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Petzl Corax Harness Review Facts

The Petzl Corax harness is one of Petzl’s more comfortably designed and affordable climbing harnesses. Equipped with leg and hip padding the harness gently fits around the climber offering them comfortable support that doesn’t catch or drag on them or their climbing attire and equipment. Expertly balanced, the harness is designed to be functional and practical but not bulky while equipped by climbers who have brought with them their gear and other necessities for their climb. The Petzl Corax harness is also designed to feel safe. By allowing for adjustable leg loops that not only keep climbers comfortable but attach to the hip with a second set of buckles to keep the climber safe and confident while off the ground. These individual design features also help with the even distribution of weight keeping the climber and their gear balanced and secure while also prepared for the climb and challenge ahead of them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile
  • Solid Build
  • Easy for all skill levels
  • Indoor outdoor
  • Large padding
  • Extra buckles


The Petzl brand has been the go-to for many climbers through the years due to their reliable equipment and the affordable pricing that climbers are used to seeing from the company. Much like its predecessors, the Petzl Corax is built with the versatility of different climbing styles and terrain in mind, while also keeping the comfort and safety of the climbers that will use the harness a priority. The Petzl Corax harness brings the reliability and affordability many climbers have come to expect from the Petzl company over the past forty years to climbing styles that range from outdoor, traditional, and pitch climbs, as well as to the indoor sport walls that more casual climbers may be used to and accustomed to using their equipment on more frequent climbs


The Petzl Corax harness design is one that uses comfort as an important secondary guide. The padded leg loops will keep legs comfortable for climbers without sacrificing the mobility that is so necessary for the sport of climbing. The loops themselves may be thicker than other harnesses but help keep climbers fresh and limber to avoid the painful sensation of loops that catch and grip on a climber’s chosen attire for their climb. This sense of comfort is further facilitated by the Petzl Corax harness’s dual adjustable leg loop and buckle design style. The strap on each leg’s loop is individually adjustable allowing climbers to choose their selected grip or slack around the leg area for maximum comfort and mobility while climbing. It is also well balanced so that the four equipment loops do not hinder your climb but still remain practical and comfortable to use for everyday climbers of all skill levels. With seamless comfort in mind, the harness is designed to be virtually unnoticeable. Once a climber has found a comfortable adjustment to allow for unhindered movement throughout the climb they can expect feel comfortable during the duration of their climb.


Comfort does not, however, encroach upon the Petzl Corax harness’s sense of stability while being used for a climb. The harness’s loops and buckles create a sturdy and reliable product the climbers will not have to worry about. The two individual buckles that connect each leg loop make sure that your legs are still being supported and protected through the duration of your climb without having to worry about any mishaps. This double buckle feature also helps keep the equipment loops and by extension the climber in uniform balance with one another. With each equipment loop capable of holding ten pounds the buckles and loops assure for easy to reach equipment without interfering with a climber when they are not directly interacting with these features.


The harness’s foam padding offers climbers a sense of protection when using the Petzl Corax climbing harness. Keeping the climber's body and attire from creating fiction with the harness itself, this padding allows the climber to set their weight into the Petzl Corax harness without the worry of them harming themselves mid climb or before they are able to get off the ground. The padding also provides some minor protection from bumps and scrapes a climber may otherwise sustain when their legs come in contact with the climbing surface. This keeps the climber’s well being in mind and may help prevent the climber’s from needing to make an early descent effectively canceling the remainder of their climb. The Petzl Corax harness itself is also designed to keep each of the climber’s legs secure and supported through the two buckles that connect the harness’s leg loops to the main support of the harness creating a reliable tension that does not leave the climber’s legs in an otherwise compromising position. This helps create a sense of safety and allows the climber to stay alert and aware without the worry of lower body fatigue.


The Petzl Corax harness has a design that keeps adjustable sizing in mind. The harness itself is larger as well as capable of supporting larger frames but the adjustable leg loops, leg buckles, and hip loop allow for the harness to be adjusted to a climber’s preferred style and comfort. This allows the Petzl Corax itself to be a harness that is used by a multitude of climbers of different sizes and is a good all-around selection for someone that may not want to worry about having to change harness sizes down the road. The thicker padding also compliments the harness nicely, allowing for smaller frames to not feel neglected while the adjustable loops allow for larger frames to not feel too tight and snug while wearing the harness on the ground or using it up on a climb.


The Petzl Corax harness even with all its support and added foam padding for comfortability is able to bring a sleek minimalist style to the table. Its inclusive design is able to hold up to forty pounds of equipment, with each equipment loop being designated for up to ten pounds but the harness itself is also designed to lack the cumbersome and rustic looks that other more rugged appearing harness’s carry. The Petzl Corax harness is also designed to keep up with these other harnesses through its adjustable leg loops. The leg loops on the Petzl Corax allow for climbers to adjust around the attire they are wearing, allowing for the harness to meet any climbers style in any weather regardless of what environmental factors the climber may be seeking to protect themselves from: rain, cold, snow, or heat, the Petzl Corax harness is designed to be used by climbers in all conditions throughout the year allowing them to take advantage of its inclusive and minimalist style without worrying about sacrificing comfort in exchange for the Petzl Corax’s practical use.


Climbers should be able to immediately notice the support the Petzl Corax harness provides when they start their climb. The harness is built to hug the user’s frame when they have it on and keep them safe and comfortable. By adjusting the leg loops climbers can set each leg loop to their desired width so that they feel safe and supported while off the ground as well as comfortable while using the harness. The hip loop also has attached buckles for the leg and connecting across the midsection to keep climbers in firmly when using the Petzl Corax. The equipment loops are also able to hold up to ten pounds of equipment each to keep climbers prepared and allowing climbers to bring with them up to forty pounds of equipment on the harness. The support loops for the equipment is designed to offset weigh in such a way that doesn’t interfere with the harness’s primary support for the climber as well as to keep the climber and their gear well balanced throughout the climb.


The Petzl Corax harness is design to be used in all different types of terrain, keeping a universal design in mind for climbers. The adjustable loops allow for climbing attire to be just as diverse as the terrain, courses, and environments climbers may find themselves using the harness in. The foam padding help provides extra warmth and insulation while the adjustable leg loops allow for climbers to choose between winter clothing for climbing outdoors in the cold or for more traditional indoor clothing one may find themselves wearing for an indoor sports climb. The Petzl Corax versatile design makes it a premier choice for these myriad of different climbing courses, allowing it to be used on high pitch climbs, in traditional climbs that will challenge climbers, as well as in sport climbs both outdoors in nature as well as indoors on a synthetic wall.


The use for the Petzl Corax harness can be seen as universal. The Petzl Corax itself is designed in a manner that both experienced and amateur climbers should have no problem adjusting to and using the harness should they purchase it. More experienced climbers will enjoy it for its versatility and compatibility with different climbing styles: outdoors, indoors, high pitch, traditional, and sports climbs are all possible with the Petzl Corax harness. Its ability to insulate as well as withstand conditions make it optimum to use both inside and out. Experienced and amateur climbers alike will also be encouraged by the Petzl Corax reasonable price range. The Petzl Corax pricing allows the harness to be accessible and useful to not only those who are established and have been enjoying climbing for some time but also to those just starting out and are looking for a fiscally responsible and reliable product that can help get them started as climbers.

Key Features

The Petzl Corax climbing harness bolster’s a few key features that are worth keeping in mind for every climber. The Petzl Corax itself is a very versatile harness that is capable of use in all weather, environment, and terrain conditions. The Petzl Corax is a harness that can realistically be seen inside the confines of a gym sports climb or outside being used for a more traditional climb in colder conditions. The Petzl Corax also comes equipped with customizable and adjustable belt loops. These loops keep the climbers safe and secure without sacrificing the climber’s overall comfort. This is accomplished by also keeping the adjustable loops secure through buckled that hook around to the back of the harness so that climbers don’t have to worry about any mishaps should the adjust their legs. The Petzl Corax also features for equipment loops that are capable of ten pounds each for a total of forty pounds even distributed across the harness. These loops are designed to keep the climber balanced while using the Petzl Corax and also maintain the harness’s overall practical functions throughout a climb.

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The Bottom Line

Overall the Petzl Corax is a well-designed climbing harness that brings a lot of great features and consumer considerations to the table. The Petzl Corax is versatile in its design allowing it to be used by both experienced and amateur climbers. Its usefulness both indoors and outdoors make it a reliable buy for high pitch, traditional, and sports climbers of many different varieties and its affordable price tag make it accessible to amateur climbers who are just beginning in the sport of climbing. The adjustable features of the harness make it a premier choice for comfort and safety. Allowing climbers to change the size of the leg loops on the go as well as keep them in a safe position throughout the duration of their climb by utilizing the leg buckles that create an extra connection the hip. The Petzl Corax’s four equipment loops also allow for climbers to be well prepared on their climbs by offering the option to carry up to forty pounds of equipment spread across the loops. With each loop rated at ten pounds the options for climbers to bring that extra piece of equipment is readily there.