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KEEN Terradora Hiking Shoe Review Facts
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The KEEN Terradora Hiking Shoe is available in eight different color combinations and has high traction for all sorts of outdoor terrains. Made for speedy performance when climbing, the fit is secure and comfortable with this streamlined model. KEEN Terradora has a removable foam innersole that is compression-molded EVA and lace-up closure. Waterproof and ankle high, the Terradora is stylish and trendy since it was designed just for women from beginning to end.

Compared to other KEEN hiking models, KEEN Terradora has a narrower fit to add stability and support when climbing and descending on hikes and climbs. This has caused it to have some negative reviews online from those who need a wider shoe. The 4.0 overall rating out of 5.0, also reflects a durability problem this shoe item has. If you want to learn more, full details are below in this complete review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Secure fit; waterproof and comfortable
  • Narrower than regular shoes from KEEN
  • Designed just for women from start to finish
  • Made for speedy climbing performance
  • Stylish and modern; ankle height
  • Aids with climbing and descending
  • Compatible with hiking gear and city clothes
  • Comfortable foam inserts are removable
  • Toe guard on front for protection
  • Many customers had tears and rips where the foot bends at toe
  • Toe box can be narrow; fit can be snug or tight
  • Might not be comfortable all day; mesh top could let in water


Offered in eight different color schemes that are neutral to wear with almost any type of outfit, the KEEN Terradora Hiking Shoe for women is quite fashionable and trendy.

The many hues include the two-color combinations of a neutral grey/gargoyle, astral aura/liberty, bungee cord/malachite, raven/rose dawn, steel grey/magnet, dapple grey/vapor, boysenberry/grape wine, silver birch/canteen. Whatever you wear for hiking or just casual use in the city, at least one of these choices would be ideal. Many people use the shoe for both general use and activities because they are so versatile in style and wardrobe fit.


We have separated the topics of comfort and fit (Size section) to bring attention to various details of this footwear product. There is so much discussion and feedback from customers concerning the fit of this shoe that we decided to put that part in the Size section.

The fit is secure, and the comfort is excellent according to most users of this KEEN waterproof shoe. Enjoy more freedom with your foot movements with the lower collar on the ankle. It can be lower than you are used to for walking through puddles, wet grass, or even snow.

This is a low-rise shoe, which we give more details about in the Support section of this review. Some people required a period of breaking the Terradora in and some did not, depending on the fit and the usage of the shoe it seems. If you plan on using it for a long hike or walk, then you should give it a test run before you get far from home (and another pair of comfy shoes).

A few buyers with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, neuromas, and bunions said these were comfortable for hiking and regular use for them. This guide can help you find the best running shoes if you happen to have one of the numbered foot problems. This may not be the case for everyone, but it is worth a try.


We address the very issue that has earned this otherwise excellent footwear a good rating instead of a great rating with customers. Even though KEEN products are usually exceptionally durable and long-lasting, this one has its problems. With even just light wear, holes or tears can develop in the area where the toes join the foot and the foot bends to walk.

There are many comments and complaints about this from users who either returned the shoes within the return window or had to keep them since the time period for returning had gone by. Even after just a month or so or regular use, the material in this area begins to show signs of wear and tears. In walking, this is the area of the foot that takes the most pressure from the weight of the body and bending for taking a step.

In climbing and hiking, this section of the KEEN Terradora can get a greater workout as the foot bends to accommodate and traverse over twigs, sticks, rocks, gravel, and other uneven surfaces you encounter. Having a supposedly durable shoe show these signs of wear so early is not acceptable to buyers and is a real deal breaker for future purchases.


The inner lining of the KEEN Terradora Hiking Shoe is breathable as it is a membrane that is waterproof and dry. Both the lining and the upper is comprised of a mesh material that aerates the shoe well. The midsole is compression-molded EVA with cushioning that is low density.

The PU footbed is dual density with comfortable foam innersole inserts that are removable. Most people that do like this shoe model find that the provided cushioning is superb for their needs.

Unfortunately, if you are one of the many who finds this footwear to be too narrow for your foot, then the level of the inner insert will not matter to you very much.


All-terrain rubber is what constitutes the durable outsole of this waterproof hiking footwear. It is made of synthetic material according to the manufacturer and is non-marking. This model should give high traction for all sorts of terrains you would normally encounter in your outdoor adventures and excursions.

We did not find many complaints concerning the traction or grip of this women’s shoe, but a couple of people said that it was nothing out of the ordinary with the grip being very similar to regular shoes of this type. You can see from the photos of the footwear online that it does have some particularly deep grooves that would be very adequate for outdoor hiking, walking, and a bit of rock exploring.


Any type of footwear is going to be unacceptable for a portion of the people who purchase it simply because of the sizes offered and the overall fit of the shoe. The manufacturer states that this is a narrow shoe that is considered narrower than their regular models of hiking footwear for women.

This should be a hint for those with regular to wide feet that this may not be the best shoe model for you. We encounter many online comments from buyers who said it was either wide in the toe box or too narrow. Even the sellers of this shoe suggest for you to buy a half size larger than normal to accommodate for this narrowness.

Purchasing your regular shoe size might be too tight, especially after long walks or hikes. After such use, the foot tends to swell and expand somewhat, so you must realize this when choosing the size. A few people who tried to use this model for work all day on the feet said that it was not suitable. Others said it worked great for their 12-hour shifts on the job all day being waterproof and comfortable.

Know ahead of time if you plan on wearing thin or thick socks with this shoe because thick socks can make a snug or tight fit suddenly for a shoe that fits well with thin socks. As you can see from this feedback, the size and fit really depends on your individual foot shape and how you plan to use the product.


The women-specific Trailfit technology incorporated in the KEEN Terradora Hiking Shoe provides a narrow heel to increase the stability of the shoe for steep ascents. It is made for speedy performance while climbing and hiking and designed for women from start to finish.

This explains why the shoe is so narrow and not suitable for all types of feet. With the narrow build, the intention is that the wearer will receive additional support and backup from the construction to help with climbing and even going down inclines.

It is more form-fitting for a foot that is narrow or a small regular shape. So, the structure of the footwear is what causes it to be too narrow and tight for plenty of women who do not have a narrow foot.


Even with the issues of a narrow build and the early tears at the bend of the foot for plenty of customers, this KEEN hiking shoe still has an overall approval rating of 4.0. This is a good rating considering all of the negative feedback it has received.

The KEEN Terradora has a streamlined fit, lace-up closure, and a stylish and modern look. It has a medium width with a narrower fit than regular KEEN shoes that loyal buyers might be used to buying. This product is sturdy, lightweight, snug, and has an ankle height. This height around the ankle is considered low-rise, which we elaborate on a bit in the next section for you.


Included is a toe guard on the tip of the toes for protection against stubbing the toes on rocks, fallen tree limbs, and other encounter obstacles when hiking or climbing. For added support for the foot, the KEEN Terradora offers a ¾ stability ESS shank that you can see in the photos. It is at a place near the second-to-last grommet where the laces grab onto it for more stability.

Hiking shoes come in either low or medium rise, which pertains to the ankle height of the footwear. This low-rise shoe will be good for hikes that are less than seven miles a day and a light pack weight of no more than twenty pounds. You must have stable and strong ankles also to be supported and comfortable with this shoe type. A mid-rise shoe is for heavier pack weighs and longer distances since they have the extra ankle support.


The waterproofness of this model is said to be great by some and not so wonderful by others. It is supposed to be waterproof to allow the user to walk in puddles and during rain showers, but some people found that the mesh upper and the eyelets for the laces allowed water inside their shoes. According to the manufacturer, they are very waterproof, and many customers agree.

Ease of Use

This KEEN Terradora (women’s model) does have some natural odor control with the Cleansport NXT technology built in. As hiking and activity shoes can develop fungus and bacteria quickly, this aspect helps keep the product smelling fresh and clean. Someone online recommended a good cleaning agent for these hiking shoes other than regular soap and water.

We like to pass on these treasured tidbits of knowledge to our loyal readers to help with future decisions and purchases. For laundering this hiking shoe model, they use Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel. It was not stated as to how to use the product, but it pays to look into getting it to maintain the shoes in the best way. Sometimes just regular soap and water washing is not the best way to make the product last the longest that it can.

Bottom Line

The adequate 4.0 rating of the KEEN Terradora Hiking Shoe for women reflects the issues of a narrow fit and toe box, possible water entry in the mesh upper, comfort that does not last all day, and the early tears and rips where the foot bends. The narrowness of the shoe is stated in the manufacturer’s product description, so we cannot fault the footwear for this problem.

KEEN Terradora is built this way on purpose for increased stability. The early tears and signs of wear after just a month or so of wearing the shoe is not acceptable considering the well-known brand and the higher price of the footwear. Better durability is expected of such a model. Hiking and activity shoes should last for more than a month before showing signs of use, especially since this type of footwear will encounter more rugged use and more frequent use than regular models. KEEN Terradora is a decent shoe, but the tears and rips where the toes meet the foot as the foot bends to walk is a real deal breaker for us and many others.