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La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX Review Facts

When deciding the time has come to invest in a pair of boots, its imperative you know exactly what you are in the market for. If you are on a search for a stylish pair of boots to wear to winter get-togethers, choosing hiking boots wouldn’t be the best choice. The same can be said for the adventurer on the search for their newest addition. Finding a hiking or climbing boot that offers everything you want can be tricky. Finding comfort, support, and all the extras needed for the amazing destinations you want to enjoy takes a bit of time. This is where La Sportiva steps in. Their offering for those who want to scale the toughest mountains around,  the Nepal, offers buyers the chance to combine what they love in one package.

Whether you are destined for mountain climbing or ice climbing, the La Sportiva Nepal may be exactly what you’re looking for. This boot offers comfort, support, and a great look, making it one of the most versatile available. Like with anything available for purchase though, the Nepal does have a few downsides you should keep in mind when choosing this boot for your winter weather wardrobe. In this review, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the La Sportiva Nepal in hopes of helping you decide whether this boot is the best choice for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Rigid leather design
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Lack flexibility
  • Removable tongue is uncomfortable
  • Heavy
  • Expensive


The La Sportiva Nepal is quite weighty. These boots are not designed for those who are hoping to add a lightweight addition to their hiking gear. On the contrary, these boots are designed for those who are in search of a long-lasting boot they can wear for several seasons or those who prefer stiffer boots with strong stability. If you find yourself looking to add a rugged hiking boot to your gear collection, then perhaps choosing the La Sportiva Nepal is a great idea for you.


When searching for a boot you can wear whether you are hiking or climbing it is important to choose one that offers a great deal of warmth. Keeping your feet protected from cold weather situations such as ice and snow will allow you an additional layer of comfort when you’re out on the mountain. The La Sportiva Nepal offers this kind of warmth. This boot offers a great deal of insulation, plus room inside to ensure total warmth. This is quite beneficial when you find yourself facing cold nights with nothing more than your boots to protect your feet. When comparing to other boots of similar construction on the market, some reviewers consider the La Sportiva to be one of the toastiest out there.


The La Sportiva Nepal is designed to not only keep your feet warm but to protect them from the elements. When trekking through the snow or going ice climbing, knowing that your boots can stand up to moisture is imperative. By using Gore-Tex technology La Sportiva ensures this boot can fight off the wetness that can interrupt your life. The same can be said about the leather used in construction. This leather is silicon impregnated, adding to its waterproofing abilities. Another great thing about the leather used by La Sportiva is the fact that it can easily have extra waterproofing added to it. When adding treatments to these boots you will quickly see the leather beginning to absorb the conditioning. This will help you keep your boots looking great and fighting the elements for years to come.


Many reviewers consider La Sportiva to have the most durable boot they reviewed. The silicone impregnated Idro-Perwanger Roughout leather measures at 3.2 mm and is considered quite sturdy. For this reason, these boots can easily be worn for several years without issue. The lacing loops of these shoes are constructed of mostly metal that is riveted to the leather. This offers more durability by ensuring a secure lacing system that shouldn’t cause you issues throughout the years. The stiffness of this boot could be considered an issue to someone who needs them to immediately be ready for wear. Keep in mind when purchasing a boot of this quality it is often considered a good idea to allow time for break-in due to the stiffness involved.


The rigid soles of the La Sportiva are quite impressive and allow you to use most step-in crampons available on the market. This is especially good for those who choose these boots for their hiking experiences. The thickness of the soles, the front welt width, and the sole rocker all come together to provide an amazing fit when adding these tools. Some reviewers feel it is an almost perfect crampon fit and has remarked the La Sportiva Nepal could be one of the boots used by other manufacturers to ensure the outsoles fit crampons easily.


The heel of the La Sportiva Nepal is another area where reviewers found themselves quite impressed. On the front area of the heel is an impact brake feature that is great when you find yourself needing to traverse loose terrain or moving down hills more often. This brake feature is similar to a scoop at the front of the heel. It makes grabbing terrain such as scree, snow, and even edges much easier. This is especially good for those who will be traveling across terrain that can be considered unsafe. For hikers and climbers this is an amazing feature whether you are a fan of icy or mountain surfaces.


The uppers are an area of the La Sportiva Nepal where reviewers found themselves experiencing issues. Due to the heavy leather construction used in the uppers, mobility is quite an issue. This thick leather can make the boot feel heavy, and of course, make you feel slower when being active wearing them. This also makes climbing areas like dry rock, where the need to move your foot quickly or from side to side for edging, a bit treacherous. If you are a fan of this type of climbing it may be more plausible to choose another boot that has a bit more mobility.

Another feature of the uppers that reviewers seemed to take issue with was the removable additional tongue. This second tongue was added to offer a bit of protection against the outer folding original tongue the boot is designed with. Most reviewers didn’t agree with the thought that this tongue offered any type of protection. On the contrary, they felt the boot was more comfortable without this addition but did take note of the inability to cinch the laces tight without it.


Due to the stiffness used in the leather that makes up the upper section of the La Sportiva Nepal, most reviewers have noted this boot doesn’t offer much in the way of flexibility. In most cases, if you are planning an adventure where you need your feet to be flexible, such as edging a mountain, perhaps choosing a lightweight, more flexible boot would be your best option. The last thing any hiker or climber wants to experience is mobility issues when in precarious situations.


With the durability of the outsole, and the rigidness of the uppers, the La Sportiva Nepal can easily be considered a supportive boot. This is especially true for those who find themselves in need of carrying gear such as backpacks, when out on their climb or hike. The stiffness, that some may find a bit much, is perfect for those who intend to carry extra weight and are out for a long excursion.


When it comes to terrain, the Nepal is quite versatile. Whether you plan on climbing dry rock or mountains, you’ll find these boots to have the grip you need. With the impact brake feature of the heel, you’ll find loose dirt and screen are not much of an issue. It is important to note, however; this boot isn’t one that excels when it comes to edging. The lack of mobility around the ankle makes it hard to traverse these areas due to the need to turn your foot quickly.

For those who like icy or snowy terrain, you’ll find the Nepal is also a great boot for this type of weather. Once again, the stiffness of this boot allows you to kick and square up with the icy mountains with ease. Yes, the rigidness increases weight and mobility issues but when ice climbing, the Nepal is clearly one of the most popular choices to make.


The La Sportiva Nepal wasn’t designed with comfort in mind. In actuality, this boot is designed to be rugged, and keep you active. If you are in the market for a boot to wear for day to day activities that keep your foot cushioned and protected, you’d be far better off choosing another option. The Nepal is a rugged, supportive boot that was created with climbing and hiking in mind. Yes, when out on the mountain you’ll find yourself able to wear this boot without too much worry of comfort issues, but it is far too advanced for everyday use.


The La Sportiva Nepal is easily one of the most expensive boots on the market. It is important to remember exactly what you’re buying when grabbing a pair of these boots. Yes, you’ll be paying quite a bit of money but when the durability and longevity of the Nepal are factored in, you have to admit the value is there. This boot could easily last a person for years, no matter the use put to it. This is why most people who choose to purchase the Nepal have no issue with the price tag attached. If you are new to the world of hiking and climbing, yes, this would be a great investment. If money is an issue, you can easily find other options that will save you money but lack the durability of what La Sportiva has to offer.

Best Applications

When speaking of the best applications of the La Sportiva Nepal, the first word that comes into mind is climbing. Those who are fans of rock climbing will love the stiffness offered by this boot when you find yourself on the side of a mountain. You’ll easily be able to traverse over dirt and rock with no issues. This is due to the stiff outer sole that is geared for gripping. Unfortunately, if you are a climber who prefers tight edges and needs extra mobility, you will find yourself facing issues with the Nepal. If flexibility is a must have, a different boot may be your best investment.

Ice climbers will find themselves loving the ruggedness of the Nepal. This boot is great when it comes to kicking ice or gripping onto crevices you need for a boost. The support offered also allows you to carry a pack without putting more pressure on your feet and ankles. Support and durability are two of this boot’s most prominent features making it great for those who love an icy climb.

Hikers will also love this boot. Unlike most fabric boots you will run across the Nepal offers the durability needed for long hikes across ever-changing terrain. Scree, loose dirt and even rock is nothing to these boots. Keep in mind though, this durability comes with a bit of weight. If you aren’t a fan of heavier boots, there are other lighter weighted options available.

Bottom Line

When discussing the La Sportiva Nepal, one word comes to mind, rugged. This boot is easily one of the most rugged, durable, boots on the market. If you are searching for a boot that can be used for hiking, mountain climbing, and even ice climbing this is possibly the one for you. It’s important to keep in mind though, there are a few disadvantages to investing in the Nepal. This rigid, leather boot is quite a bit heavier than most. This is due to the stiff uppers used to offer the kind of support climbers need. This boot also has issues with mobility and flexibility. They aren’t the boots you want when traversing tight edges where quick movements are needed. If you simply want the best boot for climbing, kicking, and gripping, then perhaps the La Sportiva Nepal is exactly what you’re looking for.