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La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Review Facts

The La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe for men has a downturn position that is maintained by the permanent P3 power platform. It is an aggressive shoe made for the experienced climber to improve his skills and level of climbing in challenging routes and bouldering. They allow you to climb better and harder because of their incredible features. This model is slip-lasted and lined in the arch and toe box to give a fantastic fit that stretches just enough. The Solution is wrapped in Vibram XS Grip sticky rubber with the down-turned shape, so they will grab, hook, smear, and edge on any surface feature you care to try. The Lock Harness System gives you an ideal fit as it joins with the upper and envelopes the foot. You will notice when looking at this footwear that the heel cup is very sticky and has a locking harness to secure the footing. Add to that the Fast Lacing System of Velcro for the secure closure that permits you to get a customized fit on your foot, and you have a durable climbing shoe. It has excellent build quality, performance, fit, and comfort for the enthusiastic climber. Whether you prefer gym climbing, technical face ascending, overhanging or steep sports routes, you will love this excellent climbing shoe from La Sportiva. We don’t have to tell you that they make some of the best gear for climbers because they are well-known in this sport for creating some of the most marvelous products. We will explore these characteristics and qualities in more depth in this complete review of this splendid climbing shoe

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has terrific comfort, build quality, weight, performance, and fit
  • Velcro strap for ease makes putting on and taking off easy
  • Allows you to climb harder and better
  • Is an aggressive shoe for challenging routes
  • Will grab, hook, smear, and edge on any possible surface feature
  • Ideal for the experienced climber with perfected moves
  • Ideal terrain is gym climbing, technical face ascending, overhanging and sports routes
  • Can be re-soled when the rubber wears out on the bottom
  • Are slip-lasted and lined in the arch and toe box area
  • Best use is for bouldering, steep routes, toeing, and rock climbing
  • Rubber wears out quickly on particularly rough surfaces
  • Does not stretch as much as some buyers had hoped they would
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  • These come highly recommended by experienced, avid climbers.
  • Most buyers agree that these are excellent for bouldering and overhanging routes.
  • Although they may not be comfortable for long, easy routes; these are great for technical sport climbs.
  • Men's are available in small sizes.
  • A few reviewers say these work well on their wide feet.
  • The aggressive design is a classic that stands the test of time.
  • These stand out in edging and heel hooks.
  • The easy on design has a glove-like fit.
  • The simple velcro strap adds a bit of security in the hold.
  • These provide a good, tight heel hold.
  • The rubber performs above and beyond some other brands. It's easier to get a stronger stick on technical routes.
  • For experienced climbers, these are worth the cost.
  • The rubber on the top of the toe box helps with toe hooking better than some other climbing shoes.
  • One reviewer noted that these fit well on her flat feet.
  • Most positive reviews come from people who use them for indoor climbs.
  • The thickness of the heel adds protection.
  • The significant downturn negatively affects toe hooking for some.
  • It may be necessary to go down several sizes if you have narrow feet.
  • The thickness of the heel may affect control.
  • Not all buyers like the small changes from the previous versions.
  • The rubber is softer than earlier models of Solutions.
  • The design is not good for smearing.
  • Some buyers note that the velcro strap is a bit too long.
  • Finding the best size took a few tries for some buyers.
  • If you are not used to the shape of Solutions, it may take some time to get toe placement just right.
  • It may be necessary to slowly break these in to avoid blisters.
  • Tie downs can wear out quicker than the rest of the shoe.
  • These are not recommended for all types of climbing, but perform well in technical climbs or bouldering.
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La Sportiva is a well-known brand in the rock-climbing world for high-quality gear that allows you to enjoy the sport with enthusiasm and safety. Their products not only work exceptionally well, but they are stylish too. In the gyms, you will find that many of the climbers have La Sportiva climbing shoes. This is because they are outstanding shoes that are constructed well of the best materials and technology to give you great comfort and performance. You enjoy sports better when you have the proper equipment, and La Sportiva understands that. The Solution Climbing Shoe has won awards from Climbing Magazine, Gear Institute, and Rock and Ice in the past few years because of their remarkable design, comfort, and performance level. This company has quite a following online with loyal satisfied buyers that will not purchase any other brand but La Sportiva for their serious climbing gear.


The Solution Climbing Shoe has terrific comfort, build quality, performance, and fit. It is also lightweight with distinguished marbled rands. The shape of the shoe in the downturned position is retained by the permanent P3 power platform. For comfort in climbing, you can count on the Solution shoe to make your feet feel the best while you tackle the features you like best. Size and comfort seem to be the biggest concern when purchasing this footwear because it has to be perfect. If the shoe is too loose or too tight, it won’t do you any good. To say it must be comfortable is a broad area when it comes to such technical shoes for a specific purpose. However, the comfort of your foot is what will make or break your performance during this sport. See more about sizing and fit in the size section of this review.


The flexibility of the Solution shoe is in the stretch qualities when you put it on and during flexing, and also when fastening or unfastening with the durable Velcro strap. The Fast Lacing System is highly-adjustable and allows you to adjust the rapid-closing Velcro for a personalized fit. This flexible fit allows you to climb harder and better because the fit is perfect and customized to your foot. Users noticed right away in gym environments how they could climb much better and at higher levels than without the La Sportiva gear. You can only be as good as your equipment will allow you to be, and with an excellent shoe, you can be excellent in your climb. In climbing and bouldering, it is you, the grip, and the shoe.


The heel and the toe are the most important parts of a climbing shoe because they must grip and support you in some of the most precarious positions imaginable. When you ascend, you want the best support from your gear, and the Solution shoe is tops. The heel cup is 3D and hooks securely with a locking harness that is patented. This durable cup is super sticky and the lock harness will secure your footing when you need it most. You need this type of grip and traction to do well on any surface or rock face to enhance your skill level and enjoyment of the sport.

Key Features

-Downturned position is kept by the steady P3 power platform
-Fast Lacing System is adjustable for a personalized fit
-Has heel hooking with a locking harness and marbled rands
-The heel cup is super sticky and has a locking harness for footing
-Is an aggressive shoe for challenging routes of bouldering
-Will grab, hook, smear, and edge on any possible surface
-Features a Lock Harness System that gives a perfect fit
-Wrapped in Vibram XS Grip sticky rubber material
-Upper is made of leather and midsole is LaspoFlex
-Are slip-lasted and lined in the arch and toe box area


These climbing shoes must be snug for them to work properly. You cannot have a climbing shoe moving around on the foot. Some people think they are too tight, but they do fit tight for that reason. It might take some time to wear them and break them in. Not all shoes fit the same, and these certainly will not fit like a regular shoe will on your foot. The toe and heel need to be tight to give you the perfect gripping capabilities for the heel and toe grabs. Choose a size that is one or two sizes smaller than regular shoes because of the stretch and the lining. They should be comfortable and fit well. Some buyers expect them to stretch more than they do because they are made of rubber, while others think they stretch too much. We notice that most of the comments online from customers were about size. As with any type of shoe, size is the main concern because you want a comfortable fit that can be worn all the time. With climbing shoes, it is the most important aspect of the shoe. you will not perform well if it is not nearly perfect. The Solution shoe does not have as much stretch as some others because it is lined in a couple of places. This decreases the stretchability of a climbing shoe.


The La Sportiva Solution is a fantastic climbing shoe for those with some experience in climbing under their belt. The fit and the materials used in the construction are geared towards a knowledgeable user that has well-planned moves and has spent some time in knowing just how to place his feet. There are more basic shoes out there for basic practicing and beginning, but this is not it. even those who are seasoned, only use this shoe for their special climbs and boulders to keep them in great shape longer. This is a Velcro shoe that is turned down to lock the foot in the position for hold grabbing, powerful edging, and toe scumming. Advanced climbers have many pairs of shoes for the various types of climbing and surfaces, and they save the Solution for the difficult moves and challenges they want to use to improve their skills.


Ideal terrain for the Solution Climbing Shoe is gym climbing, technical face ascending, overhanging and steep sports routes. They can be resoled when the rubber wears if you do not want to invest in another pair when this happens. It is almost inevitable that the soles will not be adequate one day, usually within a year’s time for most active climbers. We noticed in our research that some climbers even know exactly how long their shoes will last and when it is time to purchase more. This is why, for this more expensive shoe, you want to have some experience before you wear the rubber off in clumsy moves or risks. Because of the rubber on them, if you are not an experienced climber, you will ruin the shoes with the messy footwork when climbing. This is from one of the experts online that gave some sound advice on using such quality shoes. When you practice, you want to use a lesser shoe that is less expensive. When you are ready for the incredible gripping possibilities of an amazing shoe, then grab for the Solution from La Sportiva.


This La Sportiva product features a Lock Harness System that gives a perfect fit because it joins with the upper and encompasses the foot. The upper is made of leather and the midsole is comprised of LaspoFlex. The fit is high asymmetry performance, as they are slip-lasted and lined in the arch and toe box area. The Solution is wrapped in Vibram XS Grip sticky rubber material with a down-turned shape to give you the best grip and hold on those difficult surfaces and climbs.


This wonderful footwear is best used for bouldering, steep routes, toeing, and rock climbing. Whether you like to go to the gym or the real atmosphere in the great outdoors, the Solution Climbing Shoe is one of the best on the market for your advanced maneuvers and expert levels to up your game. The incredible shape, durable materials, and great features will make you climb better and with more enthusiasm because your capabilities and movements will be enhanced instantly. For climbing in many environments and surface types, the Solution shoe will give you the extra edge you need to perform excellently.

The Bottom Line

Based on our research and the opinions of the loyal followers of La Sportiva products, we think that the Solution Climbing Shoe is an excellent piece of equipment for the advanced climber. Because of its high-quality and terrific features, it should be used to improve skills and attain higher levels of climbing than other lesser shoes can achieve. It has the super grip and support in the toe and heel to enhance your abilities immediately, as many users have noticed. They can do more and perform much better with these incredible shoes because they make you strive for your personal limits in the sport that you love. The biggest concern with this footwear, or any climbing footwear, is the size and the fit. When you purchase such shoes online, you do not get to see if they fit your foot the way they need to fit. This requires guessing at first as to which size would be the best. We do give you some guidance when considering the purchase of the Solution shoe because it is partially lined and will not stretch as much as ones that are not lined. Once you have the proper size in this excellent shoe, you will be able to climb as you have never done so before. It is a superb climbing shoe for seasoned climbers.