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ASICS Accelerate Jacket Review Facts

The ASICS Accelerate jacket features innovative design and is performance driven, providing protection from the elements whilst maintaining flexibility, movement, and comfort. Trapping heat efficiently, the ASICS Accelerate jacket has been for sustained aerobic output in inclement weather conditions. Made from 100% polyester material, it is a lightweight jacket that is designed with the runner in mind. It is windproof and waterproof, helping you to keep warm and dry on those soggy days as well as being breathable and moisture wicking to keep you cool as your body warms up. It also features two pockets on either side for storage, as well as a secure pocket in the check with a media port for your headphones, a fitted hood design, and an adjustable dropped hem. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the ASICS Accelerate jacket combines style and function, and will soon become your favorite jacket for wet weather adventures.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight design to promote flexibility and movement
  • Chest pocket, with media port for headphones, which is perfect for listening to music whilst you run
  • Stylish jacket with a wide selection of colors to choose from
  • Wind resistant to keep out the chill
  • Waterproof material, as well as storm flaps over the zips and sealed seams to prevent precipitation entering your jacket
  • Several pockets for storage on the go
  • Some moisture on the inner layer of the jacket due to waterproof nature
  • There is not an option to remove or roll away the hood when not in use
  • This jacket is not suitable for freezing weather conditions


Anima Sana In Corpore Sano is Latin for a sound mind in a sound body, and this is truly reflective of the passion and commitment central to ASICS’ ethos. First established back in 1949, ASICS began as an athletic footwear company in Japan and was brought to the US in 1977. In 1990, they opened the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, a site that has since been the birthplace of a number of impressive technological innovations in exercise wear.

Combining research, the latest technology and passion to ensure that their products are made to the highest standards, ASICS is the ultimate runner’s choice, with clothing, footwear, and accessories that will boost performance.


If you are shopping for a jacket that offers both comfort and protection, the ASICS Accelerate jacket could be an excellent choice. It is soft to touch, with cozy knitted pockets and an adjustable dropped hem to provide the perfect fit. The ASICS Accelerate jacket also features half elasticated cuffs with thumb loops, which takes variable arm length into consideration.

It is made from a breathable fabric and features zippered vents which have been lined with mesh which will allow some air circulation. Keeping you protected from the wind and the rain, the ASICS Accelerate jacket has been purposely designed for comfort, whatever the weather.


The ASICS Accelerate jacket is a great outer layer for those wet and soggy days, providing protection from the elements. It is a fully waterproof jacket, with a hydrostatic head of 10, 000m, and it is completely windproof, keeping you warm and dry and focused on fitness. With covered zips and sealed-seams also providing an excellent barrier to the weather, the ASICS Accelerate will help to ensure that optimum temperature and comfort are maintained throughout your workout.

Finally, the bright colors and reflective decals can improve visibility, making the ASICS Accelerate the perfect option when you are out on the trail at night.


The size of your jacket can significantly impact on performance, and it is important to choose the right one for you. If you intend to be wearing the jacket when running or doing high-intensity cardio, we recommend a snug fit to allow for increased flexibility and movement. The ASICS Accelerate jacket is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, SM- XXL. These are standard sizes, and a large number of customer reviews have stated that the jacket is an excellent fit. This is further improved by the adjustable elastics and cords on the hood, hem, and cuffs


The ASICS Accelerate jacket is sleek and streamlined, offering a snug fit to prevent any flapping in the wind, and keeping you looking your best whilst out on the trail. The cutting edge style has been purposely designed for wearing during running or any other exercise, but its modern aesthetic means you could also easily wear it for day to day life.

The jacket is available in a wide selection of colors, including bright shades and more muted options. Whether you prefer a sunny yellow for improved visibility or a stylish black, there is a choice of seven colors to pick from. Often, experts advise that we should choose function over fashion, but the ASICS Accelerate jacket combines both to provide a stylish finish to your running get up.


The ASICS Accelerate jacket will take your workout to the next level, and it has been purposely designed with the runner in mind. Whether you prefer cross country terrain or jogging through the neighborhood, this jacket will ensure that the weather does not put a dampener on your run. The nature of the fabric also means that it is noiseless, which means there will not be any rustling while you run.

Although the ASICS Accelerate jacket is perfect for anyone who enjoys running in all weathers, it could be an excellent option for hikers, climbers, or anyone who likes to work out in the great outdoors. It is also stylish and sleek enough that it could be worn as part of everyday wear on wet weather days


Whatever the weather, breathability is an essential factor to consider when choosing workout gear, as this refers to the ability of a fabric to transmit moisture from the skin to the outer layer. The ASICS Accelerate jacket is made from a 2.5 layer fabric design that allows for improved breathability and that you are able to maintain an optimum temperature throughout your endeavors. It has been purposely designed to keep you cool during hard efforts, and warm during cool weather. Due to the jacket being completely waterproof, it is not entirely moisture-wicking, and there may be some sweat on the inner layer. However, this is improved by unzipping the vents that have been placed throughout the garment to maximize breathability.


With the ASICS Accelerate jacket, you can defy the elements, and get out on even the wettest of days. The jacket is fully waterproof with a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm, which means that it is able to withstand the pressure of this much water before leaking. It features sealed seams which will also help to keep you dry by preventing weather entry as well as a storm flap to cover the zip.

The ASICS Accelerate jacket repels water effectively, although it is noted that this jacket is not necessarily the warmest option. If you are running in particularly chilly temperatures, you will require a decent base layer to keep you toasty.


Do not let harsh weather put you off or change your stride, the ASICS Accelerate jacket has been designed to keep you warm and dry while also being engineered to flex. Many reviewers have reported excellent flexibility, and there have not been any reports of this jacket hindering running performance in any way. It is made from a lightweight, breathable 2.5 layer fabric which will not compromise your ability to move.

It also contains considerable stretch, moving with your body as you exercise and a number of comments highlighted that the adjustable waistline and thumb loops also helped to improve flexibility.


The ACICS Accelerate jacket is ultra-lightweight at around 1 pound. Although this does mean that it may not offer the same weather protection in comparison with similar jackets, it does mean that the jacket will flex with you, and not hinder your performance in any way. You will barely feel like you are wearing an outer layer, and with this level of waterproof protection, that is particularly rare.

Key Features

The ASICS Accelerate jacket has several appealing characteristics that definitely put it ahead of the rest of the pack, with features such as:

-Wind resistant and waterproof
-Zipped vents for increased breathability
-Full front zip with storm flap
-Fitted hood that stays in place whatever the weather
-Cozy knitted pockets for storage
-Internal pockets that would be ideal for storing gloves or a hat.

There is a secure pocket in the chest for your smartphone or mp3 player, which also features a media port for your headphones-- Reflective elements for increased visibility, including a reflective logo and dots along the spine-- Adjustable cuffs with thumb loops -- Adjustable dropped hem --Machine washable for easy care and maintenance

Bottom Line

ASICS have a huge selection of running gear available, and the Accelerate jacket is just an example of the way in which they have combined research and technology to create premium active wear. The vast majority of reviewers online are extremely positive about the ASICS Accelerate jacket, and many of them state that this has become their go-to gear for wet weather running. It has been highlighted that the jacket is an excellent fit, and offers a comfortable snug outer layer that protects without compromise. There have been some comments made regarding the breathability of the jacket, with the waterproof nature of the outer layer reportedly preventing all of the moisture from evaporating during high-intensity workouts. It has also been suggested that the jacket is not as fully waterproof as intended, with some moisture entering during particularly heavy downpours.

Moreover, it has been noted that it is not very warm, and a thick base layer will be needed for icy conditions. However, the glowing reviews of the ASICS Accelerate jacket cannot be ignored, and at such a reasonable price, this is definitely an investment for anyone who loves to run.