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North Face Venture Jacket Review Facts
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The North Face Venture Jacket is perfect for hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and many other types of outdoor activities and sports. Best for fall and spring seasons, it is made of durable and lightweight ripstop nylon fabric with a regular cut. It features a full front zipper closure, zippered hand pockets, a storm flap, sealed seams, and a hood. The hood has a drawcord for versatility and a brim to guard the face.

It will fit over helmets for skiing and biking well. there are zippered vents in the armpits for ventilation, a drawcord along the hem, and Velcro closures on the wrists. Highly compressible, this outstanding jacket can be stuffed into the left-hand pocket for quick and easy storage in backpacks and other bags. With an online rating of 4.5 out of 5, it is a valued jacket with buyers with very few negative issues.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Blocks the wind and the rain well
  • Compressible and lightweight
  • Fits over bike and ski helmets well
  • Best for hiking, snowboarding, and skiing
  • Great for fall and spring seasons
  • Maintains its waterproof abilities in severe weather
  • A staple item for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Is not very breathable for sweaty activities
  • Sizes tend to run large and box-shaped
  • Sleeves can be too long


The manufacturer of The North Face Venture Jacket states that it beats the breathability of treated unlined fabrics and slides easily over other layers of clothing. The ripstop fabric that it is made of is quite thin, as customers have claimed, but this alone does not provide breathability of a garment.

In our extensive research on customer comments and feedback, we found several complaints about the breathability of this rain jacket. In particular, people complained of the condensation buildup from sweat inside when doing activities or sports that make the user sweat a lot.

Nothing was said in these reviews about the zippered vents in the armpits that were placed there to give the wearer a quick way to ventilate the jacket. it would seem that these well-placed vents would do the trick for great ventilation.


From the few buyer comments concerning the color choices and satisfaction with what was received, the feedback is good. Colors are true to the photos online and look great in person, so make sure to pick your favorite hue.

There are many colors to choose from for this incredible outdoor garment. They include black, bomber blue/Limoges blue, Kodiak blue, asphalt grey heather, glacier green, outer space blue heather, burnt olive green/black ink green, deep garnet red, papaya orange, scallion green, and spruce green.

How can you not find a fantastic color in this assortment that would blend well with outfits and wardrobes easily? Choosing just one would be the hard part indeed!


Several comfort features were incorporated into this North Face jacket for men. These consist of a chin guard, armpit zippers, hand pockets, and a regular cut to the overall jacket. The chin guard lining is brushed to be soft and non-abrasive when the jacket is zipped all the way, thus protecting the chin.

Zippers in the armpits are included for easy and quick ventilation when the wearer becomes overheated. This adds to the breathable qualities of the garment along with the fabric that is breathable too. Zippered hand pockets on the exterior give the user a warm place to put their hands when wearing the product and to also have a place to store small necessary accessories to bring along for the trip.

The regular cut to the North Face Venture Jacket may be the most desirable comfort quality of all. It not only adds protection with the longer hip-length but also great layering possibilities when the weather turns colder. A thin or medium base layer can be placed underneath this jacket to be the most comfortable in colder climates or near winter temperatures. Not only is the Venture garment protective but also loaded with comfort aspects too.


Made of ripstop nylon material, the design and construction of this rain gear product are terrific. It is lightweight and thin to be possibly one of the lightest and thinnest jackets this company makes. However, just because a jacket is thin does not mean that it is not effective in performance.

We did not find any feedback that complained of any person becoming wet while wearing this product at all. There are comments online though from loyal and dedicated North Face customers saying that the thin material is not what they are used to for North Face items. Although thin, the Venture Jacket is protective of the upper body and head and any clothing underneath.


There are several aspects of this excellent product that give the user some versatility in how it is worn. The front zipper is full length to be closed all the way, partially, or not at all depending on the ventilation needed at the time.

An attached hood is adjustable with a drawcord system that is hidden when not being used. It has a brim that protects the face and head from precipitation and permits great visibility. A drawcord along the hem of the jacket can be closed tightly for rainy and windy weather to keep the waist area protected.

Velcro or rip-and-stick closures on the wrists do their job of keeping out precipitation and wind for the arms. In using any of these added features, the wearer has great control over the protection abilities of the jacket.

Key Features

-Chin protection and comfort with the soft lining
-Armpit zippers for easy and quick ventilation
-Zippered hand pockets on the exterior
-Regular cut for added protection and layering options
-Made of ripstop nylon material
-Velcro closures on the wrists; hem drawcord
-Brimmed hood is adjustable with hidden drawcords
-Waterproofed with breathable HyVent EC laminate
-Stormflap to protect the zipper closure in front
-Packs into the left pocket for storage and portability
-Front full zipper closure; sealed seams


Waterproofing for the Venture Jacket is a 2.5-layer of breathable HyVent EC waterproof laminate. This outer layer is breathable and waterproof for the best rain protection all year long. Plenty of buyers confirm that it blocks the wind and the rain well to be a great dependable raincoat for adverse weather.

We saw a review from a customer who went to great lengths to test this product before he really needed it. This is best to do for such items before the time to return them expires. He waited for downpours of rain in his area and went outside on purpose for thirty-minute intervals to see if the jacket was truly waterproof. After the garment passed this test, he stood under a downspout from a building for the ultimate test.

Chances are that you will not get caught in such a force of water, but just to let you know, the Men’s Venture Jacket passed this test as well. It remained dry throughout these tests as well as his clothing underneath. There is no insulation on this item, so if you are wearing it in the cold, you will need long sleeves underneath for a warm base layer.


Other protective measures that we did mention in the previous section are the sealed seams and the zipper storm flap. Complete protection is offered to the wearer of this fabulous product with the sealed seams. This not only helps with the weather guarding of the jacket but also the durability and longevity of it too.

There is a storm flap on the zipper that is backed with Velcro or rip-and-stick, as the company likes to say. This keeps the weather elements from going through the zipper closure in the front, particularly the metal teeth. Wind and rain can get through such tiny spaces to make you cold and damp inside, but with the storm flap incorporated over the zipper, this will not happen.


All of the negative feedback and low reviews of this North Face item given from buyers concerns the fit and size. Sizes tend to run large and the sleeves are more than likely longer than a regular jacket. These issues were expressed by many people who either return the garment because of their dissatisfaction or kept it because it was not that big of a problem to return it.

The regular fit is partly the reason for this fit, since it makes layering better with the ample room for a base layer. This is what some customers referred to as having a “box shape.” To help with the sizing of this item, the manufacturer provides exact measurements on some sites for the chest, sleeves, waist, inseam, and hip areas.

The six available sizes run from small to triple extra-large, so you should be able to find an ideal fit using the chart. The helmet will fit over bike and ski helmets well, plus the entire jacket can be stuffed into the left pocket for storage and portability. It fits into a bag or backpack without using much space at all.


Made of 100% nylon material with a front full-zipper closure, the Venture Rain Jacket has a relaxed fit to be truer to regular jacket sizes. You will notice if you decide to purchase one, that the fit is quite generous for layering possibilities. There must be some added room for a base layer, so it can be worn in colder weather and climates. It is hip length to cover more area of the upper body and protect you well from the rain and wind.

This marvelous product can be machine washed and is produced with castor oil. This is a natural substitute for the usual petroleum-based substances often used in the process of manufacturing for this type of product. The current 4.5 online rating shows the overwhelming satisfaction of customers who purchased this jacket. Even with the sizing and fit issues, people love the comfort and excellent quality of North Face products.


Created specifically for rainy and windy environments, the Venture Men’s Jacket is terrific for all types of outdoor activities. It is a staple for outdoor enthusiasts and is perfect for fall and spring seasons. The company states that it is best for hiking activities, in particular city and urban hiking.

Spring snowboarding and skiing are good choices for activities to wearing this wonderful protective garment. It is ideal for use every day and is able to maintain its waterproof abilities in severe rain conditions. A few people suggested treating the exterior after some time with a waterproofing coating to extend its protective qualities. This may be necessary with heavy use or after many years of wearing it frequently.

You can even extend the use of this garment by adding a warm base layer underneath. With it, you could probably wear this amazing jacket well into winter in some milder areas or at least until late fall. It can also be covered by a heavier jacket or coat to increase body heat retention properties.

Bottom Line

We all know very well the problem of sizing from clothing items that we purchase online. The North Face Men’s Venture Jacket is no exception. It has a regular cut which makes it seem much larger than regular garments that may have a more form-fitting design.

The regular cut allows for added protection and for the greater possibility for layering clothing underneath. Some customers did not like the larger fit and may have possibly purchased the wrong size by just guessing their correct size. this is the reason a sizing chart is provided by the manufacturer in detail.

Since this garment is so protective against the rain and the wind, the breathability of the fabric with the protective waterproof coating is not going to be grand. This is why the company incorporated the zippered vents in the armpits. This offers quick ventilation where it is needed most.

Being that there are no reported flaws of the product, and it has a high 4.5 rating from customers, we highly recommend the Venture Jacket to potential future buyers. It is durable, comfortable, protective, weatherproof, and reliable for your rainy and windy outdoor needs.