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Scarpa Crux Approach Shoes Review Facts

Do not be fooled when you first look at the Scarpa Crux; this is much more than just traditional hiking shoes. It is one of the more versatile pieces of footwear that you can add to your collection as on top of being great for casual hikes, it can also handle sport climbing and bouldering as it has features as bouldering shoes.

No, it is not perfect at everything, but you are sure to find something that it can do well. Plus, Scarpa has made improvements to their design to make the Crux even more capable in certain areas. The improved rubber sole coupled with the impressive suede upper makes this a tough yet highly practical approach shoes.

Then again, as this is made of suede leather, there is probably going to be a break-in period that you will need to go through. Plus, it has been known to run narrow in the toe box and is not exactly light as a feather. Still, as a performer, the scarpa crux approach shoes are at the top of its class.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It is more breathable than you would think

The EVA midsole provides cushioning

The toe rand is new and improved

Newest version features a Vibram Megagrip sole

Can be used for many different activities

Features a suede upper

It is somewhat water-resistant

Extremely well-built


Takes some time to break-in

The toe box has been known to be narrow

A little on the heavy side


At first glance, it would be easy to assume that this is a non-breathable shoes. After all, it has been comprised of a suede leather upper, and shoes of this nature are typically not the most breathable. However, there is a critical feature that makes the Scarpa crux approach shoes at least somewhat competent in this regard.

Because polyester mesh lining has been implemented, your foot is going to be able to breathe a lot better than it would in approach shoes that had no such lining. In specific, the polyester mesh has been integrated around the ankle and on the tongue.

Now, does this mean that the Crux breathes at the level of top-of-the-line breathable approach shoes? No, it does not, but the addition of this lining will be appreciated on those days where the weather gets a little warm outdoors. In other words, you will find yourself liking this feature a lot.


When it comes to analyzing the comfort of the scarpa crux approach shoes, many positive features can be discussed. One of the most prominent is the EVA midsole that has been built in. In addition to providing a layer of comfort, this midsole is also exceptional when it comes to protecting your foot by cushioning every blow that you take.

What also helps is the fact that the top of your foot is provided with a substantial amount of padding too. However, the padding on the tongue can be a little troublesome as it may push down on your toes, where they begin to bend. On the flipside, there is a substantial amount of arch support that is provided, and there is also padding around the ankle for improved comfort.

Keep in mind, though, that these are suede shoes, and that means there may be a bit of a break-in period for you. Do not be surprised if this sucker feels stiff at first; you can wear it around your home to loosen up the tension.


This is more than hiking shoes as it can be used when you want to attack the climbing scene in your new climbing shoes. While the performance of these shoes in such situations will be documented throughout this review, let’s first look at how stable it is. For the record, the impressive design of the sole (more on that later) contributes quite a bit to the overall ideal stability that is delivered from the scarpa crux approach shoes.

Now, specifically, when it comes to attacking small edges, these shoes could be better. A lot of this has to do with the flexible midsole as while this makes things a little more comfortable, it creates somewhat of an issue when you need a foothold on smaller edges. In the latest version of the Scarpa Crux, however, this issue is combated a little bit.

It is thanks to the new toe rand as it is both narrower and lighter in the latest version of the approach shoes. Though subtle, this results in improved stability while climbing.


The most challenging part of ordering new hiking or climbing shoes is ensuring that it fits your foot correctly. It is even more difficult online, and when it comes to the scarpa crux approach shoes, as with so many other brands, it is better to try it on before you buy it. However, this is going to be impossible for some of you, so let’s try to assess how this fits.

If there is one major positive to the suede upper, it is that it will wrap around your foot snugly to provide support and protection. That you will not need to worry about too much, but it is another story when you begin to talk about the toe box. Quite a few buyers have commented on the rather narrow toe box, claiming it is not ideal for those with more full feet.

Then again, other buyers have sworn to the true nature in which this model fit their feet. Unfortunately, the size selection is also not the most diverse or impressive. If you can get the right fit, great, but it may take some trial and error.


One of the most impressive aspects of this design is the sole, and that was before Scarpa went and made it even better. If you decide to go with the latest version of these shoes, which is recommended, you can enjoy the benefits and overall performance that is delivered by the Vibram Megagrip outsole. Just the name alone strikes fear into the hearts of all other soles.

All joking aside, this thing is a beast and allows the scarpa crux to grip like a champ. Heck, even when you need to walk on mixed terrain, it can handle dirt and mud very well. If you look at the design of the sole, you will notice that it has somewhat of a unique tread pattern. One of the first things most of you will see is how varied it is, and this contributes to the improved traction you experience.

About the only terrain that this sole still struggles with is any somewhat slick surface. It still is not terrible in this regard, though.


As this is an approach shoe, it is capable of so many uses. But, even by the standards of the average approach shoe, you still can’t help but be impressed by the sheer versatility of the Crux. Also, to being great for out on the trails, it can be used for trad climbing, sport climbing, and even bouldering.

You could argue that it is most practical as trail shoes. However, a lot of the reasons why have already been documented as the upper offers superb support, the sole delivers sticky traction, and the midsole promotes a cushioned experience. Once you go through the trouble of breaking it in, you will probably be making this a go-to hiking shoe.

Regarding its usefulness as climbing shoes, there are certainly better options available for technical rock. This was touched on earlier with the flexibility of the midsole. You sacrifice superior performance on a steep rock for an improved hiking experience. If you can live with that trade-off, then you will love using this approach shoe.


It has been alluded to a few times that the newest version of these shoes is more impressive than its predecessor. Regarding durability, the Crux took another leap forward, and it is mostly thanks to the new and improved Megagrip sole. You already know that this sole offers fantastic traction, but it is also better built than the previous sole found on the scarpa crux approach shoes.

No, it is not going to last forever as no sole will. But, the lifespan should be enhanced with the Megagrip sole, though this does depend on how often you use the shoes and how well you treat them. Oh, and as for the suede upper, it is built to last but that is one of the significant benefits of the material in the first place.

It holds up to wear and tear extremely well and is not going to develop abrasions very easily. Again, it does depend a little on how hard you are on your approach shoes. Yet, most of you will be quite satisfied with the build quality here.


In regard to how well these shoes protects your foot, it does so extremely well but this you are already fully aware of. There is something else that needs to be discussed and that is how well the Crux holds up to inclement weather. Do not hold your breath because, from an overall perspective, it is not the most impressive when you assess its weather and water resistance.

For certain, it is not fully waterproof and should not be treated as such. It has not been designed to keep out water and your foot will get wet if you rely on these shoes to keep it dry during heavy rain. With that being said, it does have a fair amount of resistance to water. This can be attributed to the suede upper and, additionally, the polyester lining will dry rather quickly.

If you want to improve this aspect of the Scarpa Crux, you could always treat it with a waterproof spray. As is, though, it only provides mild protection to water.


There was something that was overlooked, purposely, when it was discussed what these shoes is good for. Ironically, this section is going to point out what it is not that good for. No matter your point of view, the Scarpa Crux are heavy approach shoes. The claimed weight of the men’s version is 25.2 ounces. That works out to 1 pound and 9.2 ounces, by the way.

And, though this will fluctuate a bit with the size that you order, it gets the point across that this is heavy shoes. It makes sense when you look at the emphasis on cushioning, support, and overall protection that was placed on these shoes. So, the real question is, when is this extra weight going to be an issue?

It may not come into play while you are hiking, but if you like to climb for extended periods, it sure could. You may not want to deal with so much weight, and nobody would blame you.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is simply fantastic approach shoes that is going to be compelling to pull the trigger on. Its versatility might be its greatest asset, but others would point to the superb combination of cushioning, support, protection, and durability that it offers. The material selection (including the suede upper and durable rubber sole) is fantastic, and you can tell the craftsmanship is high the first time you use it.

Really, about the only instance, you could look at the Scarpa Crux and be somewhat disappointed in its performance is if you need it for technical climbing or any extended climbing. The flexibility of the midsole and the heavyweight make both of these flawed, in some respects.

Then again, even if you never used this once for climbing, you could still get a full lifespan out of it. That is just how well-equipped it is to handle general hiking and trail walking. It is one of those shoes that is going to be high on most people’s lists.