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La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoe Review Facts

This is one of those climbing shoes that you actually get excited to review because you are fully aware of just how good it really is. La Sportiva Miura is an all-time classic climbing shoe. It is also going to remain a favourite shoe for years and years to come. Even if you buy one that wears down, your money would be well-spent to get another one.

For all-around climbing, you are not going to be disappointed with this edging classic. Time and time again, the La Sportiva Miura is going to perform and perform to your highest expectations. It is also going to remain incredibly comfortable and breathable, all in the meanwhile.

Then again, we are singing the praises of this climbing shoe but it is not flawless in every single way. It is not the most sensitive model out there. In addition, it is not exactly going to be optimized for advanced bouldering. But, for probably 90 percent of your climbing adventures, this bad boy is going to come through in a big way. So, if you are interested to learn more about these excellent shoes for climbing make sure you join us and take time to read this detailed review!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Performs really well in a variety of situations

Designed with wicking fabric

Remains comfortable for all your climbs

It edges insanely well

Features a LaspoFlex midsole

It is built to last

Built with a Vibram XS Edge rubber sole


Not the best for advanced bouldering

Somewhat insensitive

The laces are prone to early wear and tear


All in all, the La Sportiva Miura has been designed for ultimate performance, and that is precisely what you are going to get out of it. Its asymmetric build makes it perfect for precision pocket climbing and all different types of climbing. It can be used for gym climbing, bouldering, overhanging sport routes, technical face climbing; you name it.

For its versatility alone, it is one of the better options that you can go with. That said there are also some instances where this climbing shoe will not be so great. When you need to tell if you have a good foothold, you may be unimpressed by the lack of sensitivity. It is not atrocious, but it is also not incredibly sensitive.

Additionally, even though this is marketed as an aggressive shoe, it is not aggressive enough for advanced bouldering. But, whether it is on vertical or overhanging steep rock or even slabs, the Miura is going to be the lucky ticket.


There is nothing worse than climbing with a shoe that traps in all your heat and suffocates you to the point where you have to take it off to allow your foot to breathe. Thankfully, nine times out of ten, that is not going to be the case with the Miura. This is thanks to the combination of its leather upper and Dentex lining.

In addition to being both soft and supportive, the leather upper is also naturally breathable. It may not be as breathable as a mesh upper, but the leather offers additional advantages. The other part of the equation, though, is the Dentex lining and this is important.

Dentex is La Sportiva’s proprietary synthetic material and what allows it to be breathable is the fact that it is moisture-wicking. As this encompasses the lining of this shoe, it is going to wick sweat away from your foot and keep it dry. Hence, this amplifies the breathability to make your climbing adventures even better.


For as high performing a model as this is, it is quite impressive that it remains as comfortable as it is. A few of the features that were just mentioned (the soft leather upper and the breathable Dentex lining) attribute to this very well. It also helps that the Miura is not super aggressive enough to cause pain whenever you take a stride with it on.

Of course, this is also not a climbing shoe that you will want to wear non-stop for your gym sessions. After a while, it will begin to take its toll on your foot, and you will need to provide it relief from time to time. So, if you put two and two together, you will conclude that this will not be the best option for multi-pitch climbs, either.

Straight out of the box, also understand that there will be a bit of a break-in period. It will not be horrendous, but once it starts to contour to your foot a little better, it will be a lot more comfortable.


Alright, so while it was briefly covered what this sucker is good at; let’s dive in a little further. For starters, it is hard to call this anything less than an edging stud. Due to the combination of the stiff rubber and the asymmetrical toe box, you will be able to grab a foothold on the smallest of nubs.

The La Sportiva Miura is also really good at both heel and toe hooking. For the former, it has been engineered with sticky rubber on each side of the heel, and this will provide adequate protection for it when hooking. As for toe hooking, the same concept applies as there is a thick rubber patch over the toes for the same security and protection. This should start to give you an idea of just how versatile this is.

Also, as noted, this is labeled as an aggressive climbing shoe, but it is closer to moderate than aggressive, quite honestly. Consider it more of a moderate-to-aggressive model.


One of the critical features of this design is the implemented 1.1-millimeter LaspoFlex midsole. In addition to the fact that it is lightweight, it has also been designed for maximum torsion rigidity. What this means is that the midsole is going to have a ton of resistance. On top of performing incredibly well, this midsole is also extremely tough and long-lasting.

What is also worth mentioning is the Powerhinge system that has been integrated. This is quite the innovative technology from La Sportiva as this is going to control better and minimize the amount of forwarding stretch that will endure. Oh yeah, and also take note of the fact that the LaspoFlex midsole is in the forefoot only.

All in all, this is not an incredibly flexible shoe. But, it is quite clear that La Sportiva never intended for that to be the case.


From top to bottom, this is just a well-built shoe. There is nothing else that really can be said about it, quite frankly. It is quite clear that La Sportiva did not want their consumers to need to replace their Miura after a few months or even a year. And, while the longevity of this shoe will depend on some outside factors, it was engineered to last.

It is not hard to see why when you analyze the industry-leading materials that were utilized in the design. From the high-quality leather upper to the harsh and rugged midsole to the fan-favorite Vibram XS Edge rubber outsole (more on that later), everything about this shoe screams quality. Plus, the outsole can be resoled when it begins to wear down.

Oddly enough, however, the laces have been known to be the weak point of this otherwise rugged shoe. They will probably be the first component that will need to be fixed throughout the lifetime of the Miura. If there had to be a weak point, though, this is not a bad one to have.


The cat was already let out of the bag as yes; this is equipped with a four-millimeter Vibram XS Edge rubber sole (or outsole). If you are familiar with La Sportiva, then you know that this is one of their favorite soles to utilize. You can’t blame them as there is a ton to love about this particular rubber compound.

On top of being rugged enough for the long haul, Vibram designed their XS Edge to excel when it comes to edging. Yep, this is just another reason why the Miura is so good at it. Also, it does not matter what temperature you climb in; this rubber is going to maintain its consistency regardless.

But, its above-average durability does have somewhat of a trade-off, ironically. As this sole is more durable than it is sticky, it is not going to be best at smearing. After the break-in period, it will improve at this, but it will never be able to excel at the craft.


If you are not used to buying climbing shoes, then you need to be aware that they will fit much differently than the footwear you are accustomed to. So, when you go to find the right size for the La Sportiva Miura, it is probably not going to match the shoe size of your other sneakers.

La Sportiva themselves advise all their customers to reference the sizing chart that they have provided. This will give you a much-needed reference point to figure out what size you will need. But, you will hear many experts recommend sizing 1 to 1.5 sizes down with this specific shoe.

Past the fact that this is going to allow you to get the most out of it (performance-wise), the Miura is also going to stretch a little bit over time. Then again, if you are not a performance junkie, you may be able to get away with only sizing a half-size down. The potential issue here, however, is that the shoe may stretch too much and provide you with a loose fit.

Oh, let’s also quickly mention that this is equipped with a quick-pull lacing harness. With this in play, you will be able to achieve a custom and precise fit in a matter of seconds.


There are many ways that you can analyze the support that is provided from the Miura. Either way, what you will realize is that, overall, this delivers excellent support all-around. Even the lacing system that was just mentioned is going to tightly and securely keep your foot in place during your climbs.

The leather upper is also going to play a role in this section. While remaining comfortable, the support it provides is what you will not find in a mesh upper. Similarly, the same can be said about the Vibram XS Edge sole as you will never feel like you are going to slip. Achieving proper footholds will not be hard due to the support that it delivers.

As soon as you put this on your foot and begin to climb with it, you will get a clearer understanding of just how supportive it truly is.

Bottom Line

La Sportiva deserves a ton of credit for making such an impressive climbing shoe. It is difficult not to be somewhat enamored with its design. What makes it so great is it never loses track of what it was set out to do; to be a performance monster and an all-around climbing machine.

All in the meanwhile, it will not leave your foot in misery after only a few hours. Sure, it may not be comfortable for an entire gym session, but this is something that you can efficiently workaround. It also is going to hold up to the test of time too. This is true both for its quality (the materials are fabulous) and its practicality (as you can always come back to a climbing shoe like this).

However, depending on your point of view and mentality, some of you could end up being mildly disappointed with the La Sportiva Miura. If you are looking for an ultra-sensitive shoe or one that is going to be super aggressive for your climbing needs, then this may not be for you.

From an overall standpoint, though, it is easy to call this one of the best climbing shoes on the planet. This is going to be money well-spent; you can count on that.