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Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe Review Facts

If you are into vegan products and you are an experienced climber, then the Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe may be just the piece of gear that you are looking for. This is an aggressive redesigned model of the Chris Sharma Signature Series. It was created specifically for serious climbers.

The synthetic leather upper and thick rubber outsole make the Evolv Shaman a vegan product. These shoes are best used for rock climbing (check this guide for more info), steep terrain bouldering, and difficult sport climbing, this is a climbing product for ultimate performance. It is asymmetrically downturned in proportion with the sturdy knuckle box of high-friction TRAX rubber.

Also, toes can sit normally thanks to the love bump filling dead space in the toe box. The large toes bend for power climbing with this build. You get maximum stick and traction with the high friction rubber outsole.

This quality uses different thicknesses or rubber in spots to pinpoint hot spots and pressure points. Some problems of sizing and use indoors have resulted in decent rather than excellent overall rating. We explain the details below in this full product review of the Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe for men. So if you are interested to learn more make sure you read out detailed review. Let's start!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exact toe placement and hold
  • Edges are sticky and sharp
  • For steep terrain bouldering and difficult sport climbing
  • Makes a huge difference in climbing ability
  • Increases confidence when doing toe work
  • Best for bouldering and rock climbing
  • Created particularly for serious climbers
  • A redesigned vegan model
  • Chris Sharma Signature Series anchor shoe
  • Can be uncomfortable and even painful at first
  • Shoes run small – may need 1 or 2 sizes larger
  • Not the ideal gym shoe – rubber may come apart
  • Not a shoe for beginners – too aggressive

Key Features

-VTR3D toe rand is of variable thickness
-Knuckle box is 4.2mm high-friction TRAX rubber
-Toes can sit normally without dead space
-Large toes remain in a bent position for power
-Contours the foot to create incredible edging
-Rubber outsole has maximum stick and outsole
-The outsole is split for added flexibility
-Velcro straps help with arches for a better fit
-Upper of synthetic suede will not stretch; dries quickly


This updated version of the Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe includes varying thicknesses of VTR3D toe rands to increase the durability in zones of high wear.The toe patch of high friction is one of these spots. You have the versatility and excellent grip for terrific performance when climbing because of this comfort feature.

You might have to wear it a while to develop the sensitivity and foot feel that you might be used to with other models. Some customers have found the comfort of this shoe not to be what they had hoped for in a renewed model. It can be painful to use and just uncomfortable for others. In all fairness, it is not clear whether these buyers had the proper size for their foot.

The size of climbing shoes is unlike regular shoes. That may confuse the person to choose the right size. You may have a long break-in time also with this version, depending on the size and fit.


One of the most versatile parts of this Shaman item is the asymmetrically downturned forefoot in proportion with the sturdy knuckle box. The knuckle box is 4.2 mm two pieces of high-friction TRAX rubber. The toes can sit usually letting the love bump fill the dead space.

Large toes remain in a bent position for power when climbing with the roomy downturned toe box. Customers online say that since this technology and build is in use with this and some other models, that all downturned shoes should have love bumps for this reason.

The feet do not get damaged so much this way. They are much more comfortable when climbing.

Ground Feel

We usually only mention ground feel when it comes to running or hiking shoes, but for this climbing shoe, it is important to note how the shoe will feel when it is being used to climb. You get exact toe placement and hold plus the edges are sticky and sharp. The marvelous shape contours the foot to create an incredible edging for your big toe.

The big toe will remain in the power position with the incredible physical features of the shoe for optimal grabbing and edging. The dead space is eliminated within the arch section with the tensioned arch and heel. If buyers can get the proper fit from the sizing options, then they should be able to have on the most comfortable and well-balanced climbing shoes on the market with this version.


The Evolv Shaman offers the best strength for grabbing and edging with the love bump midsole and a large box for the toe knuckle.The MX-P 1.5mm full-length midsoles have a stiffness that is medium strength for power in edging on routes with a long face but are still flexible for smearing. It is the upgraded technology and build of this section that has warranted the making of another shoe in this product line. The increased level of performance for advanced and experienced climbers should be apparent immediately upon climbing.


Even in the photos of this climbing shoe model you can see how thick the rubber is on the outsole. This is because it includes an additional toe rubber that is ideal for toe hooking and to improve the longevity in zones of high wear. The rubber outsole has maximum stick and traction with the high friction TRAX XT. This thicker rubber and the heel can be a bit too big for some people if they are used to thinner climbing shoe outsoles. The outsole is also split for added flexibility. With the Variable Thickness Rand (VTR), there is thinner rubber in spots to decrease hot spots and pressure points for better efficiency.


As a shoe product for experienced or advanced climbers, this Shaman item is terrific for steep terrain bouldering and difficult sport climbing.

Whether you prefer rock climbing or bouldering, it can certainly increase your confidence when doing tight toe work. It can also make a substantial positive difference in climbing ability.

Some people noticed right away when using this product that they could do maneuvers and could make foot movements that they could not before with other shoes. Without the proper climbing equipment and quality rock climbing gear, even the most experienced person can be disabled due to inadequate supplies.


Size is always a problem when dealing with anything for the human body, especially footwear. We have so many different types and builds of feet that manufacturers have a particularly hard time with creating a shoe that will suit the majority of folks the best.

Naturally, there will be those who are left out of this mix and not be able to get any size of the footwear to fit them. This was the case with this product and some people who never did get a terrific fit. Even if you look at a few comments and remarks online, you will understand that this climbing shoe runs small. You will have to purchase a ½ or a full size larger to get a snug fit that will not hurt the feet.


Part of the exceptional performance of a climbing shoe is in the aspect of how stable it is for what you want to do in it. It is unclear whether or not this model is lined as some sites and sellers claim that it is lined, and others say it is not.

For those that state there is a lining, which seems more accurate, the lining dramatically affects the overall performance. The lining materials are combined for a performance that will not stretch and will feel good. The heel is cotton, and the forefoot is made of leather to keep the stretch down and remain comfortable on foot at all times.


If you are into vegan products, then this climbing shoe is for you. Although the description states that the upper is made of leather, it is synthetic leather and not the real deal.

The Evolv Shaman is the Chris Shaman Signature Series anchor shoe manufactured and designed in the USA and created particularly for serious climbers.

It is a blue, black, and orange redesigned model made for ultimate performance with a 3.8 online satisfaction rating. The fit is improved, but the aggressively downturned shape is the same to tackle steep routes.

The poor rating is from reviewers who had troubles with sizing and comfort of the shoe and those who used it primarily for indoor climbing. The rubber is not made for indoor climbing and will eventually fall apart if used on those surfaces.


The support you get with this Shaman footwear is really secure and firm in stabilizing the foot. The Velcro straps help with pulling the shoe arches to the feet for a better fit. It is probably this individual aspect of the shoe that several users find uncomfortable and tight-fitting. With time you can get used to the extra support that this strap offers for a good performance on the boulders. The front inset strap is great for side toe medial scumming also.


Comfortable and pain-free, unlike some other climbing shoe models, the tongue and upper are made of a synthetic suede similar to leather. It is so real looking and to the touch that many people questioned the claim of this product is vegan.

The durable and flexible uppers will not stretch, but they do dry quickly if they become wet.
Since they do not stretch, you must get the proper fit without waiting for the shoe material to stretch because it will not do that. The support of the foot is increased because the material does not stretch with the use or wear.


The Evolv Shaman can stick to a wall quite well and gives a good position for small footholds. It is not the ideal gym shoe since the rubber is not the best on plastic surfaces. A few customers experienced this firsthand when their rubber soles came apart with just a short while of using the footwear indoors. You will find it in the product description or the company’s website that this is primarily a shoe for outdoor use. This problem is also another reason for the overall approval rating that is not ideal.

Ease of Use

If you have some climbing experience and need a shoe to increase your skills and abilities, then the Evolv Shaman is the climbing shoe to give you just that. It is not a shoe for beginners since it is too aggressive. This is wonderful climbing gear to bring you to new levels of climbing with impressive performance for those with some acquired abilities already. The performance and comfort are engineered to enhance the fit, plus these can be re-soled if needed.

Bottom Line

Even though the Evolv Shaman climbing shoe doesn't have an ideal satisfaction rating, the issues are not always flaws of the product. Climbing shoes and athletic footwear are typically known for not having sizes that are the same as regular street shoes. It is no surprise that size and fit are two significant problems buyers had with this model.

Some found out the hard way that this is not a climbing shoe to use inside. It is also not a piece of footwear for beginners to use and feel comfortable with. If you do your research on gear products before you purchase them, then many unfortunate mistakes could be avoided.

The Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe for men is a good piece of gear that can aid your climbing abilities and skill level. Those who have purchased it with the understanding of its build and purpose are thrilled with it. They claim to love using the Evolv Shaman for bouldering and steep sport climbing.