound and audio experience almost anywhere and at any time thanks to its portability and the quality of that sound won’t be degraded just because you’re using a Bluetooth connection to do it. The speaker’s long battery life also means that you won’t have to stop enjoying the fun or listening to music halfway through your day just because you have to charge it again. You can listen to music all day and all night no problem. Expect to be using this speaker for not only its Amazon Alexa capabilities but also because you’ll be enjoying an experience that others just simply can’t deliver without expecting you to drop a lot of cash. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that won’t break the bank, lets you enjoy yourself, and keeps you worry-free while you’re using it then the Soundcore is right for you.