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Nike Dri Fit Challenger Shorts Review Facts

For those who love to run, the right gear can make all the difference. Choosing clothing that is lightweight and breathable when you are working out will help you go that little bit further. Promoting endurance and keeping you comfortable, clothes that have been purposely designed for your sport will ensure that you can always go that extra mile.

When it comes to choosing running shorts, it is important that they give you maximum freedom to move, and the Nike Dri Fit shorts for men are engineered to flex. If you run regularly, you will understand the importance of picking the perfect apparel for your summer jog, and these shorts are ideal for hitting the trail in the hotter months. Designed with the runner in mind, you can stay focussed mile after mile.

If you are searching for a pair of shorts that will offer cool comfort while you work out, we can help you with our guide on the best running shorts. Nike Dri Fit Shorts with the vast majority of positive reviews online have deserved their place among the best shorts, with thousands of wearers giving these five stars due to their excellent comfort, durability, and flexibility.

There are a few limitations to these shorts, which will also be discussed, but overall they are considered a worthy choice. Read on for an in-depth breakdown of the Nike Dri Fit shorts to check whether these would be the right option for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Nike Dry fabric helps you stay dry
  • Mesh panels enhance breathability
  • Side pockets offer convenient storage
  • 7" inseam provides moderate coverage without limiting the range of motion
  • Split shorts
  • Uncomfortable brief liner

Key Features

- Material- 100% polyester
- Dri-FIT technology for improved moisture wicking abilities and breathability
- Elastic Waistband with Drawstring, allowing for a personalized fit
- Mesh panels at the sides to further enhance breathability
- Vented Hems for flexibility and movement
- Reflective Nike Swoosh on the left hip
- Machine washable


Nike is an international powerhouse when it comes to workout gear, and they are a name that we associated with superiority and performance.

Nike was first founded all the way back in the 1960s when a college track coach and an athlete decided to start a company that would go on to revolutionize the fitness world. Their inventive methods and popular sneaker designs soon resulted in the company succeeding around the world.

Renowned for superior quality, Nike believes that its ground-breaking sports innovations have the potential to expand human possibility. Combining pioneering technology, research, and a dedication to being the best, professionals and amateurs alike love Nike.


Choosing the best running shorts can be a challenge, and material has to be one of the most important factors to consider. The lightweight Nike Dri Fit shorts are made from 100% polyester, which is a moisture-wicking fabric that is both breathable and non-absorbent.

Ensuring full freedom of movement and excellent ventilation, online reviews have praised the fabric choice on these shorts. Keeping you dry, Nikes patented Dri-FIT fabric is made with breathability in mind. The Nike Dri Fit Shorts for men will keep you cool and comfortable whilst you go the distance, as well as repelling UV rays for increased protection from the sun.


Although these shorts are running shorts, they are pretty much ideal for any activity in the sun; keeping everything feeling breezy while you work up a sweat. Whether you are hitting the gym, training with the team, or looking for lightweight shorts for summer hikes, they are ideal for long distances and will keep you cool and comfortable whatever you are doing.

Although these shorts are perfect for running or heading to the gym, several reviewers online have noted that these shorts are a little too short. If you are looking for a pair that could double up for everyday wear, you may prefer to opt for the longer inseam options.

Regardless, most reviewers online have said that these are their go-to shorts for activity in the summer, and they are popular amongst hikers, backpackers and anyone else. Furthermore, if you do get these shorts wet, lots of reviews have highlighted that they do dry out quickly.

However, if you are hiking through particularly technical terrains, you may wish to cover your legs for extra protection. This is particularly important if you are walking or running in an area where there is a risk of snake or insect bites.


The Nike Dri Fit shorts undoubtedly feel like quality, they are performance driven, breathable and have been created with endurance in mind.

However, you do not need to compromise on style, and these shorts are simple sports shorts that will keep you looking great while you exercise. They have a simple design and feature a trademark Nike Swoosh on the left-hand side. This is also reflective for a little increased visibility. Plus, with a choice of colors including simple black, elegant silver and a stylish red amongst others, you are sure to find the perfect pair for you.

Overall, the majority of wearers have said that they like the style on these shorts, but some reviewers online have noted that even the 7" is a little too short. There have also been some suggestions that they can be a little 'immodest'. This does tend to be more of an issue for taller wearers, and I would advise measuring your inseam before you make your choice. Furthermore, the built-in briefs do ensure secure coverage throughout.


These no-frills running shorts from Nike are reported to keep you comfortable throughout your workout. The elasticated waistband and vented hems make sure that your mobility is not restricted in any way, and the drawstring waist allows for a great fit.

However, whilst the majority of reviews online have indicated that these shorts are ultra-comfortable, there have been some issues noted regarding the brief lining. It is considered that these running shorts from Nike would be pretty much perfect if it were not for this one particular issue, and it's a bit of a big one. The liner has been mentioned across several reviews, with people suggesting that this prevented them from feeling comfortable.

Some users have indicated that on hot and humid days or if you are running long distances, this has the potential to become a sore point, resulting in chafing around the groin area. It has also been suggested that this is due to the liner being too small, but it is important to remember that these shorts have not been designed to wear with underwear underneath, and doing so could result in discomfort.

If you are having issues with chafing when you are running, you could also consider wearing compression shorts underneath as this can significantly reduce chafing while also providing compression benefits.


Flexibility and movement without restriction is obviously a key point to consider when you are selecting clothing for exercise. The Nike Dri Fit shorts for men have been made to move, and flexibility is certainly an area that these running shorts shine. The use of Dri-FIT material ensures that these are a solid choice for anyone who wants mobility without restriction, and the elastic waistband allows them to move with your body.

Moreover, the Nike Dri Fit shorts features vented hems, which allow for a natural range of movement. A vented hem refers to the vertical slit at the bottom of the shorts, often referred to as split shorts when discussing running. Split shorts are considered to allow for a full range of movement. With a small cut up the seam, wearing split shorts helps to ensure that you can run easily without the material restricting your movement.


When you check out the reviews online for the Nike Dri-FIT shorts, you will see that quite a few of them mention their excellent longevity. Lots of people have been wearing these for several years, and they even go as far as to suggest that they still look like new after much use. These Nike shorts are also super easy to keep clean and maintain. Just throw them in the washing machine on a cool wash and leave to air dry.


We all appreciate pockets, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with the storage options available with the Nike Dri Fit shorts for men. There are two front pockets on these shorts, and these are much bigger than what you would normally expect. You can easily store your phone and keys, without having to worry about the possibility of them falling out. There is also a pocket in the rear of the shorts, which has an envelope closure system for improved security.


These shorts for men offer excellent breathability and are moisture wicking to keep you cool on the go. Featuring Nike's Dri-FITâ„¢ technology, the fabric will wick perspiration away from your skin and towards the surface of the material, where it is then able to evaporate.

Furthermore, Dri-FIT technology also refers to Nike's use of body-mapping construction, which refers to mesh ventilation panels that are placed in high-sweat areas on the body. On these shorts, there are two side panels of mesh on either side. The briefs liner further promotes a breathable experience, keeping everything in the crotch area cool and breezy whilst you move.


The Nike Dri Fit Shorts are available in standard sizing for men, with the majority of reviews reporting that they are relatively true to size. These shorts are available in a selection of different inseam lengths, and we would advise measuring before your purchase.

They have sizes S to 2XL available in the men's short. It is important to remember that they are relatively small sizes anyway at Nike, so you may wish to purchase the next size up. Also, these Nike shorts also include a drawstring, so you can easily adjust the waistband to get the perfect fit for you. If you are looking for shorts for women, Nike also has a female Challenger range.


If you are serious about running, you will fully understand the importance of choosing workout clothes that are lightweight. The shipping weight for these shorts, which includes packaging and labels, is less than 5 ounces. This is exceptionally good, and basically, you will feel like you are hardly wearing anything at all.


These shorts are at a relatively affordable price for a widely recognized brand such as Nike. We often associated Nike with quality, and the shorts are typical of the high standards that have made them world leaders. Plus, with excellent durability that ensures a great lifespan and the fact that they are suitable for so many different sports activities, the Nike Dri Fit shorts for men could definitely be considered as an investment for anyone who is serious about their sport.

Bottom Line

There are many different points to consider when you are choosing the best training or gym shorts, but you cannot really go wrong with these classic running shorts from Nike.

If you are looking for shorts that will keep you feeling breezy right up to the last kilometer, choose clothing that will keep you focused on the Nike Dri Fit shorts. Ensuring that heat is able to escape, and that cool air can circulate, they are lightweight and breathable. The multiple pockets offer convenient storage, and the adjustable drawstring allows for a personalized custom fit for proper comfort.

The biggest limitation to these shorts has to be the briefs, they are not designed well, and there are many reviews online that have indicated that they can lead to chafing and pressure points. The majority of criticisms across the web tend to suggest that the liner is too small, with a few people saying that they had to exchange them for a larger size as a result. As we have already mentioned, these shorts should not be worn with underwear as this can lead to such issues.

Overall, if you are in the market for a decent pair of shorts for running, working out or any activity in the summer, the Nike Dri Fit could be an excellent choice.