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Marmot PreCip Jacket Review Facts

Adventurers need the right gear to take on whatever mother nature decides to throw at them on a given day. If you are in an area where snow is the norm, then having a warm coat to keep the chill away is a must. Those who won’t be held back from the adventure they seek, even in the rain, need a great rain shell to keep them dry from the downpours. That is where the Marmot PreCip comes in to play. This jacket is designed to offer rain protection and breathability for those who won’t allow the elements to keep them indoors. Add in the fact that this jacket is one of the most affordable of its kind on the market and you’ll quickly realize you have a winning combination.

Marmot has used their NanoPro waterproof coating and a combination of great features to offer those who won’t let the weather hold them back, the PreCip. This jacket is comfortable, protective, and of course great feeling. No matter the weather outside, this shell will ensure you get to fully experience the activities you love, whether you’re an enthusiast of hiking, camping, biking, or climbing. The most important part, however, is they provide you all this in a shell that won’t break your bank account. Below, we will discuss the features of the Marmot PreCip and give you information on both the pros and the cons of purchasing this weather-resistant shell in hopes of helping you decide whether this is a product you want to add to your activity gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Price
  • Good Mobility
  • Stowaway hood
  • Mediocre breathability
  • Average features

Water Resistance

The Marmot PreCip is first and foremost, a weather resistant shell. Sure, Marmot has thrown in great features to add to the appeal of this jacket, and even help keep the moisture at bay, but those who are interested in purchasing this coat are most likely more concerned with how it stands up to rain and other precipitation. The answer? It stands up great. Yes, there are other jackets on the market that come with weather coating and have been reviewed higher than the PreCip but for the price you will pay for this jacket, you’ll be hard pressed to find one similarly priced that offers the same protection. Marmot uses their own NanoPro coating to ensure the PreCip can stand up to weather. The addition of features that help offer more protection and an even better seal only aid in ensuring this jacket keeps you dry when the rain starts to dampen your day.


When choosing a jacket, whether it's for rain or everyday use, one that is made from breathable materials and helps keep you dry from sweat or feeling clammy is a definite bonus. The Marmot PreCip strives to offer wearers this kind of protection. Compared to similar jackets in the same price range, the PreCip offered reviewers what they wanted in this area. There are other jackets on the market that may provide more breathability, but you would be hard pressed to find one in the same price range as the PreCip.

To provide wearers with the level of breathability they hope for in a rain jacket, Marmot used a few key features to ensure great ventilation to those who choose the PreCip. One of the most popular of these features is the large, pit zippers. This is a great way of allowing good air flow on those muggy days when the heat and rain are combining. These easy access zippers can be operated with one hand, making them easy to use when a bit of ventilation is called for. Marmot also incorporated pockets that are mesh-lined. These pockets are a great way to add extra air-flow when needed. Simply leaving them open allows the wearer to shed heat when the temperatures are rising. It’s also important to note that the cinch cuffs located at the wrist of the PreCip can also be left open when not in use, to add a bit more air circulation. If the rain has ceased and you feel a bit balmy, opening these additions will help aid in getting the air flow you are hoping for, but you should keep in mind that there are other jackets on the market that offer better breathability thanks in part to the materials they use in construction. If you want intense breathability options, you may need to keep looking and expect to pay a bit more money.


Having the ability to move freely when out on an adventure is something every outdoors lover is looking for. Reviewers were surprised at the amount of mobility the Marmot PreCip provided them. Marmot uses what they like to call “angel wing movement” design when it comes to the shoulders and other parts of this jacket. This ensures the wearer has the ability to move freely whether their arms are over their head or out in front of them during activities. Reviewers also noted that the waistline stayed in place, not resulting in lifting during movement or activities. This mobility makes the PreCip a great jacket for those days when you have a long list of things you want to accomplish and are determined the rain isn’t going to be an issue.


When it comes to comfort, the Marmot PreCip is considered in the middle of the pack. Yes, Marmot used features and design techniques to offer great mobility and other aspects to this jacket, but in some cases, these features can be a bit noticeable. The large pit zips are slightly bulky and to those who insist on comfort when out and about, maybe a bit of deal breaker. Other than that issue, most reviewers found the PreCip to be quite comfy when they were adventuring or backpacking.


The weight of the Marmot PreCip is similar to other rain jackets of its kind on the market. Weighing in around 13 ounces, the PreCip can’t be considered a heavy jacket but there are others that offer less weight for those who need it. If you are on a journey or taking on a climb where you need the least amount of weight possible, checking into those other shells may be your best option but if you are simply in need of a lightweight jacket for basic activities, the PreCip has you covered.


Again, the Marmot PreCip could be considered average when it comes to the durability scale. This jacket is made of ripstop nylon that is great for every adventurer but so are many in this price range. One thing that Marmot does offer is quality Velcro and zippers. This is good for those who plan on extended or daily use. Limiting the worry of faulty zippers and lack of adjustability thanks to Velcro issues gives you a bit of added peace of mind when slipping on this jacket for a bit day of packing or hiking.


When talking about the size of a rain jacket, most users are speaking of its packability. How small will this jacket become when it needs to be stowed away after the rain? Luckily, the Marmot PreCip is one of those jackets that packs away well when not needed. This jacket can be packed into its left pocket. The PreCip also features a webbing carabiner clip that is already sewn-in to allow you the option of clipping it to your side or onto a backpack for easy storage and access.


The Marmot PreCip has quite a few features that reviewers loved. When choosing a great rain jacket, it’s important to ensure it offers you the things you are looking for. Below, we will discuss these features and fill you in on what works and what doesn’t with the PreCip.

The hood of the PreCip is adjustable. It comes with two elastic cords to allow you to tighten and loosen the hood depending on the level of protection you are in need of. The locks of these cords are located near the face and on the inside of the hood. Some reviewers found this a bit difficult to adjust when they were using the jacket completely zipped up to keep the rain at bay. The hood also features Velcro at the back to aid in adjustability. This tab can be used to lower or raise the hood according to what the wearer likes best. For those who prefer to wear other head coverings in the rain, this Velcro can also be used to tuck away the hood into the collar until you find yourself in need of it.

The collar of the PreCip not only provides a place to stow the hood when not in use but also features a chin patch made from micro-fleece. This offers a bit of protection for wearers when the jacket is fully zipped up in dreary weather. Also, on the collar is an easy to hang hook making this jacket easy to stow away when not in use.

One of the most popular features of the PreCip is the large, zippered, pit zips. These are used to provide wearers with extra ventilation and breathability on those hot, balmy, days. Another set of zippered pockets are located on the sides. These hand pockets are mesh lined and features pull that stop at the top. This makes for easy access even if your backpack is securely in place. Each pocket is protected by storm flaps to ensure as much rain protection as possible.

The cuffs of the PreCip have both a Velcro adjustment and an elastic hem cinch. On the right side is the cord lock. This lock is easy to operate and access making it a cinch to lock down when the weather strikes. This is another way Marmot has gone above and beyond to offer wearers the most complete rain protection possible.


The Marmot PreCip has been praised by many reviewers as being a great value. At a very affordable price, many have found it to have decent features and the protection one would need when going out on an adventure. With other costlier options on the market, those who find themselves needing to save money, while still having great gear for their next hike, climb, or camping expedition will love what the PreCip has to offer and the price tag Marmot has attached to it.

Best Applications

When it comes to the Marmot PreCip, the question may be where can’t, it be used. This jacket is quite versatile and offers those who snatch it up what they need in a rain jacket. Whether you are a lover of hiking, camping, climbing, or biking the mobility of the PreCip will allow you to move freely and stay active while the rain protection keeps mother nature at bay. The easy to use zippers and pulls allow you to operate the features without issue with gloves, the hood can be stowed away to allow you the opportunity to wear other headgear if you choose, and when the weather finally breaks, the PreCip can be packed away into its own pocket providing you great storage options. For those who want to stay on the move, the ventilation features allow that without issues.

The Bottom Line

The Marmot PreCip may not blow people out of the water when it comes to features but it is considered a great, all-around, rain jacket. This jacket offers descent rain protection while using bonus features to keep additional moisture at bay. The pit zips offer extra ventilation to a jacket that already boasts breathable material. With reviewers ranking most of the features provided by the PreCip as in-line with others in its class, it’s important to keep in mind the biggest bonus you get from this jacket, the value. With its very affordable price, the PreCip is easily one of the best values on the market. It offers all the things adventurers need while maintaining the affordability and comfort everyone hopes for. If a jacket that does what you expect, while not destroying your bank account, is what you are looking for then the Marmot PreCip may be the one for you.