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Brute Force Sandbags Review Facts

If you’re serious about working out and thinking about investing in some equipment this season, you owe it to yourself to give Brute Force Sandbags some severe consideration. After all, it was chosen to be one of the best workout sandbags for 2019, and there must be a reason why.

Brute Force claims to be the originator of the fitness sandbag. This company manufactures its products entirely in the USA, using military grade materials. They back their products up with an impressive warranty. The sandbags come in a variety of sizes and designs, with handles and without handles, for your workout regimen. It is excellent that one can personalize their sandbags according to your workout.

You determine the weight of your Brute Force Sandbags by adding some sand as your strength increases. You can also remove the sand and take the sandbag with you even on your vacation;  for example, you can fill it up with dry beach sand, and away you go. Brute Force “has your back” with support and service. Brute Force offers an app for “sandWOD’s.”

If interested to learn more about the concept of workout with Brute Force Sandbags, make sure you read our detailed review below.


Editor's Pros & Cons

Durable and rugged

Comes in a variety of sizes and designs

You adjust the weight to your needs

Comes with filler bag

30 Day return policy

Do not leak sand

Backed by a virtual lifetime warranty

MFG offers lots of extras, like the app, WODs, and support



Key Features

The Brute Force Sandbag kits have three parts. First is the “shell,” that’s the Cordura sandbag. Secondly, each kit comes with a 30-pound “filler bags.” That’s where you put the sand into.

The filler bag then goes into the shell. You can buy an additional 30 and 50-pound bags. Do not exceed the maximum weight limit for the filler bags or the shells. Thirdly is the sand. You supply the sand.

(Some customers have complained about the kits not coming with sand. Seriously, you want to pay the shipping on a fifty-pound bag of sand? Every hardware store, big box, builder supply, or farm supply, has bags of sand for a few bucks.)


For a simple sandbag, there is an additional feature worth talking about. It’s free, of course. It’s Brute Force’s training app. (Available for Android and Apple OS.) Brute Force calls it their “SandWOD’s,” or “Sand WorkOut of the Day.

Every day you get a new workout designed for use with the Brute Force Sandbag. How cool is that? You can download it from Google Play or the Apple Store. However, you have to bear in mind that it requires signing up with an option to sign up via your Facebook account.

While you are practicing you can listen to some good and motivating music with a pair of wireless headphones or earbuds. If you are in a need of a pair, check our guide on the best earbuds or maybe wireless headphones.


Sandbags are not stable, that’s why they are so great for workouts like “Odd Object Training,” which improves your own stability. Because they are flexible, and their weight shifts, sandbags force you to use different muscle groups.

Odd Object Training improves your balance, coordination, and timing, in addition to strength. It also helps keep you focused, more mindful of your training. That means you’re less likely to get bored with your workouts.


Brute Force Sandbags are made of heavy-duty materials. They are meant to be used outdoors, in all sorts of weather conditions. You might consider treating it with a waterproofing spray.

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Some longtime owners remind us that it is important to fill the filler bags, or liners, where the sand goes into, with dry sand. If you’re training on the beach, clean sun-dried sand away from the shore is fine. That pile of builders sand behind your house is not such a good idea. Even if it hasn’t rained, that sand has absorbed moisture from the ground.

Also, never use gravel or other rough aggregates. You risk damaging the filler bag and the “shell.”

Water is the ultimate solvent. Dampness, over the long haul, will promote rot in the fabric. It’s not that Brute Force Sandbags are so costly, or precious, you couldn’t replace it. More than anything, it’s knowing that your sandbags will be there when you’re ready for a workout. Spend the extra couple bucks for a bag of kiln dried sand. You’ll sleep better knowing your sandbags are prepared, able, and willing to serve the next morning.


The weight of the sandbags themselves is currently not available. As a reference point, USGI military duffle bags weighs under three pounds.

More importantly, there are different weight capacities for various Brute Force Sandbags. Interestingly enough, they are given different fun names such as Barebones Strongman or Spartan. One can start with the Mini can hold from 0 to 25 lbs or 11 kg. You can gradually work up to more massive bags. As an example, the "Strongman" is rated for up to 125 pounds or 57 kilograms, while the Barebonse Spartan has the capacity of 200 lbs or 90 kg.

Besides, you can purchase extra filler bags. There are two options: 30 and 50-pounds. If you are interested to learn more about all different weighs that Brute Force Sandbags can offer, you can check on their website. We are sure that everyone from a beginner to an advanced user of the sandbags can find what they are looking for as there is plenty of choices.

Basic Features

The fabric is measured in deniers. A denier is a weight, in grams, of a length of thread measuring 9,000 meters, or 9 kilometers, long. Silk is 1D. Or, a silk thread measuring 9 kilometers long weights one gram. A lightweight tent fabric made of polyester is 68D. Brute Force’s Sandbags are made from 1000D Cordura.

Developed in 1929 by DuPont, Cordura has remarkable properties, but we won’t go into all that here. Suffice it to say, Brute Force’s 1000D Cordura, and it’s Velcro fasteners, are all made to military specifications. Their sandbags also use “5 Panel Seatbelt Webbing” (the stuff used to keep you in your seat in a car crash) and YKK Zippers.

It’s impossible to give you, say, tinsel strength, or specify just how resistant to water it is, without knowing the variables, such as how many layers, how dense a weave, and how thick, the fabric is. U.S. Military Forces first began using Cordura in 1962. Over the years, Cordura has been improved and modified for various uses and environments.


Brute Force calls it their “Sanddeck.” It’s a deck of playing cards. Each card has different workouts you can do. Brute Force says the deck was designed with the deployed soldier in mind.

There are lots of ways to use the cards. Draw a random card. Order them in terms of difficulty. You can deal as you would in a card game. If you’re working out in a group, everyone plays the hand they’re dealt. When you’re finished, you can use the deck to play a good game of cards.

Gimmicky? I’m terrible at remembering or thinking up a workout on the fly. Most people are. (Exercise, studies suggest, impacts different kinds of memory differently. It seems short term memory takes a hit.) That’s one reason group classes and trainers are so helpful. If you’re training on your own, however, the Sanddeck may be a useful tool.

It can help you keep the moment of your workout going smoothly, and it can help you stay focused on what you’re doing. You’ll spend less time stopping and trying to remember what to do next, and less time trying to design your work out beforehand. Yeah, it’s an additional purchase. But certainly one worth thinking about.

Ease of Use

Are you tired of those kettlebells banging around in your trunk, or the bed of your truck? Want to work out while on vacation or spending a day on the beach, but don’t want to lug weights around, or there’s not enough room with the kid’s stuff in the trunk?

Brute Force’s sandbags can make all this a whole lot easier. Made of military-grade Cordura, these sandbags are strong, light, fold flat, are easily transported. Once you arrive at your destination, get some clean, dry sand (easily available even if you’re not on a beach), and put the sand in the filler bag. Put the filler bag in the shell. Start your work out. Add or remove sand as needed to adjust the weight.

Brute Force also provides an impressive range of exercises and innovative ways of using their sandbag. Check out their website, download their “SandWOD” app (see, Advanced Features in this review), or you can purchase their “Sanddeck” (see, Accessories in this review).

If you want to incorporate Odd Object Training, Ruck Training (the military’s way of training personnel to move their equipment from one location to another, or need a more flexible and portable weight for your exercises, a Brute Force Sandbag might be the way to go.


The bags come in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and styles. They range in size from the Mini at 18”x9” to the Strongman at 36”x26.” Not all bags carry the same amount of weight. Some kits come with handles; others do not.
Brute Forces offers six different styles of a sandbag. Three of these styles come with handles. There are eight handles on these bags. Three styles come without handles.

If you are interested in the color choice, you will not be disappointed again as there is an array of available colors ranging from army green to pink, so we are sure you will find your favorite among them.

Your Brute Force sandbags come with a 30-Day return policy. No questions asked. A lifetime warranty also protects your sandbags. However, you should check the specifics exclusions in their warranty, on the manufacturer’s website. Certain types of exercises may be excluded.

Bottom Line

At my gym, sandbags are restricted to one area only. The trainer I work with says that just setting one of their sandbags down, not even slamming it, leaves a trace of sand on the floor. Very few Brute Force customers complain about that problem. Sure, there are some complaints about defects, but they are a relatively small minority. And, from what I’ve seen, Brute Force goes out of its way to let unhappy customers know they are there to help.

While some people complain about the Brute Force Sandbags being “pricey,” I don’t see it that way. Pound for pound (or sand) they seem in line with other MFGs. There’s a lot of customers out there that like their Brute Force Sandbags and say it lives up the company’s claims. For the quality, the warranty, the reputation, the additional features, the pride of owning something still made in the USA, it seems an excellent way to take your fitness training to the next level.