Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones

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Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones Review Facts

The Sony WH1000XM3 pair of headphones are a pair of top of the line wireless noise-canceling headphones that the company has developed as a major contender in the hopes of being a leading choice for audiophiles. Designed and built with superior technology, the implementation of the company’s unique drivers and processors allows for the headphones to deliver an audio listening experience that is hard to rival. As a result of this merging of design and premium use of technology, this pair of headphones rivals even the most notable brands in their ability to provide a listening experience that fully envelopes the wearer separating their music from the raucous of the world around them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Alexa Enabled
  • 30 Hour Battery Life
  • Wireless and Bluetooth Enabled
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Larger profile
  • Higher price Tag than some are used to
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  • The majority of reviewers are impressed by the overall quality that Sony has packed into these headphones.
  • The battery life lives up to Sony's claims.
  • These are quick to charge.
  • The controls are intuitive and don't take long to learn and remember.
  • Reviewers are pleased with the noise cancelation features and options.
  • When the automatic noise canceling feature is on, it will quickly adjust to changing outside noise volumes.
  • The ear cups are comfortable enough to wear for hours without feeling any fatigue.
  • If you work or spend time in uncomfortably noisy environments, these are a great investment. Many buyers say they help them to stay focused and more relaxed.
  • The noise canceling function helps to make plane travel more enjoyable.
  • Reviewers are happy with the quality of materials and construction.
  • A protective case is included.
  • The Aware Mode is helpful and convenient.
  • You can use Google Assistant through these headphones as well as make and receive calls.
  • The design is simple, clean, and looks good.
  • There is a battery level indication on the headphones for convenience.
  • Through the app you can customize the sound.
  • Buyers say there are clear improvements in the noise canceling quality compared to earlier generations of Sony headphones.
  • There are no complaints of the weight.
  • Most buyers are satisfied with the sound quality.
  • If you wear these headphones for several hours, you may feel extra warmth on your ears.
  • These can only be paired with one device at a time which makes changing back and forth between devices a little cumbersome.
  • The app is a bit confusing to those unfamiliar with features of noise canceling headphones.
  • They do not have auto shut off like the M2s.
  • There are complaints of faulty mics making phone calls very difficult.
  • A few reviewers have had issues after firmware updates.
  • The touch controls are sensitive and can be inadvertently activated.
  • In very low temperatures and windy conditions, the controls tend to malfunction.
  • The charger cord is short.
  • Dropped connections have been an issue for some reviewers.
  • The fit and comfort is influenced by personal preference and physical features.
  • Long hair can get in the way of the controls.
  • Audiophiles may be disappointed by the sound quality.
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The Sony brand is one of the most universally recognized, respected, and used technology manufactures in the world. Making and selling products that range in diversity from household video game consoles, headsets and speakers, mirrorless cameras, and TVs they’ve long established themselves as one of the largest and strongest competitors in the tech field for over seventy years.

Having opened up shop just after World War 2 the Sony brand has grown from what was a small humble operation to the tech supergiant that supplies some of the highest quality products consumers can buy. Just like with their manufacturing of headphones now Sony has always had an affinity for audio fidelity, being the first company in Japan to manufacture a tape recorder that they marketed as the Type-G. Now Sony sets the bar with some of the best and user-friendly audio products you can find on the market, such as these noise-canceling wireless headphones. Their experience and expertise in this area now offer a product that puts the utmost sound quality available into a headphone Sony has designed to beat its competition in every aspect. Their original tape recorder was a first of its kind and these noise-cancelling headphones are one of a kind. Using the company’s top of the line audio drivers and processor’s the headphones will be able to eliminate an interfering or disruptive noise from the outside world while you’re able to enjoy your music in high-quality audio, crisp and clear phone calls in even the loudest public spaces, or use the built-in Amazon Alexa technology to choose between news, podcasts, and everything else Alexa has to offer.


This pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones have been designed with the fast passed and hyper-connected world in mind. With Bluetooth built in you’ll be able to use these headphones with almost any smartphone or Bluetooth audio device with relative ease. This Bluetooth feature also means the smartphone connectivity won’t be hindered by what kind of audio jack your brand of phone is using. This pair of headphones also sports handsfree calling when connected to your phone. This feature allows for you to make phone calls without having to pick up your phone, and the custom microphones used in the headset help isolate the ambient sound around you so that calls are clearer and cleaner in their sound quality than the would be otherwise.

These wireless noise-cancelling headphones also have an admirable battery life of thirty hours. This allows for users to wear them throughout the week with little worry that the battery will be dead by Tuesday. This is fantastic for buyers who’ve dealt with poor battery life in the past but want to be able to stay connected while listening to their music or on calls but without the tangle and hassle of wired headphones or headsets.


The list of features that this pair of wireless headphones comes with is one of the more impressive ones you’ll see on the market. Equipped with smart listening and noise-cancelling technology the headphones deliver an audio listening experienced that goes virtually unmatched. By implementing the use of small microphones built-in to the headset and joint implementation of the company’s audio drivers and processors that headphones are able to dampen and mute outside noises. This prevents your listening experience from being interrupted by the hustle and bustle chaos that may be around you, especially the hum of movement and noise that so many people are familiar in big cities such as New York or Los Angeles. The headphones also feature built-in Alexa capabilities that are implemented through the already present blue tooth features. By pairing together your Amazon Alexa app and the Sony app you can control your headphones and Alexa jointly. This allows you to take hold of the full features you’re used to with other Alexa enabled devices such as the speakers and products that may already be in your home. With access to your news, radio, and playlists you can enjoy the ease and use of Alexa on the go with little effort other than using your phone.

The headphones also sport an impressive and extremely useful thirty-hour battery life. For people who use their headphones and other rechargeable devices a lot you know the irritation of feeling as though you’ve only just charged your device and it already seem to be dying and needs to be recharged. For these headphones a full charge will last you thirty hours, allowing for use multiple days in a row without having to recharge. The battery also now boasts a quick charge feature thanks to the USB-C which allows for the headphones to achieve a five-hour charge in just ten minutes of charging time.


These headphones may put some consumers off because of the somewhat hefty price tag. This amount of money doesn’t come without significant and noticeable benefits, however. The technology for the headphones is well designed and always keeps the user in mind. As the headphones monitor ambient and environmental noise around the wearer they adjust the signal that is used to disrupt incoming audio pollution. This keeps even the loudest truck passing your local coffee shop from being able to penetrate the high-quality audio you’ll b getting from these headphones. These headphones are also Bluetooth enabled allowing them to pair with just about any smart device that plays audio, including smartphones. The Bluetooth feature is great especially in an era when phone companies have begun developing their own audio jacks and shifting the market specifically for their product. By using Bluetooth you can bypass the need for either buying new headphones when you change cell phones or having to untangle a bunched up mess of wire when trying to play your music from your current smartphone.

Even with this technology, this pair of headphones doesn’t pass up on battery life. At thirty hours of charge, you can expect to use your headphones multiple days in a row with little concern for when you’ll have to charge it next. And because Sony has implemented new USB-C technology a comfortable five hours of battery life can be achieved by charging the headphones for just a short ten minutes, maximizing how often you can use them even when you haven’t left them on the charger before going to bed last night.


This product is going to be one of the most useful electronic peripherals and headphones you’ll ever buy. With the hands-free calling feature, you’ll be able to relax, even while making and receiving phone calls, and you won’t even have to live a finger. Because these headphones were designed with the user in mind, both for listening to music and making calls, these headphones come with built-in microphones dedicated to picking up your voice for crisp and clear phone calls and isolating and ambient and environmental sounds around you so that your calls aren’t interrupted or hard to hear because of outside noise. These headphones are great for any music lover or audiophile as well. Because of the isolation technology that is used in these headphones, you’ll be able to quickly notice and appreciate the quality of music not easily matched by any other model of headphone, wireless or otherwise. Having been tested by wearers who’ve worn them in near silent conditions and even the raucous ramparts of the New York City subway system everyone seems to have agreed that their ability to keep outside sounds and noises at bay is virtually unmatched.

When listening to music those sounds around you that would be a nuisance and disturbing if using regular headphones are almost made as background and part of the music you’re listening to due to the high quality dampening technology that this pair of headphones uses. This makes listening to music in public and trying to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city an easy and relaxing experience that is done almost unnoticed, allowing you to enjoy your day quietly and peacefully even in some of the largest and loudest cities on earth.

Key Features

The Sony WH1000XM3 comes with some notable features but the key features that’ll be looked at are hard for anyone to pass up especially in the current digital and technological age. These headphones maximize their usefulness through paired apps and compatibility. Users who are used to Alexa and already have the app downloaded simply need to follow the Sony app’s instructions as they connect their noise-cancelling headphones and make them work seamlessly. This Alexa feature allows you to stay in touch with news, music, and more in the very same way you would with any other Alexa enabled device in your home except on the go. This allows you to benefit from the news stations and different music playlists you’ve set up for your Alexa devices at home but in the car, on the bus, walking, or while riding the train all without having to anything more than just giving the standard Alexa command you’ve become used to. The noise-cancelling features in this headphone are also going to complement this as they make Alexa and the microphone more responsive to you and help dampen ambient and environmental noises. This allows for your voice commands to be crisp and clear but also for your music and news from the Alexa app to be just well delivered as any other audio you’ll have passing through the headphones.

It is also great for phone calls when you’re not listening to music. Due to the microphone designs and that clear sound of the headphones calls you make or receive would be easy to hear. Your voice won’t be drowned out by other noises around you as you try to talk on the phone. This noise-cancelling comes from the smart listening that has been implemented in the headphones, balancing the headphones to match you and your surroundings. This is a unique feature that many lower priced wireless headphones are not going to have and is one of the key reasons and features that justifies the higher price tag that was mentioned before.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this pair of headphones is going to be one of the best pair of headphones you ever buy, wireless, noise-cancelling, or otherwise. With the number of unique features and deliberate design and technology put into these headphones, you’ll be able to experience sound in a whole new way. Whether you’re someone who just wants to drown out the constant noise of the New York subway system and escape from the sound of ten million people for your ride home, or you’re hoping to make crisp and clear calls on the bus to work and set up that appointment o your way up to the office these headphones are for you. The built-in Alexa allows you to bring in the ease and comfort you experience from your Alexa devices at home onto the road with you, helping you to stay connected and happy even when the world around you is roaring with noise and moving a million miles a minute. The amount of care that has gone into creating these headphones is noticeable from day one and the satisfaction you’ll get from using them will continue day in and day out without you having to worry if you charged them every night thanks to the thirty-hour battery that has been implemented into them. Combine with the quick charge feature there’s almost never a time you won’t be able to get a good amount of use out of these headphones.