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Hanes Cool Dri T-Shirt Review Facts

If you love simple, colorful, comfortable t-shirts then this Hanes Cool Dri Tee is for you! Made with the interlocking and quick-drying Cool Dri fabric that is 100% polyester material, this t-shirt is perfect to wear for all sorts of outdoor sports and activities. Plus is terrific for work, play, travel, business trips, and general use. It is ideal for events such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, and trekking. The Hanes Cool Dri is a two-pack of shirts of the same color with a collar that is tag-free. It is a contemporary fit with a crew neckline.

It is Hanes' high-performance excellence that you can depend on for quality to remain cooler than cotton garments. The stitching is extra durable and double in the bottom hem, sleeves, and neck. The many sizes run from small to 3X to fit anyone comfortably. You even get 50+ UPF protection from the harmful UV sun rays with this t-shirt.

Read our detailed review on this comfortable t-shirt, if you are looking for a new one for this summer season. You will learn about the pros, cons and most prominent features and you will be able to make your choice.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Performance wear that you can depend on
  • Comfortable and cool even in hot conditions
  • Keeps you cooler than cotton
  • Soft around the armpits
  • Great for work, general use, sports, and activities
  • Use for backpacking, trekking, camping, and hiking
  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • Will not shrink after washing
  • Several people were hot with this shirt on
  • Thinner and smaller than expected for a few buyers


Everyone is familiar with the high-quality products of Hanes, whether you are a man or a woman. It has been in existence since 1901 and is the best brand for comfortable t-shirts, socks, and underwear for both sexes. The beautiful products of this famous manufacturer are reliable, dependable, and extremely pleased, plus give the user a great look and feel throughout the day. It is performance wear that you can depend on time and time again.

Key Features

-Double stitching in the bottom hem, sleeves, and neck
-The collar is ribbed, tag-free, and lays flat on the body
-Seams are flat to reduce chafing of the skin
-Fabric is interlocking and quick drying
-UPF rating of 50+ for super protection
-Made of 100% polyester CoodDri material
-A two-pack of shirts of the same color
-Six sizes offered from small to 3X
-Fit is contemporary with a crew neckline


Right up there with the excitement of the comfort and great fit of this t-shirt for men is the wide assortment of gorgeous and thrilling colors. We warn you – these are just like potato chips in that you cannot be satisfied with only one or two. Customers are purchasing these 2-packs (and even 3-packs) in droves because of the vast color selection and the value of Hanes Cool Dri. The excellent colors include black, deep forest, deep royal, deep red, Kelly green, graphite, light blue, gold, wow pink, white, safety green, safety orange, purple, navy, and maroon.

Some of these are neon colors for greater visibility. Runners, joggers, walkers, hunters, and fisherman will appreciate these bright colors the most, so they can be seen in dark areas or at night. Of course, the white model will be purchased more frequently than the other shades because it makes a terrific undershirt and base layer for colder weather.

It stays white after washing and is not see-through for most people as some thinner t-shirts can be. You will notice right away upon receiving this item that there is a shine to the fabric. Unlike cotton shirts, this Hanes Cool Dri is made of polyester to be cooler and quicker to dry.


Anyone that has even worn clothing of the Hanes brand knows that the comfort level of their products is second to none. You are probably most familiar with their cotton garments, but this Hanes Cool Dri Tee is constructed of 100% polyester, so it is quick to dry and moisture-wicking for comfort. The Cool Dri fabric lets you stay comfortable and relaxed even in hot conditions. The performance polyester will wick moisture away from your skin and dry quickly. In this respect, the polyester tee works better than cotton shirts for absorbing sweat and keeping it from the body.

You will notice that you are cooler in warm environments with this product than with one of cotton. Some buyers experienced sweating and sticking of the garment to their body, which was uncomfortable for them at that point. Others said they were not cooler with this type of shirt preferring the cotton type over this one.

The satisfaction rating is quite high for this product, so the majority of folks love the Hanes Cool Dri and its outstanding performance.


Hanes is very well-known for the sturdiness and longevity of their creations. Although it is not the lowest priced brand on the market, it will outperform and outlast most other competitor brands. You will get years of use from these t-shirts as long as they are cared for well and not damaged in use.

To make sure that you are satisfied with the build of the garment, the Hanes Cool Dri tee has extra durable stitching that is double in the areas of the bottom hem, sleeves, and neck. These are the areas with the most stress and usage from activities, general wear, and sports. You, therefore, have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy this item to the fullest.

We noticed that a few customers were unhappy with this t-shirt model saying that it was thin and smaller than they had expected. These comments were not many, as the majority of people really love the thickness and generous size of the product.


One of the most enjoyable things about t-shirts, in general, these days is that manufacturers have caught on to how aggravating their little tags are in the back of the neck. We cannot wait to grab the scissors and rip these small irritating tags from our clothes. They now print the tag information right on the inside fabric where the tag would normally go to free us of this minor fit we have over tags.

The Hanes Cool Dri is tag-free with a collar that is ribbed and flat on the neck. All of the seams are flat to increase the comfort level and reduce chafing of the skin. For those of you who are normally bothered by the seams and fabric around the armpit area, you will be glad to know that this garment is soft in this area.

Makes sure that you use the size chart given in the description to get the proper size, as several customers thought the sizes ran a bit large. The sizes are true to fit. It is simple to exchange them out though if you get it wrong.


You cannot beat the price online for this two-pack of short-sleeved shirts of the model Hanes Cool Dri, that are so versatile and comfortable. There are even deals for packs of three shirts that some buyers are scooping up to add to their wardrobes. For the high-quality of Hanes materials, craftsmanship, and design, this is a bargain that you will enjoy for a long time with continued luxurious wear.


You would not expect a simple t-shirt to protect you from UV rays of the sun, but then nothing Hanes makes is simple. This is why their customer base is so gigantic. This tee has a UPF rating of 50+ to give you super protection from the sun when outdoors.

It also is created of a unique interlocking material that helps body moisture evaporate quickly to increase the level of comfort during the day or activity. Even if you do become wet with sweat, you will notice that the material dries much faster than a regular cotton shirt that tends to absorb and hang onto the wetness. If you are very wet, the shirt will cling to your body. However, it will dry faster than most other cotton T-shirts.


Made of 100% polyester material, this product is a short-sleeved t-shirt that does not have a chest pocket or tags in the collar. It is a two-pack of contemporary-fit shirts of the same color you order with a crew neckline. Six different sizes are offered from small to 3X, plus an accurate fit is almost guaranteed with the easy to use sizing chart provided.

There are over 1,500 online reviews for this one t-shirt set from mostly satisfied customers and an excellent rating. Many people purchase more shirts once they feel the comfort and high-quality of this Hanes product.


While the majority of users will most likely wear this garment leisurely as an alone short-sleeved shirt, many men are choosing to use its moisture-wicking properties and comfort level to benefit them on the job or as a base layer in colder weather. It can be worn comfortably under dress shirts for office workers, lawyers, doctors and such who may perspire on their jobs under dress shirts. The Hanes Cool Dri is thicker than a regular undershirt and will keep the skin dry and cool with the polyester material.

As the first layer of a winter layering system for the upper body, it is terrific. You can put it first covered with the long-sleeved version of this Hanes shirt and then topped with a dress shirt that is also long-sleeved. This gives a warm protective layer for the office or on the job that keeps you warm but dry if you should happen to become overheated.


As we just discussed in the previous section, this tee makes an excellent undershirt for office wear, but there are so many other used besides just wearing it alone. It is great to wear alone for all sorts of outdoor sports and activities such as backpacking, trekking, camping, and hiking. As a colorful, crisp shirt alone for warm weather, it cannot be surpassed.

We found in the customer comments many different occupations that are perfect for wearing this t-shirt in either white or one of the more vibrant colors. Plumbers, roofers, and carpenters love the quality, fit, and comfort of the Hanes Cool Dri because of its ability to keep the cold and dry quickly, as their jobs are often very sweaty.

For law enforcement who must wear bulletproof vests, this thicker undershirt is the best for remaining fresh and staying dry. The polyester fabric is much more comfortable than the cotton version according to buyers.


Hanes has a similar model of Cool Dri Tee that they offer except that it has long sleeves instead of short ones. Both are 50+ UPF protective, made of 100% polyester, have a tagless neck, and are sold as a 2-pack of shirts. As we explained in a section above, they can be used together for a layering system in colder weather. Hanes also makes the X-Temp Short-Sleeved Shirt, which is a bit different than this short-sleeved version. The UPF protection is only 40+, and the material is not 100% polyester but a bland of 60% polyester and 40% cotton for this shirt.

Ease of Use

The washing and care for this beautiful garment could not be any more comfortable as it can be machine washed and dried for easy and straightforward cleaning. It dries quicker than cotton material and will not shrink after washing, as some t-shirts are known to do. For those of you who must do a lot of traveling and washing out items in a motel or hotel sink on the spot, this shirt will dry overnight quickly to be ready for you the next day.

It is perfect for vacations, travel, and business trips as a lightweight and colorful shirt that can be blended easily into any wardrobe and outfit scheme.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose the Hanes Cool Dri Tee for business or pleasure, you cannot go wrong with this product. The rating is high, the color selection is vast, the comfort is incredible, and customers are thrilled with their purchases. More often than not, buyers will buy more Hanes Cool Dri t-shirts in multiple colors to add to their wardrobes. The value, comfort, durability, quality, and appearance are outstanding.