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Arc’teryx Theta AR Jacket Review Facts

When it comes to winter weather, a durable jacket is a must-have. If you have plans to take part in cold weather activities or find yourself living in an area where the snow and the cold are intense, the need for the right jacket increases. This is what Arc’teryx had in mind when they designed what they like to call their “storm shelter” jacket, the Theta AR. To put it simply, this winter coat is a beast. Many reviewers have called the Theta AR one of the most durable, rugged, jackets they’ve tried out. Luckily, Arc’teryx didn’t stop there when it came to the design of this jacket. It is loaded with extra features lovers of skiing and hiking, even climbing will love. In this review, we will go over a bit of info about the Theta AR. This will help you decide whether this beast of a jacket is the one you are looking for. We will discuss both the good, like its long-hem and weather protection. We will also discuss the bad, like the huge price tag that comes with the purchase of this jacket. In the end, we hope you’ll find it easier to make this important decision, so you can get back out on the trails and enjoy your time in the winter weather.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great weather protection
  • Durable
  • Excellent hood and collar features
  • Price
  • Bulky
  • Construction material is noisy and crinkly
  • Movements can be stiff
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  • The simple yet functional design makes this a great choice for cold weather activities.
  • The material has an excellent level of breathability.
  • It is impressively waterproof.
  • The extra length adds protection and comfort for skiing, snowboarding, and cycling.
  • The length also makes this a great choice for people who are tall.
  • According to most buyers, the ability to cinch the bottom eliminates the need for a powder skirt.
  • Considering all of the protection this jacket offers, it is still lightweight.
  • With the correct size, this jacket doesn't restrict movement even with a base and mid layer.
  • The sleeve length is generous enough for comfortable cycling.
  • It packs down well making it a great option for camping and travel.
  • The branding is subtle.
  • Underarm vents help airflow and prevent overheating during heavy activity.
  • The hand pockets are high enough so you still have access over a backpack waist belt.
  • It is a streamlined jacket without any unnecessary pockets or features.
  • The seams are Arc'teryx quality.
  • For skiing and snowboarding, the length is better than the Beta AR.
  • The sleeve pocket is conveniently placed and sized.
  • The separate collar and hood design adds comfort and protection. The hood can also accommodate climbing and cycling helmets.
  • There are mixed reviews on the sizing. Checking sizing charts or trying it on is important.
  • Adding a chest pocket would be an improvement.
  • There are very few pockets.
  • Although the bottom can be cinched, some buyers would prefer a powder skirt for more protection.
  • It's not as lightweight as some other jackets on the market.
  • It is expensive, and some buyers believe it lacks enough features to justify the price.
  • The fit feels too slim for some buyers over 200 lbs.
  • The outer fabric is noisy.
  • This jacket is designed to be a shell so on its own it is not super warm.
  • There are some reports of quick wear on the bottom.
  • A few reviewers note issues with the zippers after a year of use.
  • It can take a long time to get a repair or replacement.
  • Many buyers feel the longer length makes this more of an active jacket than one to be worn around town.
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Weather Protection

This is where Arc’teryx description of their jacket comes in to play. The company itself likes to call the Theta AR a storm shelter, and from what reviewers have shared, the nickname is suitable. This jacket takes top-notch materials, the Gore-Tex pro membrane and combines it with the construction and quality Arc’teryx is known for. The result is a jacket that can withstand the heavy snow enthusiasts love to experience when they are out for their daily trip down the ski slope. In addition to this, this jacket also offers a long-hem to keep fresh powder from blowing up into the jacket, and some of the best-reviewed features such as a burly face mask, protective hood, and high collar that can be used to fight any snow storm. All the elements together show why this jacket can be considered a beast when it comes to protecting you from the weather outside. If you are one of those who refuse to let the cold stop you from enjoying life, then perhaps the Theta AR is a winter jacket you should seriously consider.


In providing all the protection it does, one would expect the Theta AR to be a bit weighty. Well, it is. Weighing in at around 18 ounces, it can be considered one of the heaviest jackets on the market. The reason for these added pounds is easy to see, however. The added features Arc’teryx has put into the design of this jacket is what makes it feel a bit heavier than others you may have tried. Still, most reviewers found this jacket to still be light enough for whatever activities they decided to take on in the cold. Skiing, hiking, and climbing didn’t seem to be hindered by the additional weight. If you don’t mind all the weight, the bonuses may be enough to cancel out the weight issue with this jacket when winter rolls around.


You may be asking yourself how well a person can move in this jacket. Unfortunately, the Theta AR didn’t impress reviewers when it came to its mobility. Yes, this jacket moves easily with the wearer but the fabrics it is constructed from are a bit crinkly and stiff which can cause a few issues. Reviewers did not however that they were still able to stay active, even with the heavy feel and other mobility issues.


If you are looking for a snug fitting winter jacket, then Arc’teryx Theta AR may not be the one you’ve been looking for. This jacket seems to offer quite a bit of room in the chest and torso area. Although this room doesn’t cause issues when it comes to the winter protection you receive it still may present a bit of hassle to those who prefer a more form-fitting jacket for their cold day sports and activities. If you choose this jacket, you may need to be prepared for fit issues and possible returns until you find the size best suited for your preferences.


Anyone who enjoys staying active in colder weather knows the importance of a jacket that can breathe. The ability to lose built-up body heat is crucial to comfort and mobility when out on the trail. Oddly enough, despite its heavy feel and sturdy construction, the Arc’teryx Theta AR offers this breathability. Reviewers found heat wasn’t trapped inside the jacket with them, no matter how hot they got while working and playing. This demonstrated the breathability of the construction materials as well as the ability for trapped heat to escape through places like the collar. Another great bonus of the Theta AR, however, that will help with reducing this heat, is the pit zips Arc’teryx has included for those days when you’ve worked extra hard and need to let a bit of heat escape quickly.

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Comfort isn’t the main selling point of the Arc’teryx Theta AR. This jacket is intended for the protection and features it offers. You can’t say it uncomfortable though. Those who like a loose-fitting jacket would find themselves quite enjoying the roomy feel and mobility this jacket has to offer. Considering the breathability of the construction materials, becoming uncomfortable due to overheating isn’t necessarily an issue. One area where comfort may be hindered however is the noise and stiffness caused by these materials. Many reviewers noted the crinkling of the arms when moving was a bit of an annoyance and that the jacket itself felt overly bulky. If these issues don’t bother you then you should have no problems with this jacket.


When choosing a jacket, warmth is normally the first thing a buyer would look for. In the case of the Arc’teryx Theta AR, protection is the main selling factor. The protection offered by this winter jacket does include a bit of warmth. What adventurer would want to invest in a jacket with this kind of price tag if it didn’t keep them warm? That may be one of the issues you find yourself tackling with the Theta AR. When facing the fresh powder of your favorite ski slope, you’ll find the Theta AR offers some protection from the cold, but it shouldn’t be relied on as your only source. This jacket doesn’t come with fleece lining or any of the cold fighting extras one may hope for. However, it is roomy enough to use as an outer shell over a fleece or other type of warm jacket you may want to wear underneath.


The Arc’teryx Theta AR is easily one of the most durable jackets on the market. This should be expected with the price one would pay to add this jacket to their winter arsenal. The materials, such as the Gore-Tex membrane used in the construction of this jacket coupled with the high denier leave this jacket one that can be depended on for many cold seasons to come. If you are planning on investing in a long-term jacket that you want to rely on each cold season, the Theta AR may be the one you’ve been searching for.


The features of the Arc’teryx Theta AR are one area where reviewers found themselves quite impressed. Here, we will discuss the features and let you know the ones they loved and the ones they didn’t like quite as well. When it comes to pockets, the Theta AR has you covered. You’ll find an oversized interior pocket that is great for storing important gear, a sleeve pocket, that reviewers loved using while out on the slope, and two main chest pockets that are located high enough to access with harnesses or belts in place.

Located in the mid-back area is a drawcord. This cord can be used to cinch the Theta AR tight to help reduce the bulkiness many reviewers had issues with. If a more fitting jacket is your preference, you’ll love this cord feature. The collar of the Theta AR is considered by most reviewers as one of the most comfortable they’ve experienced. This comfort allows for the collar to easily be zipped up to the top with no issues. When in place, the face is easily protected by great material.

The storm hood of the Theta AR is another feature reviewers seemed to enjoy. Made from quality materials, this hood offers advanced protection against the elements when coupled with the fully zipped collar. This combination is a great tool for keeping the winter weather at bay. The Theta AR also sports a long hemline. Considered one of the longest on the market, this hemline makes keeping snow and other cold weather elements at bay much easier than with several of the other winter jackets on the market.


In terms of Arc’teryx Theta AR, you get what you pay for. This jacket is considered a storm shelter. This means it offers the utmost in protection in bad winter weather. If you have need of ultimate protection in the colder months of the year, then investing in this jacket may not be such a bad idea. If you are located in areas where temperatures stay more seasonal, you may find this to be a waste of money. One of the biggest downsides to the Theta AR is the huge price that is associated with it. It is easily considered the most expensive jacket of its kind on the market. However, it is also easily considered one of the most rugged jackets out there as well. If spending this kind of money doesn’t sit well with you or you find yourself debating whether you’d use the jacket enough to warrant the cost, perhaps looking into other options is best for your situation.


The Theta AR is not a jacket that would see use in milder winter weather. If you live in or play in an area where the temperatures and snow accumulation is an issue, then investing in a jacket like this may be a great option for you. If you experience only milder winters, paying the money for this beast of a jacket may be a mistake considering it would spend most of its time hanging in your closet.

Best Applications

It’s easy to see that the Arc’teryx Theta AR is best used in wintery conditions. If you love skiing, alpine mountain climbing, or winter weather hiking, then this jacket may become your best friend. It is rugged and durable enough to provide you with the protection you need during these snowy conditions. Coupling this jacket with a warm fleece underneath will leave you feeling toasty while you are out and about experiencing the best of what mother nature has to offer, while not worrying about the condition of your outerwear when you get home.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the Arc’teryx Theta AR it's easy to see why this jacket is considered a beast for winter weather work and play. It easily one of the most durable jackets available. The weather protection provided is some of the best you’ll find on the market. The construction and feature combine to give you a top-notch jacket that will stand up to the activities and work you need to take care of in cold weather. However, there are a few downsides. The same construction materials make for stiffer movement and the annoying crinkling sounds of these types of jackets. You’ll also find yourself paying quite a bit of money for this incredible winter protection. If these issues aren’t a deal breaker for you, and you live in areas where you’ll find yourself making good use of this type of jacket, then perhaps adding the Arc’teryx storm shelter to your winter arsenal is the right choice for you.