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Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones Review Facts

How would you like a set of wireless headphones that did not get in the way at all and never touched your ears? If the answer is definite, then Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones might be the solution for you.

The Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones are an improved model of bone conduction headphones. This means that they deliver the sound to you through your cheekbones! The wireless device never touches the ear, like earbuds or traditional headphones must do to provide the listening experience to you.

The Aftershokz headphones are 20% lighter with a wraparound cover of titanium for sturdiness. Also, they use enhanced Bluetooth technology and feature a better microphone for calls. This excellent product is perfect for all types of activities and sports. They suit everyday wear and will eliminate background noise for you when used with the included earplugs.

This item also comes with a carrying case for portability. Bikers and runners can omit the wind noises as they train, as this product is athlete-focused and oriented. As an IP55 certified device, the Trekz Air Headphones repel moisture, dust, and sweat easily.

If all this above raised the interest, make sure you read the rest of the article. You won't regret!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Headband flexes and bends for enhanced durability
  • Repels moisture, dust, and sweat
  • Safe alternative to sport earbuds and headphones
  • Created for athletes to be secure and sweatproof
  • Eliminates wind noises when biking or running
  • Good for the gym to void background noises with the earplugs
  • Used for all types of fitness activities
  • One single charge for six hours of calls and/or music
  • Completely charges in just two hours
  • Positioning may not be consistent – weak pressure on the head
  • Sound quality not adequate for the cost said some buyers
  • Volume and charge did not last long for a few customers


Upgrades to this Aftershokz Trekz Air model from the Trekz Titanium include a body that is 20% lighter, a durable and flexible wraparound cover of titanium, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity with the new antenna, and improved microphones for dual noise canceling. This means that the sound range is more extensive, the bass is more profound, and the aborting of dual noises is improved. Loyal fans of the brand and Aftershokz product line love the changes and are thrilled with the advancements in technology that the company has made.

Key Features

-Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity with the new antenna
-Improved microphones for dual noise-canceling
-Wraparound design is organic and 20% lighter
-Is IP55 certified for sweat resistance
-Dynamic wide range and a rich bass
-Weighs just over one ounce; 33-foot wireless range
-The technology of bone conduction and the Fit open design
-Comes with a set of earplugs and a carrying case
-Operating controls are on the device for simplicity


Comfort is the number one priority when it comes to headphones for calls and music when participating in sports, activities, or just general wear. The Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones provide a flexible fit that lets you enjoy stability and comfort all day. The increased enjoyment of the device is so enhanced that the product goes unnoticed when you have it on. Even though this item is more costly than some other similar models, many customers say that it is worth the higher price.

Very comfortable on the ears, it works well in combination with eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats, helmets, and caps. We did find comments from some buyers saying that the positioning over their ears was not consistent. It could have weak pressure on the head to remain in place during activities, making the device fall to the back of the head slightly.


Due to the improvements to the product, the new wraparound design is organic and 20% lighter from previous Aftershokz versions. This is what makes you forget that you are even wearing it. Secure and sweatproof, the headband flexes and bends for enhanced durability with the complete wraparound cover of titanium, which the other versions do not have.

It also repels moisture, dust, and sweat since it is IP55 certified. You can sweat all you want for your activities and exercises and not have to worry about this device having a functioning problem. This is how you know that it was specifically created for the athlete, in particular, bikers and runners.

Made tougher, this wireless headphone model should last much longer and wear slower than the versions before it. The previous designs of Aftershokz Headphones are incredible, but this one is the absolute best yet! We cannot wait to see what they think of next.


Delivering an audio experience that is of premium quality with an excellent pitch The Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones have a full dynamic range and a rich bass. Surroundings are clearly audible at the same time you can participate in calls and listen to music. When on the phone, background noise where you are is not heard by others that you are conversing with.

With the use of the earplugs, the only sounds you will experience are the sound vibrations through your cheekbones. There is a built-in microphone for call usage. From our research, we found a few people that were not satisfied with the sound quality of this device.

They felt that the quality could be much better considering the higher cost of this enhanced model and gave a poor rating for the product. Not that many buyers felt that way though, considering the Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones overall satisfactory rating online.


Weighing just over one ounce, which is incredible, this is one of the lightest headphone products on the market.

The headphones fit behind the ear providing a listening experience with excellent listening abilities that do not fit in or on the ears.

Earbuds are very uncomfortable and clumsy for those doing activities or sports, as they can hurt after prolonged use and can come out frequently.

You will not have this problem with the Aftershokz Trekz Air because it is out of the way on the head and does not involve the visible part of the ear at all. On the negative side, some customers experienced the model is too big for their heads. They claim that even the largest of heads would not be suitable for the large frame of the device. This concern was not expressed by the majority of buyers.


The improved Aftershokz Trekz Air features the technology of bone conduction and the Fit open design to provide music via the cheekbones. Your ears stay clear for ambient sounds during long-term wear, so you remain aware of the surrounding situations.

This product is a wireless stereo headphone and a safe alternative to sport earbuds and headphones that are traditional. It does not compromise your hearing with the bone conduction properties and has a 33-foot wireless range of operation. This item, created with athletes as the focus group, now has over 600 mostly positive reviews online from happy customers.

With the purchase of the model, you get a set of earplugs to block background noises if you wish and a nice carrying case. It is excellent products like this one that is positively and quickly changing how we enjoy our music and phone calls when we participate in exercise, sports, and activities.


Of course, anyone can use this outstanding set of headphones to listen to their music of choice or receive calls from their phone, but for those who have hearing issues, it is entirely meaningful. It is useful for those with hearing loss who wear a hearing aid in one ear or the other or eardrum troubles.

The wind noise when biking or running, is eliminated when used with the provided earplugs, plus in the gym to cut out the background noises that disturb you. For all types of fitness activities, the Aftershokz Trekz Air model is fabulous and comfortable.


Of the four similar over the ear brands of headphones that this company makes, the AfterShokz Trekz Air is the most expensive and has the best rating. The others are a bit larger in dimensions but approximately the same weight as this model.

It has outsold the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Mini and the Bone Conduction Headphones but is dwarfed in reviews and sales to the Trekz Titanium Open Ear. From the provided data, it is clear that this version of headphones is well on its way to becoming the new favorite model of behind-the-ear headphones for this famous brand name.


The Trekz Air uses the connectivity of Bluetooth V4.2 and convenient multipoint pairing. It is compatible with Android and iOS Bluetooth-ready tablets, smartphones, and PC and Mac computers and laptops.

The excellent audio experience is from PremiumPitch+ technology for the rich bass and dynamic range, and the natural leakage of sound is reduced by LeakSlayer technology.

Even though some buyers claim that the sound quality is not the best they have ever heard from headphones, the new technology made just for the athlete makes this model so incredibly worth having.

This fantastic product has voice prompts for talk, play, pair, and power to make changes and setting so comfortable while you exercise or do your activities. You do not have to have the connected phone near to make these alterations for listening, as these controls are right on the headphones themselves.

Ease of Use

There are a few instances when this headphone model is special to wear. When riding a motorcycle and enduring the often annoying problem of wind, wearing earplugs to block the wind sound makes the Trekz Air work great. However, taking the biking or motorcycle helmet on and off can break them if you are not extra careful, according to a few buyers.

You can wear this great product under a helmet that covers the entire face, such as the ones for mountain biking without any problems. Some customers feel the opposite about using the earplugs with this headphone model. They said that having to use the earplugs to drown out surrounding noises is just like using regular earbuds.

It is the same thing with no difference of having to put something in your ears, which is why you would want to have this product in the first place. Nonetheless, the Trekz Air Headphones are quite easy to use and are considered a significant upgrade to regular headphones and earbuds.

Power Source

With one single charge, you can experience up to six hours of calls and music continuously or for twenty days on standby. Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones completely charge in just two hours, and the battery life is most excellent.

The operating controls are right on the device for simplicity in the form of volume, power, and pause. A few complaints encountered in user feedback online included a reference to the amount starting to die quickly while out on runs possibly from sweating.

Also, a couple of people noted that these would not charge at all after about nine months of regular use. These are isolated cases and not widespread opinions or occurrences. Overall, we found no issues with the Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones battery life or the controls ceasing functioning for any reason when in use.

Bottom Line

The Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones have a satisfactory rating by customers in general. They seem to love it for its incredible features and design. Some negative aspects that buyers have mentioned from their experience with the product are the sound quality, the volume controls, the charge time, and the fit on the head as being loose.

None of these were expressed in mass, so they are individualized issues. For those who hate to have earbuds in their ears or headphones covering their ears, these headphones are an excellent option. No part of the device covers or goes into the ear canal to block you from hearing surrounding sounds.

For runners and bikers, the Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones could be lifesaving as they are out on the road or trail and need to hear everything in their vicinity for the best safety.

Comfortable, lightweight, practical, easy to use, the Trekz Air use cheekbone conduction to deliver the audio of music and calls to you without blocking your hearing.