Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

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Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe Review Facts

The Salomon Speed Cross 4 is the ideal trail running and hiking shoe. Designed for difficult and tough trails as well as off road runs in mind, the shoe has a great traction system built into the outsole that will keep you stable. The shoe's water resistance and gusset tongue also prevent debris and waterlogging on long hikes or trail runs. This water-resistant mesh upper also keeps your feet cool through its great breathability. Let's dive into the details of this running shoe to help you decide whether it's the right one for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Mudguard
  • Good Traction
  • Keeps Debris Out
  • Poor on paved surfaces
  • Not waterproof
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  • The tread is aggressive and keeps you sure-footed on trails.
  • The upper has a snug, protective hold.
  • The design works well for narrow feet.
  • The drop from heel to toe can help relieve achilles pain and strain.
  • These work well for short to long distance.
  • The quality lives up to Salomon standards.
  • The sole is built to protect feet from rough terrain.
  • The grip holds up in wet, muddy conditions.
  • The upper dries fairly quickly.
  • These shoes are easy to clean.
  • Most buyers like the style and bright color options.
  • With a little break in time, the snugness will relax a bit.
  • The laces are fast and easy to use.
  • Reviewers say these work well for field hockey.
  • The attached tongue helps to keep dirt and debris out.
  • The tread doesn't hold or pack mud.
  • Buyers say the performance is worth the price.
  • There are small, reflective accents for night running.
  • These shoes are narrow.
  • Many buyers have needed to size up.
  • Overall, these lack flexibility. The stiffness is good for stability but is uncomfortable for some people.
  • According to a few reviewers, these can lead to some discomfort after long distance runs.
  • There are mixed reviews on the insole arch support.
  • The tread grip can slip on some polished surfaces.
  • The upper is not super breathable.
  • Although these perform well in wet conditions, they are not fully waterproof.
  • The tread is not designed for pavement or other smooth, hard surfaces.
  • Compared to other trail running shoes, the wide sizes of Speedcross 4s are narrow.
  • The sizing seems inconsistent with previous generations of Speedcross.
  • It may take some time to get used to the lacing system.
  • If used on pavement, the tread will wear down quickly.
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Salomon is a company that has been designing and manufacturing quality equipment for over seventy years. Excelling in attire that can meet the demanding weather and environments of the alps Salomon has delivered time and time again with reliable products and this pair of running shoes is no exception. Designed with hiker and runners in mind it, it takes into account the trying environments you might find yourself using them in through all kinds of trying weather and trail conditions. If you enjoy running and hiking along mountainous trails and through deep ravines this company has delivered again with its highly breathable, water-resistant shoe. If you’re looking to expand on the difficulty of your trail they have also kept you in mind and this shoe is perfect for the adventurous hiker or running enthusiast in you. Based on the over seven decades of experience the company has had and their reputable global market, there’s not much they haven’t considered when creating this shoe.


This trail running shoe’s midsole is designed with a lightweight cushioning to help absorb some of the stress and shock you may put on your feet while either hiking or running around on off-road trails. This design feature helps reduce the pressure you may feel on longer routes without adding any unnecessary or unwanted weight to the shoe’s profile. The comfortable and soft design is noticeable on the trail as you begin to hit longer routes and higher altitudes, the light profile keeping a comfortable fit and weight as to not add any more strain to the adventure. As a result, you’ll find that runs and hikes will be more comfortable and you will not feel as weighted down while maneuvering amongst the debris and boulders that may accumulate on more difficult and less accessible trails. This will keep you moving and on the go without having to worry more about how your feet will feel at the end of the day. The midsole of this shoe is ideal for the tough conditions the shoe was designed for and heavily compliments the outsole and upper. Taking this shoe through trying terrain is just another day for it and the combined design aspects make this shoe a great addition to your hiking and running attire.


The outsole on this shoe was designed with the demanding terrains and environments it might be hiked and run in at the center of the design process. The durable outsole is made of tough rubber that can withstand the hard and rocky conditions of hiking and running along mountain trails and through deep valleys and ravines. Formed with high traction chevrons attached to the bottom its flexibility and durability mean it can also withstand being sunk into the mud as you make it down a slick and muddy trail without losing your grip. These chevrons will provide you with great off-road traction keeping you moving forward with ease while the flexible but tough rubber keeps from becoming rigid allowing you to push yourself further and through more diverse terrains. The mudguard that has also been incorporated into this outsole means that you don’t have to worry about excessive mud build up either. Making your way through gritty environments with the worry of how your shoes will fare on the other side is no longer a necessary concern as mud is easily shed and removed as you make your way along the trail.


This shoe is a well designed and thought out, off-road and rugged terrain, hiking and running shoe. The trails you will find yourself using and needing this shoe on are not the common river parkway that’s been paved in your city as a quick nature get away. Avid runners and hikers will enjoy this shoe for its reliability in the tough terrain of state and national parks, as well as its ability to stay comfortable in more trying conditions. The chevrons on the bottom of the shoe are well organized with an optimal density as not to give up any traction. This makes the shoe great for muddy areas with steeper inclines. The water resistance of the shoe also makes it one that can take a quick trot through streams and calm rivers that you may come across on the trail, without having to figure out how to either maneuver around or get across aside from just passing through. Designed with people who are looking to challenge the outdoors as much as the outdoors challenge them this shoe will help you conquer a wide variety of terrains. While this shoe is great for these off-road experiences the chevrons are not ideal for paved walkways and tracks like more traditional athletic shoes. It’s best to wear these shoes on off road terrain to get the most use and enjoyment out of them.


The upper of this shoe was built and designed with complimenting both the midsole and outsole in mind. The gusseted tongue that’s been incorporated is great at keeping out debris, building on the true off-road reputation this shoe upholds. By securing tightly and quick lacing you won’t have to worry about any rocks, pebbles, tree bark, or other uncomfortable and dangerous debris making it into your foot’s environment. This keeps runs safe and comfortable without any need to adjust or stop in case something makes it inside. The water resistance of this shoe also makes it a viable option for muddy and wet terrains. The shoe is able to take a plunge into small rivers and creeks that might cut across natural trails and not take in anything that might be floating around your feet when you pass through. The water resistance however does not trade off in exchange for the shoe’s breathability. The strong mesh upper helps prevent your feet from overheating and becoming drenched in sweat. By keeping the shoe breathable and water resistant the upper provides a comfortable environment for your feet during the duration of your run or hike helps keep you on the go. This shoe is built for these rugged terrains and the upper is just an extension of that design concept being kept in mind.


It almost goes without saying that this shoe is incredibly durable. Most wearers will find the traction chevrons worn down and depleted before they start finding breakage in the upper’s material and on other sections of the shoe. The tough rubber that the outsole is made of means that the material can take a beating, ideal for the laborious and demanding conditions that are going to require the most out of this shoe on the trail. The thick rubber outsole is also equipped with a mudguard that helps reduce the amount of dirt and other sediments that stick to the shoe during use to keep it cleaner and lighter without building up muck. This will help prevent cracking from weight and dried mud and makes the shoe easier to clean off after especially difficult trails. The shoe’s water resistance means that it can endure even the wettest conditions as it will drain instead of retaining most water that you put it in contact with. This means that rather than waterlogged boat shoes you’ll be able to keep moving agilely along the challenge routes and paces you put the shoe through.


The breathability of this shoe is noticeable when hiking or running through timid, warm, and hot climates. The highly breathable mesh material that the upper uses help prevent even the hottest feet from becoming uncomfortably hot and sweaty while hiking or running. This mesh build will keep your feet noticeably cool and comfortable while hiking or running out on the trails and enjoying life. While the mesh material is extremely breathable it doesn’t trade off its water resistance in exchange for this smooth airflow. The shoe can still whisk away water and sustain itself in very wet and damp environments, even excelling on the demanding and difficult trails of a heavy rain spring that has built up a lot of mud. This accompanied by the shoe's anti-debris design helps keep it an ideal runner for trails that you may run in muggier climates. The ability to stay water resistant is not one that should be quickly passed up and will help keep your feet feeling great on the go. To their core, these shoes are difficult terrain running and hiking shoes that have kept the wearer in mind, keeping breathability a necessity, as well as durability and performance while exposed to the elements.


The ideal running environment and use for these shoes are going to be off-road and on advanced trail runs. You’re going to get the most and best use of this running shoe when you’re running in rugged and tough terrain environments that allow for the shoe’s chevron traction design to come into play and be useable. On simpler trail runs you’ll find that this shoe is more than reliable and durable enough to handle the quick morning route. You’ll be comfortable and moving at decent paces when taking this shoe through its benchmarks on simple trails through the forest or along the river. Rugged trail environments for this shoe is where it will begin to shine a bit more. The chevrons can dig into the soft ground and give you the extra traction as you keep pushing your self along. The breathable mesh will keep your feet from becoming to warm on the trail while the great water resistance will keep the shoe dry as pass-through wet terrains. The durable rubber and mudguard will also help prevent your feet from becoming too muddy so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

Key Features

The upper’s water resistant mesh material helps it whisk away water and not become waterlogged as you move along wet trail conditions. Its ability to drain away and not hold in excessive amounts of water means that you can also not worry about the inconvenience of coming across creeks or light rivers while out on the trail. The water-resistant design allows you to simply cross through watery areas without much trouble. The tongue’s gusset design and lace-up style also prevents any debris that may be floating in water or might get kicked up on the trail from entering your shoe. This helps keep your feet and runs safer as you don’t have to worry about the stray rock or pebble that has made its way in to cut up your feet or cause sharp pain as you move along the trail. The shoe’s excellent chevron traction design also keeps your feet stable and steady as you traverse muddy and steeper inclines. Digging into the ground you’ll be able to maintain your balance and keep good leg force as you push forward on your route, preventing slips and slides in slick conditions.

Bottom Line

This shoe is going to be one of the best running shoes, especially for off-road and trail runners, that you can buy. The durable design is considerate of the terrain you’ll be using it on and expects less than ideal conditions. The breathability makes it ideal for keeping your feet cool on long routes while the water resistance will help keep the shoe dry through some of the wettest terrains. The strong outsole equipped with its mudguard will keep the shoe light and easy to clean even after four hours on the muddiest tracks. The chevron traction on the outsole will also help you keep your balance and stability in slick conditions allowing you traverse terrain you would otherwise have to bypass or turn around when confronting. You’ll be able to keep pace as you enjoy scenic runs and hikes without having to worry if your shoes will fall apart or tear in the middle of your route.