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Giro Savant MIPS Helmet Review Facts

Protect your head and get ready to go the distance with a helmet that offers top protection without weighing you down. Introducing the Giro Savant MIPS, a mid-level helmet with excellent adjustability and durability. Ensuring comfort and support every time; this helmet has been a hit amongst fans, with so many 5 star reviews online. Lots of users have praised the exceptional fit and comfort, and several have stated that it is excellent value for money. Featuring a slim shape and an attractive design, this is a helmet that has been designed with safety and performance levels in mind.

The Giro Savant MIPS is a lightweight helmet that has many of the features of the higher end models, without the price tag. Featuring the latest in MIPS protection and top adjustability with the Roc Loc 5, this could be an ideal choice for the road cyclist. If you are searching for top tier protection at an entry-level price or looking for a helmet that will keep you safe from A to B, check out our review of the Giro Savant with the MIPS system. We have explored all of the highs and lows of Giro’s addition to their long line of excellent cycling helmets.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent fit
  • MIPS protection
  • Top quality
  • Roc Loc system
  • Straps- stiff and long
  • Slightly uncomfortable around the temple area


First founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes, Giro is a US company, based in California. They are committed to meeting the needs of every cyclist. Putting in the hours to design and create cycling gear that will transform your ride and take your performance to the next level. Giro first garnered worldwide attention after Greg Lemon, the Tour De France winner in 1989, took the victory wearing a Giro Aerohead helmet. Their cutting edge protective headwear has been relatively popular amongst cyclists ever since, and their dedication to promoting safety awareness amongst cyclists is notable.

Bringing Giro’s passion for technology and design to the market at a more affordable price, the Savant MIPS fast become a favorite amongst Giro fans. Providing next level comfort and performance, as well as superb protection and adjustability, it is a popular choice amongst cycling fans around the world.


Ensuring professional performance and yet available at a great value price, the Giro Savant MIPS is a mid-tier helmet with classic road styling. It is a helmet with versatility and style, providing effective ventilation on those hot sticky days and ensuring protection in the worst situations.

The Savant is a great option if you are looking for a helmet for your commute to work or if you are new to the world of cycling and wants to invest in a decent piece of kit. It has been noted that the Savant MIPS is particularly well suited to short or medium rides. Whereas, if you prefer to cycle for long distances, you may wish to choose a more comfortable option.


The Giro Savant MIPS offers a comfortable user experience, with many online reviewers proposing that this is a direct result of the excellent adjustability that the helmet has to offer. The Savant MIPS is made from lightweight polycarbonate and features an EPS liner and padding for maximum comfort. The removable pads are attached inside the helmet, around the brow area, and near the crown, using hook and loop fastener. Plus, the padding is anti-microbial to reduce the build-up of bacteria.

The Savant MIPS features an in-mold construction, in that the outers shell is bonded to the foam; creating a true exo-skeleton. This not only raises comfort levels, but it also provides superior strength and reduces the overall weight of your headwear. Plus, the in-mold construction and increased vents also help to keep your head cool, which can be essential when riding on those warm sunny days.

However, some reviewers have noted that due to the manner in which the Roc Loc system adds tension to the helmet, the EPS foam is fixed at the temples. Some reviews have indicated that this can places pressure on the front and sides of the head, affecting the wearer’s overall comfort. Furthermore, one of the most common issues reported has affected riders with long hair in particular, with their hair snagging and getting pulled out each time they remove their helmet. If you do have longer hair, it is certainly advised that you keep it tied back as this can get a little painful. Although, it could be said that this is a small price to pay when you consider what you are getting with this helmet. Ensuring lightness and comfort at an affordable price and enabling full control for proper positioning, enjoy the thrill of the open road with the Giro Savant MIPS.


The medium helmet weighs in at around 9.34 oz., which is a pretty lightweight for a mid-level helmet. To compare the Giro Savants MIPs to other models in this price category, it is one of the most lightweight options to suit this budget. Plus, for the level of protection that this helmet provides, you are certainly getting a bargain!


There is only one way to test the levels of protection in a helmet, and hopefully, none of us will ever have to check the Savant MIPS’ full protective abilities. However, several online reviews stated that they had had an accident wearing this helmet, a few of which reported that even though the helmet had cracked on impact, they walked away from the scene with not even a headache.

The use of in-mold construction and polycarbonate ensures that the helmet provides solid all-around performance. Most importantly, the Giro Savant MIPS features the Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This refers to a floating liner between the wearer’s head and the foam, and it has been designed to slide in the event of an impact. The MIPS was created as a result of research conducted in Sweden, and they were inspired by the manner in which the brain is suspended in the skull. Clinical evidence has supported the claim that it is more effective than traditional style helmets at reducing the impact of cranial trauma. It is top technology in cycling protection, and usually only part of much more expensive headwear options!


Although we are often advised to choose functionality over fashion, for the more style-conscious riders, the design of their headwear is an important factor. The Savant MIPS is a cool helmet, with a slim design and a compact finish, characterized by its race-inspired finish. There are six different color combinations to choose from, offering varying levels of visibility. However, some reviewers have suggested that the overall style and aesthetics of the helmet are a little basic when compared with other models.


There is lots of debate regarding how often you should change your cycling helmet, with some disagreement amongst experts. On average, it is recommended that you replace your helmet around every 2-3 years unless it has been damaged in any way. If your helmet has suffered an impact, it is usually advised that you replace it straight away, as the structural integrity of the piece may be damaged.

One of the best things about the Giro Savant MIPS has to be how well made it feels. Giro has brought their typical highs standards over to a more affordable model, but they have not restricted quality. Durability is certainly an area where this helmet shines, and this Savant is reminiscent of more expensive models. The single piece in-mold shell is made from a strong polycarbonate material which is bonded securely to the EPS foam. It has also been noted that there is some visible foam at the bottom and back of the headwear, which may mean that the helmet is at an increased risk of accidental knocks.

However, whilst the webbed straps do provide excellent durability, there have been reports that they are fairly bulky and as a result, they can be difficult to adjust. There have also been some issues noted with the strap system, mainly that the straps are too long; with various cyclists stating that they had cut these to size. Furthermore, there have also been some reports of the decals featured on the helmet peeling after some time.


The Giro Savant MIPS features 25 Wind Tunnel™ vents for increased breathability and ventilation. The forward facing intakes guide cool air over and around the head, helping you to maintain optimum temperatures throughout your ride.

The Roc Loc system ensures that the helmet is kept at a suitable distance away from the head, allowing for improved cooling. Moreover, the in-mold construction is both light and cooler than the design of a traditional helmet. There have been a few reviews online that have noted that the helmet performs well in hot weather, yet others have indicated that the ventilation is relatively effective. It appears that the jury is split on the ventilation of the Giro Savant MIPS in the hot summer sun!


As I have already mentioned several times throughout this review, the price of the Savant MIPS is certainly one of its most shining qualities. It has to be one of the cheapest MIPS helmets on the market. If you want to get into cycling, but don’t want to splurge on some of the more high-end helmets, the Savant MIPS would be an excellent pick.

Featuring all of the top-tech of Giro’s more expensive models, the Savant is excellent value. However, if your budget will not stretch, consider the Giro Savant without MIPS. Many of the features are similar, minus the protective system, and it is available at a more affordable price.

Size & Fit

The Giro Savant is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large, which should cover most people. These sizes have been pre-determined using Giro’s proprietary SuperFit™ system. This is a result of research gathered over the past twenty years, and it is based on data regarding ‘human scale factors’. Matching the form of the majority of the world, the Superfit system means that Giro helmets have that ‘custom-made’ feel.

It should also be highlighted that the Savant MIPS features exceptional adjustability, as a result of Giro’s use of Roc Loc. This offers a completely adjustable fit, with the micro-dial adjusting height, tension, and tilt. After more than two years developing in the lab, the Roc Loc 5 is a significant improvement on his predecessor, reported to be around 40% lighter. Many online reviewers have suggested that this allows for an excellent fit, and have highlighted that it is easy to use. However, it is also reported that this adjustability is limited due to the fixed anchor point and some have said that this can cause uncomfortable tension points around the temples.

We would always recommend trying on your helmet before you make your purchase. Typically Giro helmets are made to fit an oval sized head, and it may not be the right choice for you. If you do decide to shop the Savant MIPS online, we advise measuring the circumference of your head and checking this with the size dimensions of the helmet.

Bottom Line

For the price that you pay, the Giro Savant MIPS is a great helmet, which could be the perfect choice for a cyclist who commutes into the city, a casual road rider, someone who is just starting out or a cyclist on a budget but still wants performance wear. Push the pace and enjoy next-level protection for less!

While the Giro Savant MIPS is available at an affordable price, it does not feel like a bargain-bin helmet. However, there have been some concerns regarding the helmet causing pressure points at the temples, and the issues rose about the effectiveness of its ventilation.

Regardless, it has to be acknowledged that the Giro Savant MIPS is a fraction of the price of other models that feature this level of protection. It is a slim and comfortable helmet, which has been aerodynamically designed. Plus, with research indicating that MIPS can reduce rotational trauma by 34%, the Savant meets and exceed safety standards.