Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket

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Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket Review Facts

Do you ever have a need for a lightweight jacket that can be worn comfortably indoors or outdoors and will easily compress into one of its own pockets? The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket for men may be just the garment you are looking for.

It is perfect for all sort of sports. This includes activities such as running, biking, backpacking, and climbing with its regular fit and hip length. The weather-resistant shell is soft, lightweight, tough, and breathable because it is made of a spandex and nylon material.

You will love how the Outdoor Research Ferrosi stretches with your movements instead of holding you back. For flexibility, there are two front zippered pockets, a zippered chest pocket, and a full front closure of a zipper. All of these zippers are of the YKK brand and treated with a DWR coating.

Best of all, the entire garment stuffs into the left-hand pocket for the best storage and portability possible. Other features such as thumb loops, drawstrings, and an adjustable hood make this an ideal jacket to have with you always. If you are interested to learn more, make sure you read our detailed review on this item.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a regular fit with a hip length
  • Breathable, tough, and quick to dry
  • Material is abrasion-resistant and soft
  • Compressible into one of the hand pockets
  • Will not prevent you from making motions
  • Good for climbing, backpacking, camping, trail running, and day hiking
  • Sizes - too small for some and too loose for others
  • Not waterproof

Key Features

-Great stretch and soft lining
-Wrists and shoulders have reinforced stitching
-Full front zipper for the closure
-Two hand pockets and chest pocket with zippers
-Zippers are YKK and DWR-treated
-Drawstring in the bottom hem
-Elastic cuffs and thumb loops on the sleeves
-Hood is adjustable with a drawstring
-Made of spandex and nylon material


The wonderful assortment of colors that the Outdoor Research Ferrosi is offered include fancy and interesting names as firebrick/carob, Diablo/Taos, and many more. We do not know exactly what color “fatigue” would be, but you have to hand it to the creator of these enticing color names to pique your interest in getting one of these incredible color combinations.

Maybe it is this fantastic color selection or just the outstanding performance of this garment that has warranted the excellent 4.5-star rating is has currently from happy buyers. Whichever feature that customers like the best, it certainly has quite a following of loyal fans.


Besides the great wind guard and simple shell protection that you get from wearing the Outdoor Research Ferrosi, it is one of the most comfortable light jackets you will wear.Everyone that leaves a comment or feedback about it states something about the fabulous comfort. It is soft with a thin soft lining and great stretch.

The construction is hybrid-mapped and hip length with a regular fit. The stretchiness of the fabric is an active feature with buyers. Since it is a blend of spandex and nylon (lycra), it is quite stretchy to move with you and not ride up in the back.

Customers describe the material as a thin rugged cloth that does not make any noise with movements. Even though the maker says the fit is regular, some people think that the fit is trim since it does hug the body more than a regular jacket.


Breathable and sturdy, the Outdoor Research Ferrosi for men is water-resistant but not waterproof. If it does happen to get wet, it will dry quickly because of the breathable and light material. This terrific garment is resistant to abrasions, so it is perfect for doing all sorts of outdoor work, sports, and activities without worry of it becoming worn or torn.

The wrists and shoulders have reinforced stitching because those are areas of high wear and use. Even so, when you do move and stretch in the jacket, it will move with you instead of holding to a particular form. This aspect is one of the reasons this product has such a high approval rating. It is thin but tough with the right amount of stretch.


The flexible parts of any jacket are, of course, the closures and pockets it has. This one from Outdoor Research has a full front zipper for the closure, a chest pocket with a zipper, and two front hand pockets that close with zippers.

All of these zippers are the YKK brand, which is well-known for being the best for outdoor gear and are DWR-treated.The DWR coating makes the zippers water-resistant just like the jacket material. To make the versatility even better, the left front pocket becomes a stuff sack when the garment is not in use.

Just throw it in a backpack or bag for future wear. It compresses into a very tight package to be hardly noticeable in any luggage or pack. Don’t you just love the garments that can pack away into their own pockets?


Several protective qualities were incorporated into this wonderful jacket for men. The sleeves have elastic cuffs instead of the usual Velcro of some models and thumb loops.The wrists also have hybrid mapping. The thumb loops keep the sleeves down on the arms to ensure the arm ends are closed off. If you put on another protective layer on top, these loops will keep the arms from bunching inside.

There is a drawstring in the bottom hem to close off the torso from winds or precipitation from getting in underneath. The included hood also has a drawstring around its edges to be completely adjustable too. With these features that you can alter depending on the weather conditions, you have the best protection from the elements that a thin, soft jacket can provide.


Usually, jackets are not the best outer garments to wear indoors since they are most protective of the outdoor climate. The Ferrosi Jacket is, however, ideal for the indoors as well as the outdoors. It can be worn in buildings that are kept cold or fresh without a problem of the body overheating.

Many work environments are maintained in some very low temperatures to keep everyone happy, even though some people are freezing in such conditions. This is a terrific outer garment for such instances. It will keep the body warm with a base layer underneath in temperatures as low as 50 to 60 degrees according to customers. Even though it has no insulation, this hooded jacket blocks the wind wonderfully.

Also, as one buyer confirmed, the Ferrosi is a good protector from mosquitoes with the collar and hood zipped up and fastened with the drawcord. You will find yourself keeping this product close by for any discomfort from wind or cold that it can thwart quickly to make you comfortable.


We all know that any type of clothing is going to be a problem at least for a good portion of buyers because of the cut, fit, and style of the garment. This is true of socks, shoes, pants, shirts, coats, and even jackets.

After researching the many reviews and feedback from customers, it seems as though this Ferrosi Hooded Jacket is made in two places in the world, thus creating some differences in the sizing. Some are made in Taiwan and others are made in China.

As some people have discovered, the jackets can have long arms or be too small for them overall. You have no way of knowing when you order where the item is coming from, unfortunately. It can be too small for some bigger men and too loose in the sleeves for others. Luckily, the majority of folks are very happy with the fit and love their Outdoor Research jacket.


As anyone can tell you, having a jacket or outer garment ride up on your torso as you stretch for something or to do a task is an unpleasant experience. You have to constantly fidget with the body of it to bring it back into place to cover you. The Outdoor Research Ferrosi takes this problem away since it stretches to mirror your movements and will not fight you when you make them.

Go ahead and stretch while biking or running because the fabric is going to follow right along with you. This is because of the incredible blend of spandex and nylon material that gives you the outstanding stretch you will come to love.

You may even begin to dislike your other jackets because they do not have this comforting aspect. The weather-resistant shell is soft and lightweight for a full range of possible tasks and activities that you can perform indoors or outdoors with confidence.


The DWR coating is perfect for backcountry adverse conditions since it does not affect the breathability of the material or zippers. It is added to the zippers of the Ferrosi Hooded Jacket to make them water-resistant. The quality makes this product right for running, day hiking, climbing, backpacking, camping, trail running, scrambling, and skiing cross country.

Did we leave out any activity? Maybe just a few. It is suitable for those too. Anywhere you can use a light covering to give you some essential protection from the elements over a base layer; this fantastic jacket is perfect.

Even indoors, it is hard to beat for keeping a draft from hitting your body from air conditioning that is too cold. In work environments, we must deal with the cold by wearing such thin light jackets. Thus, we all need one of these fantastic garments.


Even though the zippers are treated with a DWR coating, the jacket is not fully waterproof. It is water-resistant to keep you dry in light rain or for a short period in heavy rain.

If you are in a downpour, you will not feel the water inside for about 10 to 20 minutes but will soon notice the water seeping through. It is a light jacket not meant to be a waterproof outer layer. This garment, according to customers, wears more like a thick sweatshirt than a protective jacket because it is so flexible and comfortable.

Wind Protection

You will be protected well with this jacket on in a strong or medium wind. Plenty of buyers online commented on how excellent this garment breaks the wind for them. This is where the hood and collar are the most vital in guarding the neck and head against gusts. The full front zipper, drawstrings on the hood and bottom hem, and the thumb loops all add to the wind protection in keeping the wind from getting inside the jacket.

Ease of Use

Such a simple jacket that is so versatile does not need any instruction on how to use it, but we want to share a few tips, features, and comments from buyers.

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi has a key clip and a carabiner loop to make it even more useful to wearers and can be easily machine washed. The branding on the jacket is subtle and not very flashy, which is appreciated by some users who do not want to be a walking billboard for the maker.

Whichever size you choose to purchase, you should have enough room for a base layer of a light fleece shirt or a t-shirt to be the most comfortable. One person made an excellent suggestion for the company to add reflective strips or features to the Outdoor Research Ferrosi to make users such as runners more visible in dark or nighttime conditions.

Bottom Line

The only issues that we found customers concerned about are the various size problems and the fact that Outdoor Research Ferrosi is not waterproof. It does not claim to be waterproof, so this is not misrepresented in the product information.

As far as lightweight jackets go, this one is a real winner for men. It is soft, protective, comfortable, versatile, durable, and stretchable.

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi compresses into one of its own pockets and has plenty of outstanding features that you will like. You know that Outdoor Research makes some fantastic products – this Ferrosi Jacket is further proof of that.