New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 Shoe

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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 Shoe Review Facts

The New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Zante v3 Running Shoe is lightweight, responsive, and medium cushion. Offered in five solid basic colors, the weight is only 8.8 ounces and the ideal drop is 6mm for neutral users. The lightness is attributed to the lightweight upper of mesh, the blown rubber in the outsole, and the full-length fresh foam cushioning in the midsole. This new version of the Zante series was made for ultimate comfort while running, jogging, walking, or everyday wear. Those with arch problems, knee issues, and midfoot strikers will best appreciate the drop and cushion of this excellent shoe model. It is so comfortable that you will not need to break it in before using it. the Zante v3 is more breathable than the Zante v1 and Zante v2 models and also has a no-sew bootie construction. This means fewer seams and sewing on the shoe and a more custom fit for the foot. With newer models come improved features. We discuss the details of these qualities in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Medium cushion that is fun for running
  • Does not need break-in time
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Can feel the ground well but with great cushioning
  • Cushioning gives a springy step and a plush feel
  • Drop or offset is 6mm - good for neutral athletes
  • Great for midfoot strikers
  • Best for running and walking
  • Ideal everyday shoes for arch problems
  • Feels stiff and does not flex freely
  • Too narrow especially in the toe
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  • From short distance to recovery, runners like these shoes for different reasons depending on their needs.
  • Some runners describe the design as fast and steady.
  • There are positive reviews from runners over 60.
  • These shoes are reasonably priced for the style and performance.
  • People with average to wide feet give these good reviews.
  • The heel cup provides a secure hold.
  • The upper is breathable.
  • These have worked well for runners on pavement and treadmills.
  • Buyers are pleased with the durability.
  • The sole provides a good amount of traction on smooth surfaces.
  • These are comfortable around the ankle.
  • Forefoot strikers like the drop of these.
  • These have a good amount of flexibility for runners.
  • The cushioning doesn't feel sloppy.
  • Reviewers say these are well-made.
  • No reviewers mention needing a significant break-in period.
  • Most reviewers say these run narrow for New Balance shoes.
  • For some runners, these don't have enough cushion for long distance runs.
  • The midfoot is snug.
  • Heavier runners don't recommend these.
  • There are mixed reviews on the width and height of the toe box.
  • There are a few reports of blisters from narrowness of the toe box.
  • Although rare, some note a little color discrepancy from online photos.
  • The insoles are thin.
  • Sizes are limited.
  • These provide limited ankle support.
  • Overall, reviews from runners are mixed.
  • There is limited availability from sellers.
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New Balance is a well-known excellent brand that makes all sorts of shoes for athletic purposes. Many devoted followers love their products for the outstanding craftsmanship, technology in manufacturing, superior materials, and terrific construction that their items exhibit. The Zante series of running shoe is hugely popular among runners, joggers, and walkers for the marvelous support, comfort, style, and fit of this group. Many fans of the Zante v1 and Zante v2 love the new Zante v3 and the new features it possesses of a 6mm drop, medium cushion, and greater breathability. As some have noted in their feedback online, this model is narrower for the toe and forefoot than previous versions. With its continuous updates and improvements to their already excellent models of running shoes, New Balance just keeps getting better and better.


As several buyers have commented online, the Zante v3 with its mesh material on the toe has better ventilation than the other versions. This is ideal in the summer months when jogging, walking, or running, but during the winter it is not. Thicker socks will be needed during colder weather conditions because of this feature. This lightweight permeable fabric also makes activities outdoors in rainy conditions not suitable. The precipitation would go right through this material and onto the foot inside. If you must encounter puddles or conditions where these shoes will get wet, then the Zante v3 may not be the best choice for you.


The Zante v3 was built for prime comfort with the medium cushion. This makes them fun for running, jogging, and walking. As many buyers have realized, this excellent model does not need time to break into your regular routine. They are really this comfortable! Straight from the box to your foot, you are ready to go. As we noted above, a big part of the comfort of these running shoes is the breathable mesh on the upper toe section. This can make all the difference in your activity experience, especially if conditions are warm. Your feet will not sweat and become overheated and moist. This model is so comfortable that doctors are recommending them to their patients that have knee injuries or surgeries to ease their pain in walking. They feel that good on the feet and for the activities that you must do. So, the Zante v3 does not have to be just for running or exercise. It makes a wonderful everyday shoe to keep your feet happy and cushioned.

Ground Feel

Lightweight and responsive, you will feel the difference in the Zante v3 and other shoe versions when you put them on. Many customers were surprised at how light these shoes are and how light they make the feet feel. The foam full-length cushioning gives you a springy step and a plush feel all day long. You can feel the ground well under your feet but with great cushioning. Even those with foot or arch problems will greatly appreciate the superb feel of these running shoes and how much they really support and aid the feet. Runners must have shoes that do not distract them from their sport and make them lose focus. When your feet are happy and cozy, then you will be able to push yourself to meet your activity goals much better.

Heel-to-toe Drop

The drop or offset is 6mm, which is great for neutral athletes. This amount of drop allows an easy transition from the strike of the heel to the toe-off, and it gives a gait that is comfortable from start to finish. This medium heel-to-toe drop gives a mid-foot or forefront strike. The drop is the difference from the heel top to the toe top, so it is greatly responsible for deciding how the foot hits the ground upon landing. People with high arches are more comfortable with this type of shoe because they will land more on the middle bottom of their feet. A 10mm shoe will have you landing more on your heel rather than the midsection or the toe. Most runners prefer the medium heel-to-toe drop because they are easier on the feet and legs.


The strong midsole is constructed of fresh foam and is of dual density. This is what gives the Zante v3 its bouncy and cushiony feel that makes it so enjoyable to wear. This spongy fresh foam runs the entire length of the shoe to provide the whole foot the comfort and support that it needs. The lightweight cushion feels energetic and quick with flexible response allowing the feet to have more spring in their movements. Those people with foot problems or knee issues will benefit greatly from such cushioning. Neutral cushioning is great for those with high arches because the support is greater than regular running shoes. This latest running model is all about comfort, rather than fit, performance, or protection of the foot.


The outsole of the Zante v3 has blown rubber for the outsole to provide reliable traction on any type of surface. Blown rubber is commonly used in the construction of running shoes because it makes the outsole cushier and lighter than other rubber substances. It is a rubber substance that is combined with air when it is made. It is, however, not as durable as the substance carbon rubber. So, the tradeoff for the running shoes with more cushion is that they usually do not last as long as other sports shoes that are similar. One experienced runner who purchased the Zante v3 and is happy with them said that you can expect to replace running shoes every 3,000 miles because of the extreme wear that these pieces of gear are subjected to daily. Whether you run on flat smooth surfaces in the city or on rocky gravely trails off the beaten path, you will maintain good traction with the outsoles of these superb shoes. This terrific rubber sole gives better landings with more outsole material, so you do not absorb the shock of footfalls with your foot. The durable shoe takes the full force of the blow and allows the foot to hit the ground surface with stability and confidence.


The online price for this New Balance running shoe version did not change from the previous versions. This is quite unusual in the world of updated models and equipment with improved features. Manufacturers usually try to sell their new technology and upgrades at much higher prices. This aspect was realized by one devoted Zante fan who appreciated the fact that the price remained the same. Similar competitor brands have increased in price with their upgrades and advancements, but New Balance is not taking advantage of its client base.


The few negative comments concerning the Zante v3 online addressed the size or fit of the shoe and how it feels on the foot. Some buyers said that it feels stiff and does not flex freely when they walk or run. Others remarked that it is too narrow for the foot, especially in the toe area. The latter comment is more popular than the former from people who need or want a wider shoe than this one. People with wide feet or large feet may need to look elsewhere for their running shoes. You do not want to wear narrow shoes for running, walking, jogging, or any other time because it is painful. All the cushioning in the world will not make this issue any better.


Offered in five solid basic colors, the Zante v3 is made of engineered synthetic and mesh materials. The overall weight is 8.8 ounces, making it one of the lighter running shoes available on the market. The style of this running shoe is a lightweight, supportive, and very cushioned piece of footwear to make the runner quite comfortable for the activity. Both the fresh foam and the blown rubber make this excellent shoe not only lightweight but also so well-cushioned that is gives the user bounce and spring in their steps. This is important for those that run regularly and for long distances. Such a supportive shoe will give you the stamina and endurance to make it through the tough runs with feet that are comforted and supported.


Good for midfoot strikers, the Zante v3 is highly supportive of the runner or walker who needs the additional cushion and airiness that this model provides. The material application is no-sew bootie construction, meaning that the material is wrapped around the foot in a comforting sock-like snug fit. This also adds to the life and durability of the footwear because tears at the seams are less common. There are fewer seams in the construction of the show with this type of build. The user experiences a more custom fit that hugs the foot for a better fit. This construction is partly the reason that this version of the Zante is narrower in the fit. Shoes with more seams and stitching give more flexibility to the stretch and size of the interior, while this model does not.


Best for running, jogging, and walking regularly, the Zante v3 is so comfortable that it makes a great everyday shoe too. For those with arch problems or those that need well-cushioned walking shoes, this outstanding model can be just what you are looking for in a supportive activity shoe. it is being recommended to folks with knee ailments or surgeries because of the lightness and the high cushioning. Heavier shoes are not good for any of these conditions as they take away too much energy from the legs in lifting them continually. Lighter shoes equal a lighter and springier step. Cushioned steps aid the ankles, knees, and hips in supporting the total body weight, thus making the whole active experience much more enjoyable for the wearer.

Bottom Line

While it may be built with the narrow or regular foot in mind, the Zante v3 from New Balance is quite a hit with buyers for their running and general use purposes. We also think that it is a superb running shoe that offers lightness, bounce, and comfort to the person who desires these features in their running gear. Running shoes need to be light to not weigh the feet down and add spring to the step. This new model does just that with its full-length fresh foam cushion, mesh upper, and blown rubber outsole. For lightness and comfort, the Zante v3 is the shoe to have.