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Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve Review Facts
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Imagine that with every product you purchase, you can help clean the ocean and environment from plastic. Wouldn’t that be nice? But, is it possible and how can I do that, you may ask. Here is the answer! Rockay Company, with their products, one of which, named Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve, offers you an option to do this.

By purchasing one pair of Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve, you will remove 3.5 plastic bottles from the ocean. If you are interested in, make sure you keep reading further. What makes Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve a great product is the use of Polygene Technology. This means that besides the comfort and required compression that the sleeve offers, you will never experience bad odor

The sleeve is made of recyclable materials. It gives the right compression without the feeling of tightening and on the top of everything it has a lifetime guarantee. The sleeves have great reviews from satisfied customers who recommend the product to athletes but also people who stand on their feet for a long time, such as nurses, doctors, sales assistants, and related. If interested to see other compression products, read our guide. 

We reviewed in detail this blaze sleeve to learn more about its features and what makes it different from the other similar products. Read our product review below and learn more!

Editor's Pros & Cons

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Recyclable materials used in the product and packaging 

Graduated Compression (16-23 mmHg)

Does not slide down but stays on 


Anti-Odor Technology 

Just the right level of compression 

Extremely comfortable


Sizing might be different than US 

A bit pricey but the price reflects the high-quality recyclable materials 


One of the things that makes you instantly fall in love with this brand is its mission. The company raises awareness of a better world and a cleaner environment. We especially like the idea that each of us can contribute to this, together with Rockay.

If you were wondering what the way to do this is, Rockay has the answer. According to the company's official website, each pair of compression socks removes 3.5 bottles from the ocean. If you are interested in what way, we will tell you.

Rockay states that 100% of the fabrics used in their products are from recycled materials. These materials include plastics retrieved from the oceans.

Also, what we find pretty appealing about this brand, situated in Europe, is that all the products were tested by athletes and sportsmen before they were released on the market. Why is this important? The process of knowing what works and what does not; is the product comfortable and durable or not; was first-hand tested from the customers who know what would be the best for them.

If you are one of the many who wants to do something about our planet, Rockay is definitely the brand to support.


What is often emphasized by the company but also by the number of satisfied customers as well is that you can use Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve on several occasions and not just running.

When talking about everyday use, the Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve is best for people who are continually standing on their feet. It is also recommendable for occasions when you are sitting too long like, for example on long flights.

The use is not limited to this as what is essential is that the sleeve helps you in blood circulation and flow. In this context, it is hugely welcomed by pregnant women and people who had knee and leg injuries and can help those who suffer poor circulation and shin splints or have aches in the legs.

Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve can help you reduce the tiredness that each of you feels after activity in the calves. The sleeves offer excellent compression and thus lessen the aches in the legs and assist in injuries such as shin splints.

Runners use them a lot because of the provided support and comfort during the activity. Lots of customers state that they are great for biking, more productive workouts, sprints because they give just the right amount of compression for an effective and secure exercise.

One other great thing about the product is that runners have used them while running on rainy and not so hot days combined with shorts, and although the sleeves get wet from the rain they never feel uncomfortable and dry out very quickly.


Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve is offered in several sizes starting from small to extra large. Rockay provides a size chart on their website with dimensions presented in inches and centimeters. Finding the right size is something that lots of customers are always worried about, as you do not want the sleeves to be too tight but also not too loose.

So, the best way to find the right size is to measure the fullest part of the calf and choose accordingly. If you are on the borderline, the best thing to do is to choose a size up. Customers claim that the size is right to the chart provided and although at the beginning the sleeves can feel a little bit too tight after a couple of runs you can feel just the right level of compression.

This blaze sleeve pulls on just below the knee. If you are looking for a very tight fit and you are on the borderline between two sizes, you can opt for the smaller size but be aware that as all compression sleeve you might have difficulty at first to get the sleeves on.


Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve is mostly made of Polyamide and in a smaller percentage from Elastane. These materials make the sleeve moisture-resistant, and the elastane contributes to the proper stretch and fit. All the combined materials are of high-quality and of recyclable nature.

Furthermore, the company has established cooperation with SEAQUAL and with fisherman to collect and reuse the plastic found in the oceans for designing material that is soon going to be used in all Rockay products. This means that shortly, Rockay socks and sleeves will be partly made out of plastic that is collected from the oceans and 100% recyclable materials. This fact is merely significant, and the whole concept deserves big support.

The moisture-resistant characteristics of the blaze sleeve mean that runners can comfortably wear them even in wet conditions. There are many customers who had worn the sleeves out on the rain and are extremely satisfied with the resistance and durability ensured by the materials. The material is soft on the skin, ensuring that the skin breathes and does not allow sweating.


When you are walking, hiking, or running or just standing on your feet, one of the most important feelings that you want to have is a comfort. With Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve, the sense of support is one of the benefits that you will experience instantly. They are supportive, and what is more significant, they do not shift or slip down while running, but they stay in place.

The comfort also comes from the used material which provides the right amount of compression without creating a feeling that the sleeve is too tight on the leg. While running, this blaze sleeve keeps the legs warm and controls the shaking of the calves and assists with soreness. The material is breathable, thus making it great for hot days, and overheating is avoided while running.

Advanced Features

One additional feature that makes this product even more fabulous is the use of anti-odor technology. Sweating and then the smell that comes from sweaty feet can be a common problem for lots of athletes and runners. Rockay has thought of this too and with its products managed to find a solution.

Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve has been treated with Polygiene, that contributes to anti-bacterial clothing. What does this mean is that the wear and tear of the sleeve are decreased, the durability is extended, and again you help in the perseverance of the environment?

Brands such as Adidas and Patagonia make use of the Polygiene treatment. For you as a customer, it means that there will be no sweaty and smelly material even if you get wet and there is no need for often washing. This treatment allows the sleeve to be air-dried, and then you can use it again.


Before deciding to purchase a pair of compression sleeves, a large percentage of us are aware of the benefits of wearing them. Some of the primary concern of the customers is if we use compression sleeve, would the skin be able to breathe?

Rockay has considered these concerns seriously and designed Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve with zones of ventilation combined with mesh parts that contribute to sweat and odor free material. This allows the skin to breathe and increases the comfort of wearing the sleeve even that means long periods of wear.

The moisture-wicking also contributes to the air-flow. Regardless of what you wear, you want your skin to breathe. This is even truer when you are doing some sports activity outdoors. This Sleeve with the incorporated materials and the anti-odor technology allows the flow of air around the leg.

Lots of runners state that when caught in the rain or bad and muddy trails, although the Sleeve gets wet, it does not feel uncomfortable on the leg as the moisture does not into the material.


When purchasing compression sleeves, people are often worried that the snugness will affect adversely on the circulation. However, Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve is the opposite example. The customers certify that it does wonders for the circulation and support of the legs, making them feel warmth and comfort.

It provides just the right compression, and what is more important, you can be sure that even at intensive workout and motion such as cycling the sleeve stays on its place without sliding. One very positive thing is that all the customers agree that Rockay Blaze Compression delivers precisely what the company promises. It offers just the right amount of required squeeze and comfort for the leg.

The maintenance is pretty easy, and all you have to do is follow the manufacturer's instructions. Due to the material, the Sleeve looks brand new and performs just as at the beginning after a couple of rounds of wash. They do not loosen or stretch up. As these sleeves do not have to be rewashed more than necessary, you contribute to the environment and cut down on the use of water.


One of the first things that we take into account when purchasing a product is, for sure the price. Although one must admit that Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve is at the higher-end of the price range for a compression sleeve, it is an investment that you will not regret.

Rockay gives a lifetime warranty for this product. This means that the company is customer-oriented and dedicated to its clients. The customers who have used Rockay products state that their service is excellent.

When you consider the price of this product, you have to consider the quality of materials and the company's mission and dedication for sustainability, better and cleaner world and all the efforts of traceability of the plastic that comes from the ocean and fishermen's nets.

Bottom line

What do you ask for, from a compression sleeve? The right amount of compression at the right point of the leg. Odor-free and comfort; excellent support and durability with a guarantee that the sleeve will last.

Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve might be an ideal solution when you are looking for a compression sleeve. The sleeves are made of materials that are recyclable with special stay-fresh treatment. This means that they offer the right level of compression that you are looking for without the feeling that the leg is too tight. At the same time, they are not loose, do not slide but stay on the leg during the motion.

Rockay Blaze comes into a cute box, a packaging that is 100% recyclable. Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve comes in a couple of color combination and a simple design that will meet everyone's requirements. We can freely say that all the color mixtures are unisex and you can surely pick your favorite among them.

These sleeves are made with Polygene technology that makes them moisture-resistant and odor-free. They do not cause sweating of the leg, allow excellent airflow and breathability of the skin. Because of the technology used, they are odor-free and can be just hanged outside to be air-dried and are good to go again. Even when wet, they dry very quickly.

In the end, the company gives a lifetime warranty for this product. You can purchase one pair that can last a lifetime; you will remove 3.5 plastic bottles from the ocean, and save liters of water on washing. You will get better performance when running, reduction of discomfort after workouts, an improvement on shin splints and other leg or knee recoveries after an injury as well as prevention on common injuries. We strongly recommend it and for a lifetime guarantee, what do you have to lose?