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Brooks Caldera Running Shoe Review Facts

If you are looking for a visually pleasing running shoe that has an excellent burst of color, then look no further! The Brooks Caldera Running Shoe comes in three gorgeous color mixtures that will surely leave you wanting them all.

Besides the fabulous color hues, you will experience a higher level of comfort and cushion with the Brooks Caldera model, unlike any other running shoe, you may have tried. This high ankle shoe has neutral support and comfortable cushioning for the heel, collar, and tongue, as well as the midsole. The heel-to-toe drop is 4 mm with a medium to high arch.

The Brooks Caldera uses the technology of BioMoGo and DNA midsole to provide the support desired and is an energizing piece of gear for the runner and walker. You will love the unique side grooves that go well with the different color blends for an eye-catching appearance.

Although it is best for rugged terrains such as trail or mud runs, no surface or place is unsuitable for this model. The outstanding rating from satisfied customers is indicative of its excellent craftsmanship and superb features.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Well vented, lightweight, and well-cushioned
  • Medium to high arch
  • Insole is removable
  • Helps tired feet go the extra mile
  • Best for off the road runs on trails or mud runs
  • Great for energizing runs and walks
  • Made for rugged trail terrain
  • Fantastic color scheme combinations
  • Is not waterproof or water-resistant
  • Lugs and toe guards could peel after minimal use


For those who never had a Brooks model of the shoe before, this item either made them a loyal customer or made them not want to try Brooks products again. The biggest turn-off, believe it or not, is the amount of cushion the manufacturer put in the shoe. Some say it is too much, so they do not want to try other models the company has.

Others have become devoted fans of the brand because they love the extra comfort and support, especially after wearing the shoe for long periods. Everyone loves the excellent materials, craftsmanship, color mixtures, and design of this model, but the cushion and traction were a deal breaker for some buyers.

Key Features

-Collar and tongue are padded; roomy toe box
-Has a 4mm differential in the heel to toe
-Ankle high with a medium to high arch
-Plenty of grooves for traction on the bottom
-Outsole of blown rubber and carbon material
-Protective toepiece for durability
-Upper mesh in a double layer; neutral support

Color choice

The color of a performance shoe can be just as pleasing to the user as the comfort of the footwear.

This is the case with the Brooks Caldera, as the color combinations are remarkable. Everyone that sees them can pick a favorite, although there are only three choices. It is not so much the hues that were chosen but the mixture of three colors on each item that stands out. We will attempt to describe these gorgeous rainbows with mere words for you.

The Electric Brooks Blue/Lime Popsicle/Bluefish is a terrific blend of blue hues and green with neon yellow highlights and soles. The High-Risk Red/ Black/Aquarius color is an attractive shade of red with black and aqua hues for highlights with the light blue/aqua for the sole.

The Anthracite/Red Orange/Black is a mix of mostly black with reddish-orange and neon yellow mixed on the side panels and red-orange on the soles. For each color model, all three represented colors are superbly mixed on the laces to set the whole color scheme off nicely.


With neutral support, the Brooks Caldera footwear provides a ride that is stable with inherent protection and midsole geometry that aids the foot and body as you get tired.

Comfortable for walking or running, it is well vented and light, but not waterproof. It makes the difference in the feel of the shoe after long hours on the feet since the fit is excellent. What makes this shoe so comfortable for the majority of people who love it is the extra cushioning that they experience with each step.

However, for those that were not expecting this amount of support, it was painful to walk on for extended periods. A few even said that their foot slid in the shoe when wearing it. Many that had to be on their feet for hours at a time on a job or those that went for long runs appreciated the added cushion since they did not experience as much as fatigue as usual.


Although a couple of customers said that Brooks footwear is long-lasting and durable, several people had other experiences with this brand. For the Caldera, they said that the heel lugs and toe guards were peeling off after minimal usage on runs. The lugs are not large but good for dirt roads and mud trails.

Any shoe should last for more than just minimal usage after a few weeks or months so that the durability could be an issue for future potential buyers. Since the approval rating is so high, most people did not have this experience.

Ground Feel

Dynamic cushioning is supplied with the midsole of BioMogo DNA that will adapt to your every stride. The seamless and comfortable cushioning is flexible, responsive, and lightweight. It has a collar and tongue that are well padded, and the fabric lining is smooth for a terrific feel in the shoe. This product is more cushioned than most regular running shoes.

A few buyers did not care for this much support as they were not able to feel the ground surface under their feet and felt like they were not in control of their footing. A minimalist running shoe would be best for those runners and walkers that would give a more accurate feel of the road and trail surface area.

Heel-to-toe drop

The Brooks Caldera has a 4mm differential in the heel to toe and a medium to high arch. The 4mm drop from the heel to the toe indicates that the foot will have a mid-foot or forefoot strike on the ground.

This makes it a great running shoe that will suit or satisfy the majority of folks who prefer a running shoe with the right amount of support. The 4mm measurement is considered a low or medium drop in the shoe.


The EVA insole of this terrific product is a removable foam padding with moderate cushioning to help tired feet go the extra mile. It uses the technology of BioMoGo DNA and DNA midsole along with the well-padded heel to give the wearer a superior feel. The BioMoGo midsole adapts to the stride of the user with the cushioning for an enhanced experience.

Having a neutral or moderate cushion means that this is the right amount of cushion for those with high arches or those in need of extra comfort when running or walking. Neutral cushioned shoes allow the foot to experience incredible support and protection with each step.


With unique side grooves and plenty of slots for traction on the bottom, this excellent footwear has an adequate grip on surfaces. The outsole is made of a blown rubber and carbon material, and there is a protective toepiece in front for the durability of the shoe.

The Brooks Caldera has a Green and sticky rubber outsole with high surface lugs for excellent traction both downhill and uphill. It is not the most grooved or sole that a running shoe could have but is only for rugged or robust surface running areas.


Surprisingly, we did not find many negative reviews concerning the size or sizing of this shoe model. For items that must fit the human body, there are usually many comments and complaints about the size. Manufacturers cannot fit everyone perfectly, so there are always some people left out of the loop with each product produced.

The Caldera has a wider than normal toe box which seems to have pleased the majority of folks looking for a very comfortable running shoe with plenty of cushions.

The more substantial toe box gives the foot space to expand when the foot makes contact with the ground, and the toes spread to support the weight of the body. After long hours of use, this is usually the part of the foot that also swells, so it is good to have it a bit larger than you need for comfort.


This high ankle shoe is an energizing and responsive piece of footwear that supports and stabilizes the ankle, so it does not roll. The wearer should not experience any pronation with this model to create balance or support issues. The high closure is lace up with a lace garage to give the user added security. The lace garage makes sure that laces are kept out of your way, clean and secure when in use.


The Brooks Caldera is explicitly made for rugged terrain along the trail since it does not possess the superb traction that most upscale running shoes have. The tread is good, and there are even deep grooves along the sides of the footwear.

However, in muddy, sandy, or slick surface areas, you will want to have better traction of shoe that will keep you upright and stable during your runs and walks. For those that are using this model for work purposes because of the added cushion for comfort, be aware that on slick or wet floors, the traction is minimal.


Since this model has lugs that are not big and could use some advancements in the traction area, it is deemed to have medium or just adequate traction for outdoor use. It is perfect for areas along the trail that do not require terrific traction, such as pebbles, small rocks, and dirt roads. Solid pavement or concrete is also a suitable terrain for this footwear with good running and walking tread.


To add to the comfort level of this product, the upper has an almost seamless feel and the best fit with the strategic structure and stretch of the material. It is protected with the mesh in a double layer and breathable for proper ventilation. The lining is also breathable and made of synthetic material, plus there is plenty of room in the toe box for tired toes that need to stretch.


The Caldera for men is the first of its product line, as there are not any versions before it. The features are all unique to this model and type and are not upgrades to improve the model. It is built for comfort with an eye-catching design of gorgeous color combinations in three different layouts. Improvements could be made for more prominent lugs, better traction, and less cushioning to please some of the customers that are dissatisfied with this version.


Since the upper is made of a lightweight and breathable mesh material, the Brooks Caldera for men is not a waterproof or even water-resistant shoe. If you must walk or run in wet areas such as puddles or small streams along the trail, your feet will become damp or at least moist inside the footwear.

The Brooks Caldera does not claim to be waterproof and does not indicate that it is in the product description. If you have moist surroundings that you must traverse, then it would be best to use these on drier surface areas that will not cause problems with water.

Bottom Line

The only issue we could find that buyers are having with the Brooks Caldera is that the lugs are not significant and they, along with the toe guards, could start peeling after minimal usage. This was not a problem of the majority of folks, so it may be a matter of where and how the shoe was employed.

It is not a waterproof brand but to be fair to the company; the Brooks Caldera was not promoted as such. For an eye-pleasing gorgeous shoe with great cushion and support for your runs, walks, or daily use, the Brooks Caldera is a marvelous choice. The overall approval rating from happy buyers is a good indicator of how pleased you will be with this superb shoe model.