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Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System Review Facts
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Did you know that Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System removes more than 99.99999% of all protozoa, bacteria, and microplastics in water that you deem as questionable for your personal drinking needs. Hard to believe?! Well, I would certanly agree that this might be the case and that's why let's take a look at the facts.

Sawyer Squeeze is made of ABS food-grade plastic material, and it has one of the quickest flow rates and the highest filtration levels on the market. Included in this package is everything needed to allow you to drink filtered water directly from the filter, a bucket, or a bottle.

Good for traveling abroad, fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking, Sawyer Squeeze is a complete filtration system for clean water for personal use or groups. You will no longer have to bring along stored water on trips in bulky water bladders. It is highly effective and long-lasting to filter over one million gallons of water in its lifetime.

Over 1,190 online reviewers cannot be wrong about the Sawyer Squeeze with its overall satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, and this is one of the reasons that it is part of the list of top ten in our guide on best water purifiers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Filter cartridge has a long lifespan
  • Drink from the filter or a bottle
  • For personal or group water filtration
  • For traveling abroad, fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping
  • Used effectively for boil alerts in cities and towns
  • Filtration level is the highest currently sold
  • Flow rate is one of the quickest worldwide
  • Housing material is ABS food-grade plastic
  • Does not remove pesticides, lead, chlorine, viruses, dissolved solids, or chemicals
  • Not great for short water supplies or shallow standing water
  • Squeeze bags can leak and break


Most people that are familiar with this brand of products have used the Mini System that is lighter and smaller for their backpacking and hiking trips. We talk more about the various similar items the company makes in the Version section for a full comparison, but here we want to quickly point out the main differences between the PointOne and the Mini that customers agree on.

The PointOne is much, much faster for water flow than the Mini. Those that have the Mini are now using the PointOne because of this one aspect. The Mini is smaller and more economical, but in the long run for efficiency, most usually go with the PointOne in the end. This product is also better than any type of pumping system since it is faster, more versatile, and very reliable.


You may have seen this excellent product advertised in hiking publications or referred to by others as the Sawyer Squeeze. It does have a lot of people talking about its amazing performance for filtering water in a very simple and quick way. The manufacturer points out that each filter system unit is individually tested for performance and quality three times.

The cartridge has such a long lifespan that the company does not sell a replacement filter at all. We do want to point out a bit of good advice that we found in our research concerning using this system in cold weather. Make sure to not let the filter freeze as the filter holes will be damaged. You can keep it in a jacket or coat pocket to be warmed by your body heat to protect it.

Some people claim that the squeeze bags are problematic as they can leak and break. The technology of the product is great, but the bags gave several buyers issues. They used smart water bottles instead of the bags.


Some other good tips we found from customers are provided in this section. To get an extra layer of filtering before the water gets to the Sawyer filter, purchase an O-ring that has a mesh filter. This will make cleaning the Sawyer product easier and less often.

Purchasing extra 64-ounce pouches will give you added carrying capacity for water and good backups. This allows you to eliminate bulky water bladders for trips and just carry smart water bottles for this filtering system.

Many people are replacing the plunger and the bladder that comes in the kit with a smart water bottle that works much better. You can change out what does not work best for you and make it your own personal system for great water anywhere and anytime.


When deciding what to bring on backpacking, hiking, and camping trips, size and weight are two major concerns. Although the PointOne System is not the lightest or the smallest, it is certainly the best of all the products the company makes. This is because this item gives you many ways of using it. The squeeze-bag dimensions are 11 x 6 inches, and the dry weight of the entire system is 111 grams. The spout and the filter weigh 86 grams, and the pouch is 25 grams.

This makes it heavier than the Mini system. The Sawyer Squeeze fits well in a backpack because of the small size. The overall total number of gallons of water this system can filter before it needs to be replaced is one million gallons. It will be a long time before you need to worry about replacing the system.


Usable for personal use or group water filtration, this portable water filter system eliminates the need to store drinking water ever again during trips and emergencies. We want to explain how easy it is to use this incredible mechanism for clean fresh water.

1. Simply fill the water pouch from a river, stream, or lake
2. Put the filter on the pouch
3. Squeeze the pouch water through the filter and into your water bottle for drinking

You can also drink right from the water filter by using the push-pull cap. The filter connects directly to any threaded standard water bottle, the collapsible pouch of 32 ounces, or the water filter that screws on. This decreases the water contamination possibility in stored water after it has been filtered. Clean water does not get any easier or safer than this!


The PointOne Sawyer Squeeze System is the all-in-one pouch complete filtration system for clean water. It comes with a limited warranty for life from the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction with the item. This product has an excellent review rating of 4.5 online with over 1,100 reviews from buyers.

You can always have a fresh supply to drink right away with this superior device that has housing material made of ABS food-grade plastic. It is safe for you and makes questionable or undesirable water safe for you too.


Used mostly for backcountry groups, mission trips, and emergency preparedness, this Sawyer filtering system for fresh water is also good for traveling abroad, fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, and camping. It is maintained easily in the field to give you clean water access globally in the great outdoors.

When traveling or during emergencies, you can attach the faucet adapter for clean water to a faucet indoors or outdoors. You can use this product when your water source is questionable or compromised, especially when traveling abroad for bottled and tap water. It can also be used effectively for boil alerts when the water is contaminated in cities and towns.


When compared to other systems of filtering water that the company makes, there are few differences besides the sizes of the containers. It makes the Micro, the Mini, the One-Gallon Gravity System, the Water Bottle method, and the Select System – S1 and S3.

All are usable for everyday use and hiking and have the same 0.1-micron filter squeeze system and percentage of protozoa and bacteria removal. Only the Squeeze and the One-Gallon System are good for groups and preparing for emergencies. The Micro, Squeeze, and Mini are great for hydration packs. Of course, the sizes of the containers differ with the One-Gallon System being the largest.

This product system comes with the most accessories since it has several ways of filtration possible. The Micro and the Mini only come with a drinking straw, and the One-Gallon product has adaptors plus a gravity hose. The other two are bottle systems with no accessories included. The Select System is the only product that removes heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals from the water cleans. It reduces these substances but does not eliminate them entirely.


With the PointOne Squeeze System, you get both faucet and bucket adapters for a portable, clean high-volume of water from any water source that is fresh and a filter with a removable built-in pull/push cap.

Also included are a collapsible BPA-free 32-ounce pouch for one-person hydration, a filter hanger, a filter syringe cleaner, and two drinking spouts that pop up and are replaceable.

It is a complete system for all your water filtering needs anywhere. You maintain the performance and longevity of the product with the syringe cleaner that is included. It is a backflush flush to keep a high rate of flow through the filter. With the bucket adapter, you can filter as much as 540 gallons of water each day for a huge supply of usable water for your needs.


So, what exactly does this filtering system take out of the water that you would prefer not to drink as it is? How does it work? Surprisingly, this small portable system takes away more than 99.99999% of any protozoa and bacteria plus microplastics of 100% is filtered out too.

It traps harmful protozoa, bacteria, and cysts such as Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholerae, Giardia, and E. coli. Unfortunately, viruses, dissolved solids, chlorine, lead, pesticides, and chemicals are not removed with this filtering system. The filtration level is the highest currently on the market, plus it has a flow rate that is one of the quickest worldwide.

The PointOne technology uses U-shaped microtubes in the fiber membrane hollow filters to let the water into the micropores and then traps the protozoa and bacteria. This terrific product is certified 0.1 absolute microns certified, so the filter does not have pore sizes bigger than 0.1 microns. This minuscule size keeps harmful substances from getting past the filtering system. Sounds incredible that such a small item can do so much, but it does.

Ease of Use

We want to point out a few problems that buyers have noted in their use of this outdoor filtering system. You must fill the included pouch with water in order to work the filtering system, so this in itself has been problematic for some people.

If the water source is too small to get the water in the pouch, then this product can be quite a hassle for a drink. You need a good flow of water to get it in the bag easily, so it will not work well with shorter water supplies of around one inch deep. This makes standing water of small ponds and pools not good for this item. With just a bit of water in the pouch, it is more difficult to squeeze for filtering.

This is why water pumps are so desirable for these occurrences. Water pumps can suck up water from small supplies of water that are not moving fast. A few people did not like the fact that you have to get your hands in the water to fill it, unlike a water pump. This could be uncomfortable, especially in freezing or cold weather. These are just some things to think about when contemplating the purchase of this item.

Bottom Line

Customers say that the squeeze bags can leak and break when using them, and some substances are not removed from the water. The Sawyer Squeeze does not remove pesticides, lead, chlorine, viruses, dissolved solids, or chemicals from water supplies.

Sawyer Squeeze does not work as well as a water pump when the water levels are low or shallow either but is more efficient in running water and stands of water more than one inch deep. As long as you know this before you purchase this system, then you can say that you have the facts to make an intelligent decision about getting one.

We have explained the pros and the cons of this filtering system that could make your trips in the outdoors much more comfortable and simpler in getting fresh water to drink. We agree with the more than the thousand people who bought the Sawyer Squeeze that it is a great way to get drinking water quickly and safely anywhere.